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Amazing Things You Need To Know About The Kabah

In this lecture Nouman Ali Khan discusses some of the amazing things about the ka’aba. Like for example the history and why Allah changed the Qibla etc.

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Go on well manager, cabinet Allah t contohnya illa Allah Allah Jacobi Mayan kalevala Aki Bay, so awesome.

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And we didn't make the Qibla that you used to be committed to meaning Jerusalem. We only we put that there only for one reason to get to know to test who will actually follow the messenger and who will turn back on his heels and go away.

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I told you earlier on there two groups Mahajan, and Anza. While you don't love GABA, a lot of the unsolved love Jerusalem

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when the Muslims moved to Medina who was being tested Mahajan, because they have to put their back to the Kaaba, when the IR came, you have to pray towards Mecca who's being tested the Maha De Anza who have affiliation to Jerusalem. So in this way both groups got tested.

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To Allah testing whether they will obey a law was more important the direction of prayer was less important.

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A law could have made the direction of the Kaaba, the mecca from the first day out of the Quran. Why did he wait this long?

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Why did he wait this long? is this so important? Salaam is so important. Okay, masala is so early in the Quran? Why not just tell the Prophet from the beginning pray towards the gabaa. He waited until he could test both groups, the people of Makkah and the people of Medina. Because the the importance is not the direction of prayer, the importance is the command of Allah. That's what actually matters. So now when he does this,

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you know, notice, by the way, the language is so beautiful. We didn't change the direction of the Qibla. Except we can see who will actually follow the messenger. Or Russell

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Russell, Sam doesn't even explain himself. He prays towards Jerusalem. Nobody comes and asks in Gaza, why are we praying towards the Kaaba? Or when we're paying towards the Kaaba? He doesn't nobody comes in asking why are we praying towards the Kaaba?

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Why don't we praying towards Jerusalem anymore? the IAAF hadn't even come yet. It seems to be the case that the IRS hadn't even come yet. And the Prophet was already praying in towards the cover, then the IRF came.

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Because that's why the fools will come and say, Hey, what happened? Revelation hasn't even come yet. But the change has already happened. Now, when they turn their heels in my in colleague rocky Bay, in Quran, when somebody turns on their heels, it means they turn around and they run away. When you say turn around and run away, it means like run away from the battlefield, right? Quran uses that expression here to describe there are people who will turn around and run away because they don't want to follow the right direction of the Qibla. So it's literally it's playing on the direction of the Qibla. And the idea that they are retreating from Islam. Allah, Allah Latina, had Allah but the

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only people who will be able to follow this instruction is the ones Allah guided. Allah, Allah, Allah, Xena is going to be too big of a problem and kind of like a villatte. And it's going to be too big of a change, except for those who Allah has guided. I would like to as I as I teach these ions, what I'd like to emphasize is how does this apply to you and me today, because people already changed on handling that is not difficult for you to say, Oh, no Jerusalem anymore. I guess I'm gonna pray towards GABA, that problem is solved for you and me. But what are these ions mean for you and me today? Here's what they mean. Sometimes you and I are learning about Islam. Actually,

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sometimes you and I are not learning about Islam. We hear things, and we follow them since childhood.

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And later on in your life, you actually learn that that was an Islam.

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Later on in your life, you learn that there's something else, you're supposed to do something differently. Does that happen to you? When that happens to you? And you say, No, no, I'm not going to do things the old way anymore. I'll do them this because I studied this and I learned this. I'm going to follow this. Everybody in your family says what? Crazy? What happened to you? Why are you becoming so extreme? All of us do it this way. Overall, wrong. Everybody's wrong. Now. Your grandfather was wrong to his father was wrong to

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when you're sitting there going? No. Sorry.

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Because now you have to see, do you follow your family? Because they're Muslim too? Or do you follow what you studied, what you learned, is going to get you in big trouble. So people came to the Sahaba. And they said this on actually when the direction was changed some Sahaba came to the prophet and they said this for K favela, Xena moto Musa Luna in an elaboration of this.

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So a lot there were lots of people who used to pray towards Jerusalem and they died.

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So they were praying towards the wrong GPS direction.

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There's a lot encount

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What about him?

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And then what about all of our prayers, we were praying these many years we were praying towards Jerusalem. If that was wrong, none of those prayers counted.

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And someone that came that that distinction came, and Laszlo gel revealed where mark and Allah Who knew de Monaco.

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Allah will not ever be someone who wastes your Eman.

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Allah will not waste your Eman. It's beautiful, isn't it? They said our prayers are wasted. Allah didn't say Allah will not waste your prayer unless it Allah will not waste your man because prayer is only valuable when you pray with you man. The direction was less important. Somebody stuck in the middle of the dark at night in the desert somewhere and they have to pray and their their phone has no service so the app for the Kabbalah is not working.

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You know, they don't have a compass and nothing. They're like Allah What do I do? What do I do what I do? Like Eeny meeny, miney, Kaaba, and they just

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and then later on when they you know, when they find out they prayed towards Disney World. So they did their prayer counter No.

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Did a counter No. You know why it counted because they prayed with what am I

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the other beautiful thing here is Salah is a man to Allah

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to a law there is no difference between supply and demand. That should tell you how important supply is.

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Because no Salatu Allah is the same as No, man oh man that's heavy.

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That's I don't use that on your children.

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That's for you. And for me.

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The state of your Salah is the state of your Eman. When you don't give a lot of value to your Salah. You're not giving a lot of value to your Eman.

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When you take care of your Salah, you're taking care of your mind. No difference between the two. This is why we're makanda la julio de Monaco. Allah will never waste stream on your demand direction is not dependent on it. In Canada, Viva la la de da de la la la la la la julio de Monaco. But what about the people and this is your Eman? The people who asked the question but they asked a question about people who died a long time ago but the answer is a level not waste your Eman but what about their Yvonne so law says in the law have been nasty Nora Rahim Allah in regards to all people has always been for him has always been extremely compassionate, always been loving, always been caring

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has always known what they're going through. I take you back to that one example because it's my favorite example the people of the cave. In my studies, I am convinced that this horrible calf had no idea of any profits.

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There are no idea about any profits or any book.

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All they knew was idol worship is wrong there can only be one god that's all they knew.

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And they made up their prayers.

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You guide us you tell us what to do we don't know what to do.

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Was that good enough for a lot too. Yeah, Allah didn't say what they didn't even make will do before they asked me

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they don't even have ijazah and

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he didn't care because in the law have been nice little for him. Allah is compassionate caring, understanding, loving and merciful to all people across the board.

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He Spears them don't think Allah is ready to punish we have unfortunately for a lot of people in the religion this happened to the people before us the Jews there became very strict and they used to make it look like sound like Allah will punish you at every turn.

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Or you did this one alone punish you you did that all punish you you know

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somebody somebody came to the machine after many years they made will do they missed a few drops and you're like this guy is Salah is not gonna count

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so sad. He's gonna burn.

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Don't do that.

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We this is this is the teaching here. Even if they were praying in the entirely wrong direction in the lab and nasty lotto for him. Finally the Iron Man, I gotta tell you this. You guys know the story of Busan Islam right? When Musa alayhis salam spoke with Allah. Allah told him to go to film.

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And when he when he told him to go to Pharaoh and he made a list of problems, Musa made a list of problems. He said, you know, India half one yaku Sabri Nicola Sani Silla Haruna, whom Allah de la mala Dumbo, and, you know, you can see Boone and Danielle, they will call me a liar. They're going my tongue doesn't move. I become frustrated. I can't speak properly. I need backup. I need help. Could you give me her own? They might even kill me before they let me speak. You made a list of problems. And then Allah answered him. what's beautiful about the ayah that we're about to read? Is that Allah

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is also just like he answered Musa, he's gonna answer some of them. But look at how he answers this little la carte de nada la takadanobaba Chica sama, we saw your face turning towards the sky. And you cannot suggest the key, we keep seeing your face turning towards the sky. But also la sala wouldn't even ask.

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He didn't ask. He was just hurting in his heart that his backers towards the house of his father, Ibrahim.

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So he would just kind of look at the sky.

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And the other beautiful thing is the color blue Chicka means your face itself turned. Instead of you turned your face, the face itself turn, you know, sometimes you do a body action and you can't even control it.

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You hear a sound use go like that. And you didn't even intend to do that. You just reaction. It suggesting the province Iceland can even help himself every now and then he just

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you know every time he's about to pray, and he's not facing the Qibla he's just his eyes go into the sky, his face just goes into the sky.

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And unless has he noticed,

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he noticed that you have that reaction.

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So you don't have to ask. Every time you turn your face into the sky for the new alien NACA tabletten.

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Then we are We swear to it therefore, that we are absolutely turning you without a doubt without a doubt into it in a direction that makes you happy. that pleases you. This is the ayah is the only ayah of the actual reason for the change of the Qibla.

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You have later you know, all around we've learned it was the house built by Ibrahim al Islam, later on the novel command turn in this direction. But the first reason Allah gave openly

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was that the prophet SAW someone was sad.

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And now to make him happy, I'm changing the direction in a direction that makes you happy. So a lot more on us on what a mahkamah Rasul Allah says Allah, that the reason we pray towards the Qibla as it pleases Allah.

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So, so beautiful. By the way, the happiness of our Prophet is the same as the happiness of Allah. Because when the GABA was finally cleaned up, will lead to nothing when Islam Medina, the same verbiage was used, you know, I'm pleased with for you as Islam is your religion. Now the thing that I'd like to highlight here, remember I told you the prophet will testify against us?

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Or for us before?

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Think about this a lot change the Qibla for him, did he even have to ask?

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Latino Qibla. And on judgment day, he'll actually ask

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How heavy is that? How heavy a burden is that? So we have to know what rasulillah we're dealing with the Messenger of Allah so I sent him it's not a light matter for when the word hacker Chaparral machine will

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turn your face then in the direction of adversarial haraam, the sanctified machine, the good you know, the sacred mustard. Now the terminal machine haram was new the Arabs did not use it. They use elevate, elevated it. Kaaba these are known names, but the Quran use what phrase and mustard Hara and mustard is a verb from the word sajida which means to do such that, the place of such that so the the official name of the Kaaba is Iran and

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Iran right. Now why is that important?

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There are lots of things we do a promotion, Aqaba we do tawaf, we do ethica we do Salah, but in the word Masjid, which act is highlighted,

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which is the most important act such that because from it comes the word, machine, right? And why is such that important? Go back, the first battle. That's the first story that's mentioned in the Quran. Here is a story of Adam, which was a problem of white refusal to do such that we are the final soldiers of that battle. And when do you win that battle against Satan when you fall into place that because when you fall into the size that you do the opposite of worshiping did

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you do the opposite of worshiping, and now the house that is supposed to be there, so that humanity until the Day of Judgment can do such that that's the house that you are now to pray in direction of. That is your mission Subhana Allah, so profound by calling it a machine and hold on the sacred place of doing such that the sanctified place of doing such that why you feel my control, and wherever you may be for Lu Shah, who, then you should turn your faces in its direction. The first part of it was for a Sunni Muslim Islam, wherever you must turn towards the Qibla towards Iran. Then he turns to the online says, By the way, you also all of you also turn towards it. We're in Edina

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Houghton Kitab, the Alamo,

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novel Hakuna, no doubt about it. Those who are given the book, they know that it is the truth from their master. They also know that this is the right Qibla I'll give you one example of that from the Quran that should be enough. How do the Christians and Jews especially the Jews, how do they know that this is the Kaaba for them which was gamba had no value which which place had value? Jerusalem? Quran says they know how do we know for the Jews who's the most important prophet Do you know?

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Torah given to Musa I'll tell you something about Musa Musa accidentally killed a person. He punched somebody and he died. Then he ran away to Egypt, from Egypt to Medina. He ran away from Egypt to where Medina, Medina is Arab.

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But he and his Arab land. When he went to Medina, he got married. You know this right?

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When he got married, he married an old man's daughter from Meridian, which means he married an Arab

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is pretty awesome when I talked to my Jewish friends was like Moses married Arab.

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His kids are like,

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you know, half Arab. And according to some of them, ethnicity comes from the mother.

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So I'm like his kids are Arab, according to you.

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But anyway, when he did marry in by the end, you know, his father said, The girl's father said you must work for me for eight years. Or you could do 10

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years or you could do 10 you know how he said it? And that you Ronnie, ammonia, a judge? You will work for me for eight hedge.

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Eight hedge or you could do 10 hedge. How many how do we do in a year?

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One, which land was this? Arab land Yes or no? Arab land. And in the Arab land, an Arab old man says you will work for me for for 10 hedge.

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When you say the word hedge, what location Are you making reference to Jerusalem has has ever been done in Jerusalem. Hajj is being done around the Kaaba since the time of Ibraheem alehissalaam

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when he says eight or eight or 10 Hut, he's telling Mussolini's about the Kaaba and musala salaam, himself knows about the Kaaba. And why wouldn't he? He lived among a believer within a believer in the Arab land from the children of Ibrahim alayhi salam, why wouldn't he know

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subhana wa, they know. They know. And Quran gives us hints that they know even though they buried it away, you know, when I was reading me to Dean for his book on about you say the man who was about how much they know about the cowboy? I don't know. He said when they took because they don't say it's mine was slaughter. They say his heart was slaughtered, but we say his mind was slaughtered. So they say he took his hat to the valley of Saqqara, between Shiva and moolah. That's what the Jews say, a valley called saqa between sci fi and moolah, so they took MCE and turned it into what Sokka and safa and marwah. What do they turn it into? She found moolah, like there's no shimamura

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anywhere, there's no soccer anywhere working with this valley. They changed a little bit spelling here and there. And from Makkah became soccer and soccer became Shiva mama became Moodle. And

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so how do they know they know about the Kaaba? They know it was built by their father Abraham and his, you know, so they unless they are on a Muna, and

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they absolutely know that it is the truth of their master on the lobby laughing and I'm matamanoa And Allah is not unaware of what they do. Allah knows full well what they do. I'd like to conclude in Telangana with the following. There are in western Islamic Studies. There are those who still question the Kaaba.

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They say Oh, the Arabs they came up with their own sort of story about Abraham and it has nothing to do with the Bible. Because since it's not in the Bible, it's not authentic. And you know, why would they even pray in that direction? They were better off praying towards Jerusalem. Allah has words become true even today, say a Hulu sofa Amina NAS, maulana homerun Qibla t Malachy convallaria the fools among the people will say why what turned them away from the direction of Jerusalem towards Mecca. The fools will say they still say to this day.

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There's still PhDs professors and universities are still saying the same thing to this day. And Quran is still commenting on them saying sepuluh sofa Menendez, maulana hamano criminal team, and it can really the heart of the lesson here that I wanted to, you know, give across to you and shout out Allah is that the change of the Qibla in represents a huge shift in the way that we the Muslim Omar thinks we are not concerned about ourselves.

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concerned about all of humanity. And that is evidenced in the fact that we are the people of Ibrahim on Islam. So that's the crux of the lesson today. I hope you guys got something beneficial out of it. I would urge you to read these out yourselves. I'll hope to continue the series this entire passages from 142 to 152 actually, so we need up to 144 there's a few more very heavy ions left in sha Allah to cover medical love it Welcome to Quran and Hakeem when I finally when I was in Santa Monica