Do You Really Need To Answer Back

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You know first time aka

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you want to see forbearance for time AKA, this was where the Muslims after years of persecution in Makkah that driven out of Makkah, and then they go then then they have to stay another 10 years in Medina and today they walk into maca and the machine Akito Maka are so scared that none of them even draw their swords.

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And can you imagine the message of Allah walking into Makkah today? He looks around him. And he sees a place where Bilal would be dragged, where Somalia was martyred, where Omari Yasim and the entire family were persecuted, and the Messenger of Allah would walk past and he will rub his hand over their head of Amara, and he will say sublinear Allah Yassa for a number of either como Jana, he would say have have some work family of Yasser because your abode via Allah in janma. All those memories have come back.

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And that one is shara, the Messenger of Allah could have wiped out the entire Masjid a king.

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And then the Messenger of Allah stood by the Kaaba and all the Musa keen are standing there and they trembling, what's he going to do to us?

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And they've always Allah Salam RS and he said, What do you expect from me?

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What do you expect me to do to you? He could have said you want to say want to kill my daughter's 11 to leaving.

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She was through a spear. She fell off the mound and for a entire year she was sick in Morocco when they thought she was dying. They sent her to Medina, you were the one who sent one of my daughters in Ethiopia. I hardly ever saw her.

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Say you were the ones who destroyed my family, you destroy the livelihood, you persecuted and you kill the Sahaba

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at the mercy of Allah stands there by the Kaaba. And he said, What do you expect of me today?

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And then we should again say, oh Mohammed, you are carry. You are the son of a caring person and your grandfather was carried your honorable your father was honorable your grandfather was honorable.

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And the province Allah sallam said, is Habu Antonio Tanaka. Wala to philosophy leave la Kamal young to go on? Have you go, you're free.

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There is no reckoning upon you.

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What does this show us? This shows us forbearance. Exactly. Forbearance. The definition of forbearance is that you let it go, you overlook the wrongs of other people when you have the capacity and the ability to take revenge.

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And in Allah's definition, and in the message of Allah's definition, when you show forbearance, you know, the smaller person, you are the bigger person.

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And this is why brothers and sisters, we need to really reassess because what happens is all the time.

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Why do we need to reapply?

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Why do we need to answer back? Why if somebody says something we need to reply or somebody does something, we need to be as bad if not worse.

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That person has wronged us. Why do we need to stoop to the level of that person?