How Paradise Keeps Us Patient

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Brothers and sisters over the last couple of weeks, we've talked about a familiar theme, but perhaps at a little bit of a deeper level when it comes to some of the concepts of supplications that we are to make in times of hardship, and why we make the supplications that we do. And so to refresh your memory, we started off with the elephant in the room though, because you know, Hamid will hasn't

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been an adze while castle will be kameena Gibney will be coming holla Betty Dini waka vigil, Allah I seek refuge in You from being great in grief in a state of grief, or from being in a state of anxiety, grief over the past anxious over that which is still to come. And I seek refuge in You from being incapable, or being unwilling through laziness, being unable to do for myself, even though I have the means to do so. And I seek refuge in You from being cowardly, or being stingy holding back when I have, and I seek refuge in You from being overburdened by debt, and from being subjugated to men. And we talked about last week, how the profit slice items, reason for hating debt so much was

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because of some of the bad characteristics that have, you know, oriented consequences consequences in the hereafter. If you take on debt habitually, and you start to lie to those that you owe money to, you start to find ways out of things, and you get good at lying, you get good at breaking promises, and you start to acquire traits that are undesirable, and that ultimately could harm you in the hereafter as well. So not just that being unpleasant in this life, and we should try to put ourselves in a position where we are not in a state of debt, nor should we hate the poor, or say that this is Allah's punishment to you. And Allah loves the rich and he hates the poor, no, but that

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a person seeks to be in the most favorable and independent state as possible, so that they can be only vulnerable to the Creator. And at the same time, they activate themselves towards those who have no choice and who are in a state of poverty and debt. So we've talked about these things. And I want to move on to what I think is the most important part of this discussion because it is missing in our discourse on patience. When we talk about consoling people, including ourselves, we often restrict our comforting words, to the idea of things getting better, or things being better than we can perceive in the worldly sense, meaning what we say to someone who is going through hardship,

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including ourselves, we say to ourselves, Allah knows what I don't know. Perhaps I sat on Takahashi well, Hayden Lakhan, it may be that you hate something, and it's better for you. There is a wisdom to this entire plan that I cannot comprehend. That's how we comfort ourselves. And we should indeed, take comfort in knowing that Allah knows what we don't know. We see the pixels he sees the whole picture. We also often comfort one another and comfort ourselves by saying what in the matter is we use verily with hardship comes ease, and we talk about ease in the worldly sense, things are going to get better for you things are going to look up, something's going to happen that's going to

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switch this entire equation. And Allah will support you and you have been promised victory in this life or to overcome your state of hardship in this life. So we have those things and they are important in the equation of patience. However, there's something remarkable about the consistency of the Quran and the sooner about Jenna paradise, specifically Janna paradise being a part of the equation of patience. In fact, in fact, being its Multan, its most necessary components. The most necessary component of patience is paradise. Now, I want to pause here for a moment we talk about justice all the time, and the believer should not excuse injustice when it happens around them. The

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believer has to orient themselves with empathy, and a strong sense of righteousness, righteous indignation, when they see a wrongdoing taking place, and they activate themselves to try to rectify that wrongdoing in this life, especially when it's happening to other than them. So the this is not to say that we escape worldly rectification

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in the name of a better afterlife. But when we ourselves go through this life as individuals or as a community through hardships, the number one ingredients, the number one component of patience is paradise and this is throughout the Quran and the Sunnah, and I'll even share with you some things that are very known to you. The stories that I'll share with you in the next few minutes are probably known to most of you and you've heard them many times the focus on the familiar components, number one, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, where he said to the woman that was grieving, a suburb

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And the submittal Allah, patience is at the first strike. What does that look like as a community, when a community is hit hard?

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what it looks like, is offered, when the profit slice on them is still covered in blood. He almost died, he lost his uncle, he lost some of his most beloved companions. And the believers have tasted worldly defeat for the first time in the context of battle.

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And of course, it was because of those that disobeyed the Prophet slice that came down from the mountain of the archers, and left them vulnerable from the back after they had initial victory. So that's another part of this. But a sudden that's an owner is when my loved ones are still out there and the blood is still fresh, and I can see them mutilating their bodies. And I hate to be vivid and vulgar. But let's, let's be honest, what are we seeing right now with our brothers and sisters in the Gaza, and in so many other parts of the world, just some, you know, things that, that break the heart. A segment of hula is that we have now retreated to the mountains and we are looking at the

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battlefield when these disgusting actions are taking place when these people who have no moral fiber

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are pouring wine on dead corpses and mutilating our loved ones even though the previous battle, despite us being the persecuted ones, we let their prisoners go for teaching people how to read showed them benevolence and generosity that was unheard of in the Arab world. But now this is what they're doing to us. And when I was sofiane, calls out to the profit slice. I'm an apobec in an Alma and we all know the words The words are what are noble, may be exalted, he exalts the idol.

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submitted Allah, we've just been struck.

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Does the Prophet sly summonable back in ometer need time to process what has happened so that they can respond? know immediately Allahu Allah john, God is greater than hoben more exalted than your idol hobin above soufiane says, Wait a minute, this is our victory parade. You're not supposed to respond. He says learner is Lakhan we have Reza he name is another idol and you have no erza What's the answer? Right away. Allah humo Donna modela come. God is our protector. You have no protector. Wait a minute. This is our victory parade. You're supposed to be hurt right now. You're supposed to be confused and lost.

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And so they he shouts out what? The day of offense for the day of better.

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We got revenge on you. We win. What's the response from the prophets lie Selim potluck. I'm finna rock Atlanta, Finn, Jana.

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You're dead ones are in the fire. Our dead ones are in paradise.

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Think about that. That's a submitted oola the first strike for a community and how the community responds of the Prophet sly salamander submitted Allah with the first strike of patience and it revolves around what Jenna paradise how consistent is this in the discourse of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he walks by, in his most painful moments in Mecca, where they are persecuting the weakest amongst the believers, so Mayor or the Allahu taala and a black woman who had no tribe to protect her, who had no wealth to protect her who was being punished cruelly by the Pharaoh of that society Abuja

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and so many other the a lot of Tana and her as she's going through that and yes, that as he's going through that and as Ahmad is going through that, and the worst types of torture, disgusting things and the profit slice on can't physically do anything, he's, he's unable. This is a large. This is what it is. We're stuck. We're under persecution.

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And the only sentence the prophets lie Selim who, by the way, as even Annie Hema, and it's from Harrison alikum He loves us more than we love ourselves. The prophets lie some saw people in pain and he saw animals in pain and it broke his heart so it sort of it made him cry, and it led him to do things out of his Salatu was salam to offer recourse he saw the woman on the enemy side that was killed unjustly and the prophets lie some stops his army and demands justice for the woman on the other side and unknown woman from the enemy side. How about Samia,

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watching omega be tortured.

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And the Prophet slice them says someone earlier said for no more either calm. And Jana,

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the patient of family of Yasser

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you have an appointment in paradise.

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Paradise is waiting for you. Jana is waiting for you.

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It's waiting for you.

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And as Asya it has Salaam was being tortured by her Pharaoh, the wife of their own the wife of the pharaoh himself as he was torturing his wife. fasciae it has salah

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and she looked up to the sky she didn't have the Prophet

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Some to say to her someone earlier said or Subhan Allah for their own or sub Rania Asya

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your monedas in paradise Be patient Alaska your places in paradise but what was the first thing that came to her mind? Rob did in the earlier in the debate and Fujian

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Allah all this. Just build me a house with you in paradise.

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And Allah showed her her home in paradise as she left this world in alladhina Paulo Rahman Allah Who is the bomb, those who say that our Lord is Allah and then they are firm, to tell us that already him when he caught the angels come down to them and latter half of what I

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do not fear. Remember, we seek refuge in Allah from an HMI what has come from grief and anxiety. Don't be afraid. Don't grieve, and don't be afraid. Whatever she will Jana, the first thing you hear from them have a guarantee Abba Sheetal vagenda tilla tea quantum to

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glad tidings of the paradise that you have been promised paradise, it's there for you. This promise that was given to you. A lot did not promise you. Allah did not promise you as an individual, that you're going to see perfect justice in your life in this life. And sometimes you know how we comfort ourselves, we think about just the day of judgment and payback.

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payback, right, I'm going to see that tyrant on the Day of Judgment, and I know the Day of Judgment is there, and that tyrant will face their consequences.

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But just as I take some comfort in knowing that the tyrant and the wrongdoer and the oppressor will face their consequences in the Hereafter, what am I looking forward to the reward after That's for me?

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That Jenna, if I'm patients, that paradise if I'm patients, Allah promised us that paradise, if we are patients, Allah promised us that paradise if we are steadfast, over and over again, in the seat of the Prophet slicin, sometimes it's not even injustice.

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It's when you're at the end of a sickness. It's when it's over. It's when there is there doesn't seem to be a way out. And the answer from the profits license every time is Jenna is paradise, the woman who had epilepsy that comes to the profit slice and complains about her condition. And also last night, some would make dua for she thought for healing for people all the time, and he would heal people that seemingly were not healable

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but with this particular woman, he says to her in there oh to Allah lucky. If you want I will ask Allah subhana wa tada to cure you. Were in *ty salvati for lucky gentlemen. But listen, for you only this is not for everyone. Allah has something for you.

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If your patience, you have paradise waiting for you. She said no, no, I'm gonna be patient though. Honey, Kevin Soraka called the Allahu taala and the young man who died in bed.

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And his mother comes to the battlefield and hanifa was very close to his mother, extremely close to his mother. And she says to the Prophet sly salam, O Messenger of Allah.

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I need to know where my son is.

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I need to know where he is not where he is in the battlefield.

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in Cana Phil Jana sabat.

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If you tell me right now he's in paradise. I'm going to be patients. If he didn't make it.

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If he didn't make it, then I'm going to cry more and more and more and more. And the prophets lie some tells on hanifa Jenna is not just one level. Jenna is multiple levels and your son hanifa is in alpha doses. Allah is in the highest level of German the highest level of period of Paradise my last pants are granted to all of us alumna I mean,

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she said in that case, I'm patient. I'm okay then.

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Rahim Allah son comes to him. says when does this hardship stop? Not tell the law. How when do we breathe? When do we when do we relax? When do we get a break?

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a mathematical him Allah says what to his son. be overly adamant. Nobody will have agenda. The first footstep we take in paradise. That's it.

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We'll be good at that point. We'll be good at that point. Your brothers and sisters, I'm sharing this particular part because it is in every part of the Quran and every part of the Sunnah.

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When we comfort ourselves, when we comfort others, which is even more important than comforting ourselves, to remind about paradise, to remind about Jenna, and to be certain in general not to be not to feel like it's guaranteed to you to be certain that it is there and to strive towards it and to seek its reward and to seek its bounty. And if you attach yourself enough to that, then everything else gets put into perspective. A lot tells us inserted last year when he's talking about the people as they enter into paradise.

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And what is the last contact say? Let us know via Latvia. You know, everyone talks about a need to disconnect Now, what's the vacation now a vacation doesn't really matter as much about the scenery, as it matters about your phone not being with you now, right? I just don't want to be bothered. I want to not have any concerns. I want to not have any worries. I want to relax, relax the spirits. Your sunset and sunrise are beautiful outside your window to you know, I just want to relax, I want to I want to get a break. And if you think about a great vacation that you have as a kid or as an adult, and you knew that two weeks from now, there's this vacation that we're going to take we

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already booked the tickets. We've already seen the pictures we know it's there. We know the vacation is coming, done that get you through your workload. Like Alright, I'm gonna work really hard for the next few weeks. Because I know at the end I'm gonna take this amazing vacation

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sablon for animal either common agenda, the patient's paradise has an appointment for you. It has a slot for you. It has a spot for you. Woman sallallahu taala, not piloted Jana, Allah, Jenna and the Prophet slice I'm said who ever asked Allah for paradise three times? paradise responds and says Oh Allah, enter him into paradise. Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant it to us. May Allah grant us the best of this life and the best of the next. May Allah subhana wa tada protect us from harm in this life and in the next May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to always have perspective and patience. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala be May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the recipients of his promised paradise. May Allah subhana wa tada grant us paradise with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the prophets and the righteous ones that came before us and that will come after us. May Allah subhanaw taala gather us all in genitive for the dose. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us patients always and grant us

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perspective always May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to act with righteousness in our good times and in our bad times. And to seek that which He has promised us of his reward in our good times. And in our bad times. Allah I mean, all the other stuff that he recommends, I mean first of all for him

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to your brothers and sisters again, just a reminder, comfort each other comfort ourselves with paradise ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for it. Seek the best in this life seek justice in this life but be comforted with his reward in the afterlife. Allah through them. You know what? I'm not willing to say you know what? I'm listening. That's a mighty NACA, semi uncut, even Mooji without Allah fitted on our Hamner. Wonderful I know that I did not love that I am known for Santa. What in I'm tougher than a corn and I'm in Ohio city in La Ilaha. illa Anta sapan Akina phenomenal wide I mean, the hurricane couldn't

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have been a lot I mean, the illa Anta subchronic in Nakuru nominal binding mean a la homoclinic for those that are La La Land for those that aren't an alarm at Philadelphia the dose of the other alarm affiliated Dr. Robert Hamlin my cover up bonus Elijah Robin I have done as well as you know the reality of karate which I'm not in with subpoena imama along with one more stop off in a FEMA shall give him Avada allowance of the form and we'll start off in a FEMA shadow IT WILL BE robotic, Allah ethical by the end of the vlog with one on and being inside I mean rebelled a lot and a lot a little bit less than what you told the quarterback when handed fascia you wouldn't even carry with me

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You're the commander come to the canon, physical ally of Kotaku watch guru on internet. Is it like what are they called like equitable law we are our own welcome