Zakir Naik – In the case of person wishes to give Zakat to a non-dependant family member

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the ruling on giving ZFinancial to a non- dependent family member. They mention a woman who refuses to give the car to her dependent, but gives it to her son. The discussion also touches on giving charity to relatives without a dependent and building relationships.
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Dr. Zakir in the case of a person who wishes to give Zakat to a non dependent family member, what is the ruling on this? As far as giving the card to a family member who's not dependent? It is permissible. There's a deed mentioned in sable Hari

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in the back of the car.

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How did number 1462 once the Prophet puzzler Salah, he will put the bar after the eat, whether it will fit or either either by any toll to the people that give arms, give charity gives the car, then he went to the woman and told them give arms give charity, and he comes back home, and then a lady by the name of signup, middle of digital. She comes to the house of the Prophet and says, May I come in? Who are you? So she says, I'm saying them who sign up, then sign up, the wife of Edna Massoud malarkey to him offered said yes, you can come in. She says that because he told me to give the car I want to give my Zakat and give the gold jewelry.

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But my husband abunimah sewed my life with him. He says that nobody's more deserving than your husband and your son. The Prophet replies, he is right, the most deserving of the crap it has been in your son and giving them the best people. So this proves that you can give Zakat to your family member who's not a dependent. And further it's mentioned in the hadith of tirmidhi. Number 2583. That giving charity to the poor is only charity, but giving charity to a near ones It is also building relationships. So, a man cannot give the card to his wife, because she is a dependent but a wife can give the card to the husband. Similarly, a son cannot give the car to the mother. But a

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mother can give the car to a son, because a son is not dependent on the mother. It is a father whose responsibility to take care of the family similarly assessed again gives the car to the better but natural, all of these relatives are non dependent should fall in one of the eight categories then they can

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give Zakat to their relatives or non dependent

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