The Prophets Advice To Ali and Fatimah

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When the Prophet Mohammed entered into the house, look at the intelligence and the wisdom of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim, he understood, some things happened in the house.

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Did he behave like we behave? His father in law's? What did you say to my daughter?

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Why do you say that to her? Where is he gone? He understood. And he walked out the house.

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He would

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say to me, what did you say to her? What's your problem?

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without listening, or asking? He just kept quiet, walked over to him. And he's tapped him on his back and said, Yeah, Rob, stand up, out of the dust Get up. As if nothing has happened. This is a lesson for many of us cultural Muslims. One reason why find so many problems inside our home is unnecessary intervention. From the father in law, from the mother in law, can't restraint restraint in tongues. And likewise, the daughters as well.

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Any small fainting, tricky things to complain

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Fatima hands will ripped apart.

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This is the truth of the Prophet Mohammed somehow hands became harsh.

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became close became rough, because she would need the dough, wash the clothing take care of the home. So she said one day to actually go and speak to the Prophet Salah Salem.

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We've just received the booty some servants to come go and ask him to send a seven into our house to help us inside the house. The sofa the think about this daughter of the Prophet Mohammed Salim booties just arrived.

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You know what we say to our daughters, don't we leave him and just come on, we'll take care of you isn't that we teach our daughters.

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We were taught in our lives. Don't ever return to your home. Unless there's a serious problem.

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A woman never leaves a home

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for excuses are presented today inside our society. And he comes and expresses his concern.

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The prospect listens to him. In the evening, he comes to visit both of them.

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He comes in he sits so close to them. They feel the body heat of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, they want to sit up at a respect he tells them to stay there.

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He says don't think I'm unaware of what you requested.

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He could have given it to them as many servers as they wanted.

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He represented all the companions of standard take care of his household.

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He said to them, is better for you every night to save some time and 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times a lot 34 times your FICO that's enough.

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You don't need these elements of the dunya.

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And he says, I never gave up in my life. Never mind our food. We are struggle. turmoils calamities difficulties, went to sleep, save suparna 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times lower per 34 times.

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You don't need antidepressant tablets to go to sleep. You don't need anything to go to sleep. And levina Amazon

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didn't have a lot to hearts, find some quiddity and find peace

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desperately to these beloved ones.

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Find that peace in your remembrance to the loss.

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He could have offered him the whole of the dunya whatever they wanted is a fatherly love.

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But he taught them that lesson they would never ever forget. And that lesson goes to all of us as Muslims.

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We begin to look at everything around us

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and fail to understand the best way that we possess his her lives is right here inside our hearts.