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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the difficulty of identifying truth from the US and the negative impact of social media on people's lives. They emphasize the importance of building one's deen and being religious in their message, as well as the success of deeds and the need for people to restrain themselves from bad behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of practicing and finding success in life, not just giving up on one's beliefs.
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So now I

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mean, what are you gonna learn a lot, I mean, what I'm seeing a lot more slowly with Silicon Valley, because silicon mohammedanism a lot of it was stolen by the

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mafia. So first and foremost, I want to thank you all for being here, Mashallah, it is I've been to the UK before, but not as not as a speaker. So this will be my first time coming to the UK to give any lectures or anything of that sort. And so far, the impression hasn't been all that great.

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I was stranded at the airport.

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When I got to when I actually was when I was getting in when I was getting my visa. I didn't know what address I was thing. And then she and then whenever she asked me what I was doing, I said I was giving some lectures at the University. I'm an instructor, she said, Can you name any of the universities, I could not name a single one of the universities that I'm speaking at this week. In fact, I have no idea where I am right now. I just know that you're all British.

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And as far as I mean, as far as the introduction is concerned,

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it's extremely awkward for a person to be listening to his introduction while extending this. That's why I think the brother and I hope I asked him to forgive me publicly. So inside if I made him feel awkward, or if I made him feel any sense of how much but it's, it's pretty awkward to have that. So anyway, you know, this topic actually, though, is my favorite topic, a nose pedal, and more. So when we talk about it in the United States, and the reason being is that, you know, in the United States, Muslims are even more of a minority than they are over here. Now, Mashallah. I was I was impressed to see how many Muslims are here. And at the same time, how many, you know, how many avenues there

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are for, for halal meat and things of that sort. So when you guys have the halal meat discussion, I guess it gets a lot easier over here than it does in the United States and things of that sort. So I mean, you know, we're more of a minority in the United States and you guys would be here. But at the same time, I think everyone would agree. It's usually not easy to be Muslim, especially in the times of Fitton in the times of tribulations and things of that sort. And, you know, just to sort of start off, can anyone tell me what the meaning of the word fitna? Is?

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Anybody sisters, brothers?

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What do we use it to describe?

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trial and tribulation? Right? Whenever we talk about fitna

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are we talking about something that's good or something that's bad?

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Something that's bad, but at the same time, a last panel to Allah What is he saying the poor and Alif Lam? Meem hassy? Vanessa utako Amanda wahome la?

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Allah Subhana. Allah says, do people think that they would simply be able to say, I believe and they would not be tested. So we look at it from that way. And there's various categories of fitness. So there's the fitness of, you know, things that are manifesting good things in your wealth and your families and things of that sort. In your career. There is fitness, that's obvious fitness, right, which is, you know, for example, a tragedy that takes place or some kind of natural disaster, whatever it is, that's also a form of fitna, but the essence of fitna is that fit that makes it very hard to recognize truth from falsehood. Right. So whenever we describe the fitten, with these trials

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and tribulations, you have a hard time sorting out truth from falsehood, it becomes increasingly difficult to recognize truth from falsehood, but the meaning of the word fitness actually incredible. I mean, it's some kind of law describe something that's incredible, because I think everyone would agree, had a loss of Hannah hoods ad and not made us a minority in this country, or whatever country we are in how to last out and not put us in a situation where it's hard to be Muslim, you know, as compared to being in a Muslim country where everybody else is doing the same thing, then, would we seriously, we would we be as strong in our faith as we are now? And the answer

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is usually no. And I can tell you, when I went to when I went to study overseas, when I went to the first, you know, my shell, I thought I was going to lend it to a place where everyone was still on their camels. And everyone was gonna, you know, be dressed like they are under the sun and stuff like that. You know, you're gonna have everyone with a big long beard and, and so how I landed a debate, I was like, well, what's all this about?

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You know, then the first time I went to the masjid, I noticed that no one spoke to each other. After so long. Now, I was shocked, right. And so out the gym, I was terrible. I mean, the hotel was was not just boring, the hotel had absolutely no benefit in it, except for people who had, you know, which was the introduction to the fields, but had no benefit in it. And you could play in the same message in there for two years, and people still would not know your name. Right? Not to me. That's odd, by the way, to me, that's very odd. You know, I don't know how communities work over here. I know that Mashallah. You're a much larger community than we are in the United States, you know,

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relative to the population. But, you know, that was odd to me. I was like, Where's this word? Do you guys have a youth group in this Masjid? You know, do you have an MSA or as

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I learned here to ISOC. You know, are you sick or something? Whatever it was, as I was explaining to me, you know, I was I was like, Where's the MSA? Where's the where's the Student Association? You know, where's the youth group in the masjid? What kind of helicopter you have, I was absolutely stunned to see that Islam has just become part of culture over there. And the messenger, so a lot of money was sent in a manner layer, Goofy jofi, it can come as like a soap. That where the man becomes worn out inside one of us the way that a soap does, meaning what if you buy a soap when it first has its fresh colors, or you have a piece of cloth that has its, you know, it's bright red, or it has

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its dark blue, and you you keep putting it in the washer and dryer, then what happens afterwards, the color starts fading away. Right? So over there, what you would find in a country where Muslims are in the majority, Islam has become part of the culture, the good thing is, is that we don't have to worry about our kids going too far away. Right, they're not gonna mess up as bad as they would in a Western society. The bad thing is, is that if those same people get exposed to a non Muslim society or society where there is quote, unquote, freedom, right, what's gonna happen, it's like, you know, it's like putting a child in a candy shop for the first time. So how to love if you take a

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flight, you know, from from Saudi Arabia, for example, sometimes from hives, you'll be on a flight or from a woman or something like that, if you're coming from Saudi. And you're like, what's going on here, everyone's all of a sudden, people are going into the bathroom. And it's like, an it's like a, like a superman booth or something like that. They walk in one way, and they come out completely dressed in another way, you know, the, the Lutron, stuff would go off, and it'll become like, the guy would slick his hair up like this, much. Like, what everyone is changing. Everyone's like really excited to get to the west so I could do the things I've always wanted to do, the things have always

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seen in the movies, right? So the fact of the matter is, is that the goal was not achieved. The Mk said, the goal, the objective of a nominee, man was really not achieved. Right for those people. Why it's culture. I pray because I have to pray when I'm at a wedding. And by the way, in the Middle East, for example, you'll notice during the wedding, most of the time people will not pray, right, everyone else is not praying, I'm not gonna pray either everyone else just does their prayers. later on. I'll just do my prayers later on to everyone else dresses this way. I'll dress this way too, right? Everyone else says this before they eat. I'll just say that before I eat too. But at the end,

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but but what you see happening over there is because there was not a tolerance built right towards the fitsum. As soon as those people are tested with something small, they can't hold their ground anymore. Right? So I would say Nero. So Pamela, we're actually at an advantage living in a non Muslim country, we really are, because it gives us a chance to identify to build our own identity, to recognize our demand for what it is to recognize the gift of an email and to build upon it right because over there, yes, you probably would have a lesser chance of falling into certain sins, but is that the goal? Is that the goal and you look at that idea of the messenger, so no longer use them

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and we come to the meaning of the word fitness, this is what I was going to actually come to and the Arabic language fitness is the process of making precious metals. How do you make precious metals? sisters you should know this, how do you make precious metals? How do you make precious metals? What do you do?

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What do you do?

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You burn you burn that metal and what happens? It melts away what it melts away the impurities Subhana Allah This is what fitna is in the Arabic language. This is what the Arabs used to describe fit them as, right. So fitna would be towards precious metal, you burn that metal so that the impurities melt away. So in essence fitna on a societal level, is separates the the observers from the players, right? It identifies those people who can really hold their ground. Why? Because yes, it's very easy to be Muslim in a Muslim country. But when you're in a non Muslim society, how well do you hold your ground right. Now, what is the philosophy?

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sincerity, what is the what is the meaning the linguistic meaning of a necklace, and the philosophy

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is purity. So panela the meaning of the word floss is purity. So the only way you can achieve a loss is truly going through fitna. So pauwela. If you succeed in going through that fitna, then you will have this loss, you will have a sense of sincerity and purity. And that's why some had a lot whenever How many of you have Muslim relatives and Muslim countries from relatives and Muslim countries? Raise your hands? Almost all of you, right? And whenever you go over there, sometimes people meet you and they're shocked that you know your deen they're shocked that you pray and you find that

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And they'll be shocked that you're actually practicing more than they are over there. And they're like, What's going on here? We thought you guys don't even know how to pray. Right? When I first went to the United Arab Emirates, right, and I was the American kid, and you can imagine how much fun everyone had with me, I was out of love when these different halaqaat and people would come up to me be like, you're an American, right? Yeah. Like, here, let me teach you how to pray. Do you know football on

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their shop? It's like, Whoa, this kid knows his Deen, you know, and he lived in the States, right? You have youth groups over there. And then whenever people ask me when I go overseas, how many of you know and I know this is, at least in the States, if you're from a daycare and air family, if you're not a doctor, you are an utter failure in life? You have totally dropped the ball. Right? What do you do? Oh, I'm an email.

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Really? Right. Because when they think of email, what do they think of they think of the guy that rides his bike, teaching kids go out and stuff like that, who couldn't make it in anything else in life? So he became an amount? Is that enough to support your family? Yeah, that's enough to support. What do you do? I give lectures I teach them? It's not enough. What are you going to get a real job? What's your real job?

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They cannot understand the concept of Islam being established in a non Muslim country through building identity. Not talking about the name, I'm saying that there is you have a forced emphasis on building your deen, how many? You know, do you really think a lecture like this would take place in a Muslim country, right about how to protect yourself from Finland and things of that sort? No, because everyone, it's sort of like it's very, you know, they're all taboos, that sort of like, it's buried away. You know, everyone knows certain things are going on. But they're not so extreme. Because at the end of the day, the the cult, the superficial reality of the culture is going to

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catch you that not is gonna catch you at the end of the day, right? So you wanna mess up too bad. Like, you wouldn't have gone with some country. But in order to truly achieve a sense of loss, a sense of sincerity, you have to go through that test. And on the Day of Judgment, a loss of habitat is going to ask you about how you were in circumstances and in environments that were not necessarily friendly towards the development of your email.

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And I'll give you an example. And this is something I've had a lot that's, that blows me away every time I think about this. One last little law, civil law, it was set up told us about the seven people on the day of judgment that are shaded by a loss of power, and what to add on a day when there is no shade except for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So obviously, you've got, you know, how can this just ruler that is, that's a huge thing to achieve, when you have that much power, and you still are able to maintain a sense of justice, and you still rule with righteousness. Right? Huge, right? In that same group of people. You have one guy, and the only thing that he achieved

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right around that time, that there hasn't been a demand for color, any of the lines, a guy that you know, a person that was called by a woman of beauty and status. And of course, this also can apply to a sister, meaning they were tempted by a relationship. And there was beauty, meaning there is a sense of attraction, and there was status, and the status, meaning that they could cover up the sin. Right, they could cover up the sin, and he said any awful lot. Or she said in the Buffalo, I'm afraid of a loss penalty. I can't do this, because I fear a loss of habitat. And that one statement, that one action, that one scan at that moment is enough to to join that person with that elite

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company. So catalog with a person that gave massive amounts of charity and things of that sort, right with a person who grew up in the masjid, you know, with this heart attached to the Muslims, why I took a stand when it was inconvenient to take a stay. I went through the process of fitna and I achieved the sense of loss in that way. And, you know, we've kind of built this hypocrisy in ourselves, which is actually very common in dealing with any with any religious group, which is that the goal is to be religious inside the messages. The goal is to dress and act a certain way inside the messages. And there are certain things that are off limits in the message. But once I come out

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of the message, everything is everything is freedom. I can do whatever I want at that point. Right? It's you know, the goal is to be religious when I'm amongst Muslims. The goal is to dress a certain way when I'm amongst Muslims. The goal is to act a certain way when I'm amongst Muslims. But the problem is, is that all of those standards get thrown out of the window once we leave the masjid. So there's certain things that you cannot do in the message. How dare you walk into a message that way? And the message which is in essence supposed to be a clinic for sick people, has turned into what we want to be, you know, what we want to fulfill all of our cultural pretenses, our false cultural

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pretenses, you know, everything is off limits here. We want to pretend that no problems exist in MST, we want to pretend that we're all ideal people Mashallah. But once we come out of the masjid, everything changes right now give you this example. And this is this is a cultural hypocrisy

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That will see, for example,

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the whole concept of SISTERS IN THE mustards. This was something you know, this is something in some countries that, you know, I think you all know this that women aren't even allowed in the message. Right? So somehow a lot in my husband, for example, we once had a sister that drove for three hours from a small town to ask questions about Islam, she was a non Muslim, she wasn't wearing hijab, she walked through the front door, and someone walked out and said, if you're going to dress like that go home.

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Right? That same person, owns a business owns a convenience store. And I've seen that same person in the convenience store in Russia a lot. Hi, Julie, how are you? How is your day today? You look so pretty and charming today.

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So in the messages, the sister became an alien, you know, outside of the message, she's, she's, she's worth nothing, you know? So Pamela so it's a cultural hypocrisy, right? That might The goal is to be religious, in religious environments, to basically put a pretty face to an ugly relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Put on a nice face. Right. And that's the problem that that in and of it's that right, there is the core of the problem. Right, the you know, and we basically again, that's like saying that the goal of rehab is to be good in rehab to be sober in rehab. It's easy to be sober in rehab. You know, the real test of whether your rehab was successful is what when you

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come out of rehab and that doesn't mean that you go looking for tough situations. Right? That doesn't mean if you have problems previous problems with alcohol you go play pool in a bar, you know, or that that just means that you know, some kind of luck

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what's going to show whether or not the effect of the salon was truly there whether or not the effect of your death was truly there whether or not the effect of that of that good environment of Dean Yes, the environment of Dean is important these thoughts are important but what's going to determine the success of this Hanukkah and other gatherings is how you act once you leave where your eyes wander once you open that door right that's that's going to be the that's going to determine the success of this program of a dean environments. And again, you know, how about we look at Ramadan is the goal in Ramadan to be religious inside of Ramadan is the goal of Ramadan kuti, bionic

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Muslim can micucci vinylidene and COVID eco

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the goal of Ramadan all of that that we have is so that we can gain a sense of taqwa of consciousness of a loss of parents out of that causes us to be in awe of him right at you know as one of the scholars such as on our men for either to be revived the southern Canada in America have yet to Neela Siracusa and what's the point of an entire month of a bad that if you follow it up with with its complete opposite in terms of behavior and action? What's the point right it's like as soon as you guys have eaten the lunch here right?

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Or eat parties and stuff like that you guys have

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likes panelist like they should seriously hang a banner that says welcome back shake on

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like we missed you.

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Cuz we're gonna do everything in our eighth party that we were that we were supposed to learn to stop in Ramadan.

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Subhana Allah, we were supposed to learn a Selenium IDE in mahasi to restrain ourselves from bad deeds, because the loss of hundreds it even allows us to or even orders us to restrain ourselves from Hana things to learn how to restrain from how long things right as soon as a day comes like everything is out the window. Because the goal of Ramadan was to do like karate hopping and stuff like that a Quran caught them hopping and catch every quarter uncut them to make sure I catch this Monday I have to find a way to make sure I do this many times to make sure I did this many days of fasting to make sure that I did you know I fulfilled this many rituals and this many rituals and

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that it's like and then when the whole point of it is lost because the goal of rehab was to be sober outside of rehab. Not inside of rehab. That's a panel of there's a very this is this is where the Hadeeth comes from the messenger some A lot of it was on the authentic hadith narrated by Fatima or the allowed time which I'm guessing the topic of this program was hot coals when also loves lice and I'm sad in them and what article am sorry that verily behind you coming after you are days of patients who is the profit slice and I'm talking to the companions of the messenger so Lola how it was set up, as if they didn't have to have patience. They were tortured for their Deen. They were

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put through all kinds of tests and trials and also loss I said on the saying that after you behind you are times that will require great patience. A sub roofie that having patience and that de myth lookup the knowledge junkie will be like holding on to a burner

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piece of coal.

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So panela now here's the beauty of this, the Prophet sallallahu, it was set up and he said that the reward of that, he said, for the one who has patience in that time, he would have the opposite of 50 people who do the same action, meaning what his good deeds would be multiplied by 50 by 50. So, for example, you know, a sister who's wearing Hijab and brothers, we tend to, we tend to degrade this and belittle this, you know, a sister who's wearing Hijab here, compared to a sister who's wearing Hijab overseas or in the time of the Sahaba is a totally different time the reward is more inshallah to Allah, right, or a person praying, whenever it's awkward to pray out in public and things of that

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sort. You know, we have a defeated mentality sometimes, you know, that we should, we should be ashamed from the truth. We should be ashamed from the truth we need to hide when we pray, we need to do this, we need to do that. And I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US, we have this issue. Right? Everyone will just combine prayers later on stuff like that, why I didn't want to pray out in public, I didn't want people to see me praying, you know, we need to hide. And this defeated mentality is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. You know, that the prophets Allah why Santa mentions to us, right, the two people would be committing Zina in the middle of the street, middle

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of the street. And the best amongst the people at that time would go to that person and Satan would go to those people and say, What, not that what you're doing is wrong. Not that this is this is immoral. And this is not what we what we should have in our society. But could you please move to the side of the road?

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defeated mentality, right. So to have patience in this days and to hold on to your deen, a person would receive the reward of 50 that was the hava saints of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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not in an object not objecting, but at the same time, you know, Subhana Allah, what do you mean by 50 people? So they said the rule of law, as we'll come see them in home, they would have the reward of 50 of them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as you will come seen, I mean come. The reward of 50 of you had a lot to do a good deed in these days to be patient. And notice the prophet SAW the love it was center specified and emphasized patience with your deen and holding on to your deen and a time of fitna would give you the reward of 50 of the companions who would do the same action. So Pamela, that is amazing. Because that shows what Allah subhana wa, tada will judge

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everyone on the Day of Judgment, not just according to the deeds, but according to the certain circumstances. Can you imagine how bad it would be if Allah subhanaw taala raised us on the Day of Judgment with the Sahaba. And we would all be judged according as if we all had the same circumstances. You know, as someone who lived under our own rule cataldo the law on mosqueda we would be in a lot of trouble, right? But the solo slice lm is showing that Allah Subhana horchata will judge you according to circumstances, when you take a stand with your deen and you do something that requires great patience. At a time when all of the circumstances are unfriendly to the

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development of that Deen Allah Subhana hoods Allah will grant you the reward of 50 of the Sahaba. What more could you want them that? What more could you want them that? Right? I need to start thinking as a as a Muslim as a believer, you know, how strong you know what is my true belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. And sometimes the true expression of love is not what you do. But it's how you maintain consistency. And I'll give you an example. When the province I sent him says, I saw the alignment areas, I have with a lot of what will have the most beloved have access to a loss of data, or the small ones, those small deeds, you know, are the consistent ones, even if they're small,

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those consistent deeds. Right. And I'll give you an example. Let's say that a man or a man and a woman are married, so you've got husband and wife and husband and wife express all kinds of love to each other behind closed doors. The husband is extremely nice to the wife behind closed doors. You know, he treats her with it with a sense of dignity and things of that sort. But whenever he's with his friends, if his wife calls, he's going to purposely roughen up his voice and talk down to her in a demeaning way why to show his friends that I'm still the man of the house.

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Right. And I would say that I still wear the pants in the house, but I realized that Newquay pants means something different than it means in the US.

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And the US pants on what do you trousers in the US?

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But somehow I'm still the man in the house. So you've all of a sudden changed your behavior. Right? Or, you know, there's always this complaint as the mob the main

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thing that I dealt with was a monster loss. I mean, mother loves her.

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So it's like, somehow a lot, you know, some of the sisters would complain, like, my husband is so nice to be in, you know, he's such a good husband. But as soon as his mom comes into the picture, all of a sudden, you know, he turns his back on me, he doesn't listen to be anymore. He doesn't talk to me with any, any form of courtesy, things of that sort, meaning what his love and all of the good deeds that he actually did, whenever they were alone just went out the window. Right, it was all thrown out the window, I need you to prove your love to me, right. And unfortunately, sometimes Let's be balanced. Sometimes the sisters do want their their husbands to do unreasonable things with

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their moms. But the point that I'm trying to make is, that's when you prove your faith. That's when you prove your love to a person. And that's why fitna and going through the process of fitna harbors as loss, pure and sincere love of Allah azza wa jal. And the goal is not just to build an end to have an environment where you know where everything can be ideal, because the fact of the matter is that there will be times that you will have to be tested with your faith. But the goal is to have an environment that you go back to a Holocaust, or a friendship or companionship or messages that you go back to that recharges you, right, that gives you enough email, so that you can deal with the

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stuff outside. right not to always have that environments, because if you become dependent on your environment, then by your nature, you are a weak person. And in this society, and in these times, only the strong survive. And that's why of the law, and also the law of time. And under this inshallah tada just talking about the statement, then we'll go to questions and answers, we can talk inshallah Tyler does have some discussions, I'm loving us. He has a very interesting background, his father in law, so the A lot of times when he was dying, he said something very profound. He said that my life has been divided into three stages. I've had three phases in my life, the first stage

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when I was a cafe, and I was fighting against the Prophet slicin. And when I was an agent of false, but, you know, he was the one trying to get the Muslims oppressed. In fact, he was, you know, one of the reasons for the oppression of the Muslims, right, he was the one that was trying to sweet talk in the joshy in Abyssinia to even oppress the Muslims there. Right. So he says, There was a time in my life when I was fighting against the slap, I was fighting against the messenger, so a lot of it was.

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And he said, had I died, then that I know for sure I would have been held. If Allah subhanaw taala would have took me then I know, it would have been the end, I would have had no hope whatsoever, says the second portion of my life was when I believed in the messenger, so a lot of it was set up, and I and I was with him. And I was in his companionship, and I was under his command. And he said, had I died when the messenger sallallahu Sallam was alive, and I was around him that I know I would have made it to gender.

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And he said, Now I'm in the third part, and I really don't know

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how to live in a sense of I'm going to appear in a stage of uncertainty. So I'm hoping for the mercy of the last panel data panel Why? Imagine being in a holocaust with the profits of a large data center,

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that the man standing in front of you is the messengers of the Lombardi himself, who receives divine revelation from Allah subhanaw taala, who has the most amazing character ever known to mankind, it would be easy to be good in front of him,

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and to be with him to be around him. Right? But it's whenever you don't have that environment anymore. Imagine if the prophet SAW A lot of it was sent him was on Facebook, and he sent you a friend request today.

00:28:43--> 00:29:19

What would you do to your Facebook before you accepted that friend request? Right? Because I stepped away from that, I stepped away from that. And now I need to worry, right? So all of a sudden, the thought of the Prophet sallallahu is and I'm being with me, are being able to see those things is enough to get me you know, rattled up a little bit. But here's the thing, a loss of hundreds I was watching you the whole time. And a lot is greater than the messenger. So the lahardee was set up. And he was seeing your your Facebook and last count out it was seeing the way that we act, when we're in the message outside of the message in the Hanukkah outside of the Hanukkah in the classroom

00:29:19--> 00:29:21

outside of Allah was watching us the whole time.

00:29:23--> 00:29:37

But it's easier when you see something tangible, right? When there's something tangible right in front of you. And that's why the beauty of belief in Allah subhanaw taala and if Lamine daddy Kalki tabula vaporfi who are limited in Allah Lena umina bill,

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

first description of the believers you don't have to see it to believe it. You believe in a lost parents Allah and you worship him with axon as if you can see him. And once you realize that you can see him then you know that he can see you. Right. So I'm the lagna entrepreneur OS now let's get back to that family entrepreneur ask divided his his his life

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

into those three stages. I'm loving the loss of the loved one who was born into Islam. And he was one of the I badla. Right that did are the scholars of the Sahaba of the loving Omar Abdullah das. I'm loving the Masood Abdullah out of the loss. And some of the scholars also mentioned the loudness of it. These are the scholars of the Sahaba young, young people that grew up in a time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that that had such a grasp on this Dean and the Dean was preserved in their hearts and through their through their minds. So Pamela, they taught they spread the deen, you know, the idea of love to Island Alaska was overly enthusiastic and zealous when he

00:30:42--> 00:31:00

was to eat when he was very young. So his father actually would complain to the province I sent him about him. Right that he was he was trying to maintain a level of output that was not maintainable which is what he would play piano all night long.

00:31:01--> 00:31:04

And he would fast every single day of the week.

00:31:05--> 00:31:44

And his father knew and he would he would finish the recitation of the Quran every day and his father and the people around him knew you cannot maintain this level there is no way to maintain this level. So take it down a notch right? So in the profit slice I'm asked on blah blah blahs How much do you fast the fast everyday the profit slice of them told him fast Mondays and Thursdays? So the hours to like and do more he said find the best of slab is the Selenium of a snap fast one day break it the next day fast the next day? Break it the next day, you can fast the fastest without any setup. How much do you pray at night praise the entire night the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:31:44--> 00:32:04

told him the best Do you sleep the first two thirds of the night wake up the last third and then sleep the last six. Right? Take a small little nap. After you wake up in the last third of the night to recharge yourself. That's the best pm that's the hour. So I can do more. You do that much. Right? And the province license, even Oregon with Colorado.

00:32:05--> 00:32:39

Right? That you shouldn't finish the code and more than you know more than once within a period of three days. Take three days spread it out over three days. Now some Sahaba obviously, some allow them to do more than that. Why? Because they can maintain that output. But the province lysozyme was saying top off. Look, you're young, you're overly enthusiastic. You're overly zealous right now but you will not be able to maintain this level of output right now. You know you're in this environment, your father's honor to the US. You're the prophets lie Selim is amongst you, he's raising you. Right. And then the province I sent him left him with a very powerful advice the

00:32:39--> 00:32:52

prophets I send them said to him, yeah, I'm de la la to come closer on Canada I formulate a talk Don't be a man who people will say about him or it would be said about him that he used to break down the lead and he stopped

00:32:53--> 00:33:17

because he wasn't able to maintain that that level. So I'm the law he used to say I wish I would have taken the advice of the profits ally setup. Right? Then he says on the lower income and this is what I'm getting to the idea that you know, Dean is whenever time you know the entire setting is favorable time and place are favorable to Dini development, and blah, blah, blah says

00:33:19--> 00:33:25

with a playground, Ron alimento, Julio, a handbook a myth, lay him out. rasulillah he's a lot harder.

00:33:26--> 00:34:04

After the death of the prophets lie Selim. He says, For me to do a good deed now is twice as beloved to me as a good deed that I would do when the Prophet slicin was alive. You imagine, right? What sweeter than praying with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? What sweeter than giving sadaqa when the prophets of Allah Islam is the fundraiser, right? What is sweeter than that? But he's saying it's more it's twice as beloved to me to do it. After the Prophet slicin passed away. Why? He says we couldn't Mr. Su de la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even when I asked him what he

00:34:05--> 00:34:43

said when we were the prophets of Allah Medina said I'm the only thing we thought about was aka was the hereafter. We have absolutely no care for this world. And he says, What in that video, I said, As for today, and young man, it's been engineered. So dunya has overwhelmed us. So he said, If I can bring myself to still do those same deeds now after the death of the Prophet, so I said that it's twice as Beloved. So think about that the next time, you know, don't you know, embrace this difficulty and turn it into an opportunity, embrace this difficulty and turn it into an opportunity, that it's more difficult to do certain things now. You know, to fulfill the forgotten that my Dean

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

and to fulfill the mandatory things, but Allah Subhana Allah will reward me more in sha Allah Tada. And I have to be strong now and with one thing, and I said I would end with the last thing, but anyone who knows me you'll learn this about me. Every time I say it's my last point. It's never really my last point. Because I always remember something else.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Have you ever seen the people that can walk on, like spikes and stuff like that on fire, they can lay down on a bed of nails and stuff like that.

00:35:09--> 00:35:11

What makes them able to do that?

00:35:15--> 00:35:16

practice and what else?

00:35:17--> 00:35:19

practice and

00:35:20--> 00:35:21


00:35:22--> 00:36:07

strength has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's all about practice and technique. Right? And also awesome ly Sallam said that there would come a time when holding on to your faith would be like, holding on to a burning coal. Right? We don't look for fitna, we don't look for trouble. We don't look for environments that are unfavorable to us. Right? But we we try to build the environment that will allow us to develop most and that will allow a man to Florida most so that we can handle those moments but at the end of the day, we understand it's not going to be my strength that's going to make me able to overcome this. Who is it going to be from Allah subhana wa Tada. So

00:36:07--> 00:36:46

the technique is saying that you don't have a lot. The technique is understanding that hood a lot is that guidance lies with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I need to consistently ask a lot to strengthen me. Right for strength. Don't you know you don't find in the sila hain and some of the scholars you know, they said that you should not you should not ask for patience. It's not how long to ask for patience. But when do you see in the door of the Prophet sly send them around the door of the sign of him. You know Allah grant me solid. You don't see them. You see a llama and Niala victory Kawasaki ko hasni regarded a lot helped me support me, guide me to remember you, too. Thank you, you

00:36:46--> 00:37:24

know with the best of the kid with the best of gratitude and with the best of a bad to perfect my acts of worship. So you understand it comes from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah says you shouldn't be too long Medina, Amman a bit cold if you hate the new philosophy that Allah subhanaw taala makes the believers firm with an older Sabbath with the firm word, which is that Lola a lost count of time and makes them firm in this world and in the next so understand that at the end of the day, I need to consistently ask a loss of habitat and be sincere in my asking Allah subhanaw taala to help me overcome the environment which makes it harder the time that makes it harder for me to

00:37:24--> 00:37:46

flourish in my in that as the last kind of data that if I said anything good, that allows parents and allows it to be from our all of our good deeds. And I asked a lot of parents out of that if I said anything bad that he forgives me for that and if I said anything wrong, very good as from the evil of myself and from the safe one. I seek refuge in the last panel talent from his mentioned design from a local title