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The prophets are seldom one day.

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He says Allah on a Bo combi.

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It's a hadith of Abu Bakr, Allah one.

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He says, should I not inform you of the biggest of sins?

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And so he said, a shill could be lying. He started off with the same one that was in the previous Hadith. Then he says, oh, Coco

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Subhana Allah, what is the meaning of open qualidade?

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Well, the translation of it would include to be disrespectful or hateful or abusive towards your parents.

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It does not mean obedience, because obedience is confined to what is within what Allah has ordained, which means if your parents are asking you to do something, Allah has prohibited you cannot obey them. Even if they say you are now doing a book, you will tell them my father, this is not a book, this is actually doing you a favor. I am not going to buy your alcohol for you. Because Allah has this allowed that Subhana Allah, I'm just giving you an example. So be kind towards your parents, be dutiful towards them. speak to them in a respectful way, even when you disagree with them, speak in a very beautiful way. Don't abuse them. It's the second sin from a compound cabal, you need to

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memorize it and know it and talk about it because the new generation seem not to give a damn about their parents and the status of parents.

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And the last one, the professor Sallam was lying down when he mentioned these two, then he set up in one narration his face changed. And he says Allah will call newzoo reiwa Shahada to zoo, Allah

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wa Shahada to Zoo Allah wa Shahada to Zoo Do you know what that means? Behold,

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to utter that which is of false witness that which is false and to bear false witness to utter falsehoods and to bear false witness Didn't we say earlier, one who bears false witness is engaging in a major sin when we accuse others, but this is more encompassing in that sometimes you are lying about something, whether it is in a court or not in a court, if it is in a court in front of the judge, it is even worse. But even if it is not there and you are bearing false witness Subhanallah it is a major sin. The Sahaba say he kept repeating this, these words, and our call to zuhdi were Shahada to Zoo he kept repeating them until we felt

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we hope he keeps quiet now.

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For Masada, you can redo Ha ha, la Allahu Allah who sakata later.

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He continued to repeat them until we felt but we hope he keeps quiet. My brothers my sisters, I end on this note to say, Let us make sure we are always truthful. If you have lost something because of your truthfulness, Allah will replace it with a million things. And if you have gained something because of your false hood, Allah will replace it with a million regrets that you may have. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us forgiveness and open our doors and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to abstain from sin and to seek forgiveness all the time.