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Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © A woman named A shares her story of "slack stars" and "slack stars" as part of a new course on women around the Prophet sallli. She describes her journey from Mecca to Medina, including cutting her husband's shirt and killing him. She also describes how she faced difficult times, including a family crisis and a difficult relationship with her mother. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a tour of a woman named Hope.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear sisters and brothers, inshallah everyone is doing excellent.

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We are in a new course this course is called women around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's actually an amazing course and it's one of my favorite and I'm going to be sharing with you guys stories of 10 Amazing woman's I have yet to wear around the province of awesome and what made them amazing, Masha, Allah and who were they? Because we tend to know a lot of the Sahaba the men Masha the bulk of their stories, but we don't really know the woman and so I wanted to share their stories and shalom Tala. All right, we'll get started. This is going to be module one A, and we get every module is going to have an a part and a D. So one a one b two, a two B like that. And this

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module is all about Osama bin Abu Bakr and we'll get sort of similar in Alhamdulillah in Cameroon as the you know, when I started when I was a bit lame we should do the and fusina woman say at their Molina, Maya, they love Allah mandala. Mama Yerlan fella had Isla or Chateau

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ilaha illallah wa Taala she was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah swim, a method that ambitiously said yes, certainly. Well hello octet Amelie Sani yufka who called it up? Is it me?

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I mean, me me, in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the most magnificent, All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the universe. We praise Him and we seek His help and his forgiveness, and we seek His protection from the curse. See, whoever Allah guides will never be misguided, and whoever he allows to be misguided will never be guided. I've ever witnessed that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah who's one alone and has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a servant and messenger May the blessings of Allah be upon him his family's companions and the righteous will follow them until the Day of Judgment

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All right, so who was a sama bin Abu Bakar now as well but Abu Bakr belonged to and by the way I just really want to hit on this really quick is the stories I'm going to be sharing with you are going to be from different authors and I'm going to be adding my own perspective to it but this story is going to be coming from Abdullah why had Hamid he's the one who actually wrote it so I'm going through his narration and then obviously I'm going to add my own two bits to it and shallot Allah, but I wanted to just to let you know it's from his book inshallah Allah. So Asma bint Abu Bakr belong to an amazing, amazing, you know, family, Masha, Barack Obama. Her father was Abu Bakr

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Siddiq read the law on who is the best friend of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he was also the first Khalifa after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Her half sister was at Isha was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and one of the Ahmed al mumineen which is the Mother of the Believers Mashallah.

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Her husband was debated even aware, and he was very close companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. And her son was Abdullah bin as the way he was also known for being honest and truthful and devoted to this lead mashallah Baraka so she came from an amazing family. We're looking at we're looking at her father, we're looking at her son, her husband, her sister, there are so many amazing people mashallah botica in this family

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I smarter the Allahu Allah was actually one of the first people to accept the slum wash at work. Before her there was only 17 people, including men and women who became Muslim. So she was number 18 Mashallah demotic Allah, number 18. It's upon Allah. She was one of the few people who knew of the plan of the Prophet saw the lesson, when he was going to leave for Medina to this was like a high secret plan, right? And nobody knew because he planned to murder the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and she was one of the few people. And on the night of the departure of the pastor Sam, he came to Bucharest to fix house and he was living with a vaca syndicate your loved one, right? And on that

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night, the boss's son was with him. That was the night that asthma de la ha ha. She prepared a bag of food and a water container for their journey, but she could not find anything to tie the containers with. So what she did was she took out her waistband, which was her belt, and she cut it into half. Well what got us to do her father suggested kind of get to half and then she tied each one of them with each half mush at the bottom. And then from then on, she was known as the one with the two waistbands that was her nickname, Masha, Allah Barak Allah when the final immigration, you know came to from Mecca to Medina, and the departure came, Asma de la Juana was pregnant.

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she and she did not let her pregnancy or the prospect of a long journey deter her from leaving. So everyone had gone before her and this was not she was coming as she wanted to leave Mack as well go to Medina for safety and security and to have a better life. And it's possible so she didn't let this difficulty this pregnancy and this hardship leave her. She decided she was going to go and shallot Bella. And she did much of the work she did. And so she went on this long journey and I don't know how many of you guys have been on a journey from Mecca to Medina. But Paula, I think in the bustle was like, four or five hours, it was a long journey. I can't even imagine on a camel or a

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horse how long it would take. You know, maybe a couple of days I think it was long journey. Subhan Allah and then the desert with that being said, and then when you're pregnant Hanalei can't even handle pregnancy in the car her plane forget. Cow will voice upon Allah. Anyways Alhamdulillah as soon as asthma reached Cuba, the outskirts of Medina that's when she gave birth to her son Abdullah which means she was full term pregnancy much of America she was full term she was going to be due at any moment. It was then that the Muslim shadows Allahu Akbar, that God is the greatest and La Ilaha illa Allah there's no God but Allah and happiness and thanking him because this was the first child

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to be born in you know as a Muslim in Medina, Masha Baraka, right, so this was the first child it was born from the MaHA Ji, the Saba the Sahaba, who migrated

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and Medina so everyone was so excited about that. Asthma was known for her title and her noble qualities for the keenness of her intelligence how smart she was.

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So asthma was extremely, extremely generous person, Masha provided her son Abdullah, one set of her he said, I have not seen to woman more generous than my aunt, I Isha, and my mother asthma, but their generosity was expressed in different ways. My aunt will accumulate one thing after another until she had gathered what she felt was sufficient. And then she distributed to all those who needed it. My mother, on the other hand, would not keep anything even for the moral Spamalot. This is how amazing these women were. They This is how generous they were, they weren't thinking about themselves, they were thinking about others and how to help them and their times of difficulty, and

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and how to make it easy for them versus themselves.

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I suppose presence of mind in difficult circumstances, was remarkable. When her father left when her father left Mecca, he took all of his wealth, amounting to maybe about 6000 different, you know, 6000 did a house with him and he did not leave any for his family. When Abu Bakr us dig for his father cave. And when his father came, who have, he was still a mushrik. At the time, he wasn't a Muslim yet. And he heard of his departure, he went to his house and he said to asthma, I understand that he's left you and he's taken all his money with him and he's abandoned you. And asthma Dylon quickly reply to her grandfather, no grandfather, in fact, is left as much money. She took some

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pebbles and she put them in a small bag. And then she put them by the wall, where they use for money. She threw a cloth over the heap and took the hand of her grandfather, as he was blind and said, see how much money he has left for us. This was her strategy, Mashallah. She wanted to sit there and not let her anyone know that they didn't have enough. She wanted asthma wanted to ally the fears of her grandfather, and for him, to not worry about them, including giving his own wealth. This was because asthma disliked receiving any assistance from the politics, even if it was her own grandfather, Subhan Allah.

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This was not the only time that US melody Allahu anha, you know, had this kind of quick thinking and wit. She had a similar attitude when her mother, who was not a Muslim, came to visit her. So her mother came to visit her Medina, she wasn't a Muslim and was divorced from her father. And her mother bought her gifts of raisins and clarified butter and, you know, different kinds of other things, as my first refused to admit her even into her home or accept her gifts, but then she sent someone to I issued the aloha to ask the province awesome about this. How should she treat her mother? And should she allow her to come into our house? Does she accept her gifts? And she wanted

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to make sure that she was following the path of the show yeah, that she wasn't going to make a light xojo angry, and that she wasn't doing something that was wrong in the Sharia. So she wanted to get that clarification, And subhanAllah It was at this occasion that the following revelation came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which is in Soudal Medina is numbers eight and nine

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says God forbids you not with regard to those who do not fight you because of your faith will drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly justly with them. God loves those who are just God only forbids you with regards to those who fight you for your faith and drive you for your homes and support others in driving you out from turning to them for friendship and protection, it is such as to turn to them in the circumstances that do wrong Subhan Allah

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so I just want you guys to reflect on how she behaved and then Subhanallah getting this. And so she dealt with friends with friendliness and kindness and gentleness with her mother, and respected her, let her come in her house and let her be part of you know, sitting with them and accepted her gifts mashallah botica because Islam does allow that, and had Esma Delana not inquire about it asked about it. Who knows when we would have gotten this revelation and how that would have happened. But look at the intelligence of these women and men the Sahaba have yet and when they went about wanting to do the right thing, Subhan Allah Now, I smile, as well as many other Muslims. You know, when they

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relocate to Medina, their life was actually very difficult in the beginning, because they were a new city, they just migrated. They didn't have enough money and wealth, and her husband was quite poor. And his only, you know, major possessions at that time was a horse which he had bought. And that's my this is how she described those early days. She said I used to provide fodder for the horse, give a water and groom it. I would grind grain and make dough but I could not bake while the woman of the unsavoury used to bake for me. They were truly good woman. I used to carry the grain on my head from a zoo base plot which the process I'm had allocated for him to cultivate. It was about three four

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sacks which is about eight kilometers from the town center. One day I was on the road carrying the grain on my head. When I met the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and a group of Sahaba he called out to me to stop this catalyst that could vide behind him. I felt embarrassed to travel with the Prophet saw some and also remembered as today's jealousy. He was the utmost jealous of man, the process and realized that I was embarrassed and then he continued to ride on. So Subhanallah My dear sisters and brothers, here's a woman who's telling you her situation. It is it was very hard for her yet because she knew her husband, and she knew how he was and she knew that he would be jealous, and that he

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wouldn't like it. She she didn't. She took that hardship upon herself and didn't bring it upon. You know, the officer saw him and didn't tell him and didn't even tell her husband because she didn't want to you know him to be upset. She didn't tell him until later. And then in later he you know, he said that he wasn't going to be jealous. Subhanallah you know, when he related the story, when she related with us relate to a story to estimate exactly as what had happened. He said to her he said by God that you should have carried the grade is far more distressing to me than you were writing with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So he would have allowed it he would have accepted it because it

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was so heavy and hard and difficult for her.

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But I'm just trying to explain to you what times of difficulty come the husband and wife stand together. She grew up in a family that had so much money and wealth Abu Bakr Siddiq was rich Marshall at the bottom yet servants of that time, but from there to becoming someone that does everything. It's a hard life but Subhan Allah, you know, a laser or don't test for all of us in different ways and we have to accept it and understand it.

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Okay, so with that being said, we are done with Module One A to Zakharova Hayden, and insha Allah Tala, we'll see you guys in module one be Subhanak Allahumma will be hamburger eyeshadow. Hola, hola, Stafford acaba to Blue Lake. How perfect you are Allah and I praise you. Nan has a right to be worshipped except you. I seek your forgiveness and turn and repentance to you. As salaam alaykum warahmatullahi over

Salallahyee Alayhee Wa Sallam

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