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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the topic of the incident of the Scrolls which the Prophet ﷺ intended to write before his death. It is a point of controversy and warrants a detailed discussion.

When the health of the Prophet ﷺ worsened, he demanded that he be brought a book in which he would write something for all of the Muslims to prevent them from going astray. But Umar RA overlooked this request out of compassion and mercy for the Prophet ﷺ, assuming that this request was being made out of pain and suffering and not in the right frame of mind.

According to the Non Sunni groups, the Prophet ﷺ intended to write the waseeya for Ali RA and supposedly, Umar RA came in the way of it and prevented it from happening. So, they harbour a hatred of sorts for Umar RA.

But scholars like Imam al Khattabi and Imam al Bayhaqi disagree with this assumption and cite their reasons for believing so. They say that the statement made by Umar RA was only because he feared that the Prophet ﷺ may say something vague and ambiguous only for the treacherous munafiqun to benefit from.

Hence, the incident of the scrolls from the perspective of the Sunni group will always be in favour of Umar RA. And Allah knows best.


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