Omar Suleiman – Daily Ramadan Khatira 06-17-2015

Omar Suleiman
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As you know, and hum did a lot of rhyming every year, we, you know, shifty acid and myself, what we like to do is we like to give people sort of an explanation of what we're going through so that we can have a greater coherence and a greater appreciation. It's kind of like what I want to share with you tonight. Who knows what sort of we're reading right now? You better know what we're reading right now. If you don't, then you're Ramadan is over before it started, right? We're in sorts of Bacala how I actually learned something a few months ago that really blew my mind. And nothing you know, it never ceases to amaze me how coherent the Quran is and how little we know of it. And that's

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why mama Shaeffer Rahim Allah said that every time I read the Quran, I learned something new about it. There isn't a single time that I read the Quran from cover to cover, except that I learned something new and you might miss Shafi used to read the Quran multiple times in Ramadan, you know, more than once a day at times. So Subhanallah it's really amazing. And something that I found very powerful it's actually from one of the imams in in Missouri number we have done Marcin on but he said that describing the relationship between certain Fatiha and sorter Bacala listen to what he pointed out. He said sorted Baccarat is basically a Tafseer of certain fatty How would examples it's

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sort of the Fatiha with examples. So let's go through it in sha Allah to Allah what is the first crime that Allah subhanaw taala mentions and sort of Bukhara the disease of what we have to move quick because we're going to keep these cocktails under seven minutes inshallah Tada the disease of ingratitude. What do you say when you're grateful? What do you say when you finish eating your food? What do you say when you express your gratitude Alhamdulillah and Allah subhanho wa Taala certified it begins with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us the first disease of a people the first disease of shape on the disease of ingratitude, the disease of

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not being satisfied with what Allah subhanaw taala gave to you either as an individual or as a people as an individual. In the case of Adam, it has set up wanting more, and when he saw it, of course, Adam Isla made Toba and Allah's pantile elevated him and then many soil who are not satisfied with the constant stream of blessings that Allah subhanaw taala gave to them. So alhamdulillah Hilbre Alameen Allah subhanho wa Taala did he deprive the people that disobeyed Him of His mercy?

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No, he continued to show mercy upon them, didn't he? But is there a type of mercy in this world and a type of mercy in the hereafter? Yes, there's Lockman. In this world, the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in this world encompasses the believer and the disbeliever correct. The Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter is exclusive, which is why our beloved not docile the Allah Tada and who says that Ramadan Ramadan for dunya Rahim and filarial Allah's mercy in this world encompasses the believer in the disbeliever but Allah is laheem only to the believers which is why Allah only says in the Quran, countable me Nina Rahim. Allah is exclusively merciful to the believer so Allah

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did not deprive the people of His mercy despite their disobedience to him. But Allah subhanaw taala reserves a specific type of mercy in the Hereafter, and the hereafter Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is in charge of the Hereafter Maliki or Medina we find this uncertain Bukhara Allah subhanaw taala starts to mention the loss in the hereafter and the reward in the Hereafter. And then Allah subhanaw taala says er cannot be do what you can to stay in You alone we worship and from you alone, we seek help. And we have the greatest example of a person who shows utmost Riba and utmost esteana and Ibraheem Alehissalaam Allah takes us to the story of Ibrahim it is set up a person if God Allahu

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Rabu Aslam Allah tells him submit yourself a slum to the Ramadan Amin he submits himself wholeheartedly asked for money Islam and Allah says My Account Amina Mohammed in that they were not from the guidance, Ibrahim submits himself and after he submits himself he asks Allah for help, you cannot go do what er can sustain. Then also autonomous stop him sit upon Medina Namta Allah you him right in mobile be it him? Why don't Marlene We ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance and we ask Allah subhanaw taala that we don't be of those that either remote that earn the anger of Allah subhanaw taala or when a street and Subhan Allah what is the last day of certain Bacala? Well then

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Allah went out to Hamina

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us first of all for ourselves not to have melanoma. That's all

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right, that's for ourselves right do not bear us or do not burden us beyond our scope. But Allah subhanaw taala says before that what

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law attackmen Elena is Ron Khanna Hamilton who Adela denim and company now, do not let us go through what those who before us went through. Do not let us have to carry that burden and that punishment like

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those before us had to carry that burden punishment. So Subhanallah just like certain fatty ends with the Darat asking Allah to make us from the guidance, and not from those who earned his anger or those who went straight. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah teaches us to make that there as well at the end of Sawtell Bacara so this is the amazing coherence of the Quran that certain baccarat really is a drawn out Surah to Fatiha with the examples that Allah subhanaw taala gives for each verse we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the guidance and those who have earned his favor and not earned his anger alumna. I mean, just come along later on was Santa Monica

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