4 Deeds, Same Day Enter Jannah

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Subhan Allah this week,

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probably Friday was the only day that we did not have a Janessa.

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We had a Janessa every single day.

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And also tomorrow this isn't as after also.

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So one brother was asking me

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what do you think will happen after I die?

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I said the same thing that happened after this brother died

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one day, two days,

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the closest people to you,

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maybe a week or a month

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after that life continues. It's not going to stop.

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Allah when you know. Now lately I understood. Of course, there's a hikma but now I really live the ACMA when Rasulullah Sallam told us frequently go to the macabre

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that really makes you wake up and

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one of the main things that drives is that it makes you want to do as much as you can before you go under because you see the dearest people to you. Who would dare now who would dare hold the fist of sand and throw it on his father's face?

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You will be doing it happily on your mother's face. You will be doing it

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and then you leave

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no matter how dear is that person to you? You will not stay if I beg you please It's your mother just stay with her one night

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I love her by Qantas very tough over there.

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all I any It drives me crazy.

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The person not the person who's singing We all sin but the person

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who's sitting

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in the graveyard

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at the top of the grave. I told him habibi. Listen I usually am a very calm guy. But this I cannot do this I cannot take on top of the grave I will darken you smoke on top of the grave. And if this is not going to wake you up what is going to wake you up on top of the grave

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on top of the grave you smoking

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Allah May Allah guide us all. So when

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you know nothing prepared, just please please do as much as you can while still above the ground before we go under and we would beg Allah Allah bring me back to be too late. So just a suggestion.

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Since tomorrow there's a there's a Janessa and also Lhasa Salam said whomsoever do four things in one day, you will go to Jana, what are these four things?

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give sadaqa pray Janessa and visit the sick person. How about we practice them tomorrow inshallah.

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decision has already, by the way, the Janessa to count not only the salaat you have to go to the graveyard. Okay. And fasting, it's Monday. Allahu Akbar. It's Rajab. So, and sadaqa is the easiest on your way out. But something epic, more rewarding.

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And then Subhanallah there are a few brothers that are sick. We can go visit them and practice the same way that we have not practiced in a long time. You know, before we finish

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many of us you know, try to do this way better. And if I ask you

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what is the easiest one of them? What's the easiest one about the for

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soccer right to give the surfer Allah He was talking to a brother in Africa.

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In Mali, he said the hardest part of the fall is to give the sadaqa

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he said that people every day sick people everywhere fasting is personal. But to give sadaqa Allah say I don't have anything. Allahu Akbar the easiest one for us. It is the hardest one for them. Subhanallah so inshallah Tada let's practice this why we stood above the ground before we go under May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on all our brothers and sisters who is definitely locked

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in mostly me now mostly man do you want meaning I want to move me 91 quantity now.

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The most law degree pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was slobby a lot the one before she you know unrefined she

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wouldn't have

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was up no one was watching I didn't want him down son BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one has the award the was good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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won gentlemen Eileen