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WHY you want what you are asking him

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran in surah pada look how incredible this is. He mentioned to us the DUA of Musa Allah He set up you know the famous DUA of Musa Allah He set up. He begins to ask Allah social for many things. He says, I'll be surely your Saudi, oh my Lord, bring tranquility and peace and ease in my heart shortly somebody were certainly angry and ease my affairs make my affairs easy Why did the military and untying the knots of my tongue so that I can speak eloquently when giving $1 so that the people can understand my message when I preach to them? When Shannon Lee was here, early an appointment from my family, a minister for me, hello nahi my brother, how long should

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be here sorry, let her own Allah is Salam be a strength for me, when I go out to a doubt why she Kofi Emery and involve him in my affairs, all of these things that Musa alayhis salam is requesting. These are many requests. Why? Why is he requesting all this? What does he want? He says, que no, sir, the Hakka cathedra and you need all of this, oh Allah accept all this for me, so that we can engage in plenty of despair to one of Goloka Kathira and so that we can make plenty of cricket. Have you ever been busy in your diet? Have you ever when making dua and asking something from Allah subhanahu wa taala? Have you told him why you want this? Musa alayhis salam lists a number of things

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he wants, because he wants to do plenty of liquor for Allah subhanho wa Taala what was the result color cut Ott, like Musa was social gave him that which he requested. Fanta Have you done this? Whenever you've asked Allah on social for something, have you said Oh Allah, make my life easy. And provide me with this and this and this so that I can remember You much so that I can worship you in ease so that I can do so and so of worships. This is good. include this in your da this is exactly like Zachary Allah He said, when he made the drought for a child, I believe in the dome covered here. He wanted a child, but then Zakariya Allah you Cena mentioned why he wanted a child. He said

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the early February film in early October was unheard of Bill Obeah. I want the child so that he can inherit the prophet hood after me so that he becomes a prophet after me. And he preaches and delivers this message to the people will have this effect that you make a request what you want from Allah azza wa jal and then include in this tell him subhanho wa Taala Why do you want what you're asking? Why do you want what you're asking for Musa alayhis salam wants these all these things for one of Gorka cathedra so that we can make plenty of cricket for you. subhanho wa Taala woke up