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So now we're on to lightning but a

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little bonus daddy we don't mean to be one or two I could be learning all the new maturity and foresee now and and see it I'm only not many I did not retire

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early enough I should do a lot wider who would actually come out hemmed up Will you meet with a motivated hire wider coalition I did work shadow under Mohammed Abu hora solo wasafi who at the Manitoba lobby started almost 100 locations in Houma which I cannot imagine it'll be a lot later Can I hurry her lazy

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Friday off last July to otomatis name on Ernie here or suddenly he won't understand the vicinity either yo Medina a lot Medina I'm in home let me know that in Amman or Wyoming or slightly Howdy. What I'll also be happy to also the SOP. I mean, I mean also you can win FCB tequila walk on Amazon I would have pilot Anna Yeah, you and Edina an otaku la haka took it he went out to Morton in LA and to Muslim mon yeah you anassa taco rumba Kamala D hola como la sua wahala caminhada webadmin hamari Jana and Kathy are all one Isa what's up Lola de Tessa and want to be here in our counter and econ. Akiva. Yeah, you're living in Atlanta. tupple law. Hello pulu Colin said either you're gonna come we

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have 30 seconds and all back on one then you're sorry la hora suita, Osaka defassa fosun alima. from about, we begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment. And we asked a lot to make us amongst them alone. I mean,

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dear brothers and sisters, I wanted to start off with a very special, a very special supplication. And I know that you have a lot of circulating hours and supplications and prayers that we're supposed to be making in these times in order to get us through. And as we're making the supplications in order to get us through. Sometimes what's lost in the supplication is the way that it was given. And knowing the way that it was taught, makes it that much more precious to us. And the supplication that I'm going to talk about today and really break down this particular draft. And what it means for us in terms of vulnerability comes in a conversation between a father and a

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daughter, except that this father happens to be the greatest man and the daughter happens to be the queen of the women of Paradise, and that is the Prophet sola lahardee. Listen, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him talking to his daughter Fatima. Well, the Allahu Tana and we learn certain habits from the prophets like Selim teaching his daughter Fatima in our own lives. So for example, going to sleep at night, and glorifying the last panel tada 33 times praising Allah 33 times declaring his greatness 34 times to make it 100 subpanel allowed him to learn a lot before we go to sleep. We learned this from the Prophet twice and I'm teaching Fatima as a hobby allowed Tatiana, about how to

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prepare herself for sleep as well as his beloved cousin, son in law companion. And even to be part of the A lot of times I know. This

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is one that comes in sooner than necessity, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam expresses his love to follow the model of the law on her. He tells her that he loves her, but he does not just tell her that he loves her as a means of proving or not proving solidifying that love the prophets lie Selim gives her an expression of love, which is a meaningful supplication that she can take to herself every day and every evening, and that is that the prophets lie Selim said, pay close attention to what I'm sharing with you. Do not leave off a morning or an evening Do not let a single morning or an evening pass without saying Yeah, how young Are you bureau matica studies are slowly shutting in

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cooler while outer kidney Ilan FC tonfa time again you're how you are you be romantic as to leave a slightly shut Nicola wallet a kidney in an FC thorofare time the translation of the supplication Oh ever living Oh, ever sustaining Oh ever living Oh ever sustaining by your mercy. I seek relief. Do not leave me to myself, even for the blink of an eye. Correct all of my affairs so Oh, yeah. Yeah. Are you ever living Oh ever sustaining

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Be like Connecticut St. Louis, in your mercy I seek relief,

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a slightly suddenly in color, rectify all of my affairs. And do not leave me to myself Well, that's a kidney in an FC tafa time Do not leave me to myself, even for the blink of an eye. Now before I break down this Hadeeth in this precious, we'll see this precious. The stole that the profit slice that I'm gave to his daughter faulty model the law on him that we all benefit from today, which we are to say every morning, between budget and sunrise and every evening between us and mother. This was also the habit of the prophets by sort of himself so what he was giving Fatima was what he himself would do as Allah Subhanallah Claudia longtown who says

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that whenever a matter would distress the prophets voice on them, when anything would bother the Prophet slice Allah. You could hear him saying Yeah, hi, you Jacobi Rama to study. Oh, ever living an ever sustaining in your mercy. I seek relief. And he also said that the prophets lie Selim said within the same narration, he said that the Prophet slicin um said be constant with saying Yeah, that'll Jalali will become a Possessor of Majesty and Honor. A few nights ago, we spoke about this concept of diversifying the names of Allah as we call upon him as a means of connecting with Allah. So all 99 names belong to one God. And by connecting with all of those names, we have a deeper

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appreciation and connection with that one God. And so here you have a practical example of

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for names that the prophets lie some would use frequently and commanded others to use frequently, as well. Why not to kidney in an FC port for time and do not leave me to myself for even the blink of an eye. This is probably one of the most comprehensive supplications because everything in this supplication is comprehensive. And so you start with the very beginning of the most comprehensive Names of Allah Himself. Yeah, yeah. Are you? Okay? Oh, everliving Oh, ever sustaining the scholar say about these two names, that all of the attributes of a lot, all of the names and attributes of a loss of parents out of stem from these two names. Why? Because, and when you talk about a high

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school father that year, and you talk about a youngster he felt unfairly. So the fact that he referred to Allah subhanaw taala, in his essence, right, so he is the EverLiving he's the originator of life, no life comes to be except for him, no life ends except by his by a height, and no life is brought back except by him and he is always living subhanho wa Taala. So all of the names that speak to Allah subhanaw taala essence, his attributes that speak to his essence, those are all included in him being a hate no one bestowed any of those things upon Him because He is the originator of life, no one has lived before him, he is the first. And so all of the names of the last panel etana that

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speak to that about him fall in that category of an LP you ever sustaining in every way that Allah subhana wa tada is sustaining a lot did not just originate a lot is always in control. And that's especially important to remember when things seem to be going out of control, that a lot is always in control, whether it's political turmoil, or there's a global health pandemic or there's a war that's raging, whatever it is Allah subhanho wa Taala remains in control. A lot remains in control of all of our lives individually as well. coloman who have a shot and every single day, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah remains in control of our lives in that special way. And so Allah remains in

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control always, he never lets go, okay, it's not that Allah subhanho wa Taala creates and then lose the sight. It's not that a loss of Hannah Montana originates and then loses control, okay? And that's especially important to remember, in these times, and so, these are two of the most comprehensive names have a loss. Okay? They're also according to many of the scholars, the greatest names have a loss of Hannah Montana. Why? Because the prophets lie Selim said that the Greatest Name of Allah subhanaw taala is found in in a theocracy as well as sort of Baja and Allah tells us to recite Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and hate la Yo, Allahu Allah, Allah Allah who will who will kill

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you. So Allah by him, there is no God And hey, lamb ever living the ever staining? Also in sort of La arnnl would you lead Hi, are you okay? that everything is presented and extinguished and, and equalized before and before the ever living and the ever sustaining the profit slice and I'm also once heard a man call out to Allah, and he called out to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, how you Yeah, are you okay? Oh, every living Oh ever sustaining and the prophets lie Selim said to NSL the love of Thailand.

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Do you know by what he has made that supplication? And he said Salalah Hardy was that um that Allah the izmi he led the urea v either Derby a job, he said that he called a lot by a name, that if you call upon Allah subhanaw taala by that name, he will certainly respond to you. Okay. And so, Allah, Allah Hi.

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So this

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Yeah, how are you?

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Oh, every living Oh ever sustaining the most comprehensive Names of Allah subhanaw taala. They are Mantega as the leaf. In your mercy, I seek relief. In your mercy I seek relief. Okay. The most comprehensive attribute of a lot is his Lima is His mercy. Okay, because his lemma covers everything. his armor covers all of your sins. His mercy covers all of your sins. His mercy covers all of your needs in this life. His mercy covers everything you seek from him in the hereafter. Okay? His mercy covers your worldly affairs. His mercy covers your affairs of the hereafter His mercy covers everything and when a human body is sent out when the Prophet Joe peace be upon him,

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called out to Allah, what did he appeal to? a white man, his mercy, Allah His mercy is his gender Allah's mercy is His forgiveness, Allah's mercy is his relief. Okay, so the most comprehensive Names of Allah, Allah Hi, Leo, and then the most comprehensive attribute that you could call upon Allah subhanaw taala with his his mercy, and then the most comprehensive ask a slick Nish. apne. Kula, okay, correct or rectify all of my affairs. The prophets lie Selim without any is this not without any exception said rectify all of my affairs, which means rectify my worldly affairs, my dunya affairs, my religious affairs, my deenie affairs, and my hereafter affairs, my African Affairs,

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don't leave anything out, rectify all of my affairs in a way that there's a perfect balance.

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When we call upon a lot a lot of Tatas to call upon them and say, oh, Ben attina for dunya Hasina within a period it has been working out

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or, like grant us the best of this life, and the best of the next and protect us from the punishment of the not. So that's a lesson I said, don't leave anything out. Don't leave your dunya out. Don't just ask Allah for the for the hereafter ask Allah for this world as well. When we make a staccato when we ask Allah for guidance in a particular matter of hours, what do we say to Allah subhana wa tan that if you know that this is good for me in my worldly affairs and my religious affairs and in my eventual pursuit in the Hereafter, then facilitate it for me. And so the most comprehensive task is Oh, Allah, take control of all of my affairs, rectify all of my affairs, US literally shut me

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cooler. When after kidney, ILA, and I've seen part of a time. And don't leave me to myself, even for the blink of an eye.

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You have to learn to trust the last panel data with major affairs in life with major things in life, with how things are going to happen for you. In regards to your wealth in regards to your health and regards to family, you have to put your trust in the last panel

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here with how to kidney get enough sleep on five rain. Don't leave me to myself even for this, how often do you blink without paying attention. And the reason that they say that what's so special about Todd, during the blink of an eye, is that you blink unknowingly. Okay? So the blinking of the eye is subtle, there is no active, active effort that's put to blinking of the eye, it's being done constantly to keep your eyes watered to keep your eyes moist and panela. A friend of mine actually in Louisiana, he had a stroke that and some of you may have heard me mentioned the story. In the past, that's actually real, and he actually might be watching this. But

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he had a stroke that took away or that took away temporarily the ability to blink his eye on half of his face. Okay, so just one eye. So he couldn't move half of his face temporarily. And he was saying you know, sakana law because how much has to be done for him to just put eyedrops in and just to keep his eye moistened, and you never would would think to thank Allah for the blink of the eye because it happens without your knowledge, you're not actively blinking your eye. And the wisdom of that is not just the smallness of the process, that you're asking a lot to take control and rectify even the smallest of your affairs. It's even the affairs that you're not paying attention to, but

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that are highly consequential, right? everything that's happening in the background that's necessary for you to live that's necessary for you to breathe, that's necessary for you to persist, okay. You want a lot to take control of those things that you're actively aware of and those things that you're not aware of those things that you think to make do out for that are good for you

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To supplicate him for that are good for you. And those things that you would not even think to ask him for, right but that he knows are necessary for you. So if you look at this, once again, how you yep Are you

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ever living or ever sustaining the most comprehensive Names of Allah be romantic studies in your mercy I seek relief the most comprehensive attribute of a law being his mercy, the most encompassing attribute of a loving his mercy, a slightly certain color asking Allah the most comprehensive ask to rectify all of my affairs. When a ticket killing Ilana FC talofa Dine and don't abandon me to myself Don't leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye right. So, to be so comprehensive in rectifying your affairs and taking control of your life and not leaving you to your own devices that a lot does not even leave you to this to the blinking of an eye. And I want to talk about you know,

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the concepts here that are highlighted in this and so I hope inshallah very active

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you know, call that you can take inshallah tada after this, after this lecture is to make sure that you say this every single day and every single evening as the profit slice on gave it to fall to model the line. And so don't let a day or a night pass without saying this, between federal and sunrise or between us that another element, of course, that's not the only time you can say it. And as an as narrative, I honestly learned when the Prophet Tyson was stressed or when something made an anxious when he was under duress, which a lot of us are feeling these days, the prophets lie some would frequently say, the supplication over and over and over again, but I want to talk about the

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concepts that are being highlighted here, which is this idea of victory and vulnerability, strength and submission, victory and vulnerability, serenity and submission, peace of mind and submitting to Allah as well and decree and the victory and the strength that comes from that vulnerability.

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And be cooled down by rocking Allah He says that a person recited the ayah and whatever can I learn how you love Eli and watch what's up there be handy he will be he'll be the newbie everybody he habibollah so I answered them on what's our kill had a high level Eli, Mo to put your trust in the one who has ever lived and does not die? What's behind the heat and declare his greatness, declare his his praises, proclaim His praises, what Kapha be he does know very badly. He hubiera and Allah subhanaw taala has ever acquainted with all of your sense with a sense of his servants. And so he says that upward is a man of Hawaii has a silly amount of Hamas was one of the great aesthetics. The

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great people of Israel had that we find in our tradition, he said to me, he said to me about padana Nyan that really abdun died the heavy Hill area and yelder hadn't vandala family that there is no one, no one of the servants of God. After coming across this verse would find it be fitting to seek shelter, refuge in anyone but Allah subhanho wa Taala with all of their affairs. He said so Allah subhana wa tada said, What's Pelican Island? heikkila, the lion would put your trust to the one who's ever living and does not die. Baraka anahola mode. Well, no, Jimmy, I felt the heat your Moton. And so he informed you that he does not die, but that all of his servants died. And then he

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followed that up by saying what's up David be handy he then then glorifying His praises and so he gave you the path to him the path to worship him. Okay, so you have access to an high level a mod. So he commanded you to then worship and glorify Him. What can he be the nobility by the Habiba battle can be bossy, and it is enough of him or he is well acquainted with the sense of his servants. And so he made you well aware that he knows of all of your shortcomings. So what more do you need after that, then Allah honey and Hamid than the one who is independence, self sufficient, not needing anything from anyone else, not in terms of, of material things nor praise, a lot does

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not need he has a little knee and homemade he doesn't need anything from you in terms of giving nor does he even need your praise your praises for your own benefit. And so a lot of gives you access to honey and Hamid even though you have no been *y even though you are sinful and poor, you know, vulnerable to Allah subhanaw taala you have access to them all the time. And there's also another jump from this idea that,

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you know, a person might feel unworthy, you know, I can't call upon the law. Maybe Allah won't answer me because of this. But what's the point of me calling upon a loss of habitat, that's, that's a verse that's for the sages. That's for the Sahaba that's for the pious predecessors, but I've got no access to God, how am I going to call upon Him with all of my sins, Allah subhanaw taala tells you

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When he commands you would select who to trust Him and to worship Him in the same verse that he's well acquainted with your sense alumnos about your sense, he knows about your shortcomings, and so long as you are actively trying to overcome those sins and overcome those shortcomings, then call upon him, put your trust in him. Don't worry, right? They're not going to hold you back in the night time, so long as you are actively trying to eliminate those sins. And that's the question for you. Right? You can, you can ask, why is the law allowing this to happen? And why is this happening this way? But here's the question, why are you insisting on those particular cents? Right? Remove those

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students. Don't let those Sims corrupt your supplication. Don't let those things you know, pollute your thoughts and thinking that what's the point of supplicating? And what's the point of putting my trust in Allah subhanaw taala. The next part of this is, and this is really important.

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Because I've heard a lot about in the last few weeks naturally write fears, I'm afraid. If I'm not afraid for my health, I'm afraid for the health of my loved one. And if I'm not afraid of the health of my loved one or my own health, I'm worried about my wealth, I'm worried about losing my job. I'm worried about not being able to put food on the table.

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And how do I make peace with this? When it comes to my do I how do I make peace with this when it comes to my supplication? And what needs to happen is you need to make peace with what you can't control. And that has to span everything, from your life, to your death, to your wealth, to your health, to the way that your application is answered. What does that mean? You know, the angel wrote down in your in the mother in your mother's womb, your date of death, wrote down your your life, wrote down your list wrote down your sustenance, I need to come to peace that I can't control those things. Okay? Now, what that also means is that I need to find vulnerability in mind your app, to be

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able to say, I don't want a lot to answer me in accordance with what I think is best for me. I want him to answer me in accordance with what he knows is best for me. I don't want to answer me in accordance with what I think is best for me. I want him to answer me in accordance with what he knows is best for me. I'll slowly shut Nicola rectify all of my affairs. So I need to come to terms with a lot knowing what I don't know and being okay with that. Okay, it's, you know, his will. And that should not make me discouraged in my garage. If anything, it should empower me in my supplication, because I remember for a long time, and who said I don't concern myself with the

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answer that's in the last domain. What I concern myself with is the ability to make the drought the tail field to make the drought the success and actually uttering the supplication. Because I know that if I make this application that allows going to answer it, right? Allah will answer it in a way that he sees dust. And I'm uncomfortable with that, right? I'm comfortable relinquishing my affairs to Allah, just like I wouldn't want a lot to leave this blinking of an eye to me, I wouldn't even be able to control my own affairs of my body. If I left all of us, just to control every process in our bodies to live for a minute, we would all die. Right? Because I don't even know what's happening

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inside of me, in order for me to live somehow the complications of this virus, and you know, the vulnerability of health and the unique ways in which we exist, and the unique ways in which our existence in the worldly sense is threatened all the time. I don't, if I can't even control my body for a minute or two, I'm certainly not capable of controlling everything around me, I'm happy and confident and at peace, with a lot controlling everything. And I actively want Allah subhanaw taala to rectify all of my affairs, even if I don't understand, or like the particular way that my affairs are being lined up, I'm at peace with it. And that's the thing, I don't have to I don't have to say

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that I'm enjoying this. I just have to say that I'm at peace with the wisdom of it. That and not knowing the wisdom of it, I'm at peace with with how everything is happening. But that doesn't mean I'm not struggling. The struggle in and of itself, is there anybody that is part of the worship, right? The struggle to understand

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and the ability to pray and supplicate

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despite the struggle to understand. Right, that is the worship. And coming to terms with knowing a lot is in control means gaining greater focus with what you can control. All right. So it's not just it's not just finding your strength, you know, there's a lot of emphasis on finding your strength right now. Right? And you're gonna hear all these quotes and all these lectures and all these sermons and all these reminders about find your strength and your vulnerability. It's about knowing where to exert your strength, what do I exert it towards? Right? So I leave things in the domain of a loss of handling time when it comes to your app when it comes to application and the things that

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are out of my control. I trust his knowledge more than I trust mine. I trust his wisdom more than I trust mine.

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Trust His mercy more than I trust mine, I trust the comprehension of all of those affairs lining up more than I trust, my ability to line them all up, I can't even line up the processes in my own body, I certainly don't want to be in charge of lining up all of my affairs outside of my body, I trust the loss of data with all of them. But I'm gonna do my part and exert towards what Allah subhanaw taala has told me to exert towards, okay, and I, and I'm at peace with that, alright, so I have to have vulnerability and letting Allah do his part. And then doing mine, and then being at peace with how it all plays out. And, you know, Subhana Allah, and this is, and please don't miss

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that. Like, if I'm not to die in a pandemic, or if I'm not to live, or if I'm, I'm at peace with all of that, I just want to do everything that's pleasing. And that's, that's productive in the process, but I'm at peace with how Allah subhanaw taala lets this all play out. Okay? That doesn't mean that I'm not going to struggle, sometimes because of my lack of comprehension. That means I'm at peace with knowing that he comprehends, okay, I will struggle, but I'm at peace with the way that he comprehensive Hannah hotel. And I'll leave you all with a really, really beautiful narrations of how to love there was, I wish there was a way to just tell people, maybe I will tell people if you don't

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feel like listening to the whole lecture today, just fast forward to the end. Because I was looking through the books of the pious predecessors and some of their sayings. And this one really, really struck me as particularly relevant right now. particularly relevant, where we going to become vulnerable in so many different ways. And we're going to feel that vulnerability in ways that we might have thought we never would have been vulnerable. Okay. And it's by a great sage, great scholar has an awesome writing all the time. And I wouldn't I mean, he reports that had some awesome was asked, how did you construct your trust in the last panel? Like what are the ways in which you

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constructed your Tilak? Could you know everyone says to have trust in God, have trust in God have trust in God? But how did you build build your trust and a loss and how to how did you actually you're getting mad Anita Amerock to like, how did you build it? How did you construct it? If so what could wasn't building? How did you build that building of trust in the last panel down? And he said that I came to terms with four things. So he actually talks about knowledge and Hatton, Asana was one of the greatest worshipers of all time, and incredible human being. I absolutely adore the man ramola just for the gems that he's left us behind with his words, and with his example, how awesome.

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He said, I came to terms with four things I left the silent era. So my building is built on four different things. He said, I live to an arrestee like, ooh, lady, he said, I knew I came to terms with the fact that my sustenance will not be taken by another person, like Eli akula, who ladies, no one's going to take my sustenance, no other person will take my sustenance.

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So he says, so I came to peace with that in myself. Okay.

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So I came to terms with that peace with that with myself, meaning no one else is going to take my risk I'm at peace with with that. He says why and him too. And there are many nyama lady and I came to terms with the fact that my work will not be done by anyone else. My deeds will not be taken by anyone else, meaning no one else is going to do that. I know that I need to do for me. I can't I can't expect anyone to do that. I mean, that I need to do for me. Okay, yes, you die, and people can do solidarity, they can do continuous charity for you. And you certainly hope to leave behind things that will do good for you. But hey, that's that's still your data, you still have to plant your

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seeds of your even your continuous charity by not just your own salata, but by leaving behind the people and the impact that would cause people to do good in your name or cause people to do good because of your teaching or because of how you mentor them because of an effect impact that you had upon them. Okay, so he said, I learned that my deeds are not going to be done by anyone else. So just like my risk, my sustenance, no one's going to take the sustenance that's been decreed for me. No one's going to take the money that's been decreed for me. Right and I'm at peace with that. No one's gonna do the deeds that I'm supposed to do for myself. Okay. Welcome to anomaly layer metal

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Lady for Animesh horn on behalf so I'm keeping myself busy with those deeds. I'm keeping myself busy with those deeds, while him to another otft bhakta and I learned that death is hastening towards me, and that I will die suddenly death comes Suddenly, I limped to an adult at BAFTA, I learned that death is racing towards me for another year or so I'm racing towards it instead. What he means by that is I'm hastening in my preparation for it. I'm not gonna wait for a pandemic to break out. I'm not gonna wait to find out that I test positive or someone else test positive or to be sick in a hospital bed. I know that death is coming my way. So

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I'm preparing myself actively for it. So I'm going to take it by surprise instead, by being ready for it when it comes to me. And then he said to me last luminary in in LA. And he said, and I, and I learned that I do not escape from a lost sight of animals. And so I will keep shy of hidden, some hands on and learned that I do not escape a lost sight. So I remain shy of him, handler, whether I'm quarantined at home, or whether I'm out and about, I'm in a lost sight. God sees me and so I must remain shy of the site. Hello, look at empowering. That vulnerability is everything about those four statements, and I'll repeat them. I learned to analyst at Lyor Cohen, I learned that my sustenance

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will not be taken by anyone else. So I'm at peace with them. Well, now I'm any lay on my little baby, and no one's going to do my deeds for me. And so I'm remaining busy with my own deeds, what an adult at birth and death is going to come at me suddenly it's racing at me. So I'm racing towards it, I'm gonna prepare myself for it. And I don't escape the sight of Allah so I remain shy of him. That's the building of Tahlequah, the building of trust that he mentioned, lacking a lot may Allah be pleased with him. Let's let's think about that for ourselves. being vulnerable to a loss will and to a loss strength is not weakness, it is strength, submitting yourself to a loss, rectification of

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your affairs is strength. That means that you do your part. And you do your part with full trust with full serenity, and being at peace with what you can't control while being dedicated towards what you do control. And that's what this this beautiful narration that I mentioned here, means for us so May Allah subhanaw taala never allow our feeling of weakness to take us away from the source of strength and loss of habitat and never allow our feeling of vulnerability to cause us to collapse. May Allah never allow our worries to cause us to despair. Allah subhanaw taala never allow our fear of what will come tomorrow to stop us from doing what we can today allows parents to keep

00:32:17--> 00:32:48

us focused and last, keep us sincere. Allah subhana wa tada allow us to respond with gratitude to every blessing that comes our way and patience with every trial that comes our way. A loss penalty will always be pleased with us a loss of Hannah Montana always find us active in seeking is pleasure loving, I mean, does that mean located on to you all in Las panatela make it easy for you all in these times, may last mount on help see you through whatever difficulty and vulnerability you are facing right now. Sit on it come to life.