Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – The War Against Islam In Egypt

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of Islam in Egypt and the importance of protecting one's religion. They emphasize the need to disabuse Islam and prevent its negative consequences, and to act with peace and not let anyone dominate their lives. They also mention the importance of activating individuals to hold on to their Islam and not let anyone dominate their lives.
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Alhamdulillah even though we're excited with the month of Ramadan coming,

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the enemies of Islam

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as usual,

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and try to corrupt and to ruin our religion for us.

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They tried to drive us away from our religion.

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And as the excitement of Ramadan came, the sorrow continues.

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And what is what's happening with our brothers in Syria,

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and Burma and all around the world who are being oppressed, and even more so now?

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What is happening in Egypt?

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And we have to be honest,

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when we say that the people who look at the stance and what's going on Egypt

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there's only two sides you can take

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the side of the man

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and the side of Kufa

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the hatred of the non Muslims for La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah.

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A man who didn't even implement the Sharia, to be honest,

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he was Islamic.

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He was much better than those before him, he tried, will give him that much, but he was implementing a shitty idea.

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And that was even too much for the fact that he called himself an Islamic leader. The fact that he tried to do some things Islamic the fact that he tried to fix some of the facade and the corruption that was too much. Because they know throughout the history of Islam, what Egypt means to the Muslims, they know the role of Egypt and they know what's going to happen

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to there's four little babies right? If Egypt would you be studying to be with no harm, no trouble.

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They know what's gonna happen. They know the Muslims are gonna come in, they're gonna take the folks back, which we're going to do anyways no matter what they do on shadow side.

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But they want to prolong that. They want to make sure that the Muslims are not

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in a steady place, and a good place is oma now in Libya, no fly zones. Let's get that gas, get the oil take control of it. not that big of a deal. Now serious a different thing.

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Because that's also they know the history of Islam, the importance of Syria to the Muslims. So if the one they put in charge with the fall, also, they're gonna have a lot of trouble, and he will fall inshallah

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it'll be sooner than later. We need to realize that our Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he must stand behind the Muslim

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those who call the democracy

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where's the democracy now? One officially elected, you overthrow it?

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Where's the democracy? And they say, Oh, we overthrew him for democracy.

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When are we gonna keep letting them pull the wool over our eyes?

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A Muslim only rules by the Sharia. A Muslim only wants the rule of the Sharia llucmajor Haley at a baboon woman astronauts

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up No.

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Do they want the ruling of the

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the pre Islamic era what they want?

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And who is better than a law as a judge for those who have certainty?

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What do they want from us? All we want to do is implement our religion. We want to live in peace in harmony as Muslims.

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But they want as Allah subhanho wa Taala says what?

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They want you to disbelieve just as their disbelief so you can be equal.

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You really don't know the law here before Him will know how much a minority he would okay. He

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told us they want to extinguish the light of a law with their mouse but a law will protect his life. Even if the father disbelievers dislike comes a promise from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And as believers we know that we're gonna face hardships. Look what happened to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the Sahaba

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when they said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah

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their own people, tortured and killed who they killed from them, and once they kill the Prophet salallahu it he was sentenced. So it's nothing strange

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But just as they went through the hardships in Mecca, Islam prevailed in Medina, and we know that there are people will be to them with

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that the good ending will always be to the believer.

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What will kill nuda will happen and as we know as believers, that these are the days that Allah subhanaw taala he will alternate them between the people. One day is for you one day is against you. That's the way it is.

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And then continues the verses pay attention these verses without Emraan losses. These are the days we alternate in between the people when he I'm alone.

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What do you mean?

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Well, law

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so a law will know the true believers from you hardships, difficulties, so Allah knows the truth.

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And he will take from you marchers will law.

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And the law does not like the oppressiveness. A law doesn't love the oppressiveness. What do you mean?

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So a law can purify through these difficulties through these hardships, he purifies the believers, and he destroys the disbelievers.

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And then what is the last part of what Allah says?

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I'm hesitant until

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you think you're going to enter into the gentleman.

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And a little doesn't know those who have believed from you.

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And those who the submarine those are the patients. It's a testament Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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But this should increase us and our Eman. The fact that the enemies of Islam always say we want to implement democracy

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in the Muslim lands, democracy democracy.

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He said, okay, we don't believe in democracy, but we'll meet you in the middle, at least for this stage. Democracy it is.

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We won the elections. And because look, what happened to the brozen was still cut off from the world today today.

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And Egypt, what happened one year later, he's gone. Where's the democracy?

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This should teach us It should remind us It should have encouraged us It should inspire us that the only reason this is happening to us is because

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the hatred they have for and this should make us hold on to our Deen and be proud to be Muslims, and to strive to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and follow the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This should be the time for us to say to the world, that our answer is what you see in our actions and not in our work, by implementing our religion to act upon it in our households in our everyday lives.

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We need to remind ourselves during this blessed month, that Ramadan, is the month of

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the month where the prayers are answered. We need to make

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a return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and beg from him to help our brothers who are afflicted Alhamdulillah here we'll have a

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look at our brothers in Syria.

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Look what could happen to our brothers in Egypt now.

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Look what's happening to our brothers in Burma. We're being burnt alive and tortured.

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We need to remind ourselves

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as we end today's

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with a statement

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that was always said, by the founder of the equation, listen to me. Mm hmm.

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The founder of the firm was to me, and we need to realize

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that the war against the one is not because of the one it's because of all of us. Because if they finished with this one, they're coming for anybody else. He wants to not without with

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a statement, which I learned

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and so many others learn from the Imam of the Tao of Sophia.

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Email Mohammed NASA Dino Albury Rahim Allah. He heard this from has an event.

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And he was always say it in all of his talks. Every mind the brothers of the statement of hassle had been around him all law, which everybody would teach us and he told us

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that in Islam, people will be coming up

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to establish the Islamic State in your hearts. A law will establish it on the land. If we want Islam to be successful, we want to be victorious. It starts right here with us from within, to implement La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah and ourselves

The War Against Islam In Egypt – Abdur Raheem Mccarthy

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