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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Subhanallah Tada, including upcoming releases, webinar topics, and a new series starting with Jana. They also emphasize the importance of fasting during Shabbat and recommend combining the fasting days with other days of the month to increase reward. The speakers advise against fasting during Mondays and Thursdays and suggest incorporating certain ingredients into daily recitation. The audience is thanked for their support and encouraged to continue their efforts.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah cats. Everyone ate Mubarak to you and your families once again may Allah subhana time bless you bless your families granting and accepted Ramadan. Accept all of your EBO dogs and Ramadan and beyond and allow your good deeds to continue in the light and and allow your final destination to be Alfredo Solana with our beloved prophet Sallallahu aren't even sent him and his family and companions Allama Amin so I know you all are missing Ramadan already the Quran 30 for 30 The nightly bond that we had over the Quran, the daily Jenna series the late night talks the total we hearted us, Ramadan is really that season. So I again want to thank all of you that have

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been tuning in. And I also want to remind you that it's not over yes and Hamdulillah you know, we do a lot in Ramadan, but this channel is going to remain busy. So keep tuning in and sha Allah to Allah to the wonderful content that we'll be producing. We'll be producing you know the short tips on how to keep yourself engaged inshallah after the Milan we will be producing new content Bismillahi Tala with Imam Tom a new podcast that starting with him in sha Allah to Allah and a new series that's also going to start with him in the night and shortly afterwards, we will have a mini documentary some of you have seen the main documentary on the martyrs of Mota. If you haven't scrolled down and

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watch it inshallah Tada where I had a chance to visit the site of the Battle of MATA where the little the Allah Han was buried where Jaffa with the law and who's buried, robbed, loved and why huddle the law and was buried. So this is going to be a longer one because many of the prominent companions died in the plague of and worse. So a war of Aden Gerardo de la Italia and Homer, Adam, rebuttal, the Allahu Anhu and others within Allah. So please look out for that, and sha Allah to Allah. And we'll also have a webinar on the concept of Johanna. Why, because we spoke so much about Jana, as we should. And I hope that we've all connected ourselves to Jana. So then what's the point

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of jahannam? And what are some of the contrasts of the people of fire and the fire itself? And why does it exist? And how can we also meaningfully connect to the concept of fear of fire, while at the same time aspiring for the highest reward of that agenda, we have a lot more coming out in Charlottetown. So please tune in and catch up on the old stuff. Catch up on the angel series, if you didn't get a chance to watch that or watch angels to maybe you didn't even know there isn't angels to or meeting Mohammed slice LM or the Day of Judgment series, or catch up on the habit series and some of the other great content that we have that isn't normal bond specific. The point is, keep

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yourself engaged. And as for the first we'll be starting that in a few weeks, but in the nighttime as well be restarting. And I look forward to that inshallah. Tada. So this video I wanted to make about questions about show what,

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and specifically, you know, questions surrounding the fasting of Shabbat. But before I get there, you know, this month Subhanallah is special, specifically for the reason that it gives us a chance to sustain what we have gained and Ramadan. That's literally what this is, this is your post workout month. This is your recovery month, this is your month, where in sha Allah Tada, you show that that trajectory that you have intended in Ramadan is one that you intend to stay upon. When you look at the Islamic calendar, the sacred months, the the month in which fighting was forbidden and in which there's greater sanctity or the claridon that Headjam haram and Raja and then of course, you have

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the month of Ramadan which though it's not one of the sacred months in that sense the sanctified months in that sense is the greatest month of the year and you had shut down before Ramadan where it's a neglected month right because people wait for them Alana to get started. But as we talked about in Siobhan, it's important to use that to get ready for Ramadan show when it comes around and show well has the potential to make your Ramadan meaningful for a lifetime. Now let's talk about this inshallah Tada. Especially when it comes to fasting, Allah azza wa jal has given us a gift through our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever fast the month of Ramadan and then

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follows it with six of Chawan it is as if they have fasted an entire lifetime Kessel yami doubt, the prophets like some explained that because deeds are at minimum multiplied by 10. Every good deed at the minimum is multiplied by 10. Therefore, one month of Ramadan is multiplied by 10 and that becomes 10 months and six days of Showa multiplied by 10 becomes two months so if you do this on a regular basis, imagine meeting Allah subhanaw taala having fasted every single day of your life yeah, Allah grant us that reward that you meet Allah azza wa jal and you are someone says if you fasted every day of your life, and that's just the minimum. So this is a gift that we have to avail

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ourselves up in the night Anna, and take advantage of. Now there are a few questions that come up. One of them is what if I have makeup days from Ramadan? Do I make up the days first or do I

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Ask the six of show up first. Now, some of the scholars said that a complete and all that means completing the fasting of Ramadan, and the obligatory fasting takes precedence over the voluntary fasting because at the end of the day Chawan is a voluntary fast.

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And this opinion works especially if you don't have too many days to make up. Okay, if you don't have too many days to make up, so let's just state the opinion that some of the scholars said you have to finish the fasting of Ramadan before you can fast the six days of Shabbat because obligatory takes precedence over the voluntary other scholars serve. And this is the majority that you can in fact fast the six days of show up before making up the days of Ramadan. The evidence that they use for that is that the days of fasting Chawan are limited to the time of Chawan whereas the days of making up Ramadan extend throughout the year. So you have a limited window in which you could fast

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those six days of Shabbat and you have the entire year to make up your FASEB Ramadan, our mother out you shall have the a lot of time and her mentioned making up days of Ramadan in Chandon, the next year prior to Ramadan. Some of the scholars said how could it be the that our mother I shall have the low Anna would have missed out on that reward of fasting Chawan prior to that, and then there is another opinion that means Chawan six from Shaohua means Chawan onwards. And so some of the scholars especially from the Maliki school did not see that the six of Chawan are limited to show well, but it just means six days after Ramadan. Now

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I want to say and inshallah Tada, I hope that this is sort of a way of balancing all of this, that if a person has just a few days of Ramadan to make up and they think that they can make up the days of Ramadan first, and they can fast the six of show while reasonably then that is the best route to go, Allah knows best. But if a person has many days of Ramadan to make up, and they don't think that they're going to be able to fast the six days of show, well, if they make those days up, then take the opinion of the majority, you fast the six days first, and then you try to make up the Ramadan days as soon as you possibly can in sha Allah to Allah. So this is my opinion on this and Allah

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knows best. Again, it's a way of balancing the two predominant opinions in this regard. If you can make up the days first make up the days first. Now another question that comes up is, do I fast them consecutively? Or do I break them up? So you know, some of the scholars recommended that a person fast the six days of show up immediately after or eat. And they said that for multiple reasons, they said as the preferred route, and your body is physically already adjusted to fasting. And this is a continuation and ensures that you get the six days done because I'm sure some of you had that experience where you know you had three down four down and then the end of Chawan creeped up on you

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and you didn't get a chance to make them up or too fast those days. So many of the scholars recommended doing them right away. Others say that it is actually probably preferable if you want to have a longer habit to combine those days with other days of voluntary fasting because that will give you a habit and gelatin of going forward. So for example, you can combine the six days of Chawan with fasting Mondays and Thursdays or fasting the 13th 14th and 15th of the month, which are rewardable days. You cannot combine an obligatory fast with voluntary fast, but you can combine a voluntary with a voluntary meaning what you can have multiple voluntary intentions so the reward of

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fasting Monday as well as the reward of fasting, one of the six of Chawan and if a Monday or Thursday falls in one of the three days of the month, then you can combine all three intentions and perhaps this will give you a greater reward and it'll give you an opportunity inshallah time to start paying attention to those days throughout the year. So it's best either to fast them right away or to space them out and perhaps try to have them combined with some of those other days. But of course, at the end of the day, look if you're able to fit in those six days at any point in sha Allah Tada. Then the reward of fasting, the six of Chawan will be realized I asked Allah subhanaw

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taala Escalus Panatela that he allows all of us to realize that reward bitten the night Allah. Now also, I just want to advise that when you fast the six days of Shabbat, try to do other good deeds in those days as well. So you know, try to make them as Ramadan oriented as possible have a portion of the Quran that you recite that day just like you would in Ramadan, your daily recitation of Quran. If you can catch the budget in the masjid Maghrib in the masjid perhaps every shot in the masjid that day. The point is try to have some of those Ramadan ingredients in your show and fast as well. The Earth card that you would make in the Milan the day that you are doing Ramadan, try to

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also incorporate them in sha Allah

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tying it into your Chawan fast so that they can maintain some of those special ingredients. Again, this is a month of sustaining your gains in the 90 Tiana May Allah allow all of us to catch the six days of Chawan to reap the full blessings of them. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those that are pleasing to Him at all times, and that are granted the abode of his pleasure Genesis at a dose with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lon I mean, does that mean oh Hydra again, I look forward to being with you for the months ahead, inshallah Tada. We will continue to try to produce what we can and we appreciate your DUA your support and your continued engagement.

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