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The conversation covers various narratives and narratives about the concept of redemption, including the importance of small good deeds and hesitation of the Prophet's license. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being attentive to small deeds and setting small small deeds at a pace. The speaker also discusses the loss of Subhana Allah's mercy and the importance of removing harmful things from the road, along with the need for positive actions and pray for success in society. The conversation concludes with a discussion of a massage session and a video about a woman named Eliza.

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Did in October, I mean we're winding down a lot. I mean, when I came back to Luma, tapping a lot more soluble sort of avocado avocado so they can Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam. on it, he was happy to use other than to semen kathira Tatianna. Tonight I wanted to reflect on a hadith that has similar narrations to it, that speak of this idea of one good deed that redeemed a person as pal if you watch the Friday football, we talked about the Hadith about the man who killed 100 people and this idea of redemption in that sense, and just the expanse of the mercy of a loss of Allah. But one of the things that we learn is that one small good deed done with sincerity will allow it to be

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great on the Day of Judgment, whereas a person could have a long resume of great good deeds in terms of size, but because of insincerity, they are reduced from mountains to dust on the Day of Judgment, whereas a small good deed is turned into a mountain of good on the Day of Judgment with sincerity. And so you have these I had the from the prophet SAW some of these narrations from the Prophet slicin, where he mentions the woman who entered into paradise, for example, and she was an adulterous, but she gave water to a thirsty dog and another narration, it's a man who gave water to a thirsty dog that entered into paradise. And on the other hand, you have people that were punished

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because they tortured animals or because a person was abusive to their neighbors, but they had everything else right. So you have these types of ahaadeeth, which teaches us to be very attentive to both small good deeds and small sense are things that we deem as minor sins because we should not be little sins and that when you belittle sins, those minor sins can turn out to be major and they can overcome you and at the same time, you should not be little a good deed because if you do a good deed, with sincerity, no matter how small it is, it will be great in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So what I wanted to speak about tonight, inshallah tada is a particular narration that has a

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few different narrations about the same person, which is common in this regard, the prophet slice Allah mentions, I saw a man strolling in Paradise, because he removed something harmful from the road. Now, this had the visible hottie, and in one narration, and abodo, with the prophets license, Islam, Yattaman, hide on pot, he never did another good deed, or he did not do any good, except for this good. So it's not that he is a major sinner, but that the person does not have this long resume of good deeds. It's not that they have done so much good in the world. It's not that they had these major accomplishments to their names. And we find so many Hadeeth about this right, the person who

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freeze their heart from grudges, and how that allows them to surpass others. In this situation, let me hide on cut in the hoodie from Ohio, the Ohio wood, which is also authentic, by the way, he never did any good to say that he did not have a whole slot of good deeds. But he did this one good deed of removing a foreign authority bush from the road. And he did that seeking the pleasure of a loss of Hannah Montana because it was causing harm to those that were passing through that road. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, the same words that are used, by the way, in regards to the one who gave water to a thirsty dog, schukat, Allahu Allah, Allah showed gratitude to that person. And Allah subhanaw

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taala entered that person into paradise. So the only good deed they really have to show for themselves, the only accomplishment that they have, the only thing that they present in front of a loss of Hamlet's ad in terms of their intervention into the world, if you will, is removing this harmful thing from the road and the Prophet's license that I saw this man strolling in Jamaica, because of that. Now, there are different ways to reflect on this habit. So you have the the reflection on redemption, right, the idea of redemption, even though it's not mentioned that this man was a major sinner, but that this was the good that he put forward the extent of the good that

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he put forward. It's also not mentioned if you know if this is referring to the voluntary good deeds or if this is referring to the the other things as well the entire body of his good deeds, right. So the point is, when you see a hadith like this, is to is to is to take the, the lesson that has been delivered from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So you have the lesson of redemption, you have the lesson of sincerity, the way that a small good deed can be magnified by a loss of data, if it is done with sincerity.

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You also have another element of this by the way which the Prophet slicin on when he mentions the branches of faith. The prophets I seldom mentions that the highest branch of faith is la de la la la is bearing witness that there is only one God and he says the lowest branch of faith is a mountain other unathletic to remove something harmful from the road. And so this person is carrying out the minimal okay?

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This person is carrying out the minimal, removing something harmful from the road and therefore a loss of data. Because of that person executing on the smallest branch of faith, the lowest branch of faith, Allah enters that person into paradise. So you have that as well, as how long you know, I was just thinking about one particular reflection on this Hadeeth. And these are these are meant to be for our reflection and for us to better ourselves. Obviously, if a lot entered this person into paradise for removing something harmful from the road that was obstructing the path of the people as they were walking on that road, what then is the reward of the one who removes a greater other a

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greater annoyance a greater harm from the community. Now somehow there is so much hurt that is out there right now. And it's it causes more pain to the people more pain to the ohm than a thorny bush that is in the road. But you decide to do that action between you and Allah subhana wa tada and you decide to clear the way for good to clear an annoyance to remove something harmful, what then could be your reward for that, for removing something that is causing a harm to the people, and that could come in the form of reconciling between parties that could come You know, in the form of,

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of making things clear for a person that is suffering from some sort, you know, the broader ahaadeeth about removing debt, or removing hunger from a person or whatever it may be, that could come in the form of many things. But there are things that l the people that ail the community. And if you remove those harms from the road, if you remove those harms from the community, if you remove if you if you actively seek to bring about serenity and tranquility, within the community and amongst the people, then what then can be rewarded with a loss of hundreds and notice how the last check out Allahu Allah showed gratitude to that person, Allah subhanaw taala entered that person

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into gender. Even though Subhana Allah, the the righteousness that we perform does not increase a lot anyway, nor does our wickedness decrease Allah subhanaw taala. And anyway, this is a record, a loss of Hamilton, His mercy, and his gratitude and his love, that embraces and accepts these good deeds and magnifies them and enters a person into gender and enters a person into paradise. So I want you just to reflect on that for a moment, you know, the blessing of removing something harmful from the road and expanding that one of the beautiful things about the these were the prophets I mentioned the branches of faith, and he says nyla was the highest. And he says removing something

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harmful from the road, is the lowest and you mentioned slice. And under here, that modesty is one of the branches of faith is that there are so many branches of faith in between right 70 odd branches of faith. And there are so many branches of faith in between. And so there are so many layers of good that you can do. And the last reflection that I want to leave you with in this regard, is that you know, somehow when we think about contribution, when you think about doing good in the world, and you think about you know changing the world, and you think about service, and you think about all of these things, a lot of times we go to these grand, these these grand ideas, right, and we

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should think great, great not for ourselves great for contribution for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, we should think great, we should think

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grand and big in the sense that impact that we can have in the world that's around us, we should think about those things. But somehow just like, it might be that with your Salawat, the cat that a lot accepts from you, the sujood prostration that a lot except from all of your prayers is a prostration that you prostrate in the middle of the night one night. And that is the one that Allah subhanaw taala accepts from you, with all of your acts of charity and all of your acts of giving and all of your acts of good You don't know which act Allah is going to accept you don't know which act Allah is going to accept so even if the profit slice I mentioned with this man let me out meditate

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on cut that he didn't do any other good. Even if you do plenty of good you don't know where the shape on has creeped in and corrupted your intentions or corrupted your methodology or corrupted, whatever it may be the performance of that action has has creeped into the performance of that action or the intention of that action. You don't know where the shape on has gotten. And you don't know which small act of good Allah subhanaw taala is going to accept it.

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And that's why the believer keeps on striving. And you make the performance of good your nature, right so that as you're walking and strolling one day, you know, you see something harmful from the road. You don't think about it but you have you have conditioning

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yourself to be a charitable person. You've conditioned yourself to do good. Just like you've conditioned yourself to do this, to remember a loss of hundreds and you don't know which remembrance is going to be accepted, just like you've conditioned yourself to prayer, and you don't know which prayer is going to be accepted, you've conditioned yourself to good, hoping in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And depending on the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and praying that one of those deeds is going to be accepted. So Subhana Allah, you know, if the removal of that for any bush other which is an annoyance, others the lowest form of harm, okay?

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removal of something that is harmful, that is an annoyance from the community from the people, what that of those who strive to remove that which ails the community, spiritually, socially, physically, whatever it may be, so that we can have a smoother path so that the people can move forward. And those that are selfless, and those that are sincere, will always been in a hurry to how to be successful in the sight of a loss of Hannah Montana. So think about that Hadeeth and think about what a loss of habitat is rewarded that person within Of course, a panel of the strolling agenda, with making it easy for the people to stroll in this world is also one of the one of the benefits of

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this heavy that this man was strolling in paradise as he made it easy for the people to stroll in this life. And this is of course, where you see that those who show mercy will have mercy shown to them those that are generous will have generosity shown to them. You know that those that are in the in the cause of others a loss of pantalla will be in their cause those that relieve others alone will relieve them those that conceal others faults, a loss pattern will conceal their faults. And the list goes on and on from the ahaadeeth of our beloved Prophet salallahu it who said them so how beautiful that this man just remove something harmful from the road, so that the people could stroll

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and this man gets to stroll in gentlemen stroll in paradise for all of eternity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to stroll in genda for all of eternity. May Allah subhanaw taala gather us around our beloved Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the highest level agenda and for those for all of eternity Allah Ameen Charlotte's out tomorrow night I'm very excited to be hosting it's actually tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be hosting email sivaji Hodge, who is one of my personal mentors and heroes and someone that I love dearly and talking to him amps that are about some of the work that he has done you know for decades that many of us don't appreciate but may Allah subhana wa tada reward him

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for it, who has cleaned up streets from drugs and cleaned up entire neighborhoods and has really embodied service for so long in the community so I'm excited about that but in the night on I asked a lot to grant the maps a lot to gender a lot I mean janitor for those a lot man I mean, so it's going to be tomorrow on facebook live in Charlotte on a Tuesday at 4pm Eastern it's the last bonus session of the course and God We Trust in Charlotte and we'll be talking about that. You can find information below and we'll be talking about it tomorrow as well inshallah Thai last week we had a shift that would lead and we talked about the boundaries of activism which is usually a hot topic

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some of the sacred boundaries that need to be set up and how we can get better than the nighttime in that regard. And inshallah This will be the last one with the massage me Eliza to reward him who has a legacy of service male accepted from him alignment, I mean an accepted from all of us alone. I mean, lastly, please keep checking us over just in your drops, and shift Hammonds petani in New Jersey in your app, and all of those that are struggling with COVID-19 May Allah subhanaw taala grant them all she saw all of our brothers and sisters that are struggling she fought me a lot protect us and our families may last Potter Have mercy on those that have passed due to this And

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grant them she had a llama mean desikan low Hayden and see you all tomorrow in Charlottetown at 4pm Eastern. So now money come on.