Finding Faith Through the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Conviction

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My Moment of Conviction

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So I've started in a few interviews at this point that

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the point that I arrived that with Islam, as a young man that was really exploring was that there is no doubt in my mind that also allah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is the Messenger of Allah, that he's receiving revelation, and that the man's character is divine, the proofs of his prophethood are too many to ignore. And that was where my heart became settled with Islam, even as someone that was taught about Islam growing up that this man is little so the loss of Allah Hardy was sent him this man is the messenger of Allah. And it was there several points, you know, it's part of it's obviously the emotional and reading whatever was there, the CLI, you know, at the time watching the

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message, which was very impactful to me, you know, as a young man, watching that movie and thinking Subhanallah what an amazing human being he was.

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But how this connects specifically to my own journey, being the only Muslim in my context, as far as my circle of friends was concerned. And as far as what I consider to be socially fulfilling, and how I used to, you know, think of myself as a very popular person within my context, right. And I was playing basketball, and I had a lot of friends. I remember, one particular proof that would have an immediate impact on me, was the fact that muscle loss I said, um, gave up his social circle and his safety. You know, it wasn't just being estranged from the people when he stood up on software in the sense that people would call him crazy, but they would call him crazy and then eventually tried to

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kill him, going from being a Saudi, el Amin, going from being the honest one, the trustworthy one, the truthful one, and having all the comfort that you had in Mecca, for him to be willing to relinquish that, where the probability from a purely worldly perspective of him gaining acceptance for his message was actually very, very low, right over a decade of rejection, even in Mecca speaks to that. That, to me was one of the most inspiring and enlightening moments for me as a teenager, because I thought to myself, what did the profit slice and um, have to gain from a worldly perspective? What did he have to lose? And we usually talk about this from the perspective of, you

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know, he didn't, he never got rich off of this message also was nice, I'm never became a wealthy man, the profit slice, I'm never abused power, you never exploited power, he never became a tyrants. also lost my son showed mercy to people that showed cruelty to him, all of that, and we talked about those as proofs from his character was profited. But the fact that Allah azza wa jal reveals in the very early days, well, we'll have a lady that says that now with datacolor book on color, that your Lord has not abandon you, your Lord has not forsaken you speaks to how extreme the change in attitude towards him was. And for him to insist the way that he insisted, losing that social safety,

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again, from a predictability perspective, with very little hope, from a purely worldly analysis of this ever changing, is, to me one of the most stunning proofs of his prophethood it hits the lotto center, because anyone that would have been analyzing that from a worldly perspective at the time, would have been saying, this is not going to end well for him, this is not going to end well for him. So for me, subhanAllah It was sort of a crossroads where I came to the realization that he is the messenger of Allah. And then I also came to the very personal realization that, well, wow, I'm gonna have to sacrifice everything. Now my friends are not going to know me after this. They're

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going to look at me weird. I'm going to be excommunicated in ways you know. And obviously, that's not as difficult as someone who gets thrown out of their home or faces that from their family. But to me, it was a moment of clarity and it was also a moment of determination that whatever the social cost of this truth, know that the one who received the truth board the greatest social cost it is selflessness.

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