Seerah – 103 The 1st Rightful Khalifah Of Islam, Part 1 – Incident Of Scrolls

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the topic of the incident of the Scrolls which the Prophet ﷺ intended to write before his death. It is a point of controversy and warrants a detailed discussion.

When the health of the Prophet ﷺ worsened, he demanded that he be brought a book in which he would write something for all of the Muslims to prevent them from going astray. But Umar RA overlooked this request out of compassion and mercy for the Prophet ﷺ, assuming that this request was being made out of pain and suffering and not in the right frame of mind.

According to the Non Sunni groups, the Prophet ﷺ intended to write the waseeya for Ali RA and supposedly, Umar RA came in the way of it and prevented it from happening. So, they harbour a hatred of sorts for Umar RA.

But scholars like Imam al Khattabi and Imam al Bayhaqi disagree with this assumption and cite their reasons for believing so. They say that the statement made by Umar RA was only because he feared that the Prophet ﷺ may say something vague and ambiguous only for the treacherous munafiqun to benefit from.

Hence, the incident of the scrolls from the perspective of the Sunni group will always be in favour of Umar RA. And Allah knows best.



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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was a huge mind about. So we will now continue from where we left off last time. And we were supposed to do the election of Obama. So the and the the game plan is as follows that,

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typically speaking, Sierra finishes, not with the death of the process, and but with the election of Abu Bakar, and the sending of Osama's caravan with Assam as expedition to Syria. Because these things, of course, are related to immediately related to the death of the Prophet, so I sell them. And so we just to be full and complete, we really do need to go into these, these issues. And then after that, inshallah, we will start talking about the wives of the process of the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And, of course, the issue

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of the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what happens afterwards, is extremely controversial between two strands of Islam. And this is where, of course, the Sunni Shia split begins. And you cannot talk about this issue without mentioning both sides. And that's really what all of this controversy is about. So today,

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I will be talking about one particular incident. And because of what has occurred elsewhere in this land, we will have to cut short and then talk a little bit about that issue as well towards the end of our talk. So today's lecture is actually going to concentrate on one incident, and that incident took place in the final days of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I skipped over it intentionally because I was going to talk about it basically, today. And that incident is called the incident of Thursday, or the incident of the scrolls, good loss. And the loss is like what they would write on the parchment. So the pirates or something, whether they would write on

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this, and

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this incident involves a very controversial issue. That issue is about whether the profits of the law I send them intended to specify someone to be the halifa, after him, and in particular, whether that person was really one of the Allahu anhu or not. And much as I personally do not like to go back into history, and talk about why and what because at the end of the day, what happened happened. Still, this is an issue that every single Muslim, that is involved with the religion at some point in his or her life, is exposed to. And every single person at some point in his or her life, finds some controversy, where a person of the opposing side says, Oh, this happened, or that

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happened, or this happened, or that happened. And therefore, questions arise. And so we have to go back to the very beginning, which is where the split occurred between the Sunni and the Shia, and then talk about interpretations of specific incidents. Now, I have already mentioned one incident in the final months of the Prophet system, and that is the incident of the well of

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the well of

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Yeah, but what is it called? That's correct.

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Or the home the wall of home, called the home, the wall of home. So that incident is again a huge difference of interpretation. For the Shia, this incident is considered to be of utmost importance. And for us, we affirm this incident 100% it is in our books, we have no problems affirming it, but our interpretation is very different. And that is that when you put it into context, the processor was defending it. And rhodiola who I know and he said that whoever irritates it irritates me, whoever wants to protect me that or whoever is my molar than it is also his molar. So it's very clear that he was criticizing those groups are those people that found fault with Alli, and we have

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no problem in affirming any of this. And from our perspective, that was never intended to be the khilafah. And what is this what demonstrates this is a number of things we'll just mention two of them. Number one for us. The most important thing over and over again, is the fact that the very last days of his life, civil law, his enemy always emphasized Abu Bakar. He always mentioned Abu Bakar and he insisted that Abu Bakar lead the solder. For us this is a huge issue. In fact, it is the decisive issue that never has the process and commanded somebody to lead the Salah when he is alive and he is in the masjid

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and he commands and he says Allah and His messenger. Do not allow anyone

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Other than Abu Bakar and when they could not find Abu Bakar and even Oman is found, what does he say? He says no, go and find Abu Bakar and tell him to lead the Sunnah. So Roman has to break his Salah. And Abu Bakr is put for us these are not trivial matters. This is very significant, you cannot get more significant than this. So in light of all of these, we have to understand this particular incident that we're going to talk about today. And this incident is also authentic. And it is mentioned in our books of Bukhari and Muslim Mustafa Ali, completely authentic. And this incident.

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The Hadeeth occurs in bits and pieces I mentioned the longer version that had been a bus narrated Thursday and what a Thursday it was meaning what a bad Thursday it was. When the pain of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam increased. He said, Bring me a book, and I shall write for you something that will never go astray Bring me a car toss bring me or pen and paper we would send English bring independent paper and I will write something that you will never go astray. And aroma of no hot Bob or the Allahu anhu said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is overcome by pain, he is clearly suffering. And we have the book of a law and that is sufficient for us has funaki tabula that we

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don't need anything other than the book of Allah. And some others said, it does not mention Who is the one who said this in any book of how these, it is not mentioned. Some others said that the Prophet system is speaking randomly because of his fever. Meaning you know, when you have a strong fever, then you do not speak properly, you're just speaking things without understanding what he is saying. And we don't know who said this, none of the books of Hadith mentioned who said this, from the Sunni tradition. The tradition said this was also a rumor, but for our books, this is not the case we do not know who said this. And others said confirm what he once asked him so they want to

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ask him and they the they differed amongst themselves the Sahaba what is to be done, and the law what are the voices went back and forth. And the prophets of Salaam den said when he saw this differing, he said one knee stand away or stand up from me for it is not befitting that any activity that goes on in my presence, you should not be having any staff in my presence. And then if an Ibis says later on maybe the same day, maybe the next day, he advised them three things before he died. Number one, expel them. We should recall from Jazeera to louder from the Arabian Peninsula. Number two, treat the delegations that come to you in the same manner as I used to treat them and the new

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delegation comes treat them the same. And then one of the sub narrator says and I forgot what was the third one, I forgot what was the the third one, then it'd been a boss said, what a calamity. The biggest calamity was what came between the Prophet system and the writing of that parchment. And this hadith is Bukhari and Muslim will typically know if the language is authentic. It happened. We all agree it happened. Okay. Many issues to discuss that will be our topic for today. And next Wednesday, we'll come back and continue the election of a worker, because this is one of the things that we need to talk about with the election of a worker. And today we'll talk about this this issue

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this controversy. And before we get to the actual controversy, there are some tangential benefits that body or the lavonne, who derived from this idea, he narrated this idea in several different places in his book seven different places, and of the benefits that he derives not related to the controversy is the importance of writing down knowledge, the fact that the process of commanded them to write so the shows we should be writing down of them is the importance of treating delegations that come in a positive and a good manner, that when delegations come to learn Islam to study Islam, we should be hospitable to them. And this was the last pieces of advice that the professor gave, of

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the benefits we learned from this incident is that it is not good to defer. And especially in front of the Prophet system, it was wrong to defer. So he said, You are it is not befitting that differences occur in front of me. And so the process that I've always disliked differences, and especially in front of him, and of the tickets that are mentioned by Imam Al Bukhari that we derived from this hadith is we should not sit too long when we visit the sick, because in fact, it becomes a nuisance for the sick person. When we visit somebody who should be for a quick period of time short period, find out how they're doing and then move on. So we should not prolong our stay or else

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obviously becomes irritating

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for the person who is sick. Also, as for the third point that narrator forgot, I've been hedger compiles other ahaadeeth and he says, it seems to indicate one of two things, either. The third point was to send Osama's army

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To Sham or that his grave should not become an idol because both of these things are narrated and other versions that he said towards the end of his life that the Osama's army should go or that his grave should not become an idol. Now, let's get into the controversy. What is the controversy? The controversy is very simple. According to the non Sunni groups, the Shia groups, the prophets, Allah set them explicitly intended to right there, we'll see for

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that he wanted to say the person in charge should be eliminated, be clear. That is the whole controversy, that because of Roma, according to them, what are the Allahu anhu this didn't happen. And even Abbas is saying, the biggest calamity the calamity of Thursday was the fact that the prophet SAW said him did not get to write down that I really should have been the halifa. And I must didn't say that, but this is the interpretation of the groups that this was the point. Okay, so today we'll talk about this controversy from three perspectives. Number one, the first one, not perspective, three questions. The first question, how do we understand our own stance? Because Omar

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said, we have enough the book of Allah is enough for us. And he diverted the command away to not to not

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execute the command.

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Our scholars have interpreted this in many different ways. And I spent a good amount of time today going over like at least seven eight different classical scholars. And we'll go over these opinions very briefly. Mr. Malhotra be one of the earliest scholars of Islam, die 380, etc. He said that we cannot understand that Omar statement was meant to imply that the Profit System was making a mistake. That's not what Omar meant. Rather, aroma rhodiola one who saw the pain that the so that the that the Profit System was in that the high fever, and he feared that he might say something vague or ambiguous that the munafo might take advantage of.

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Additionally, he said, It is well known that the Sahaba would at times negotiate directly with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam if the circumstances required, such as what happened at the camping of other such as what happened at the Treaty of Arabia. And so Romar assumed this was one of those times you can go back and forth. So this is a hobbies interpretation, Alma z, who died for 5300, and also an early commentator of Sahih Muslim, he says that it appears the process of his giving a command bring me something to write. But he says, whenever somebody gives a command, there's always signs or indications that could be used to interpret that the command is not a command, but to

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request. And it must be assumed that Omar rhodiola, one who saw something that downgraded the command to a request, and therefore he wanted to go back and forth, and rumor made and he had based upon his assumptions, and he will be rewarded for that. So according to MIT, and according to be the famous scholar from Cordova, or to be for the one from Cordova, who died 676 He also said the same thing that Omar of the Allahu anhu must have seen something in the context in the circumstance that he felt that this was not a command, even a Josie as well, who died 595 and even hedger. They narrated these positions, and they agreed with them that are multiple hops, out of care and concern,

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he saw something in the pain of the process of them. And he felt that now is not the time to get involved in any type of side issue. Let us leave the process alone for his pain and suffering. So there's some circumstance that mitigates the command. And Mr. manoli, the famous Mr. manoli 676 degiro. He comments on this hadith and he says, scholars have unanimously agreed that this incident shows us the understanding of Omar and his excellence and his farsightedness for he was fearful of something being written down that they could not perform and might have been punished for and he took the generalities of the Quran. That a lot clearly mentions in the Quran, that today I have

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perfected your religion for you, and that we have not left anything out of the Quran mafraq Nikita women shape and realizing that the religion was completed at that point in time. He wanted to protect the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and ease matters upon him meaning his pain and he wanted to protect the oma from misguidance and this is also the position I remember very healthy who died for 38 that Omar wanted to make things easy

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He saw the suffering of the processor, the pain, and he simply felt compassion and mercy for him. Now, the point here is that we really and this is there's no denying this, that we, as Sunni Muslims look at this incidence, and we are biased. There's no denying this, just like the other group is also biased. Our bias is what our bias is, in light of the track record of

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your loved one, in light of the previous 20 years, and all that he has done, and the next

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13 years that he's also going to live and demonstrate, we have to understand what he has done in a positive light. Even if we don't understand the details, we weren't there. We don't know what Omar saw. But there must be a leap of faith and knowing almost past and knowing what he will do in the future. And knowing all of the Hadith that preys on would have been a hot topic over them as the process of said, if there will be aftermovie or more of them is that if shaytan sees or Omar coming down the path he will run away of them is that there were people before who were inspired in in omas. If anybody in the future were to be inspired, it would be it would be Omar, so so many a

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hadith about aloha top that are praising him. And in light of his

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credentials and resume, we simply have to have a leap of faith. And we say whatever was his motivation, there must have been a good reason for it. Even if we don't know the story. Now, obviously, the other group does not have a positive view or more from day one. And so when you don't have a positive view of somebody, and that person does something ambiguous, something semi vague. And so part of this is the reality of the world we live in, if you really, truly love somebody, and they make a little mistake, you will forgive and overlook correct. If it is a mistake, I'm just saying you ambiguous. And if you don't like somebody and you have a long history, they do the same

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thing. What are you going to do? You're going to read in and you're going to have a bad opinion. So the fact of the matter is that and I'll be very honest, here are Omar's actions are ambiguous. We really personally, I cannot see something that is crystal clear. These explanations are good attempts. But in the end of the day, there are attempts. We were not there, these authors who explained it were not there. What did you want to see? What was the issue at hand that caused him to not immediately Execute the command of the process? And I'm I wasn't there. But my opinion of Mr. brocato. The last one that we know from the Sierra is that he must have had a very, very, very good

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reason. And he felt that reason was valid. And this is no doubt I'll be honest with you. As you know, I'm not a apologist, I don't sugarcoat I call a spade a spade. This is a point of theology, we jump, a leap of faith that Omar must have had a good reason. And those who don't believe this, overall, they will not do the job. Okay. So this is the first question, why did Obama do what he did? The majority opinion, we should pretty much the standard opinion. He saw something, he felt the status of the process of his pain. He wanted compassion for the process, and he was worried that somebody might miss lead or misguide, whatever the process might say in this time, so for whatever

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reason, he simply just

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turned it around. The second question, regardless of what his motivation is, what did the What did he actually want to write? What did he want to write? What was this command? So in one version, we learned these three things that he wanted to say, Is this what he wanted to write? Many scholars say yes. And when he couldn't write it, he simply said it clear. That was the point, right, so these were the three. However, there's another opinion that

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a number of early scholars including Sophia and Ariana who died 198 hedgerow, including Sophia and Evelyn arena, that the profitsystem actually wanted to write the exact opposite of what the other group says. And that is that he wanted to dictate a letter that a robot can do should be the halifa after him, should be the person in charge after him the exact opposite. Where did we get this from? How could anybody say this? Because there are authentic narrations in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih. Muslim that before he felt this signal, what day did this take place this incident of Mr. Thursday, when did he pass away? Monday, okay. So before he felt that sick, in the early part of his sickness,

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he said to our issue, that and this idea is also in bajada Muslim

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It's not on Thursday. This is at least four days before this is in the very beginning of a sickness. Remember I said in the story that I she came in and she said, Oh, I have a headache, remember, and the person said, Oh, but I have the worst headache that day. That in that incident, the profitsystem said, Call for me abubaker your father, and your brother who is Irish, his brother, I don't even have a bucket, so that I may write a letter.

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Because I am worried that someone meaning any person may desire or aspire for something meaning leadership, and say I have more rights, but Allah and His messenger will refuse anyone other than abubaker. Now this hadith is also in Bukhari and Muslim By the way, right, but it's not the Thursday incident is it? This is before that maybe it was Tuesday or Monday before so this is way before by three days that way before by a few days. And this hadith is also in Bukhari and Muslim. So one can argue the exact opposite. And this is also the position of Yvan Tamia, by the way, even taymiyah. He wrote a 10 volume book man Hydra similar to number Ouija, which is a book where he discusses these

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differences between the two groups. And he goes into 10 volumes of detail. And in this he clearly mentions that this lecture isn't his opinion, this lecture was a lecture in favor of whom other workers, okay, so this is the position that in Tamia or the Tamia

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had in his position. And it was also supported by a number of early scholars. And Allah knows best. It seems to be definitely more evidence than the other opinion. But there are two opinions. So the first one was he wanted to write these three things down, which we already mentioned, right? expelling them, we should record from Jesus Arab and whatnot. And the second event he wanted to write a boubakeur was the year okay. Obviously, from our perspective, we cannot follow the other position that he wanted to write the will see for it, because there's no evidence at all for that from our tradition. Now we get to the final question, and then inshallah we'll conclude for today.

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And the final question, is that, can it be imagined that he wanted to write our CEO Friday evening? And then

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that was supposed to be the on the paper or on pokerstars? Can it even be logically or rationally or textually assumed, from our perspective, to claim this is to claim that the Prophet Mohammed system failed in his mission?

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Because regardless of what you want to say about Mr. rhodiola, one, regardless of what you want to say, the undeniable fact that both groups are firm, this incident occurred on Thursday, he passed away on Monday, that is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then early Monday, three and a half full days along with Thursday evening, so four full days. And if the matter was of such importance,

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then how could he have allowed for days to go by without saying anything about it? Regardless of your put Omar's position aside? Let's make that whatever you want it to be. We have a position they have a position. Okay, call us. Let's put that aside the next issue then or the question is, then why didn't he do something for four days?

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And who else is visiting him? You don't like certain people, clearly the people you favor and we also favor also visiting him falton was visiting him, I literally allow 100 visitors in all of them are visiting him, he does not say anything. So clearly, then, and imaginary points this out as well, that

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it is not possible that the process and would have left something so important without commenting on it for four days. And Mr. manoli Mr. Minogue comments that we have two options here. Either Allah subhana wa Taala told him to write something down.

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In which case, suppose a number of Sahaba diverted the writing. What should he have done? Was he ever stopped from doing what Allah told him to do? Did he ever just give up? No. So if Allah azza wa jal commanded him,

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and it wasn't written down, the only alternative is that that command was abrogated. Or else you are accusing the process of fulfilling his mission, correct? There is no or

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it wasn't a command from a law, but rather it was an itch to hide from himself.

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And after what happened happened with this incident, he changed his mind and said no need to write it down.

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These are the only two options we have. Either Allah told them and then it was monsoon or he felt it should be done.

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And then he changed his mind, okay, no need to do it.

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In either case, if it was something of that importance, it would have been impossible not to do. Okay. So we say this incident, the incident of the incident of all clear thoughts, no doubt, it has been interpreted by different people in different ways. From our perspective,

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we assume that Bob must have had some reason, firstly, secondly, we clearly have evidence is that what he wanted to write was other than what is claimed that he wanted to write either it was these three commands, or the exact opposite, and that is a worker so deep. And thirdly, regardless of the first two answers, what will we say to the fact that he didn't, in the end, write what you said he wanted to write for four days, there's no indication whatsoever. And by the way, this is ignoring the fact that there's so many other evidences for us to do the law one, so many evidences for the last, especially two weeks and then even beyond this, right, even we talked about hijo de as well,

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that the year that the process of could not go on hedge, he actually sent a worker to perform the hedge. And even when I do the Allahu anhu was sent, a worker said, Are you coming as the Amir or more? And he said, No, I am not very explicit here. So in hedge, which is what you delegate, the person to do, and in Salah he is delegating a boubakeur of study. So for us, this is another track that clearly demonstrates that us to decode the Allahu anhu was what was intended by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and with that we will pause and resume next Thursday next Wednesday inshallah tada