Can I Combine My Prayers Due To My Demanding Job

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A great number of people have demanding jobs. Demanding jobs means very little free time. Prayer times, especially during the short days of winter becomes difficult to meet. In this situation, Am I allowed to combine my prayers? Did the Prophet (PBUH) ever combine his prayers for a similar situation?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni​ explains and answers the question

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I have a demanding job and it cannot always take

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prayer break to three minutes during winter. Can I join my salon

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de la salatu salam ala rasulillah. Now, this person asking about combining between prayers, especially during the winter time, where his work

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basically will not allow him to have a break for two, three minutes for each slot. Sometimes you have to put a little hold also on malda during work time.

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In this case, I'll say an ambassador Porter does the navies of Southern join between prayers.

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Lauren also motivates Asia, not because of rain or fear like war or traveling, he only did this the UK like hydrogeology Medici will not make it hard for the Ummah of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to make it easy for us. So this is the case during the winter time or during certain weeks in the work or a certain days that you cannot have the break and you think I cannot have a special break for also, in this case, you can pray a lot on ourselves together or modem in Asia together. And hamdulillah it is not any and it's not make things easy for us. Also some people the nature of their job is long hours let's say you are

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in a passport officers or in a station for a passport agent at the airport or you're a surgeon where your shift is very long and you don't have a break

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or a police officer or something of that or you are investigating a case or

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any type of job that will demand very long hours. In this case we say you're allowed to join the prayers of 100 Allah and Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for all of us.