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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origin of Baraka, the source of the Bible and SunGeneration, and the importance of learning to be a good person with others. They also discuss the importance of learning to be a good person with others and the importance of collectingively speaking frankly. The conversation is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a group of people discussing various topics.
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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa taala, who raised the heavens and created the creation. He spread for the earth and he beautified it with vegetation. And he gave us the cycle of the night and day in perfect alternation. He revealed to us the Quran as his speech and divine revelation. And he sent to us a prophet in whose belief is our salvation. His religion unites all of mankind, the black and the white, the Arab and the iGEM without discrimination, so it is to Allah and Allah alone, we turn and we worship, and it is to him that we bow our heads in prostration. As to what follows Allah Subhana Allah to Allah reminds us to be conscious of him when he says in the

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Quran, yeah, are you Hello, Dina Amano. Tapachula. Haka, Ducati, Walter Mutanda Illa, one two Muslim moon. Dear Muslims. As we are all aware, the globe is currently facing a financial crises yet again. And it is likely it is possible that our country and many countries will see yet another economic recession in which price is already going higher and higher, and jobs are becoming more and more scarce. It is human nature, to be worried about our sustenance and risk. It is human nature to want to protect ourselves and our families. So in today's whole tubba I want to remind myself and all of you have a very, very beautiful Islamic concept, that of maximizing the quality of what we already

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have, and not just concentrating on the quantity of what we do not have. We as Muslims, we believe in a very amazing concept. We believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses certain things more than others. So outwardly, the quantity might be the same, but when Allah has blessed one and not the other than the quality of that which his blessing will be more, you will get more out of that which Allah has blessed than that which Allah has not blessed. And this is the concept that is known as Baraka. When Allah gives Baraka in something, quantity will be the same, the same $100 When Allah has given baraka to somebody's $100, that 100 will bring much more happiness, much more joy, much

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more comfort, and when there is no Baraka, that same 100 can bring pain and misery. So in today's brief chutzpah, I want to go over this concept of baraka and to list for us seven practical steps that we can all undertake. So that insha Allah Who to Allah, we increase our Baraka, what is baraka? Baraka means to increase the utility and the function of something in Arabic We say Xia, that will higher, we increase the higher in something. And the simplest example for this is the seer of the Prophet sallallahu. Either he was setting them how many times a small quantity of food sufficed a large group of people. In one example in the Battle of two book when they were running out of water

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on the way back from to book and there was very little water left the Prophet system said give me all of your water, it was gathered in one canister, one can might have sufficed three or four people the Prophet system dipped his hands in it made dua to Allah Bismillah and he said Al baraka to mean Allah Baraka comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. And that one small can of water that one small canister of water over 1000 Sahaba not only drank they did, we'll do from that one cup of water. This is what Baraka is, if I took that cup, you took that cup, we will drink it and alas it is done. But the prophet system asked Allah to put Baraka in that water, the quantity was the same, but the

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quality sufficed over 1000 people and there are many incidents in the Sierra that demonstrate the reality of baraka and of our firm beliefs. In our Lord in our religion of the fundamentals of Eman is that Allah azza wa jal being the Rob and being I luckily che and Kadir he has the power to give baraka only Allah has the power to bestow Baraka not to me, not you not to Holy saint, only Allah has the power to bestow Baraka on something or someone or an object or money or time. In fact, this is one of the primary meanings when we praise Allah and we say Allah Tada raka what to Allah Tabata lady via the hill moon, Tabata, Kalina, Israel for con What is Allah Tabata koa to Allah mean? What

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does Tabata come in? Of the meanings of Tabarak is that Allah azza wa jal himself is not just a source of blessings, he is blessing his that an essence is blessing he is produce all that he does is bless it all good. Come

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from Allah and nothing but good comes from Allah as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'll hire you to Kulu be a dAche all good Yet Allah comes from you Where shall rule ASA LA and there is nothing evil from you, this is of the meanings of Tabarak to borrow therefore means you want to bet aka you have to turn to the one who is the barrack only the one who is Tabarak can give you Baraka so what are some of the ways that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have informed us to increase the baraka in what we have. And by the way, Baraka can be in anything, it can be in your house, it can be in your money, it can be in your food, it can be in

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your time, so many people one hour they accomplished so much and other people 1000 hours they accomplished nothing. Why Baraka, Allah blesses what he chooses, and Allah azza wa jal when he blesses something, it becomes more useful, more Baraka more good comes from it. So, if we realize that Baraka comes from Allah and we realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala has encouraged us to seek baraka from him, how then do we obtain Baraka in our wealth, in our food in our livelihood in our sustenance, again, much can be said, always time is against us, I will list for us seven points, I want you to memorize them and perhaps write them down after the hotbar point number one, how we

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increase Baraka in our money, we have the same salary maybe but Baraka, we want to get the baraka point number one, the most powerful mechanism for increasing Baraka in what we have in our wealth in our families, in our time in our livelihood, is to have the Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the One who has Taqwa of Allah, everything he does everything he earns. Everything he is around there will be Baraka. So Taqwa brings about Allah's Baraka Taqwa will increase the utility and the function and the blessings of your wealth of your income of your salary of your house. When you have Taqwa Allah opens up the doors of Baraka, how do we know this? It is in the Quran, very explicit.

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One Oh an Al Quran Manu what taco left for Tana, Allah him Baraka Tim Mina sama it will Earth if only the people of the Quran, the villages and the lions, if only they believed in Allah and they had Taqwa we would have opened the doors have baraka from the heavens and earth, love him Baraka, Tim in a summer it will hold everything would be blessed for them. So, the number one mechanism of obtaining Baraka in what we have is by increasing our Taqwa being righteous, being good Muslims having a connection with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and how to attain Taqwa is the topic of many holebas intros, so please listen to them. Point number two of the ways to attain Baraka in our

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sustenance, to increase the utility and the blessedness of our salary and income is to be honest in our dealings and transactions when we earn money, when we go to work, when we buy and sell. Honesty brings about Allah's Baraka, when you are just when you are fair, when you don't lie, you don't cheat, you don't scam the system when you know Allah is watching you and you do your job conscientiously fulfilling the rights of your corporation of your boss and not taking advantage of something they do not know. And you realize that Allah will bless you because of this, then your salary might not increase the next year, but your Baraka will definitely increase. How do we know

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this? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and the Hadith isn't without within others, anytime two people have a business together, and they are honest with one another, and they are truthful, and they conveyed the faults of their items. So what is meaning here, if you're selling something, you don't hide? I'm selling a used car. The brakes are not working. You don't hide it. You're supposed to tell the person Hey, it's a used car. And you should know that the brakes need to be replaced. Our Profit System said whoever undertakes any business transaction and is truthful and honest and conveys the false of the item. Booty color who Murphy by it, Hema, Allah will bless their

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transaction, and Allah will give them baraka for what they have done. You think you're losing money when you hide the fault? You think you're losing money, when you have to be honest, no, you might lose the quantity but what you gain in the quality what you gain in the baraka is much more than what you have to give up from the quantity wise. The same applies in our corporations in our nine to five jobs. You have to be honest, whatever obligation has been given to you do it properly, whatever rights they have upon you give them and whatever you're allowed to take back do not overtake they're all loopholes, we know them so many people take advantage. For example, you might get a per diem

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when you travel. What is it these days 40 $50 Most people they max out they don't care. No, this is not Baraka if you spent 10

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dollars for your per diem you hand in the receipts and you say $10 That's all I want. Don't use the system and abuse it because Allah is watching you be honest, be fair be just an Allah azza wa jal will give you Baraka even if other people are taking advantage. No, we do not do so, because we have a lord that monitors us. So point number two of how to attain Baraka, be honest, be fair, be truthful. And don't cheat and lie, don't scam the system and Allah will bless your wrist and your sustenance. Point number three of the most powerful ways to bring Baraka in our lives, is to associate with the most Mobarak object that we have access to, I repeat, of the ways to increase

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Baraka in our lives is to associate with the object that has the most Baraka that we can possibly have access to, and that is the Quran, the Quran, Allah calls it Kitab on Mobarak. In so many verses, there is nothing more blessed that we have access to than the Quran, the Quran, all of it is baraka. Its recitation is baraka, it's to the Buddha's Baraka it's memorization is baraka, it stuff. See, it is baraka, listening to it is baraka, it is nothing but Baraka. So, you want Baraka in your life, bring in the Mobarak what is the Mubarak? Allah says Kitab when unza Now who alayka MOBA Khan, this is one of the sources of baraka and it is true to say the Quran is a source of Baraka because

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the Quran is the speech of Allah and he has a divine attribute. So yes, Baraka is from Allah, but the Quran is also from Allah. So the Quran is a source of Baraka. Everything related to the Quran will bring about our baraka and again, this is something that is very explicit in the Quran and in the Sunnah. It is authentically narrated that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Should I not tell you something that if you do it, it will be better for you than to earn a camel a day, a camel today like a car a day who earns a car a day? They said, What can that be rasool Allah He said, If one of you comes to the masjid, and studies one ayah memorizes one ayah it is better for

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you than a camel. And if you were to do two, if not better than two camels and so on and so forth. And in the Hadith in Sahih, Bahati when a companion was reciting the Quran, he saw a peaceful light come down come close to him. He looked up and stopped reciting the light went up, he continued reciting the light came down again. And then he came to the Prophet system said, you know, swill Allah, such and such happen. He said, That was the Sakina that came down from Allah. The angels came in your presence listening to your recitation of the Quran, when we recite the Quran, the angels come when the angels come, they bring Sakina they bring Baraka so the Quran, listening to the Quran,

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reading the Quran, memorizing the Quran, all of it brings about Baraka, you want to increase your Baraka, start your day with the Quran, read even a page half a page, make it a routine, every single day have something to do with the Quran and I swear to you, you will see the baraka increase in your life. This is point number three of how to bring about Baraka point number four of how to bring about Baraka, it's very simple, very interesting. Work hard and start early. Yes indeed. Taqwa brings about Baraka yes indeed we do in the Quran brings Baraka but if you were to spend your day doing vicar, Allah will not open up a door of money to fall into your house doesn't work that way.

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That's not our deen. We have both religion and the dunya deen and duniya come together we put our trust in Allah but we also put in the effort. So you want Baraka, you better be good at your job. You want Baraka, you better show up early, you want Baraka, you better have a skill set, do the resume, send them out, put your trust in Allah, but then do your part as well. And again, this is very clear. Our Prophet system said Hadith isn't worse than others. Our Prophet system said. Boudicca Leo Murthy, feeble Cody Ha, Allah has given baraka to my ummah, when they wake up early in the morning and start doing what they need to do, it's a very interesting Hadith. You want to get

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Baraka don't sleep until noon and then think you're gonna get Baraka. You want to get Baraka Don't be lazy, and then think the doors are gonna open and money's gonna fall in no booty Callie Oh Ma Te fi boo Korea. Allah's Baraka is upon my OMA when they wake up early and they start putting in the effort early morning right after fajr go and do something productive, go to your work or learn some skills or whatever it might be. That's the point of buku rehab starting early in the morning and putting in the effort and the other Hadith tinted MIDI. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If you truly had to look cool in Allah, the way that Allah deserves, your risk would come to

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you, like Allah provides it for the birds. The birds leave their nest early in the morning, and every one of them comes back at the night with a full stomach. It

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If you had to work hard and Allah the way that he deserves you have, you would all get your risk the way that Allah provides the bird. How does Allah provide the bird to the bird sit in the nest and just do the cut and disappear and the bird seed falls on them. He told us, they leave early there in the morning. They leave their nest early in the morning, they spend the day finding seeds, but they don't know where Allah knows where they put in the effort. They have to work good and Taqwa they get the seed simple as this. You want to get Baraka in your risk. You better have a job, or at least try to get a job you want baraka and your risk do your job well have a skill set, you will not get

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Baraka simply by Vicodin Quran that's not the way our religion works. Vicodin Quran is one half the other half. What are you doing? How are you getting your risk? Well, which doors are you knocking on? Where are you sending your resumes? So we learn from the Quran and Sunnah of the ways to increase our Baraka is that you better put in the effort wake up early, have a skill set, do the exertion that requires what needs to be done in order for you to gain that risk. This is point number four point number five very interesting point of how to obtain Baraka in our wealth in our health and our families in our children and our housing or in our livelihoods. Point number five of

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how to obtain Baraka very explicit, to be good to other people, and especially your relatives, to have good o'clock to have Scylla to Rahim, to respect the elders, to forgive and to overlook and to be good mannered, and to establish the ties of kinship and to take care of your parents to be a good person with other people. Allah will bless you in your personal life. How do we learn this? So many? A hadith of them our prophets have said Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, whatever guy they listen to this carefully, whoever wishes to live a longer life, and be increased in his money, should do Slidell to Raheem with his relatives. Whoever wishes to live longer and earn more, who amongst us does not want

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to live longer and earn more money? Who amongst us doesn't want to have an increase? Whoever wishes to have this, what should he do for yourself? Rahima Who let him have Scylla Tara and be good to his relatives, and of course, taking care of relatives many lectures have been given about that and you can listen to that as well. And the Hadith and Muslim Imam Muhammad narrated violation of the Allahu anha our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, listen to this slaughter Rahim. What personal hook? What who? Snell Jiwan you are Midna Dr. What is it Nephele Mr. Being good to your relatives and having good o'clock and being a good neighbor shall bless your houses and shall increase your

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your lives and livelihood shall bless your houses your houses are going to become blessing your families what is happening inside no stress, no drama Allah will bless you when you're good to other people. So you want to increase the quality of your life. Increase the quality of how you interact with other people, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, especially your relatives through snail hook with your or hand with your cousins your uncle's your siblings, your parents have the best o'clock you can and Allah azza wa jal will bless you in your personal life. This is point number five, point number six of the ways to increase Baraka small thing but it needs to be

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following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in all that we do. So one simple example. Following the Sunnah in how we eat, will bring Baraka in the food that we eat. There is a really amazing Hadith in the Sunnah of Buddhahood A man came to the process and complaining yeah rasool Allah, we eat, but our bellies don't become full. We eat, but our bellies are still hungry. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, perhaps you are all eating separately from one another. He said, Yes, we're eating separately. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, fetched me Oh, Allah Omicron was Kuru small La Jolla. Ila he you Baraka comfy, come together when

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you eat and say Bismillah when you eat, Allah will give baraka on what you are eating Subhanallah such a small sunnah and we seek Allah's refuge we're all guilty I'm guilty of it as well as you are sometimes everybody's busy I take my plate I eat by myself not how long it's not sinful not saying you're gonna go to join them for that. But I'm gonna be honest here even if I don't live up to it all the time. You want Baraka come together with your family, come together with people and sit down together with them eat from the plate together, say Bismillah before you eat, thank Allah subhanho wa Taala after you eat, the small things will actually increase Baraka in the food. That's why our

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prophets have said in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim so I'm Anwar head Jaquith naygn Well, to Ahmed his name you're clear about the food of one person is going to be enough for two people. He made this a verdict for every month

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slim who believes in Him. If we believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then we should have full yaki in that if we are going to come together one plate of food, put your trust in Allah invite your friend, your spouse, your children say Bismillah Let's eat together and because you have followed the Sunnah, and because you believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made this a verdict to Iman wa hid the food of one yak fifth name shall suffice to people, but for who, for the one whom Allah gives baraka and why will Allah give you Baraka? When you believe in this hadith, when you implement the Sunnah, you put your trust in Allah, that when I'm going to do this

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properly, and I do it, believing in the promise of the Prophet system, a small quantity of food now it is true, none amongst us has that level that the Profit System had that one cup will suffice. 1000 people that's him, he is indeed a newbie that Allah has. I mean, we can't reach that level, but he gave us a small fraction, every one of us that fraction, you can double it, we can make it times 1000 That's the Profit System. But every one of us we have the potential by Allah Azza which is blessings not by me not by you to double whatever we have come together with your family and friends come together with people and you will find a small quantity of food will suffice more people if you

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follow these Sooners. So this is point number six overall following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in all that we do. The final point again for this cookbook, the list is much longer but as usual, time is against us. The final point that I encourage myself and all over you, you want to build AKA, ask the bargain to Allah for it. You want to Baraka ask that to baraka and Allah for Baraka. How else are you gonna get Baraka? Allah gives you that Baraka so you say yeah, Allah Tabata, Kota Allah Ya Allah, buddy Glen fer Halina Baddeck then

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give me Baraka in my money Give me Baraka in my time, Ya Allah, you are the source of Baraka, Ya Allah you are Tabata, nobody is Tabata other than you. By the way, we are not allowed to say Tabata for anyone other than Allah. Only Allah is Tabata, Kunta Allah so we say yeah Allah you are about to come to Allah, who else is going to give me Baraka other than you? And this is what we learned from the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught to the Sahaba to ask Allah for Baraka so for example, the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Al Hasan ignited or the Allahu Allah. This is one of the few Hadith he narrated, he said that my grandfather taught to me do

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is to say in the Witr Prayer, we say this every day in Ramadan by the way, where do we get this from? This hadith hasn't ignited on the Allahu Allah said my grandfather taught me this is the dua for Witter Allahumma Houdini Femen Herdade why Fini female out of faith whatever then if he mentor we're late we're buddy cleave FEMA out late so long do we say it everyday in general we have prayer, one phrase, we're body cleanse, female athlete and we say it he's saying it to the singular robotic ly female athletes. Oh Allah, whatever you give me put Baraka in it. What a general comprehensive dua you give me some food your Allah put Baraka in it, you give me some money, you Allah put Baraka

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in it you gave me one day today yo Allah put Baraka in it. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for Baraka, O Allah increase the baraka of all that you have given us Abu Huraira Radi Allahu wa narrated Yara SUTA Allah yesterday I heard you make a DUA and this was one phrase that I heard that you say he said what was it he said Allah homophily them be well what's your leafy daddy were biologically female Razak Danny, Oh ALLAH forgive my sins and make my house bigger for me. This is baraka make my house vast and big for me and give me Baraka in the reason that you have given me the prophecy some said, Whoa, Herrera is anything left after this to ah, is there anything else you

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need? He said no. So I said stick with this dua. So all you need, Oh ALLAH forgive my sins, make my house a vast and comfortable place and all that is that you give me give me Baraka in it. This is another Hadith where the prophet system is asking baraka from ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. So brothers and sisters, you want Baraka constantly make dua to Allah to increase your Baraka. These are seven ways that if we implement them insha Allah to Allah, we will see an increase in the quality of what we have, even if we do not see an increase in the quantity May Allah subhana wa Taala bless me and you went through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and apply. It's

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Helen and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness, you as well ask Him for His love before and the Ramadan.

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hamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit alidium Yet what amulet Well, let me

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what I do

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to Muslims. There are so

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many lectures I have given about the reality of what is happening in India with the BJP. And I will continue to raise this issue up. Because what we are seeing right now is literally the textbook precursors to genocide. And if we allow what is happening to continue, we will potentially witness we seek Allah's refuge. But the textbook plot of this is going exactly as historians and as psychiatrists predict, if we allow the current circumstances to continue, it is possible that the world will witness massacres, the likes of which we have not seen since World War Two and Nazi Germany. Last week, a young sister of ours in India sister offering Fatima 22 years old student, she

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spoke out against the rising tide of Islamophobia. And especially, especially the BJP is tactic of insulting our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, He was telling them in a crude and a vulgar manner, a thing that will Allah He the average Muslim and even non Muslim will be disgusted and angry to hear and the BJP is representative said this live on air multiple times. Our sister offering stood up and gave a lecture where she rallied against this and the crowds came and things happened. The government got involved not just arrested her and her siblings arrested her elderly parents diabetic father took them to jail. Within a few days. The High Court of up the High Court in the city of

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Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh province, ruled on some weird technicality that her house had been built illegally Subhanallah this isn't a coincidence. There is no illegal house being built here. So they said the house should be demolished. And so the parents were brought from jail, and they were brought caused to witness the bulldozers come and demolish their house to the ground. This happened just a few days ago. The BBC has the view footage and the video footage is all online brothers and sisters. The bar of Islamophobia is being raised by this government. You will say what's new here people are being killed there all the time. We say what is new is that the government the High

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Court, Uttar Pradesh, which is a mainstream province, the city of Allahabad, which is one of the major cities of India, they have now put a stamp on official stamp on complete Islamophobia. This isn't some random mob. This isn't some people on the streets doing something. No. This is the government making a message sending a message to all the Muslim community you dare speak out against us. You dare defend the honor of Your Prophet you dare speak out against the BJP. We will destroy your house. I will do it officially right in front of your eyes. Wallahi brothers and sisters, this young sister 22 year old young lady she has more guts and courage than so many other men, including

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ourselves, we ask Allah's forgiveness, the courage that she had to take on this vicious and vile government and to continue doing what she is doing in the space of all of this persecution. Honestly, it puts me and she'll put many of us to shame we seek Allah's refuge. The point though, brothers and sisters is that this type of tactic is literally straight out of genocide textbook. I keep on saying this over and over again, study history, learn from history. How did the Nazis do what they did? They didn't just start killing 6 million people or 10 million people overnight. It didn't happen overnight. No, it was a program that took them 15 years. It took them more than a

00:28:33--> 00:29:10

decade systematic demonization constantly harassing a minority in the Nazi Germany case it was the Jewish people of Germany. The first thing they did is they made a barrier between the Jewish people in the broader society. They said you people are foreign you people are occupiers you people are destroying our country. And that rhetoric continued for more than a decade. BJP has done this for much more than a decade. They have demonized us as Muslims. They've demonized our religion. And now they are demonizing our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam For how long are we going to remain silent? Even the honor of our Prophet system is being literally made fun of in public on air,

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how long can we remain silent at this? And so now they are doing this? And then if there is any response, the next tactic of the Nazis was what after the rhetoric now you pass legislation. Jewish shops have a special mark on them. Jewish houses have a special mark. Some of them were demolished Jewish people were socially boycotted, ostracized, don't buy and sell from them. This is already happening in the BJP, India and literally just like Nazi Germany, where the courts are going to back it up. The courts are going to support this. Yes, it is legal for us to discriminate against Jewish people. Now we are seeing the BJP come under this road as well. If we do not stop the BJP if we do

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not get involved now, the next step after this is nothing but genocide. They have already bought the courts and they already have the BJP official backing the High Court the Supreme Court's of the

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province are now getting involved. How long are we going to wait? Now you will say, What can I do? And I respond? That's a very good question. I am not a political analyst. I don't know the best tactics. I've said this all the time. But one thing I can do public awareness raise that we have to do something now bring in the experts bring in the people who know what to do. And I say to you from I was one Muslim to another, the least we can do, let us see what economic boycotts will be sent to them, let us start start boycotting things that are going to affect the economy of that country. I am not a government leader. If I were, I would speak to my fellow government leaders. And I would

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say to them, that there's so much money that is being sent in by the workers of that land, you have to think about is it worthwhile to have your Profit System insulted and have the very people that are insulting him working under you, we have to speak frankly, in this regard. But with the only message that that country is going to get is economic, that's the only message they're going to get. So collectively, what can we do? I am just a person like you, well, we can raise awareness, we can do whatever little that we can here in Dallas was going to be a protest. I know. I know, protest only do so much. But it's better than nothing, isn't it? I know, protests are not going to

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immediately save lives. But at least awareness is raised. So nothing is done. Get involved. If you have a better idea, tell us how to do it. But one thing you cannot do is to remain silent. And let all of this happen. No brothers and sisters, no country on Earth is closer to a potential genocide than this regime right now in India, no country on Earth. And what is happening in China, by the way, is very bad as well. And it is one degree less in some ways, it is worse. It is an ethnos site. They're not killing the people, they're killing their religion, and that I've also spoken about that. But in India, it's very clear that not heading for an ethnos side, they're heading for an

00:31:44--> 00:32:21

outright genocide. And if that happens, Allahu musta on 250 million Muslims live in that region, Allah and Mustang we have to do something brothers and sisters and my football only is just to raise public awareness and keep on reminding ourselves that this is a land and an area and what is happening cannot be forgotten, especially by those of us who have some connection to that land. We ask Allah azza wa jal for our fear, we ask Allah for protection. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to help us do the best for our brothers and sisters, Allah how many there are in fact aminu? Illumina data pa Khaled Yomi them been in love of Alta Walla Hammond Illa for rich them whether they in Illa

00:32:21--> 00:33:04

Kadota, whether earlier on Elijah feta whether I see Ron ELI your starter Allahumma Fila now what is one endogenous Hakuna bin Eman when I tried a few luminol Hiler Lilina Armano Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam I will Muslim in Allah whom is Islam or when Muslim in Allahumma is Islam or when Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana are the Islam on Muslim in Ebisu info Azurill who been upset with Gerald Ted Mira who feet at the bat he Yeah Can we you yeah as he is about Allah and Allah to Allah Amara can be better behaved enough within the Medaka Kudo se withheld as a become a you have moved on imaginary here were insane for all Azim Croydon anima in Allah how Amala Calusa

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Luna Allah Nebby yeah you already know Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli was telling him about eco and other girls will come Mohamed while early he was IBH marine rebuys Allah in Allahu Allah muda will idly what exactly what it's all about when handled fascia it will Moon carry well basically you're either coming out looking to the karoun or the Corolla has other you may have come wash crew here jadida Come What are the crew lighter Allah Akbar welcome is Salah.