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AI: Summary © The history of the Prophet's VEDA program is discussed, including its use in the Battle of Bedded and its use in the Battle of B Mexico. The importance of protecting against attacks is emphasized, along with the Shura symbol. The Shura is also discussed, with a focus on its political involvement and its use in the Prophet sallali Alayhi wa sallam symbol. The Shura's political involvement is also discussed, along with its deDPical and political involvement. The Shura's political involvement is also mentioned as a source of political involvement.
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Oh, come on weekly. So I want to come up with whoever the council.

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Meanwhile salatu salam ala rasulillah kitty Mata it was.

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So I guess you're wondering what we were doing? Well, we're continuing with our superstar series as we go into the 10. Promised paradise. Let me catch my breath. So we're talking about a great companion by the name of our VEDA, Allah radi Allahu taala. And now, our VEDA July was one of the converts the earliest conference of Islam and in fact, he's one of the people that accepted Islam on the hands of Obi Casa de for the amount of time. Now, why was I doing that, because of our VEDA is actually known for being one of the skilled one of the most skilled archers in the time of the Prophet civil law, it was seldom, before Islam, I just want you to get a little look at what his

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regimen was like. Before Islam his father taught him before the age of five years old, how to take two heavy objects and to literally do squats, then his father taught him how to pull heavy animals, while at the same time throwing a spear that his father taught him by the age of eight years old, how to shoot an arrow at a stationary target. By the age of 10. of all they don't know the law, who I knew had learned how to shoot at a target, while he was riding on an animal, by the age of 12 have a lot of a lot of the a lot of Thailand who had learned how to shoot at a moving target while he was on a moving animal. And he could actually shoot a target right in the middle and break it into half.

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So I'll barbado the one who was extremely skilled. Now when he accepted Islam. As you can imagine, his father was a tough guy, he actually wanted to kill him. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam who utilize the talents of the Allahu anhu, our VEDA had such a talent, or such a skill where he could go and he could scout an area where the enemies had been so in the Battle of bedded, for example, above or below the level, and who could go to a place where they were the enemy had set up their tents, had one set there, Campbell's, he could by looking at the animal dung by analyzing the footprints by analyzing just what was going on around the area, after they left the area, he could

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come to the Prophet sallallaahu it was to them, he could tell the profit slice on him how many animals the machine had, he could count the footsteps and tell the profits on a lot of them how many people were there, he could tell the profits license, how many of the animals were used for carrying luggage by looking at the depth of their footprints. And by looking at the quality of their dunk, he could tell how many of them were warrior animals, and how many of them were used for carrying luggage, or were used for carrying weapons. All of this by just looking at a place that the mushrikeen had one setup site had one setup camp. So this was a skill that above a little below I

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know had and he served honorably with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam throughout all of his battles from beddit onwards, and in fact, in the Battle of beds that are available the Allahu anhu actually had to fight against his own father of the love ninja law of the law tried to kill Aveda when he accepted Islam. And so obey the law. The Allahu anhu was one of the people that made both of the hingeless, the initial Hitler to Abba Sr. And then the second migration to enter Medina now barbado, the Allahu anhu in the Battle of bed that he didn't want to fight his father, but his father was chasing him all around the battlefield until his father finally ambushed him and barbado the lavon

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who had to kill his own father, and the Sahaba were worried and there was a certain idea that was revealed actually that approved the action of aboard a little de la Hondo. And I'll let you guess what that is. And you'll find out at the end of this video, anyway, continuing forward, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave up our VEDA a special title of a little the Allahu anhu was known as a mean how the hilma the trustworthy, one of this oma and the prophets lysozyme held them in a in a heist, in high esteem, by cuddled the loved one who did also remember the hot tub also, in fact, when I will record all the Allahu taala at home, when the when the province of Iceland passed

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away, took on a hot tub and our VEDA with him to meet with some of the unsought who were disputing about who the halifa would be about Beckett or the law. I know he said here you have to have the photo of this and you have about obey the image of law, the mean of this ummah, the trustworthy one of this oma choose whichever one you may choose Subhanallah so Rebecca was suggesting that our VEDA was worthy of being the halifa even in his presence, although of course we know I will back it'll be a lot one who was the greatest also an armada of the lavonne who passed away. Our VEDA was already dead and all model the Allahu anhu says

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If our Vader was still alive, I would appoint him as the halifa. This would be an easy decision but because he's not alive, we have to form the Shura. So you can see how much they praised him. Why did they praise him so much? What was it that was so special about this person? A more of a that only allowed Thailand who was such a simple person, he was someone that put the deen before all of his all of his needs. So we see for example, in the Battle of art, I mean, how the mother trustworthy one of this oma when he saw that the that the helmet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was driven into his cheeks as we know in the Battle of our little soulless, isonem was injured greatly.

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Aveda was one of the few people who shielded the profit slice on him and in fact, he he bit on to the helmet of the prophets lie Selim, the parts of the helmet that were in his cheeks and he bid them out so that they came out of the cheek of out of the cheeks of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And because of that, of a lot of the Allahu anhu lost both of his front teeth, which allowed which caused him to have a deficiency in the way that he would speak. So Subhan Allah, we see that this was a person that always put the deen first. But in particular, if there is one thing that I could that I could point out, or one quality that I could identify, that astonished me from the Sahabi was

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that he was so concerned with the progression of this Deen while at the same time not very concerned with his own dunya. So for example, we see that a lot of a lot of the Levon who was appointed as the general, the Army General when Amato the Allahu anhu became the halifa. And the one before him was Khalid didn't worry about the law. And unfortunately people try to portray, you know, people try to say that there was a problem between Ahmad and Khalid and that's why he replaced them. But actually that's not the case there was much benefit to having our VEDA as the new general and in particular about a little the low on who was a negotiator. He was he was soft, he could meet with the leaders

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he would assure the church leaders and the leaders of different parts of a sham that the Muslims were not going to harm their churches he converted many people without without there even being necessity of a battle How did though the allow on who was not so diplomatic cardigan with the Allahu anhu got sent a special pillow by the Christians? He tore it in half. All right, so Avenida de la Andrew, because of his negotiating skills actually did much good for the oma. At the same time, he was a fighter. At the same time, he was one who gained the respect of not just his Muslim peers, but his non Muslim peers also. So when you see for example, the Hadith, or not rather not the Hadith,

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but rather the incident, where honorable hottub entered into Jerusalem, and he was and he was in the situation that he was, you know, clothes that were stitched up, patched up, he had the slave on the camel, and about obey the law and who was the one who came up and was upset with all mod for the way that he was dressed. It's not because of Aveda himself, preferred the dunya it's because he was concerned with the progression of Islam. Maybe he was wrong in that incident. But it was not this personal pompous attitude that he had. He was concerned for the progression of the deen This was his lifestyle. So I will obey the law of the law and we spread the deen to two different parts of a

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sham. He negotiated with Christian leaders around the world. At the same time he was he's credited by some historians as founding as finding the first as founding the first hospitals in the middle east of Aveda built many hospitals with the Allahu anhu. Assam used to flood many times so he actually built a dam that prohibited a summer that stopped the sun from flooding so much. So all this right he put the Diem ahead that he was all about the progression of the deen. But at the same time, what was his lifestyle like? Now we know I'm gonna call Pablo the Allahu anhu. He used to go and check up on all of his governors around the world like he makes surprise visits to check up on

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his ministers. So one day I remember the hot tub came to our VEDA in Assam. And he said let's go to your house and have something to eat away the set so I'm gonna hop up you're gonna hurt your eyes for me. Oh, I mean, we need Why don't we just eat somewhere? Why do we have to go to my house, but I'm gonna have Bob said, Let's go to your house. When all the other one who entered into the house of our VEDA, Java, all he saw was that they had a jug and a small rug where he could sleep on and he was shocked and almost all the 11 we said where are your Where's your furniture? You know, where are your things you're an immediate you shouldn't be living like this. And I'm more of a though the

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Allahu anhu he said I have no need for this. I told you Oh, I'm eternal meaning you're just going to hurt your eyes over me. And I started to cry. He said you're an immediate you shouldn't live like this. And somehow Allah Aveda said, I don't know why you did this to yourself. I told you you're just going to hurt your eyes, looking at my situation, but obey the law the law until this man who's credited with all the progression of the oma this man who was concerned with the appearance of the oma this man who spread the deen everywhere. He maintained simplicity in his life. He never let that enter into his own heart. And so I'm going to have Bob said very powerful words to him. He said to

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him, like

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retina dounia coluna that the dounia has changed all of us light okay? Our VEDA except for you have our beta, the dunya has changed all of us when you get involved in the work of Islam and were you concerned with the spread of Deen don't allow that to manifest itself in your own you know in new yourself being so concerned with your own progression with your own lifestyle being being lifted, that you know or being elevated that you forget your mission you forget your purpose or very little the law on who never forgot his purpose and that's why he was the amine of this oma. So I hope that inshallah tada we take from this, that one, we're concerned with the spread of the dean. At the same

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time we maintain a dignified lifestyle, but we do not allow that we do not we do not feel like we should be entitled to the goods of this world. Because we are involved in the work of Dean remain as much as you can simplistic. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that special quality and we asked a lot of contracts to get to join us with the superstars of this oma, the 10 promised paradise and the great companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest level of genital for those, and Chatelet? Tada, I'll see you next week as we continue with the series desikan Hello heinola salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central.

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Continuing with the Superstars Series: Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah (radiAllahu an).

The ayah which was supposed to be mentioned in the video is: “You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred. Those – He has decreed within their hearts faith and supported them with spirit from Him. And We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him – those are the party of Allah. Unquestionably, the party of Allah – they are the successful.”

Abu Ubaidah (#Simplicity) – Omar Suleiman

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