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Maybe he wanted to work Hello Allah He went to the Willa Lehmann surah and fusina Woman sejati and Marina Maria de la Jota Allah Philomel Bula comingled Lilford AHA the Ella, watch her do Allah ilaha illallah wa cada hula ash recolor la Holman cola unhemmed You will you need to hire now you're more to be able to heal higher while actually shaitan Kadir was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Rasool wasafi You who were Khalil Abdullah Amana tabela or restart Uttanasana wa Kashif alumina what's rockin Island Mahajan de la leetle. How can a hearty her legacy one her Illa Hurlock fairly often the La sala to attend more to sleep. While early he was like me he wanted to stand up Sunette te

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dejo Medina. Hola. Hola, Jana minhang Wamena Alladhina amanu wormable. Cindi how to Ottawa so we'll have to also have a sub. I mean, probably I mean, we'll see you can when FCB Tukwila waka Tamron I will have Kolkata Allah you will Edina Amma taco la haka Ducati he will attend moto Nila anti Muslim on your NASS with Tapachula Bakula the Halacha common nevsun Wahida well hello come in has Elijah Baba Salman humare doll and Kathy are on one isa What's up Allah Allah de Tessa Luna be one or ham in Allah Kana. Alikum Raptiva you Alladhina am and will Tapachula how Pulu Cole and sadita used to come armor calm. We have had luck on vinnova calm when they go to Allah how rasool Allah Who *a

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defassa fills in a Lima thumb and Maberry to begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessings path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him I mean, their brothers and sisters, I want you to imagine with me the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Riyadh Hara, standing at the

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top of Jabba Nora, and looking out to the world, as he saw it at that time. Now, keep in mind, there was no noise pollution at the time, you didn't have cars, you didn't have the streetlights, the distance from which you could hear and perceive certain things was probably a lot greater. And we know that the prophets like Selim would go out there and he would actually look at what was happening. And if you've ever been up to jump on a node, you can actually go out there and look out and you can even see the HUD home from there. And he was observing the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he was observing it from a distance. Because while he was deeply familiar with what was

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happening there, the Prophet salallahu Salam was not actually talking to anyone for an entire month. The prophets lie Selim is looking at the world from a distance that he's very familiar with. He's lived with his people for 40 years, and he's experienced all sides of society, the prophets lie some has experienced what it means to be the most vulnerable person in society being an orphan. He's experienced what it means to be overlooked. He's experienced what it means to be poor. He's experienced what it means to be wealthy and self sufficient. He has experienced both the outside of the royal courts and the inside now as he's married to the double the allow Tyler and when he's in

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those legions, he seen it also alaria Salam, but he's watching from the mountain, and looking at the idol worship, looking at the volume, looking at the things that are happening. One of the most beautiful things about that pursuit of the Prophet slice alum is they technically didn't have to do anything for them from a purely worldly perspective. He was at the most comfortable point in his life. And the prophets like Selim could have simply said, this is a world that I no longer have to interact with and hamdulillah than a journeyman. I'm done with this. I'm already self sufficient. But he was deeply involved in people's affairs, from a place of concern, even before the war, he

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comes to his capable heart. Now, imagine the prophets lie Selim, up there now, in 2023, looking out at the world, imagine if the prophets lie, Selim is receiving videos and going through what is happening around the world simultaneously, right now. Imagine if the profit slice and I'm we're seeing the disasters. And I'm not just talking about physical disasters, the spiritual disasters, the emptiness, the moral depravity, all of these things in front of him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what emotion? Would that elicit from him it his Salatu was Salam. So I want to actually address just the singular question, Who do I really have to care about right now? What should I really be

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concerned with? And there's this beautiful way that you build out a paradigm from the Quran. And sometimes you can dig your heels into one layer and forget that the rest of it exists, and even a generator

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Shouldn't after the prophets lie Selim could take an idea. And they could perhaps disproportionately apply it to themselves and fall short of their overall responsibilities. What do I mean by that? Abubaker a study called the Allah Tala and who he was upset with the way that he heard people were using the idea of a comb and full circle. Now you're gonna recommend Donna datum worry about yourselves. You should not be harmed by those who choose to go astray, of Wilbekin while the Allahu Anhu was still alive. And that means that this necessarily took place within two years of the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he's saying I'm seeing people misinterpret this idea. I'm

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seeing people taking this idea and using it as an excuse to withdraw. And to say I just have to worry about myself. This is before the slogans and of course the slogans now have much more loaded meanings of Do you and worry about yourself than they did at that time. But even double buckle the Allahu Anhu is noticing that there is a discrepancy that there is a parting away from what Allah azza wa jal intended by this idea for us and what the prophets lie some taught us to do so they come full circle, worrying about yourselves does not mean only worry about yourselves, it means don't lose yourself trying to save someone else.

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There is a meaning here, it doesn't mean ignore the rest of the world it means don't ignore yourself. Don't be like those people who enjoy and good with others. What 10 Sona unforce, a comb and you forget yourself either from a place of hypocrisy or from a place of negligence. This doesn't mean apathy. It doesn't mean that you with draw, it means that you focus on yourself first, spiritually that you'll never let anyone else take you to hellfire, that you'll never let anyone else inshallah to Allah misguide you, and you'll never let shape on exploit your empathy to say, well, I've got to stay with this person, I've got to be in their company. And I've got to bend so

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that I can maintain this and be deluded into thinking you're saving them while they're actually corrupting you. That's what the eye means. Then you have another layer. Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you Alladhina amanu COO and full circle Alikum Nowra. Oh, you who believe protect yourselves and your families, from a fire, protect yourselves and your families. And one of the ways that they're mentioned this

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is that if you're not fixing what's in your house, then you're not going to be able to fix anybody else's house. If you're not building that Taqwa amongst your own, how are you going to build it in anyone else? And so Allah subhanaw taala, once again, reminding now that experiments not always going to go perfectly, which is why on the very next page of sorts, it's a green.of. Allahu Matata Allah azza wa jal gives the example of Emirati and Murata loot of the wife of new honey his Salam and the wife of Lords it has Salam and how they went astray. But for you when you're reading that, if you take it upon yourself, and you say, I've got to care about my flock could look hombre and

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we're Kulu comas owner and I'm at, I got to worry about my family and keep my family upon the way of Allah subhanaw taala and His Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam. And the very particular connotation of protection here is protect them from spiritual decay, protect them from spiritual harm, protect them from falling apart on the outside.

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Then you start to build and you know, it's very interesting here because Allah uses the language in the Quran of don't forget, don't forget, and it's similar to how Allah azza wa jal says what a 10 sound I'll see you but coming to dunya focus on the hereafter. Don't forget don't become negligent in regards to your worldly affairs. So expand your care. But don't forget, expand your concern. Don't forget, anchor yourself in this Quran and Sunnah. anchor your family in this Quran and Sunnah. Now move on to your community. Don't forget your local community. Don't forget your neighbors. Don't forget the people that are right around the corner from you. Then don't forget your OMA

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and we come from a Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam who would cry on material material Mati

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and the same prophet who would cry my mama, my mama, my mama had enough concern to say hola hola Fridley call me for anomala Yattaman Oh, ALLAH forgive my people, my people on the other side. Qureshi was trying to kill me because they don't know any better. So he's crying for us, but he's still concerned for them. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he expands that circle. At no point does he neglect himself? SallAllahu wasallam. At no point does he neglect his family? At no point does he neglect the community and Medina? At no point does he neglect his Alma but he still has his heart for the people and from the people in Mecca even as they run them out of those places.

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He still has concern for them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and I want us to just address this for a moment. You know a lot of times when there's a lot of fitna outside when there's so much that's happening, we go into hyper presence.

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creation mode self preservation individuals and as communities. And it's all about protecting ourselves, whether it's the mass physical violence, or the mass spiritual decay. And I understand that sentiment and it's natural, right? You hear about a mass shooting, or you hear about the corruption of the school system, whatever it is, like I've got to protect my own. I've got to get my own kids out of there. If I got it, we've got to protect our own community and our ability to make sure that we don't fall and you see the videos that keep coming on your phone, of how sunken the society has become

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of how morally deprived and depraved it is, and what's happening to the world. And I want you to ask yourself, if your response when you see these things, is one of prophetic concern, or one of satanic mockery, and if it's neither of those two, where do you fall on the spectrum?

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You're a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would not laugh at people when they're failing. Your Prophet sallallahu Sallam would cry when he saw failure. Your Prophet sallallahu Sallam had empathy even for the people that were trying to kill him. Your profits align Salem hated to see people get taken into hellfire. Shavon wants to take as many people to hellfire as possible. The prophets lie some describes himself as a man who's standing in front of a fire and trying to catch people by the waist belts to make sure they don't fall into a fire. Where are you on the spectrum

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of caring for not just your own, but for the people around you as well for your societies as well. And yes, that has a spiritual components. And this is not a place where we can break down with an expanded shot, an expanded explanation of the rights of each one of those layers in your life. This is salatu, Juma and sister reminder.

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But I want you to think about this, as we're seeing spiritual moral decline around us in our American society, physical violence, the complete utter loss of coherence and just common sense.

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In what a human being is supposed to be all of that. I want you to ask yourself, What's my responsibility? As a Muslim to all of this? You know how many people we've seen that hamdulillah become Muslim and this Masjid how many people came through this Ramadan? Do you ever remember it all Milan, where that many people embrace the snap? People are hungry people are thirsty. This is not just protecting ourselves here. This is offering something now for people Bismillahi Tada can anchor them in something real. They need to hate. They need Islam just like you need Islam. And they need to know that you're presenting it to them with all of its uncomfortable truths, challenging the evil

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that they're engaged in as well just like the prophets did. From place of concern for them for dunya and akhira. This isn't good for your dunya This isn't good for your hereafter. anchor yourself in something real. anchor yourself, come back to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And don't mark what you're seeing around you. Ask yourself, what is prophetic concern here? And I want to And subhanAllah with two narrations. None of the prophets lie some himself, but just of the hearts of the seller facade of the hearts of the righteous ones that came before you. One of them is narrated by Imam Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah and others that there was once a group of young people I'm talking about the Muslims as well, by the way that were partying on a ship. So think about a yacht party, right? They're completely lost. And as the ship is about to take off from the dock, some of the students of that island again, in one narration, Imam Hassan Abbas it they say, maybe you're

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against these fools, like me, the ship sink,

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and you see them laughing and enjoy and like careless as if nothing is wrong in life, but he knows that they're empty on the inside because there's a void of Allah azza wa jal in the hearts the laughter is a disguise. And he looks at them and he says, Allahu mahkamah attacked the home for dunya for up HECM Phil Acura te fi jannettek

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O Allah as you gave them something to laugh about in this dunya or as you allow them to laugh in this dunya let them laugh in the hereafter and Jana as well. No, May Allah guide them, may Allah fix them. Those are our kids.

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And by the way, how many people mock someone else's kids before it happens to their kids? How many people destroy other people's families before it comes back to their family? No, no, that's not who we are. It's not who we are as Muslims. That's not who we are as people of Dawa people with the mission. Allah cannot attack them for dunya fathead comes with accurate TV jannettek Oh Allah let them laugh in the hereafter by guiding them.

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Lima Muhammad Rahim Allah, one of my favorite narrations about him. Because yes, in a time of fitna, there's delusion and people can get lost. His son says, I used to hear my father making your art and his sujood frequently listen to this drought that he used to make. He used to say Allahumma min Khanna Allah laden, Huck, well who are you? Oh no Anna who al Haq Farrugia who Eli he had to your corner I'll have to have class. I

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said Oh Allah, whoever is not upon truth, but thinks they're upon truth, then return them to the truth until they are truthfully on the truth.

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So even the people that are deluded in that think that they're on the truth and they're lost, oh Allah guide them so that they're actually on the truth. That's the heart of the prophets lie Selim. That's the heart of the mission of the prophets lie Selim. Be concerned for yourself, be concerned for your family, be concerned for your community be concerned for your home, be concerned for your society for for your humanity, first and foremost with their salvation in the akhira as well as their well being in this dunya as well may Allah subhanaw taala activate us towards that and not let us lose ourselves. In the process. We ask Allah to guide us and guide through us to rectify us and

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rectify through us Allahumma Amin Akuto Kohli Harada was stuck with Allah he will accompany certain listening fester fill in a hole of affordable housing.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah carry Marlon early he was a huge marine Allama who didn't want Nina will not well Muslim. Meanwhile, Muslim out here even who will emerge in NACA Samia on Caribbean Mooji without Allah Muhammad ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa for Anna Juana to Libnah. Robin alumna and for us and our inland tafur Lana, what's our handle an akuna minal klaserie. And Allah him in a careful and chemo to Hibbeler for five for Anna Allah humma fiddly Wally Deena Robert come home oh come on a boon se la Robin I have learned them and as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan what Jana dealing with Sakina Imam Allah has one and most of the

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Athena female shout out to do my Barbie. Allah Allah is the Islamic Muslim Meanwhile a dealership coworker they've been with me and then Allah Allah Allah que la nina de vida meanwhile Cartagena with one and the veniam Saudi mean about Allah and Allah he will gladly will Exxon what eater it will quarterback Lionheart and in fascia you wouldn't want to carry will abandon your abdomen Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has Kuru come wash kuruva Nirma is Blackcomb what are the Kerala he Akbar Allahu Yan la Toscana welcomes

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Tony you