Haleh Banani – One powerful tip to deal with negative emotions

Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The speaker advises the customer to label their emotions with a combination of sadness and anxiety. This will allow them to focus on their emotions and control them better. The goal is to enable the emotions and give them a physical form.
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Let's say you're feeling anxious and okay, let me just distract myself. I just need to, I need to watch something I need to be with someone, instead of distracting yourself. I want you to do this step I want you to first of all, start breathing, start breathing. And then I want you to label this emotion. What is the emotion? Is it grief? Is it sadness? Is it anxiety? What is it that you're feeling? Because once you label the emotion, you can actually have a little bit of a distance from it, and you're not immersed in it, you feel it? And I want you to look at it and think of this emotion. First of all, think about where you feel it in your body is the sadness of that something

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you feel in your heart. Is it something you feel in your gut, were you feeling it and if you could give it a color or a shape or something, imagine it in a physical form. Then that way, you are able to kind of wrap your head around this and you can control it much better. So this is one of the one of the ways of dealing with the emotion. You don't want to just distract yourself. You want to enable it. You want to give it a physical form.

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