Omer El-Hamdoon – 30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #15 Keep Your Defences intact

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of installing a shield and preventing attacks, as well as keeping away from bad deeds and friendships. They also mention the need to learn how to fast and maintain the shield, and the importance of choosing good friends and keeping away from friendships that can affect the shield. They also discuss the benefits of dog and cat as good quality, and the importance of reciting as a courtesy.
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Santa Monica under the law what a character. In today's reminder, we're talking about how it's important to install a shield and to have an anti virus in our system to allow us to be protected from any external attacks. Mainly those external attacks come from the shavon, who has already vowed that he is going to try to push us off course keep us away from the straight path as much as possible. So this is our great opportunity to make sure that we learn how we can do that, from Yvonne is a great opportunity because we are fasting and that helps to install the shield because fasting is a shield, as the prophets Isilon mentioned, and by learning how to fast and to get used

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to fasting in Ramadan. We hope that throughout the year, we can also do the extra voluntary, fast and regular, fast as well. To help us maintain a shield.

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We have to also be aware that we don't allow our shoot to become injured, or any of the floors to be started up in the shield. And those floors will come through committing sins or bad deeds and cetera. And so keeping away from bad deeds, keeping away from sins will allow the shield to become extra strong, and not to be allowed allow it to become a result from where more things can therefore, result more bad news can come from that because a bad deed might actually bring about another bad deed.

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Another form of sheltering is the friends that we have, they can be shouting.

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We're not saying all friends are healthy, but certainly they can be those who are around us. In fact, we might not even turn them friends we might sometimes their family,

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and those who are around us, if they are not properly advised. They can sometimes try to influence us in a negative way, in a bad way, and that will affect our shield. So we have to be careful of that as well. We have to choose our friend wisely. We have to associate with those people who are good for us. When it comes to family, we have to be aware of what is good for us and what is bad for us in our relationships.

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And by installing an antivirus we're talking about how do you do the things that helped you to maintain the shield one of the greatest things is dog

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and the cat remembers all of both of those things can act as good quality protection from the shavon. So make sure that you learn those necessary, like reciting as a courtesy like saying La la la la, la de la sharika Holloman colo hamdulillah coalition party are 100 times in the morning 100 times in the evening, and so on.

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And by doing that inshallah having a good shield will allow us to continue to develop spiritually more good deeds, more development, more purification. I hope that's been useful. Salaam Alaikum

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