Omar Suleiman – His Hajj Story #02 – Falling In Love With Madinah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The negative impact of being forced out of Mecca is discussed, along with the similarities between the Prophet sallali wa teachings and the way the Prophet sallah had been taught in their culture. The importance of the Prophet sallama's words in relation to their experiences at their own homes is emphasized, along with the use of mud to make it harder for animals to reach. The narratives of the upcoming operation are also discussed, including the measurements of the operation and the use of mud to make it harder for animals to reach.
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Home is home. And people have connections to their places of birth and their places of childhood for so many different reasons. And sometimes others can't even understand it. It's the food. It's the memories. It's everything about it. And it's panela that's for people who still can connect to their homeland. But when it comes to refugees, people that are violently forced out of their homes and are not able to return, that connection to home is deep and that's why I lost parents. It even likens people being forced out of their homes, to death and equal to and full circle. I will resume in the article. It's the same thing as death for some people. Now for the profit side sentiments, some of

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those companions in Mecca all they knew was Mecca, the prophet sly, some only left Mecca twice on a trade route. And for them to be forced out this way, was very difficult upon them. And also the loss ally. Some of them would not only connect to Mecca in a deep way, but he empathized with those who were in a similar situation, both those were forced out of Mecca, as well as those who would be made refugees until the very time that we live in now.

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Mecca is not a place that has any particular beautiful beaches or oceans or any particular greenery and most people who have seen Medina and Mecca, in terms of just the nature of it would say Medina is far more beautiful than Mecca, but it was still home to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's all that he knew. And the Prophet slice that I'm now knows how special and blessing This place is. And so there's this heartbreaking moment where you see that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam literally rises from a cave as he is in the beginning of his his VA. And he looks back at Mecca and he talks to it for the last time before being run out of it. And he says to Mecca these famous

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words, ma of the other key men Bella didn't have Bikila how beautiful how pure and blessed of a place are you and beloved to me in in one narration the prophets lysozyme says beloved to Allah, wa Lola and call me a hora junie Min Ki Massa cantle hierarchy and had your people not run me out, I would have never lived in another place. And so the prophets lie some is basically saying to Mecca I would never leave you had your people not driven me out. And there was something about even the way the Quran was revealed to console the prophets lie summon console the Muslims when they first migrated to Medina, the verses and sort of the bacala in the autofire Ibrahim and lie them in LBT.

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What is now in one Ibrahim on Islam and Islam at his Salaam are raising their hands after the construction of the Kava and they're asking Allah for acceptance and they're asking Allah that Allah honor the house with the believers who come from all over the world. So you have all of these verses about Ibrahim it his Salaam, making your art in Makkah that were revealed to the Muslims when they first migrated to Medina as a form of comfort to them and also letting them know that one day the promise of the Father Ibrahim it Salaam will indeed come true. Then there's his narration from it. So with the olana, where it's like you have to balance the love that the Sahaba had for Mecca and

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then obviously what would come of Medina later on and realize we're experiencing Medina in a very specific way these days. This is a narration from Isola della Han she says that I went to visit my father apobec kill the Allahu anhu and believe it or the Allahu taala and after the migration to Medina, why because they had fallen extremely ill and I saw the Allah on her says that Medina was known as a place where people get sick, it was something in the water, whatever it was, when people would get to Medina, they would always get sick. And so the Sahaba almost all got sick, and her father will Beckett will the law on who was sick and below the alonside and who was sick and she

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describes the scene that they're both laid out stretched on their backs, and they're sweating from the fevers that they have. So she says I spoke to my father and I said yeah, I have a TK for Teddy look. Oh my father, how are you? Oh yeah. Bilal Keifa Ted, you Luke and Obi law. How are you? So as Rebecca will be allowed to add on who he responded in the following way he said khulumani in masaba home fee early he will know to add dinner minchie rocky Natalie he is that a man wakes up every morning amongst his family and death is closer to him than his shoelaces basically to say what's after Medina except for death after this hits. After this migration, I doubt we're even going to

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make it in this place. So surely, we're going to die because of this illness. As for binotto, the alonside I know his poem is a lot more complicated and complex. And he reminisces even though he was a slave in Mecca for so long and you know did not enjoy Mecca the way that others would enjoy Mecca. Still a deep attach

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Tameka asked for below he gets up and I showed the lower on her said he would rise to his to his elbow. So imagine him stretched out on his back and he comes to his elbows. He can't even sit up right all the way. And he said, Annihilator Sherry, hello, Abby Turner, Leila tan, BYD, and we're holy if you're on with Julio, well, while redan, Yeoman Mia Hama, Jonathan, or Halle Abdi one Li Shama twin water Pharaoh. It's a beautiful poem. And if you don't know, Mecca, and surely we don't know Mecca, the way that he's speaking about it, then it doesn't make much sense until you start to break it down. But he says, how would it be, oh, will I ever get a chance to spend a night again in

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the valley? And what's the valley? It's Mecca, with Angelina and these were particular types of vegetation or grass that would grow in Mecca around him. And he said, and I wonder if one day I'll get to drink once again from the water of magenta. And I wonder if one day I'll see the mountains of Shama and puffy. And these are two particular mountains that are on the outskirts of Mecca, which you can actually see today. They're very beautiful, and they're unique in the surface, and people used to go on the east to take their animals there. So battle the allow on who is imagining sitting on the outskirts of Mecca on Sha mount puffy, watching the people let their animals graze and

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enjoying that place. So be that'll be a long time and who is missing Mecca to the point that he's starting to talk about the specifics and in one narration, he then starts to curse, Aruba, and Chiba and omiya and these people that ran out of Mecca to this place of Medina, that at that point, they could not stand. So I saw the law on her says, I went back to the Prophet slice on and I said the eldest one Allah, I don't think your two companions like this place very much. So it was the last slice and I'm sad Why What happened? She said, You know, I went to them and this is what they're saying. This is the poetry that they are chanting out out of their longing for Mecca and the

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hardships of Medina. So then she says little soulless, Eisen raised his hands and what I'm about to share with you of the Prophet slicin raising his hands those of you that love Medina, may Allah make us all amongst those that love and Medina trace it back to this particular day, where the prophets lysozyme raises his hands and he says Allah Habib, Elaine, el Medina, can help Bina maccha Oh, shut Oh Allah make Medina beloved to us. As much as we love Mecca, or more or more was a hit what baddeck Lana thi sigh when would the HA and rectify it and bless us with it saw and with its mud. These are two measurements the mud is when you carry two handfuls of something. And the saw is basically like

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a leader. It's four times the mud. So bless us with its weights bless us with its fruits, its measurements, everything that comes from it. One could humor her * habla Java, and take away this fever from us and all this illness that we are struck with. So from that day onwards when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam makes that draft for us to love Medina know that we are still benefiting from that particular draft and that's why if you've been to ombre or Hajj mela pants, I write it down for us a lot. I mean, you might feel a connection that's deep to Medina, one that you might not even feel when you go to Mecca, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brings the prayer of

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Ibrahim it slammed together with with his. He says in the Ibrahima have Lama Mecca, where there are the idea he said that Ibrahima Islam sanctified Mecca. And he prayed for its people. What in the Harlem tour Medina Turkana, how long Ibrahim will Mecca were in need? there are too few sorry, when would the hub be methylate ma Ba ba ba Ibrahim alayhis Salam nnaemeka. So the prophets licenser, Ibrahima Islam prayed for Mecca. And they still experienced the blessings of that to his day until now. And he said and I have sanctified Medina and I have prayed for it to be twice as much as what Ibrahim alayhis salaam, prayed for the people of Mecca. In another narration from Anasazi, Allah

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tada and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah Medina, Medina, he left a Niger Delta V Mecca terminal Baraka, Allah, place in Medina twice as much of the Baraka of the blessings that you have placed in Mecca. And so the prophets lie Southern prayed for us to love Medina, the way we love Mecca and more. He prayed for Medina to be as blessed as Mecca, and more in every single little detail. And so what that meant was, of course, just like the job can enter Makkah, for example, he cannot enter into Medina and it becomes a Harlem it becomes a sanctified place. But on top of that, when you go to Medina, and you realize that you are in the presence of all of these places that were

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in the presence of the Prophet, slice Allah, I will call the idea though hemo lonza Allah He said in a she thought, know that there is not a tree in Medina, except that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either touched it or prayed under it, or received revelation under

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shade. And that's why I beloved normal all the time and Homer when he would walk in Medina, he would say it might be that my footstep will fall in the footsteps of the Prophet salallahu it he was setting up and so we love el Medina from the day of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we love Mecca from the boy he mighty Salaam, and of course both of those places along with Jerusalem, because Allah subhana wa tada has sanctified those places and made them beloved to the hearts of the believers for all time.

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