What are The Signs after Salat al Istikhara

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De Monaco rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Diane. And my question is,

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as students, we have to face a lot of decisions in my life, right? So if somebody is a as a way to make the right choice by making select sticker and whatnot. So how do we know that the sign that we get is divine guidance as any Daya or just shaitan trying to the ancestry? Thank you. Now it's very important for us to have the right understanding about the adapt of solid lists the para salata is Cara is not just plain prayer that you just have, you're confused, you do not know what to choose. You do not know where you're heading. So you're praying to God and ask Allah for guidance. The prophets of Muslim guide that is oma, before you make salata istikhara you must do your homework.

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You must try your level best to value the good and the bad, the benefit and the thing that you are not going to benefit you if you proceed example. I am looking for a job. The future I'm jobless now, I want to look for a job. Suddenly I got a job. Just one if to Daniel, maybe you're confused. Or say you have to I get a make it easier to offer come to you. One give you a no. Okay. I'll give you a good salary. But you have to uncover yourself you have to take up your job and when he honor your right to to be on a review of the job, but that job may not give you a good salary. Now when you have these two, which one do you choose normally? Do you choose the one with a better salary?

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Normally human being or this one, I have a better salary. This one is 3000 this 1900 half of it now is the camera is not just for you to do he didn't know because the salata is the camera in the prayer, you are asking Allah Oh, Allah. If this thing is good for me, my religion, my family, make it easy for me. Not only good for you, sometimes thing is good for you, but it's bad for your religion.

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No, they're testing you. Do you believe in what you believe? Do you want to be a good Muslim? Or do you just don't care? Are you to treat your mind with dunya is a test

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and something they see okay, I honor your right to cover everything but you must travel a lot now. Now you're called to sacrifice. If you have a family, do you think it's worth just to have extra money. Now you don't have time with your family, waiting to happen to the family. So everything must be balanced. As long as you do not go against the principle of Islam.

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After you have done your homework, you are still

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confused. Just make to recap prayer insha Allah, Allah will give you a design, not necessarily to the dream. Now, the sign is very simple for those who have knowledge. For those who don't have knowledge after that even a sign is dead. I don't see the sign. Pray again, the sign is that I don't see the sign because you don't understand the sign of a lot of me so you must have the right knowledge. Before you do all this prayer. We are located