His Hajj Story #10 – 5 Deeds That Equal the Reward of Hajj

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AI: Summary © The importance of intentions in achieving rewarded deeds is emphasized, including missed deliveries and hedge deeds like goddess's and Prophet's. The importance of staying until a lot of people have the opportunity to do so is emphasized, along with narratives of the Prophet's hedge program, including hedge numbers one through twenty one.
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When you talk about the vastness of the mercy of Allah Subhana, WA tada and his bounty, what you realize is that sometimes you come across these authentic ahaadeeth. And at first you might even be a little suspicious about whether or not they're authentic because the reward that is mentioned is so great for seemingly very simple things. And then you realize that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, as he talks about these deeds that are otherwise inaccessible to us, or these rewards that are otherwise inaccessible to us, the deeds that he does sallallahu wasallam are always regular habits that we can adopt in our lives. And who knows how many hedges and how many rewards we will

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find on the Day of Judgment bitten the donkey tada if we sincerely undertake those deeds.

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First and foremost, the sincerity of intention, and you know, sometimes especially for those that make the intention of Hajj, it doesn't really hit them that you know, inshallah, you had the nia. So bidding Allahu taala. Because you had the intention, the sincere intention, it counts, but I didn't feel it right. I didn't get to go to Medina and go to Mecca, I didn't feel the struggle of Hajj. And so it's hard for me to conceive that perhaps I actually would have the reward of Hajj my last pants are granted to all of us who made the intention for Hajj aroma alone, I mean, and then you look at this particular Hadith where the Prophet slicin chose to talk about the people who wanted to go to

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tabuk. Now remember, to book was a difficult journey, it was in the heat of the summer. And it was a journey that the hypocrites did not want to go on, because it just required so much. And they made all sorts of excuses and the profit slice and I'm speaking to those who actually went to tabuk. And they actually encountered all of its hardships. And he says, There are people that are not with you have a home a model, that they were held back by some sort of sickness or an earth or they had some sort of excuse, but they have the same reward as you. So the prophets, I was saying that to the people that went under that huge journey that undertook that huge journey with all of its hardships,

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and he's saying sallallahu Sallam Look, there are people that have the same reward, even though they did not struggle the way that you struggled. So the sincerity of intention is important. And it's something that we have to always remind ourselves of that intimate are not open yet, that actions are but by intentions is not just some sort of comfort that the prophets lie some gifts to us, when we can't fulfill a deed. It's something that requires work. Like you have to actually work on your intention. And make sure that as you intend to do something that you sincerely intended for Allah subhanaw taala and then the reward is assured from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, one of the things

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that we see with the Sahaba is that when they moved to Medina, for example, they were unable to make it to Mecca, and they missed aroma. And we see the wisdom of the Hadith of the Prophet sly Salaam, where he says that whoever makes will rule in Medina and then he heads out to message about the first message in Islam to pray tonight guys, that that will equal aroma that that will actually equal Amina, so imagine if you just moved to Medina, and you now have that comfort from the Prophet slice alum that going out to bat is like going to Mecca and getting the reward of Allah. So that's something that we still do today because in the mercy of Allah, though there might be context to

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these things. They are not restricted in their reward. This is something that is available to the entire oma and so you have one of the most hopeful had the it's not just about attaining the reward Hajj, but Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam magian if you lived in Medina, and everyone came back and you missed out, right think about the few people that did not get to go on hedge with the profit size and it's being referred to as hedge fund with that the farewell hedge there's a chance that the profit slice on won't go out again. And so people are really remorseful and regretful that did not go with the profit slice of them. And there's this particular woman on

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CNN, Al Ansari, all the Allahu taala Anna, who was so sad because she wanted to go on Hajj with the Prophet slice Allah, but she was unable to so she goes to the Prophet slice lm and she complains to the Prophet slice them about her situation the goddess Allah I missed Hajj with you. So this is after the Hajj. And the Prophet slice them says, Well, what stopped you from doing Hajj with us? OMC not. And she said my husband only has two camels. He used one for himself to go out with Hajj for you. And the other camel is for irrigating our land so I had no way to actually go out with Hajj or for Hajj with you sold the law Why do you a seller the prophets I seldom could have given her a

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specific answer to her situation. He could have said to her for example, that you know you had the sincere intention. So inshallah

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It counts and that would have been true to everything that the Prophet slice Allah had already said about so many other things, but instead a gift to the entire oma. The Prophet slicin obsessed her if you can go out in our own raw in Ramadan for in our own right time fee Rama blonde tuck Lee had gotten married. If you do aroma and Ramadan it is equal to doing Hajj with me. Notice the prophets lie some did not tell her to go to Hajj next year because the Prophet slice on knew that he would not be around for Hajj next year. But he gave a gift to the oma May Allah reward him Xenon for asking the prophets license that question because when you see the huddle in normal circumstances

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full in the time of Ramadan, and the people flocking from all over the world know that that is the reward of Hajj with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now you have all of these various deeds, and this is something that I want to end the series with, because these are things that are accessible to all of us, but the lifestyle and they all equal hedge. And these are all authentic narrations that I'm going to share with you. What are the deeds that the Prophet slice of the mentioned equal hedge number one, the most famous and the most common? The Prophet slicin them said, Whoever prays in JAMA whoever prays in congregation and remembers Allah from feadship so praise

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budget and congregation and remembers Allah until sunrise so they make your app or they do because they remember Allah subhanaw taala in one of the legislated ways, and then they pray to Cochise after sunrise, a lot of will have the profit slice and I'm said that that person has the reward of hedge tamma tamma tamma, complete, complete, complete the reward of hedge an aroma, complete, complete, complete. So that's something that you can do on a regular basis. You could prefetch it and you could stay until sunrise, and that is the reward of Hajj and Umrah and that's something that the Prophet slicin mentions authentically. And there are other narrations, all of them authentic.

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One of them the Prophet slicin them said, Man Masha de la salette in Mexico but infilled Gemma whoever walks to one of the obligatory prayers to pray in congregation for hiya Khadija, then that is the reward of hedge woman Misha de la Salatin total war and whoever walks to pray a voluntary prayer in the masjid then that is aroma and in one narration the Prophet sighs I'm specifies a lot of Doha. So if a person one day decides that they want to go to a lot to Doha, or they want to go pray tonight guys in the budgets a lot of O'Hara voluntary prayer, then that is their word of karma. And when a person walks to the mandatory salon and the Prophet slice of them says that is like a

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hedge completes, complete, complete. What about the other things? And notice they all surround the masjid here right? The prophets lie Selim said in another authentic hadith men Avada Isla Masjid la you read Illa and yet Allah mahira Oh, you are Lima, whoever goes out to the masjid. And what they want, the only thing that they want is to learn something good or teach something good. So both the student and the teacher when there's a halaqa and you go out to the masjid to one of those circles of remembrance, and think about this, by the way, in the age of everything being virtual now especially post COVID right, when things open up and you actually have the opportunity to go and

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listen to something in person attend a class live. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Canada who casually Hajj that that person has the reward of a person who went out for Hajj Tama and he said all together complete, complete, complete, why is the Prophet so I said, keep saying that, because you might be thinking to yourself, come on Allah. So Allah really the entire hedge, the profit slice that I'm saying the reward of hedge completes, complete, complete. So these are things of Hello that surround the masjid that a person could do on a regular basis, praying a lot, the budget and staying until a lot to do going to the obligatory prayer are going to pray a voluntary

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prayer specifically perhaps so a lot of people have when they have the opportunity to do so. Or a person going to the masjid to learn or to teach. May Allah subhanaw taala make that reward accessible to all of us, Allah I mean, and then there's one more narration that I want to share with you in this regard. Also, an authentic narration from Anna cinematical. The alonside is a powerful narration. He says that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu it was selling a telogen Obi Salallahu it he was sending him a call in a steel jihad. He said that I want to go out and fight for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala I desire to go out and fight for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to struggle

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on the path of Allah. Well, in the law, could you do it but I don't have the means to do so. So I can't go out and tebu I can't go out and her name jasola I'm unable to do so. What was the answer of the Prophet slice Allah, He said held up here. I hadn't been worried AIG or either of your two parents still alive. call on me. He said my mother, the profit slice of them said absolutely love her.

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Run feed the prophets I seldom said then show your closeness to Allah come close to Allah with your intention strive and struggle by obeying her by showing her goodness by giving her good companionship by serving her. And the prophets I seldom and of course we know that when it comes to jihad, this is the famous narration or the Prophet slice I'm sent the young man back and he said, the fee Matha had been strive in your parents, right strive in their favor that go back to your mother Heaven is under her feet. But here in this particular narration, which is authentic narration the prophets lie some says for inaccurate either for either Dallek that if you do what I just told

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you, if you honor your mother, the prophets of Allah who it was to themselves and to Hajj one more time, you are a person who is amongst those who do Hajj and martoma you are one of those who has done Allah, one woulda had FISA beat Allah Subhana Allah, if one of your parents is alive, honoring your parents is like Jihad and had normal all together. And this is an authentic narration from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So how Allah we find this throughout this entire series, and throughout everything that the Prophet slicin was doing and hedge muscle loss, Isom did not want to restrict our Islam to a single gathering, but rather to transform our entire lives. And that's

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something that we take even from the ultimate gathering that happened in this world with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam May Allah resurrect us in the ultimate gathering in the hereafter in his companionship sallallahu wasallam and allow us to be his neighbors and Jonathan for DOS, Allah Ameen to zachman law Hydra with Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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In these days, as we exert ourselves with all sorts of good deeds that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us, we invite you to spend in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that we may all further ourselves along this journey and draw closer to Him.