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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © In this episode of Rocky Maf, the host discusses the lineage of Prophet Mohammed as a father, husband, and son. The lineage is a Sam mix him earned that title and the lineage is the lineage of the Prophet who gathered the title of Lila and who collects polished. The host suggests practicing the lineage in the month of ruled history to break family relationships and suggests connecting with family members in Charlottetown.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is, as as you were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2018. Day two. So, we have started a new series. It's about previews of the seed of the Prophet Mohammed as I said them And like I mentioned in my previous episode, that the sea that is not necessarily just to learn about the battles and the wars, but in fact learning about the life of the Prophet Mohammed, it is awesome to learn about him as a person as a as a father as a husband, as a as a son sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the first thing you know when you meet somebody, the first thing you need to ask or you

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ought to ask is the name of that person, right? If you get to meet a person, you want to get to know that person, the first thing you know, you ask that person is about his name and maybe where he comes from. So likewise, let us learn about who is Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed, who are Mohammed, Abdullah, Mohammed bin Abdullah, ignore Abdulmutallab, ignore Abu BNF, even though prosite ignore pasa who even

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then even Ismail, even Ibrahim, as he said, right? So he is Mohammed, the son of Abdullah,

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the son of Abu Talib, who is the son of Abdullah Neff, who is the son of parasite per se, he is the one who collected polish. He is the son of adenan, the son of Ishmael, who is the son of Ibrahim edits to them. So he the lineage of Prophet Mohammed Assam, goes to all the way to Prophet Ibrahim at a history.

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As you know, that the Cabal of of the tribes of Allah, they will all dispersed. So came to say, who is the great grandfather of Prophet Mohammed Hassan who gathered the correlation. So you have to say, who collected or who gathered the who gathered, and then you have his lineage, the prophet lineage to Ismay who Seppala got the IRA and then Ibrahim Elisa them he is the father of all profits. So the lineage of the Prophet Mohammed is a Sam mix him earned that title some of the learners and live the title of Lila and I mean, he came to collect he came together not to despair, just like the month of Ramadan Subhana Allah in the month of Ramadan, this is the month whereby we

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need to gather one another, you know, we fast, you know, a lot of us we break our friends together as Gemma, we place our Asia in Jamaica, in Jamaica, you know, we break our friends you know, in families, so it is a month of Gema it is a month of unity, right? It's a month of unity just like the Prophet Mohammed when he came to

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get me to collect together This is the month of Ramadan and this is why inshallah tada you can you know, so to try to mimic the prophet in his Oshima, maybe to collect the family, your family after maybe such a long time that you haven't seen them and whatnot, maybe it's a time to connect the loved ones, the friends and maybe break your stuff together in Charlottetown if he can do that, you know, breaking stuff together collect them, you know, call them wisdom, you know, bless Ramadan, this is something that you need to do be in the law. I know you may be having problems with your you know, families or whatnot. This is the month like I said, no matter what we call it the month of

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mercy. So let us practice this mercy in the month of mercy inshallah to Allah. So we can relate a little bit to the lineage of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018

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