How Did the Prophet PBUH and Companions Respond to Abuse?

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probably similarity ministry, energy investment or human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever one Illa Allah vermin will ask people to Linwood to clean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Kota suka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while earning, he was like to be a salam to seamen. cathedra. So just like that question was asked, How many of you have not heard a YouTube clip, or a lecture or read some sort of article about how the prophets lie? So I'm used to respond to insults. Very few of us, right? We've all heard different things, different clips, we've seen material from both the mainstream and from the extremists and the Islamophobes. And you know, and radicalist tend

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to agree on how the Prophet slice and I'm responded. And we always have the narrative of the Sunnah caught in between. And Subhan Allah, you know, out of all of the talks that I have this year at this convention, this is the one that I actually studied the most. Why? Because I'm sick of the rosy comments about how the Prophet slice and I'm responded to insults without substantial evidence. It shakes each and every single one of us especially if we're not intellectually equipped when we post something about how the Prophet slice and I'm used to respond with love, and someone throws a hadith in there that appears to not be so and we don't know how to respond to that because we're not

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tackling these things head on. So inshallah Allah I want you all to pay attention with me, because the arguments of the Islamophobes if you listen to Alan West, for example, who is by far one of the most idiotic and radical Islamophobes out there to extremist even for the Republican Party. All right, Alan Watts argument. In his own words, he said something happened to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he got to Medina, yeah, all those narrations, all those verses of the Quran, everything about the Prophet voice, I'm responding with love and with tolerance and with compassion, all of that was in Mecca. If some of you might remember when Pope Benedict quoted some old you know,

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Crusader historiography, that that mentioned the Prophet slice alum, of course, they see him as the author of the Quran as having been very tolerant in Mecca. But then, you know, and all those verses like La Crosse, saifuddien there is no compulsion religion, which is a Madani verse, which is a verse that was revealed in Medina, their argument was that all those verses of there's no compulsion in religion and respond with that which is better and so on so forth. Were all Mackey is they were all verses that came down in Mecca before the messenger slice of them held a position of authority once the Prophet slice and I'm got into a position of authority, all the verses of jihad, all the

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verses of attacking the disbelievers, kill them wherever you find them, so on so forth, started to be revealed. And obviously we all cringe that that but how many of us can intellectually answer that? How many of us could give an academic answer to that? So that's what I want to do today. Number one, something to keep in mind here, whether it's coming from the Islamophobes or from us, viewing the Sierra through the Quran, is the very first foundation of this discussion. What I mean by that is that to the Islamophobes, the prophets lie Selim is the author of the Quran, meaning to them, he is the one that author is this divine revelation, or what supposedly a divine revelation in

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his favor as it suits him politically and economically, to us as Muslims. I saw the Allah and has said about the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can hold up the whole Quran. His character was the Quran Quran on Yom she fell out he was a walking Quran. Therefore, everything you see in the Quran, is what the prophets lie Selim was. And so we have to study the Sierra through the lens of the Quran, number one, number two, to use the exception to override the general is something that is prohibited and is not true to our principles in Islamic scholarship, not in the solo, nor in also in Edina as a whole in the foundations of deriving principles and deriving rules and, you know, axioms

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in our religion. So to take one incident out of context, to justify an entire principle, an entire maxim is in and of itself, you know, not true to the Sunnah of the Prophet sly Salam. So when someone posts the incidence of caribou, Ashraf, caribou, Ashraf, who is supposedly just a poet, who is authoring poetry about the prophets lie Selim and the prophets lie some set Mohammed Abu Muslim model, the Allahu Anhu and someone else to take them out. To just put that incident there without offering any context is not true to the text even if you're a Muslim. Why? Because cabin nostra was not a poet

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cabinet ourself was a war monger cabinet Ashraf was inciting people, you know, uh, you know to actually attack Muslim women and in some narrations of Allah Ozzy and others, other scholars of Siena, he actually did attack people so kind of Ignatieff as a war monger. So you can't use incidents that are the exception, to justify an entire principle and to claim this to be the behavior of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and what the prophets lie Selim expected out of us. So let's go through a timeline. Number one, we look at the messenger sly Salam in Mecca. And in Makkah, the prophets lie Salem was powerless. The prophets I send them belong to an oppressed group

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of people. And we know this very well, not when a group of people are oppressed, they will often resort to unethical tactics to get the ruling class to listen to them. It works, right. That's why you have terrorist groups. That's the way to get a government that's, you know, that's the way that these terrorist groups tried to get a government to listen to them, they will attack the civilian population and then now you have to listen to us because we're not able to fight on your terms. That's what they will do. Did the prophets lie Selim resort to violence did he resort to terrorism even as violence was executed against him systematically sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even as he was

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economically oppressed, even as the prophets lie, some lost his family members, even as he was forced to witness the worst forms of torture being carried out on his community, not for a few months. But you know, supposedly, in a time where there was no end in sight. They didn't know when they were in Makkah being boycotted and being killed and being stoned and being treated the way they were, that Medina was after this, they were told to take it as it is and to be patient with Allah subhanho wa taala. And when you resort unethically to people, when you respond to injustice with injustice, you are not following the Sunnah of the Prophet slice Allah, you're doing the exact

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opposite of what the prophet slice them did. You become known better than your enemy, you've become no better than your oppressor. You no longer have a right to call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala for help if you respond to violent oppressors with violence and terrorism, what is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doing Mecca? What was his approach? Number one, the emotional taunting the insults that the Prophet slice and him had to endure that upset his companions more than they upset him, when they even changed the name of the profit slice on them. And they started to say muda mum, Muhammad means he was highly praised. And they started to say, and when he didn't remove it,

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the father of cotton will be allowed to and I know he fabricated this lie, or he took the name of the prophets lie Selim, and changed it to more than them. He said, he's not the one who is highly praised. He is the one who is subdued and humiliated. And the Companions couldn't bear that. Hearing that the prophets lie Selim his name was, you know, he was being called more than ma'am instead of Mohammed, who is the one that came to the Prophet sites and didn't come to them and say, you know, if that upsets you, why don't you do something about it? The Prophet saw some didn't come to them and say, Do you see these people what they're doing to my name because he knows the effect of that

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speech, the messenger sai salaam knows that that would incite them. Instead, the Prophet slicin him comes to him with his glowing smile, and he says to them, Allah tattered, you're born okay for your study for Allah who I need shutter migration. Well, aren't you amazed by how Allah subhanho wa Taala has removed the insults of Quraysh from me and they're cursing? I said caveator Scylla How is that oh messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The prophets lie Selim said, yes, the Munna was a member. They curse a man named modem them and they and they insult a man named with them. And a Mohammed I'm not with them. Subhan Allah Allah changed them and redirected them. That should be our

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approach when we see those you know this this circus this traveling circus of Pamela Geller going city to city being ignored even by the mainstream drawing pictures of Muhammad slice. They're not drawing the Prophet slice them. They're drawing the picture of a man with a beard.

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That's not Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That's not who he was. Those aren't his Shama. And if they try to capture his beauty sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from his true smile, they would not be able to do so. Let him be, don't feed the trolls. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Let them be their cursing was on them. They're not cursing me. They're not worth our time. They're not worth the response when they're willing to go to those tactics. So the emotional taunting that the prophets why Selim had to go through also the fact that the prophets lie Selim still found it in his heart to make your app for the very same people that were in assaulting him.

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You know, Subhan, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala did not send us to this world to curse people. Allah subhanaw taala did not send us to this world to condemn people to help the prophets.

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam still had the heart to make their app for the pharaoh of this ummah, the fit out of this oma in Abuja hell, when the prophets lie Selim used to make their Allama isn't Islam Oh Allah give victory to Islam give help to Islam be added on moraine with one of the Tuamotus and one narration be I had been on Murena illiquid, the more beloved of the Tuamotus to you. I'm gonna I'm gonna hop off and all the Allahu Anhu and Ahmed have no he sham Abuja to oppressors, the prophets ice and I'm still so good in them. If the prophets lysozyme would have raised his hand and said, Oh Allah destroy the Tuamotus they would have been gone, they would have been gone. But the messenger

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Salallahu Salam, he still sees something in them, and his heart is still big enough to where he can accept the same people that have oppressed him for years that have tried to crush his message that have killed his family members. He can accept them. He still wishes good for them with all the evil not that they wish for him that but that they've inflicted on him. The prophets lie Selim still wishes good for them. He still wishes good for the people of five that stones him and gave him the worst day of his life. He still makes them out for them. He doesn't lose hope in them. And that shows you that the prophets lie Selim understands where the help truly comes from, where it really

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comes from. I don't need to be like them. And I'll give you the first idea that you've heard multiple times in this discussion and where it was revealed. It's that ability here accent for either lovey Bina Kobina Hua Tao atone Kana Hua Lian Amin respond to that which is evil with that which is better. And you would find that the people who were your most severe enemies will become your protecting friends meaning not only will they warm up to you, they will join you and they will become your friends. They will become your allies they will protect you. You know when that I it was revealed, it was revealed after the Islam of Hamza about the Allahu taala. And before the Islam of

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Ahmedabad pop up, meaning what Hamza when Hamza became Muslim, it was a big boost for the Muslims because this was the first powerful man that became Muslim. And the Muslims had had some hope. And Allah is telling the prophets lysozyme and the believers that this isn't the first one, continue to respond with dignity, continue to give an ethical, compassionate response. And you will find more Hamza's shortly Oh, after that, all might have been a hot topic of the Allahu Anhu becames becomes Muslim who is even more powerful than Hemsedal the Allahu taala. And so Quran, then we move on to Medina, the prophet slice of them now is in a position of authority. He can now do whatever he

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wants, he's no longer a fugitive. He's no longer boycotted. He's no longer marked for that. So Allah who I don't even sell him, now he has authority. What does the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do with that authority? Number one law UCLA have a dean but to be in a rush to mean that there is no compulsion in religion was revealed in Medina, contrary to what was argued by Pope Benedict, number two,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entered Medina with such grace that his enemies when they tried to break him they couldn't. Well Sula sigh Salam was tested severely in Medina by those that wanted to make him out to not be a prophet, one of them a man by the name of ze Dibner Saturna Zaid ibn Saturna was one of the two Chief Rabbis of Medina the Prophet slice on him said that if 10 rabbis in Medina became Muslim, all of the Jews in Medina would become Muslim three of them became Muslim. One of them is a diviner Serna Zaidan tested the Prophet slice and I'm How did he test him he came to him as a rabbi. And he landed the prophets lie some some money in the prophets lie some

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lended him some money, they did business dealings together. And one of those times that the profit slice of them had some money from him, he came to the profit slice and then a week before the loan was due, and he started to yell at the profit slice I'm in front of the companions and insult the messenger slice and I'm in front of the companions. Now the prophesy sums in Medina, he's in charge here. He could say, are you guys gonna let this happen? You're gonna take care of this or what? And guess what? I'm going to be how Tabata the Allahu Anhu he said the battlesuit Allah I got this.

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Let me Adam, and Wednesday, diviner and Osama will be Allah and he was saying, I've got this guy, I'll take care of him. The prophets lie Selim said, That's not what I wanted from you, oh my God. He said instead, you take him and you give him back the 20 The 20 pounds of dates that he is owed, and give him an extra 20 for the way that you treated him Subhanallah the way he treated the prophets like some was irrelevant to him. sallallahu alayhi wasallam you go and you treat him better. Oh my God, Allah and her walked with Zetas when asana and Zaid said Do you know who I am Oma? Almost said no

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Oh, and he said, I don't care. I don't want to know who you are as a diviner, sir. And I said, I'm Zaid,

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if no Santa almoradi Allah and he said, Hey brotherhood, the great rabbi of the Jews, and he said, Yes, said Muhammad, aka Allah Hava, what caused you to act that way? You're a great man. You're someone, the prophets. I spoke highly of you. You're a scholar of your religion. We think highly of you what caused you to act that way? He said to him, yeah. Oh, my God. I have seen all of the signs of Prophethood in this man. But there were there was one sign that I had to test.

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And that it's said in our scripture, yes, before heading Maha Jalla that his forbearance is greater than his anger. And if you increase in anger towards him, he will increase in forbearance towards you Subhan Allah. Zaid said now that I've seen that shadow Allah, Allah, Allah was hidden in Muhammad Rasul Allah, and he said, I am one of the richest men in the city, and I'm donating half of my wealth for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. The prophets lie Selim didn't respond. The prophets Isom could have have been could have had him taken out, but the prophets lie some did not respond that way. There were times that people physically assaulted the profit slice I'm gonna

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signal hateth who saw the prophets lie some laying under a tree and he went and he grabbed the sword again in Medina where the prophets lie Selim is head of state, he grabbed the sword of the prophets lie some off of the tree while the prophets lie some was napping and he stood on top of him and he said money I'm narrow come in the Muhammad's who's gonna stop me now oh, Muhammad's. And also lost. My son looked at him and said, Hola.

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Hola. I was so shocked. That note have dropped the sword. He was shocked by the intensity of that statement. How much the prophets lie Selim believed in that protection. The prophets lie some picked up the sword. And he stood on top of load off and he said many I'm now coming ill and who's going to protect you from me now? He said couldn't hide it. He said Be a noble man. Oh Muhammad slice Allah. Be generous in your taking events. The prophets lie Selim. He let him go said go free. You have nothing to worry about. He could have killed him. I mean, it would have been justified. But the prophets lie some wants to make a greater point. And in fact, you look at Abdullah Hypnobabies

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saloon, a man who committed treason three separate times who tried to remove the prophets lice and I'm from power in Medina. Not only that he tried to have him killed. He tried to take away the credibility of his leadership. He tried to delegitimize the Muslims, you know, and the authority of the prophets lie Selim. He slandered the life of the prophet slice on them. And people wanted to kill them. And you know what? The profit slice and I'm said, listen very carefully to this. He said, No.

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He says, I don't want people to say listen to the tents by the way. Leia kulana had I don't want people to say and now who can I actually was Hava that he used to kill his companions, meaning the Prophet slice on him is saying I don't want to give Islamophobes in the future material to say that he used to kill his companions, even though Abdullah and obey Him and so no one deserves to be killed. By consensus historical consensus, the prophets sighs that I'm says I don't want them to come later on and say that this is a man that used to kill his companions. On top of that dear brothers and sisters go back to the Quran Surah Al Aqsa, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while I tutor in Caf et now well munaf your Tina are there other home? What's our killer Allah Allah, do not respond don't entertain the insults of the disbelievers. And the hypocrites that allow you don't dare in the Arabic language means to completely disregard their harm. pretend they're not even speaking. Don't even listen to what they have to say. What was that I revealed about? When people started to make fun of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sound familiar? They were making fun of the marriage of the Prophet slicin them to Zane up in Jackson with the Allahu Allah Allah. And Allah revealed that I have this is deep into Medina five

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years after hijra, ignore them. Don't listen to them. Take the high road down, allow them what toa can Allah Allah and put your trust in Allah subhana wa Kafa BiLlahi Akela Allah is enough of a protector for you Subhan Allah look at how the Quran is revealing its tolerance over time through a messenger of tolerance sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes to Mecca for to Mecca. He comes back now as a man who has run out of his homelands, and he has the opportunity to deal with all of these enemies in one shot. These are the people that ran them out, tried to massacre him in his face.

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Only in Medina and his entire Ummah and the prophets I send him has the opportunity to come back and to take his revenge and Subhan Allah, Allah Abbas the uncle of the Prophet slice and then he comes to us Allah sigh somebody says, Listen, can you do me a favor for Abu Sufyan? Do you guys know who Abu Sufyan is and what he did to the prophets lie some all those years, said, Look, Abu Sufyan is becoming Muslim. He said, Abu Sufyan is a man, you know, who takes great pride in his tribe and in hosting people and so on so forth. When you enter into Mecca, he's not telling the prophesy Some don't kill him because that's a given. He said when you enter into Mecca, when you announce places

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of safety, can you make the house of Abu Sufyan a place of safety? So the prophets lie some enters into Mecca, with his nose touching the back of his writing animal, not a proud conqueror, but a humble man, saying mandala Dara Abby Soufiane whoever enters into the house of Abu Sufyan for who I am and he's safe. It's Pamela he still cares for the man's feelings, even though that man tried to have him killed Sal, Allahu Allahu Allah, all of these years of war mongering and also lost by some still cares for his feelings. Would you care about the sensitivities of a man that has had your family killed over the last 20 years? You're a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has a bigger

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heart will Sula slice and um, takes the high road and he does what he has to do. Are they his salatu salam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also after fled to Mecca after the conquest of Mecca My time is up, but I want to give you guys this in sha Allah to Allah. You see the incidence of fooled Allah and leafy fooled Allah who came to the carrabba to murder the Prophet slice Salaam and was concealing a dagger under his haram, walking around the Kaaba with the Prophets lie Selim. We're talking about the peak of the authority of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he doesn't just rule a city now he rules an entire region.

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And the prophets lysozyme knows that football is trying to kill him and also lost my son I'm asked him as they do throw off. Yeah, football, be mad to have different OpSec What are you talking to yourself about? Because he was murmuring and grumbling, his hatred of the Prophet slice Allah and the Prophet slice alone when he asked him that he would say a tool for as Corolla I'm just making fool off and remembering Allah. And his voice would get louder every time the profit slice and I'm asked him and the profit slice and kept asking him gently, what are you really here for? And for that I would just say I'm just worshiping and remembering God, and the profit slice and I'm put his

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hand on his chest, and may do out for him. And fooled Allah said that he was the most hated man in the world to me before that, but he became the most beloved man in the world to me after that. He won his heart sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he could have taken the dagger and stopped him and no one would have said a word. But the prophets lie Selim wanted goodness for him. His heart could take that the prophets lie Selim had the tolerance and the compassion and the love for the same people that were insulting him to where he wanted their salvation, even though they actively worked for his destruction. Sall Allahu Allah, he

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relayed that to our lives. And I want to end with this idea.

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What did make the prophets lie Selim that What did get him angry? I sold the Allahu Taala on her. She says, Woman Tacoma enough See he caught I've never seen the Prophet slice Salam get angry for himself.

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I've never seen him get angry for himself or event himself. The only time he would get angry is when Allah's boundaries were crossed. They untucked him only Allah, he got angry for Allah. And what was the anger of the Prophet slice? I'm like, can your offer laudable for you, he you could tell he was angry on his face, the narration of Jabba the Allah Tala animals that the prophets like Saddam, his face would turn red when he became angry. And you know what even bustle the Allahu Anhu says, he says that the Prophet slice on him had a particular smile when he was angry.

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So how can you? Can you imagine that, even when he was mad SallAllahu wasallam there was a particular smile that he had on his face that you could tell he was mad about.

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Even then he smiled sallallahu alayhi wa salam and what would the prophets lie some get angry about when did that have up showing his face? When did that anger show on his face? You know when? When a group of young man said we're gonna pray all night we're gonna fast all day we're gonna read Quran all the time. We're gonna practice celibacy. He's the prophets lie Selim. He doesn't have to do all this ie extremism.

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And the prophets I send him got angry, and it showed on his face. What can they afford and he used to say to them Allama Combi Camilla I am the most knowledgeable amongst you of Allah and I am the most fearing of Allah subhanaw taala amongst that's what made him angry volume

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made him angry transgression oppression made him angry. Injustice made him angry. injustice to a non Muslim made him angry even in the heat of battle in the prophets. lysozyme sees a woman that was killed from the other side. On a day of battle. The prophets lie some stops his army and says who did that? Not even just the non Muslim, the prophets. lysozyme was upset when a bird complained to him in battle, who thinks about birds in battle?

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Even when a bird complained to him in battle, that someone had taken its eggs masala fly some stops his entire army and demands justice for that bird. You know what dear brothers and sisters, when we get angry for the Prophet sly summon when people start screaming and burning things down and breaking things down? Are they really doing that for the profit slice? And I'm or is it because you insulted me? How do you take something so precious and make it enough? See? Make it about your own ego? You insulted me, you insulted someone that I call the Messenger of Allah. It's not about him. It's about us if we're honest with ourselves, because if we're getting angry for Allah and His

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Messenger, sallAllahu wasallam then we will not do anything in our anger for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that would contradict what was taught to us by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akula Cody hada was talking about he will not come was Salam wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Islam