Library Chat #19 – The Karramis & The Mihna of The Ash’arites of Nishapur in 455 AH-1054 CE

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Miss Minh Hill wash Manu Mahi

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said I'm Malik Muhammad Allah He Wa Barakatuh al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so heavy he woman what I'm about. It's been a quite a while since I've given a library chat. And frankly one of the main reasons is that as I said a number of lectures ago if you're following my library tasks that inshallah I do plan to withdraw from social media as I said, it's not just speech there, I really do think that it is a very toxic environment overall, and it's not healthy for one's soul. And I don't think long term productivity is achieved via online dialogue. And anyway, I have a lot of issues with with the reality of the online scene and I don't

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think it is what I want to spend, you know, the rest of my life however long Allah blesses me to get involved with that type of rhetoric so I am withdrawing if you notice my Facebook and Twitter as well, I've kind of only taken slowly and the goal is inshallah within a few years to, to really just not to be involved anymore. in that arena, I feel that I have a better usage of my time. And if you have one of the things I'm thinking about, I might as well announced the idea and let's see how this is received. inshallah, is that one of the main reasons I don't like social media is because I feel that people who are sincere, but unqualified and insincere, become very active in all of this type

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of polemics, you know, between people. And from my side, I have opinions and views that some people are interested in. And if you're interested at 100, or listen, listen to them. From my side, I don't aim to convince anybody else of the veracity of my positions, frankly, I don't really care, whether you believe or not, in what I'm saying, or other people are saying it's all, inshallah Allah is the final judgement, as long as somebody is sincere, and has you managed to what, and show that they're all good. So I'm not out to convert other, you know, mainstream Muslims to my understandings or interpretations. But as you're aware, what happens is that, for whatever reasons, many people feel

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very threatened or they feel that this is, you know, the best way to defend the faith by, you know, speaking in such a manner against other people that I don't think that's healthy for Islam is definitely not healthy for the average Muslim. And frankly, I don't like it as well, it just gets me involved. I'm not interested in defending my honor, or even defending my views and presenting my views if you like them, and have them if not, then move on. But, you know, to get involved in this markup, I'm not too enthused. And so one of the things I'm thinking about, and a lot of people have been suggesting this to me, actually, for many, many years, is to open up a private portal, where

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those that are interested can come without any, if you're not interested, no worries, but those that are interested can come and we can have

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had up cars that are global, I can express my views and interact with the students that are interested in actually studying and inshallah we all benefit I'll benefit from your views, you'll benefit from mine, and we don't have to worry about that which is destructive for the soul. I'm not interested, as I said in in defending or refuting and the types of languages and vulgarities and accusations, I just don't think it's healthy for the mind confuses the people and drags the people down to that which they should not do. So as I said, I'm aiming towards

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leaving the social media completely eventually. And this you have seen already I'm you know, lessening my interactions. And so one of the alternatives might be a private platform. And if this were to be the case, then

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I might have to charge a nominal fee just to sift through a nominal fee. It's not meant for any anyway, well, these are discussions that perhaps if you're getting the comments, if you are, if there's an alternative, I don't know, is there an alternative where I can still interact with those who are interested in tracting, I'm not out to, as I said, convert anybody from any position that they're comfortable with that is mainstream within the oma, all good and final hamdulillah. But in my own journey, I have traveled quite a lot physically and intellectually and if anybody's interested to hear my views or ideas and Hamdulillah, and I'm happy to learn because I consider

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myself to be a thought of him till the day that I die. And I continue to think and reflect and shape my views. In any case.

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With that long introduction. The standard disclaimer is this is a library chat. And it is intermediate level and it's meant for those that are interested in it that there's nothing dangerous per se it's just a dry subjects. For many people. It's not going to be an immune booster. This is one of those academic dry things that karami and you know, the infamous event in the fifth century of nature poor and the impact that it

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Out on the satellites and whatnot. So this is a very historical topic that is only of interest to those that are interested in academic history, which is actually what I'm interested in. I'm not interested in political history that much I'm not interested in, you know, a lot of other things, what my passion is, is the history of ideas. Where did the ideas come from? How did they, how were they adopted by certain, you know, times in places? When did they become popular? How did they shape other ideas, so that's what interests me intellectual history, and especially, of course, intellectual history of theology, but overall, the history of ideas. So this is going to be one of

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those topics, if you're interested in that, pay attention and listen, if not then plenty of other electrodes to show that we can benefit from so let us begin to shallow data we will talk about today, two separate things that are integrally linked together. And that is the filter their group called the car Ramiz. And a very, very famous incident that took place in the historic city of Nisha a board that directly caused one of the most important shifts in Islamic intellectual history. And that is the rise of the eyeshade school. Now we're not going to talk about the rise of the high school today, that's going to be maybe another library chat. But today we're going to set the stage

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or we're going to talk about the incident that was the precursor to that, to that trajectory, which we're all familiar with the trajectory familiar with that, you know, for the fifth sixth seventh century, the school dominated and it became the dominant School of the Sunni odema for over 500 years. Up until modernity we can say that really in many ways. It is still the dominant school that of course, third ism or slash Salafism has become a competitor, as you know, in the last 100 years or so, in particular, in the last 100 years, even taymiyah provided intellectual challenge, but his ideas didn't really catch on but anyway, I'm jumping on let's get back to fifth century Nish

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airport, of course Nish airport you've all heard of. It's one of those famous cities we've heard of. It is in currently in the is a small town in Iran. But back in the fifth century, and even before Nisha pool was the intellectual and theological capital of that entire region, and it was a hub of great aroma. Many famous Malema in my Muslim a Nisha booty many famous aroma were from Nisha poor and Nisha poor, was the home to many different factions. And we are interested now at the fourth and fifth century so we're talking to around 300 400 hedgerow three hundreds for hundreds of the hedgerow around 400 hijiri nature poor was host to many different groups you had a large faction of

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isma ease at the time by the way this my ideas are the fourth century fifth century are not to the Smiley's of the 21st or the 15th century the hedgerow these are still me practicing Muslims and whatnot they have the rituals they they just have the belief in the 17 moms and whatnot but you know, they haven't become balton is fully yet that's still gonna happen, you know, a century later, but they're going in that direction. You had more Tesla, lots of more visitor, you had the group we're going to talk about today, car Ramiz, you had large fractions of the musawah. You had of course the halal Hadith or the you know, the humbly theology the the authorities if you like, and of

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course, you had a Chinese as well. In fact, naisha pool was dominated with a shadow Roma at this point in time, as we'll discuss in a later lecture today is primarily about the the keramas. In terms of legal schools, you had the standard Hanafi Shafi school to two main ones, you really didn't have a strong presence of Humphries and fic. Ys initio put in this time frame. And you also had a very interesting school called the karate School, which we'll talk about, right. So the karate school was a unique school to nature poor, that it only existed in a shop or, and this school has a very interesting trajectory, because it became the dominant School of nature poor, it was officially

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adopted by the resonable Empire, my model has never it was adopted by the Muslim Empire. So the lesson of IDs were karami, in theology, and in fifth, and then the famous hooded Empire, adopted the karami theology, and then with the decline of the husband of his and then the decline of the odds that karami theology completely disappeared from the face of this earth in the seven slash eighth Islamic history century. And the entire school became a footnote in Islamic history. And the fact that matter is that we're it not for this one incident that I'm going to talk about today, were it not for this one incident, frankly, the entire trajectory of the karami Federico would have just

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been a footnote that would have remained in a footnote, but they did one thing that caused what is undoubtedly the greatest intellectual shift in Islamic history. And that is the rise of the shadow school. And the details of that will be maybe another library chat, but we're going to talk about what they did to cause the rise of the tertiary school. So once again, today's lecture is about the commies and what they did to the price maybe some other time, I'll talk about the

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You know, the IRA school and what happened with them, who are the commies who founded them. The Quran is were founded by the founder of the eponymous founder, his name is Abu Abdullah Mohammed Ibn kar ROM or calm or curam different ways, but Quran is the more popular one, and he died 250 508 69 C. So that's, you know, 1200 years ago, 250 500. Even Karen, were traveled the world, he was from Russia. But he traveled to about that he studied for a little while with Mohammed as well. And he founded his own theology, and his own legal school as well. So in this time frame, in this heyday, of Islam of early Islam, there were so many different theological schools and so many different

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film schools as well as every advanced student knows, there aren't just four schools of fish, there were over 30 schools, there aren't just you know, three main branches they were many branches have many different understandings of Islam. And so even Quran starts propagating a new theology, even caroms theology.

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We're gonna we're going to get there a little bit. So he started propagating unique theology. In terms of fifth very interestingly, even though he studied with him, I'm humbled, he adopted by enlarge the Hanafi school with some very minor modification. So essentially, he is a modified hanafy in fifth, and he has his own al Qaeda, which we're going to talk about right now. Also, even Quran was a charismatic, fiery preacher who invoked constantly the motif of stories and also lots of you know, heavy that are deemed to be fabricated. So even Quran was one of those popular populist preachers who would rile up the masses with these bizarre stories of Heaven and Hell, and

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apocalyptic times and whatnot. And he moved large groups of people. And because of this people converted to his ideology and teachings, he retired to Nisha poor for many years, and his gatherings increased until he became into trouble with the law. And he was then expelled and he died in a faraway land Actually, he died in Jerusalem, excuse me, and his followers would visit Jerusalem for for his grave for many, many years. But it was inicia border that where he was from and where he lived, where the majority of his followers were, in fact, we do not know of any group who followed him that lived outside of Asia poor and nature poor was predominantly in terms of the masses, it was

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predominantly karami. As we said, in terms of the elite in terms of the movers and shakers, there were a lot of shadows, a lot of more sensitive lights, some say these even and semi Smiley's you had all of them, but a majority of the masses have a sharp or followed even Quran because of his. Well, he's from Nisha port, and because of his charismatic nature and teachings. Now, what exactly was his athlete? Well, one of the problems when it comes to his alpha was that we don't know for sure, the details of his theology because all of the writings of his school have disappeared. Again, this is so interesting. So his school dominated that region of Lesnevich territory. So there's never this

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like modern day avant is time, right? That's the Hudson River region, parts of Iran modern day of London, maybe even maybe even some parts of Buxton, this is the husband of it, Empire. And the karate school was the default, the official metal habit of the hundreds for most of the US naval history. When the less there is declined the odds, who also were based in a region of one is done, the audits came to power, and the holds lasted another 200 years, and they too, are karami. So they were karamja, Rama, they were karami textbooks, they were karami Maduro says and even Quran himself wrote a number of aka the treatises that were studied by his students, and Subhan Allah these days,

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we do not have a single treaties of our data from the founder or from his school. It is one of those strange, you know, quirks of history that this this school that spanned an entire region, and was the dominant School of number of empires for three 400 years that the school vanished without a trace. And in fact, very recently, a number of Western academics discovered well one of them Aaron Zeisel, very famous name and academia, he discovered two karami legal snippets textbooks, not even full text books, and he edited them and publish them. So we get an idea and I went through those books and is basically Hanafi filled with everything I remember it read this many years ago, one or

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two very minor modifications, but it's basically standard Hanafi Fiqh, we don't have a single treaties of his own APA. Now we have a law written by his enemies about what he believed, but as I've said so many times if you're following my library test by now, we never ever can be certain about what one's enemy says about your beliefs, because even if they're factual, even if they quote something that is true, they will leave out other things and form and this is human

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In nature, look at if you were to take morphism from Sony textbooks if you were to take Yani international for Sony textbooks, you're gonna form, sometimes even semi valid picture, but it is not fully valid. And there's a lot of missing gaps. And there's a lot of contextualization. And there's a lot of justification that you don't find out from one strand. So if you really want to hear what somebody believes, you need to hear it directly from them and unascertained the holistic view Why do they say what they say? So we don't have Unfortunately,

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the realities of the theology of the khatami's from them them themselves what we do have is treaty sees written from our side and from the Morteza and from the isn't actuaries refuting the Quran is so when they refute the Quran is we get kernels of truth. As I said, we don't get the full picture. And we don't get justification. That's really one of the main problems when you read the other side. Nonetheless, what do we know we can say and again, summarizing here, the main thing that the Quran is associated with is the claim that a man is with the tongue only a man is verbal only. So they say a man is not in the heart, and the man is not in the actions. As we're aware. This was a huge

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controversy back in the second century of the Hydra, all the way to the formation of all the schools and hence, every single theological school took a particular motif or stance, the authority said a man is in the heart and is residing in the heart and manifested in the tongue and performed by the actions that increases and decreases and the shadow generally set eemaan is essentially that it is affirmation of Arthur's to within them that is the affirmation a part of Iman or not, as Judy says, in shadow, Joe hora, and the Morteza had a modified position to which they said they had anyway so you get my point the cottage is they have their views as well. The karadeniz were the only group

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that said Eamon is in the tongue in the tongue. Now, this is what their enemies accused them of. If you read some of the treaties that are a little bit more nuanced than what the enemies have written, it does appear that what they intend by this is not that actions are not a part of human because the karami physical overall, was a fiddle part that was associated with populace, ie, let's just say not really the intellectual elites, but those are the masses that we're pilotis stick, and that was so hard and Ubud so there was an element of the soul, Wolf, an element of storytelling, an element of living, simple lives an element of extra piety. It's not that they're saying that they're not like

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the Moto G. That said that, you know, we don't care what we do or not, or some of them, would you would say that? No, rather what they're saying is that when a person says they're Muslim, we don't know what's in his heart. So we assume that they are Muslim. And we don't really get involved with whether they're Catholic or not. As long as they say the Kalima then we will assume them to Muslim this appears to be what they meant by this when they said a man is if at all, they are not claiming that you don't have to have actions. Rather, what they're claiming is that we judge a person by what he says, and you know, after the death of the Prophet, listen, we're not really, we're not going to

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open up somebody's heart. Now. So that's the first thing that they said, The mind is on the tongue. The second thing that they're associated with is an extreme affirmation of the attributes, so much so that they are considered to be we just seem up or anthropomorphise ascribing a body unto God and this is because even Quran was very explicit that basically when he said that Allah has a hand that is a really a hand and Allah has eyes and Allah has an Allah sits on the throne he used the word sit is the aura so his opponent said to him This means that Allah must be out of the villa is that a Jew some a body, and so even Quran basically said, Okay, he's just him, but he's legit some lacquer,

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lacquer edge Sam, he is the body not like other bodies. And he affirmed that Allah subhana wa Tada. This is his belief. We don't believe this asset you don't believe this and know the other goose will leave this that Allah subhana wa Taala physically sits on the throne. And that end with a villa that they're less touching, I mean, this is what you would say that the the throne of that you and he would literally affirm that Allah has a corporeal body and that the throne is is carrying the weight of Allah subhanho wa Taala he also said that Allah is a Maha lil Howard which means that the divine is a substrate for accidents now again if you know your your theology, you know what my eyelid what

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it means, and this is something that the authorities did not affirm in that language. And they are very careful about how they say you know these types of things and as well the of course the the other groups that consider this to be completely cool for us to say this because to say that, you know, a change occurs within God. Obviously for the groups of Calum. This means that God must be a creative body if you know your if you know your theology,

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About the proofs for the existence of a lion although the point being the karami said that,

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that Allah azza wa jal is just some local exam and he is Mahal. Howard is the point this he is extremely, very much anthropomorphic, affirming the attributes to a level that is far left of the authority, creed. And

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we he had a number of fatal causes from his strength as well as is always the case. And the greatest scholar of that school after him was somebody by the name of Mohammed even though Hey, some with Assad, Mohammed inhale, some who died 409 and his views about anthropomorphism are some of the most extreme known to early Islam. Not the most, there's people that are even more bizarre than him. But even though he is some is a well known name in the books of polemics, and he was a karami you know, 200 years after the founder passed away. And just FYI, a lot of the shady critics of the 13 ibn taymiyyah strand of Islam. They claimed that Ibn taymiyyah was affected by eternal hasaan and that

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even Tamia revive some of the teachers everyone hates them, obviously, as somebody who admires him and Tamia. Still to this day, believe it or not, despite what my critics say, I don't view this to be accurate. There's a lot of difference between the two but you should be aware of this. So as we said,

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Mohammed Dominica Rahm was somebody from the shop or whose idea spread his film became very popular. Remember that hubby says of him in his biography and his CEO that their fatal flaw has many writings and treatises, and then they withered and completely vanished now rubella him in what we seek Allah's refuge from deviancy kinda Tila karamja to Katharina before us on the karamea were very many in hora sand and then they completely disappeared. So, as we said, this is briefly the theology and the rise and fall of the karamja because of the Muslim is and then the horrors Now why are we discussing it? This is all boring introduction from any of you. Now let's get to some of the spicy

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or the or the juicy stuff. Why are we discussing the commies?

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Frankly had it not been for one incident. There would not be much to discuss about the commies. But this one incident, as we said, caused a chain reaction we should say it directly provoked the one thing that immediately led to the ascendancy of the ashad ICT school, and this is known as the expulsion or the maintainer of the Usher era. The Usher era had a mission that they called in their own books they say they had a mission and this is the medtner we will talk about today. This took place roughly in the year 455 hijiri 455 HD so in order to discuss this manner, we have to go back to naisha board as we were talking about and doesn't have its have taken over that region.

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That's not their capital but naisha port is one of the major cities of the lesson of its as we said the doesn't have its officially supported the commies and the one of the founders of the founder of the lesson of his civic again, he chose the leader of the Quran is Abuja Pope is happened in my Mashad who died 383 and he chose him as the Grand Mufti and the quality and so booked again chooses the karami as their main as their main ally as their main source of basically theology. And the the avian Mashad chose for Sivak to gain a number of key ministers and positions. sibling again son is the famous Moodle has nearly every single Indian Pakistani Bengali person knows more than the US

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Navy. His name is famous in Islamic history died 44 421 hijiri 1030 ce Moodle US Navy continued to patronize the car Ramiz and he chose he chose even by Mashhad son, his name is Mohammed he chose him to be basically his right hand man domain all the the main judge and abubaker Mohammed, the son of Ibn Muhammad Shah, he began exploiting the sectarianism and trying his best to make the Quran is the one and only School of all of na chabaud and he had many of the other groups exiled It is said even executed some of the leaders of the smilies He also instigated a soul bond with the husband to be to fight some neighboring principalities that was a deep there was a small group of ladies and

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Tatarstan. And so a murderous subject again starts getting involved in sectarianism in this regard. And one of the things that he also gets involved in is to target the shady theologians of the region. Eventually the karami is lost favorite of the hundreds and why that happened is beyond the scope of this of our lecture today. And so there was no bids basically, intelligently relocated, relocate to the cloud.

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The Quran is to

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the province of war and eventually the hordes took charge of them and the hordes adopted karami methodology until 200 years later father *er Dena Raji comes along, or Rosie interacts with the Quran is in a very harsh manner a Razzie has to also flee for a while to leave, to leave his region because of the Quran is by the way, the Quran is were so powerful, maybe we'll discuss this in another library I have discussed in in previous library chat, the Quran is caused the death they poisoned one of the senior scholars of the of the era it's even for rock even for rock was poisoned to death, they tried their best to execute even with the salon by by accusing admin for lack of

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certain things. He pleaded his case to the salon, and this whole fun, and the Sultan agreed that he's not a deviant. And so on the way back from the court, the karami he said, because we're not certain to this day is a very mysterious, he was healthy when he walked out. By the time he got back home, he has died of poison. And it's pretty clear that they have this is what the people say that they have that the Quran is poisoned him this is all going to happen under the watch of the karami. So we see sectarianism is becoming very, very powerful in this timeframe. Well, what happened was that in the year for 28 of the Hydra, there was nerve IDs were forced to surrender in a shop or to a

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new power, the cell jokes and the cell jokes marched into an a shop or, and took over in a shop or the Salton of the sell dog store whole bag was his name doggerel bag in the year 431 hedger, the soul bond of the soul jokes takes over an airport, and he begins reading the whole book in his name, the famous battle of a den den con, every student of history should know the Battle of dundun Khan is one of the decisive battles of Islamic history between the haves and have nots, and between the cell jokes, the Battle of denden han will give way to the cell jokes which will eventually give way to the Ottoman Empire. That's all political history. We're not interested in the cell jokes. The

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cell jokes were not really how should I put this interested in books in theology, let me put it that way. The soldiers were warrior class and the soul bond total back when he entered the city of Nisha airport, he basically asked, you know, he basically asked for help Who should I take as my main Minister? Who should I take to get me my right hand Matt? And the person that eventually ended up in this position was a fanatical karami a hard core Die Hard dyed in the wool fanatical ultra you know how the you know how that mindset is? karami His name is a quandary. The full name, Mr. Dean Abu Nasr Mansoor al Condotti al quandary was to launch one of the most humiliating episodes in a

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shattered history, it is called the mahina of Nisha poor. All of this was background so to summarize before we move on, the lesson of IDs popularized karami theology before basically kind of sort of officially moving on and not really they didn't ban but officially It is said My mother has never eventually converted to more visitors and that's what it appears to be the case. However, for a long period of time the lesson of is supported khatami's

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and the Quran is became the dominant force of nature or the seljuks come in to rollback comes in defeats the has nervous and Tobler back doesn't know any of this type of stuff. And so he takes a minister, the Prime Minister by the name of alconbury Anil quandary was, as I said, a fanatical karami. So within a few years after a quandary establishes his base, he launches in the year 445 hedgerow for 4500 1053 See, he launches a manner an inquisition, a public campaign against all of the eye a little bit. And the goal was to cleanse the city of everybody who's a little bit and to remove from any position from any hottie post from any madrasa to remove to imprison to kill

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anybody, depending on how severe the penalty was, was severe. The deviancy was anybody who is a little bit up, and

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the manner began in the year 445. hijiri, by the way, had been a sack of the famous Ashanti theologian in his Debian caliber military. He says it began for 14 however, he's writing a century later, aka shady who was an eyewitness to famous local shady, who was an eyewitness he dates it to 445. So most likely have been our cycle wants to make it longer than it was the medtner lasted four or five years. That's it for five years for 45 to 450 hedgerow, what happened, literally

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a quandary with carte blanche authority from total bag total bag just to do whatever you want. Basically, a quandary announced an order

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To arrest all of the senior members of the Ashanti school, okay, now at this point in time, the most famous shots in the world were initial. Okay, remember I'll talk about this point and in a future library Tetris, remember it for now, a shad ism in this timeframe was not flourishing in both dad, both dad everybody knows this go read your history third fourth century of the hedgerow both dad was him, buddy, but that was sad. But the dad the capital was completely humble. Like, I gave every chat about bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, Hardy and Khalid and all that go listen to that. But the dad was completely humbled at this time at this time frame. And the Chinese schools very small you had bar

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Healy and even which I had some very minor figures

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in both that minor meaning quantity wise intellectuals geniuses, but about Kalani was there as well. But you know, they were the fringe naisha pooled was where a shad ism in terms of meddra says even for rock and others initial photos were shot ism dominated a certain area and a certain intellectual class. karami is where the masses as shadow ism was a number of madrasahs. And they had a good solid bass in nature poor nature poor was the largest group of shout outs in the world at the time. And the only group of karami there were no karate is anywhere else besides that region. Now, there was competition, as we said, they've already they've already poisoned even food, or 30 years ago, right

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before dog died at the turn of the century. So they've already poisoned avian flu like this is the previous generation, there's a lot of animosity and hatred between the keramas and between the ashara. It's not that they didn't like other schools, they there's a these they smile is that they got rid of all of them. But in particular, they had a particular hatred for the Shiites. Why? Because they're so similar. They're both Sunni, they're both, you know, Hadith oriented, they believe in most of the things same. So when there's a level of familiarity and similarity, in reality, the tensions actually increase even more. And this is actually human nature Freud mentions

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is, by the way, this is well known. And the reality of this. So in a manifestation of this, by the way, completely unrelated tangent, it is easier for every group to have interfaith dialogue than to have interfaith dialogue. So a Catholic can meet,

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you know, a Sunni, and they can have lots of dialogue. But for Catholics and Protestants to have, you know, dialogue or a Sunni and Shia to have dialogue is far more awkward than for a Sunni to have dialogue with Protestants and evangelicals and whatnot. So the farther apart you are, you know, the more you can politically correct common ledee Don, what not, the closer you are, the more awkward it becomes because now the demarcation has to go. And that's ironic. I'm saying this as a factual statement, not that I agree with it actually shows a lack of intellectual understanding. And that is how we find actually most of frankly, another complete tangent, look at these reputations who's

00:32:52--> 00:33:30

refuting whom the people that refute me and others they're actually 99% the same as me. But it's that 1% that becomes so big, you don't find people in faraway groups really refuting me they don't care about what I have to say right? So that's the irony of the reputation culture and the hatred culture as well. So back to our point the Quran is and they say the Quran is in the shadows, there's actually a huge clash going on. And so a quandary announces from the member that the hash IDs are a little bit the by name. The major massages are now ordered by the command of the the the soul pawn countries giving the name of the soul bond, but in reality he's the one calling the shots by the way

00:33:30--> 00:34:08

here footnote. What is the rollback doing? Is he even involved is Does he even care? We don't know. In all likelihood, totebag wasn't interested in this stuff. But at the same time, he was a minister taking care of the kingdom so he lets him get his play game for a while. And as usual, he comes in lashes him in the back and this is always the case kings and rulers versus the ruling class and whatnot, they'll give a little bit to gain and then it'll come and backfire. Then look what happened in other places and kingdoms or other wall so this is always the case as well. So most likely my analysis total bag was not involved at all, he simply allowed Condotti because contrary was

00:34:08--> 00:34:54

effective in some areas, but completely a bumbling buffoon. As one of the modern authors, Cosmo is a buffoon, and others completely ignorant to what should be done. So quandary issues a decree in 455 hijiri, saying that the eyeshadows are a little bitter, and that, that that's the leading scholars of the Ashanti school should be jailed, literally should be jailed, some odema were banished others were imprisoned and public sentiment was roused against the against the shadows there. The people began to like hate them, oh, these are all added up. And in particular, the four senior most scholars of the Chinese school were arrested or I should say sorry, take that back. The four senior

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

scholars were ordered to be arrested. Number one, I will ask them O'Shea at the famous

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

My uncle shady died 465 hedgerow number two a scholar by the name of I will follow that mud wrestle for it. Number three Abu Sal Mohammed moonwalk died 456

00:35:12--> 00:35:58

and we're going to come back to Abraham Wharf up in a later lecture and number four Alma Ali Al Duany, the famous alljoyn He died for 78. So for our purposes of joini, and of course at the two most famous scholars command was given to arrest them to make a public spectacle of them to drag them in the streets and curse them and then to take them to jail and then to try them then Allah knows what would have happened after that. And in fact, a shady was in fact jailed, as was for it. As for old Duany, the famous Oh joy any old Duany sensing the impending order, he disguised himself disappeared in public sight and fled Nisha port. Where are you going to go? The only place to go in

00:35:58--> 00:36:36

the Muslim world at the time where you're going to be totally safe was Mecca and Medina How do I mean? So a mama Duany fled to Mecca and Medina where he taught for a number of years and he rose to fame and he was given the he mama of the harem. And hence What do we call Joni? emammal haramain lg waney we call Duany emammal halaman Where did you become a mom with Halloween? How did you lead Sala in Makkah and Medina even though he's from Nisha port, because he fled for his life or fled from being arrested because of the karami fitna because of the country's manner, a 455. So Joanie flees to MCC and Medina stays there for a number of years until the Amanda dies down and then he comes

00:36:36--> 00:37:21

back so join he is out of the picture. Or shady is in jail. We had a fourth he also went to jail. What happened to him no more * the third one I was sad is his name. Oh boo Sal riles up another neighboring city and brings together a militia to attack Nisha poor and to free Aleppo shady and to free others from jail. So literally a civil war is about to break out in nature poor on the one hand, you have the machetes, on the other hand, you have the the Quran is and the Quran is are in charge of the city. So I will Sal brings a number of, you know, combatants like a militia force with their bows and arrows, and he attacks the walls of the city. But he's, he's not able to overcome

00:37:21--> 00:38:03

However, his troops reach the marketplace and the combatants began fighting in the market of na shabu until the authorities declared that Okay, we have to have a discussion, no more fighting and it was agreed that if a booster had withdraws, then of course, he shall be released or shady shall be released, was held demanded he wants to speak to total beg, he wants to speak to the soul bond directly, and he wants to negotiate. And so that was granted. However, the the Quran is played a double, you know, he they dug, they double crossed, and so when Abu Salah came, he was imprisoned, rather than having that debate and dialogue, and he was thrown into jail, and all of his property

00:38:03--> 00:38:50

was confiscated. He was a wealthy man, all of that property was confiscated. Eventually, after two or three years, they were allowed into exile. But woosah had was double crossed, and so he was thrown into jail. The mission had lasted for at least five years, in the year 454. So from 445 to 450, when I'll parser on the famous Alper salon succeeded his father, as the governor of Nisha board and Alper salon, got rid of a quandary. He did not like Gandhi at all. In fact, he had Condotti jailed, and then tortured to death, gruesome torture, his body was dismembered and dispersed. Now why did this happen? Nothing to do without PETA, it was the fact that alconbury had opposed a young

00:38:50--> 00:39:01

Alper salon from rising up in power, it was politics, and other personal I never forgot that that country had tried to get a person out of the picture. And you don't forget when you're a politician, these types of things.

00:39:03--> 00:39:45

And so when other porcelain got to power out of a salon, executed a quandary and cut up his body and country had a very, very evil death, the eyeshadow to write about this with a sense of Glee and they say that this is divine justice that after what he did to the rights, that this is what he deserved. So other portsalon got rid of a quandary. And then at the power salon chose somebody from the opposition of our country, somebody who was from the other camp. Because of all the fitna that had occurred, a mini civil war has taken place almost so much chaos and tribulation, another man is chosen and that man is none other than nizoral molk and that story, we're going to continue in

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

another lecture inshallah Tada, but a person chooses his almond milk now. One One thing we need to think about here before we finish up for today, is that the expulsion of the eyeshadows from croissant has been interpreted in many different ways. As Sue

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Key. Obviously the Ushahidi historian as Suki

00:40:04--> 00:40:49

says that a quandary was unbelievably a mortality, a raw fieldly of kaduri. And we just sim and karami, like every single negative attribute that he can read. And other scholars give other interpretations like Why did quandoo do what he did? What was the reason why, you know, you have modern historians who don't believe in these after the wars anyway. And they say there was politics involved, who was a tactic etc. In fact, you know, the research that I've done, it's very clear to me that quandary was a bigot. He was a fanatical, basically a zealot, who thought that the karate school was the only school and he had a special hatred for the shots. And so he purposely targeted

00:40:49--> 00:41:31

the shots because he felt threatened. The only school that was an intellectual challenge to him was the Ashanti school. So he especially targeted them more than even he targeted these melodies, and the the twelvers in the 80s he targeted the shots and so he jailed and he exalt and whatnot Now, how do we know this? There are three points that evidences I'm going to submit the first evidence is perhaps one of the most explicit and it is a lecture by the jailed Aqua shady, the person who was jailed Of course at the famous call center you all know this name of Christianity. He's a famous and he's a Shadi is a Sufi as well. He's written books um, the famous local Shetty who has written a

00:41:31--> 00:42:13

book on Kosovo. That's that that Akashi, so I'll call shady in jail, he writes a letter to whom, to the halifa in Baghdad, right? he's in jail inicia port, the sole pawn so the Sultan is other person, the Sultan is total back. And this one is not the Hollywood he's the mini dynasty. Remember, you know, the cell jokes were not the caliphate, the cell jokes were semi independent dynasty. So he writes a letter to the halifa in Baghdad. And that letter has been preserved and we're gonna talk a little bit little bit about that that's the first piece of evidence. The second piece of evidence the famous color of Hadeeth, I'll be happy died 458 I'll be happy, heard about what's happening.

00:42:13--> 00:42:29

He's not in the shop, or he's in another city, I'll be happy writes a letter to a person he's writing a letter to the soupon don't get confused, or shady is in a shop or under our salon, or the person is the one who put him in jail via a quandary, right? Hope you guys aren't confused too many names. You're right.

00:42:30--> 00:43:09

Where was I, of course, he is in jail, the Nisha port. He writes a letter to the Khalifa in Baghdad, and we're going to talk about the letter, the second evidence and be happy hearing what's happening in a neighboring province writes a letter directly to the auditor, big in nature poor, and we'll talk about that later, too. And then the third piece of evidence is the existence and what happened with a particular person living in neesha poor at the time, who demonstrates that the reality of what's going on and his name is Abu earthman or savani of Earth mount Assad. We will talk about these three evidences now. If you look at these two evidences we'll explain them in a while. It is

00:43:09--> 00:43:56

very clear that the persecution of the Shi'ites was a theological phenomenon. It was motivated by a bigotry and zealousness that every fundamentalist knows and we see this online to this day, that my way or the highway, and that quandary was a overzealous karami and he wanted to target the Ashanti school, the theological Sharia school, he was not interested in in traffic issues of shaft theory or hanafy. He was not interested in politics, he was just a bigot who wanted the karate school to dominate and so he imprisoned he tried to kill he expelled and these five years are called the mission of the of the Shah of the Shire now let's get back to these three evidences and then we're

00:43:56--> 00:44:36

done for today inshallah hope that was a simple lecture that introduce you to a very important concept now with the first evidence is the famous uncle shady as we said, he wrote a research article shady, right you guys that are studying this type of stuff, you should know the famous researcher crochet, this is that guy, he was in jail because of Condotti and he wrote a letter to the halifa. This letter is called Sheikah to release sooner by a guy at Manor home in the complaint of Allah sooner by narrating the manner that was meted out to them the manner that they had to undergo the complaint of Alice sooner by narrating the manner that was meted out to them. And in

00:44:36--> 00:44:59

this letter, he wanted support for his group against the group that persecuted him. This letter is dated for 46 hedger one year after the manner begins, and he is writing from jail. Now how do we have this letter? We thank Allah that Talia Dena Suki even told me his opponent that they have been as Suki in his famous double pot. He preserves the letter in his in

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

Higher tea and he says, and we shall repeat reproduce this letter in its entirety since epistles similar to this are easily lost as time goes on for such as the fate of such booklets and quote, such as Oh head Suki preserved the entire treaties there is no manuscript we have no records of this letter except in sub keep who is writing 300 years later, so Suki writes it, of course, portions of it are found here and there, including the famous Ibn isiaka to be indicative of Teddy that he also mentions and he quotes from this from this letter now, it must be kept in mind, right? That of course it is Ashley, Sophie. And the halifa in Baghdad is a 30 humbly. Okay, so this is setting the

00:45:45--> 00:46:35

stage for one of the key points. I'll talk about this later. Where this is the year for 55 Digital shad ism and Methodism slash humble ism have not yet become two distinct schools. I hope you guys memorize this point. A shad ism and humble ism are grudgingly in the same space. very minor tensions are happening but no major official split has occurred. There scholars know there's fine differences between them but in reality it is one spectrum. In reality it is one continuum and the karami is and this is important guys were one of the first to really differentiate between the machetes and between the hem bellies. Okay, this is an important point as I said, this is where the Quran is

00:46:35--> 00:47:22

become really important that the Quran is did certain things that have long lasting repercussions in Islam. So the Quran is, by and large, the pay attention to this. We're not viewing the ham buddies as being a little bit they tolerated them. They consider them to be okay and either not the best but you know, we'll keep them in they did not persecute the ham buddies, we're going to explain how we know this. they persecuted the machetes. Now, the machetes of the time. Wanted to side with the ham bellies against the keramas. So there's three groups here, and each one is competing for its own. So the ashati School is being said you're a little bit out. The homies weren't touched the ashtrays

00:47:22--> 00:48:08

that you added without a shady rights to the halifa trying to gain sympathy to his school and saying we are together with you guys against those fanatics right we are the same school we're really one school here. And of course at his letter begins with a praise of what has an ID as the one who revived the sooner and who fought against the martyr Zilla and he's trying to explain a shorter leash it to be a lion of the sooner and then appreciate he writes that, for indeed the books of a machete are widely spread over the lands. And his doctrines are well known to both schools have Allison his doctrines are known to both schools have I had a son that end quote, or shady is saying,

00:48:08--> 00:48:50

oh, fellow ham bellies, and as machetes, we are schools of ahead of sooner. Obviously 300 years later, both of these schools even tambien Suki are going to negate each other. You're not a part of our school. We're exclusive. At this stage. There's trying to be some to our own and some out of and some coming together. And shady then introduces five specific theological doctrines that the Chinese were accused of. And he defends these positions and says they are mainstream student ism, number one that the profits of some of the commies are accusing. So basically he's saying why am I in jail? Why did they put me in jail? These are the five reasons. Number one, the Profit System is no longer a

00:48:50--> 00:49:28

profit after his death. Now, this is what the accused have been full of 3030 years ago. They said before doc no longer believes the processes of profit. This is something to do with accidents don't subsist to timeframe. So basically, point is some groups said that when the process and passed away, the accident of prophecy no longer exists. So we don't consider him a prophet. And this is not mainstream eyeshadows him at all. But of course that was the accusation that was done. The second point that Allah does not punish the sinner for his sin, or the good person for the good deed. Rather, the punishment and sin are independent. This goes back to the notion of CUSP and this was

00:49:28--> 00:49:57

misinterpreted by the court Ramiz The third point is that Mossad did not actually hear the speech of Allah, and that the Orion that is preserved between the two Koreas is not the actual speech of Allah. And this is actually a shady doctrine. And so the Quran is accusing them of that this is what they believe. The fourth point is that the Eman of the Khalid is not valid. And again, some of the Chinese did say this that you have to have a job another and the fifth point they said the studying qalam is an evil innovation. Now, all of these five points

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

is something that appreciated

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

defends as saying this is mainstream scientism that we're not interested in that you can go read it it is it is preserved in it is preserved in

00:50:08--> 00:50:51

total court of the shaffir, who Cobra, of taketina suki, and Elko shady then ends this lecture by cursing the commies. So some of the Quran is made, may God fill his grave with fire, you know, so basically he is very clearly angry at the Quran is now what does this letter show, as I said, the anger that that quandary has, and the reason why he's in jail are these five points. They're all theological. It's all theological. Now, shady, wants to side with the Hambali saying, Hey, guys, were two of the same, you know, sides of the coin. Were the same school against those guys. And this is the point of writing the letter to the halifa. in Baghdad. The second piece of evidence is are

00:50:51--> 00:50:57

they happy? Or what can I be happy? I will walk away happy is in the neighboring province.

00:50:58--> 00:51:40

Was it right? Don't quote me on that. I'll be happy as the modern. Don't quote me on that. He's in the neighboring province. He's not under a super salon, and he writes a letter to Alper salon to the Sorbonne, urging him to free the prisoners because Albay healthy is of the Ashanti school. And so I'll be happy writes a letter to Alper salon and he says that you have unjustly imprisoned, you know, great scholars, and he says in the letter, they are from Alice Suna. They do not go to the extremes of the Morteza in denying the attributes, nor do they go to the extremes of them will just simmer in assuming that the attributes to be like humans. So once again, this letter demonstrates

00:51:40--> 00:52:26

that a quandary was accusing the Usher rights of being a little bit out because of the issue of the attributes. Now, these are two evidences the final evidence which clearly indicates that the quandary was an enemy of the shadows, but not of the humble light was how he treated perhaps the senior most a 30 scholar of the city, and that is a birth man or savani. Our Earth man is made up to Abdul Rahman or savani this person of worth Manasa Boni died for 49 hydro, he was known as *hole Islam. He was a very elderly man over 75 years old at this time, and he was the hottie of the largest Masjid of Nisha poor and abort

00:52:27--> 00:53:05

abort with miter saw booni was from a Shafi family his fifth was shot theory, but his AF p that was very quote unquote humbly or sad. And he has a famous book that is studied in in humbly seminaries, it is called up either to a seller feels horrible headaches or a result if you write about that as soon as it is a famous book of a sabonis This is the famous asabe oni and again as a part of my studies I had to read this book multiple times and I have my my notes in here as usual the all the the classical books we had to do. And if you read this book, it's a standard a 30. Humbly Arteta, you know, affirming the attributes, you know, talking about, you know, the standard stuff of Iman

00:53:05--> 00:53:48

and whatnot, how it is, and he's clearly mainstream authority. By the way the Shafi school had a lot of authorities in those early days, as did the Maliki school. Look at it when they look at one and again, I say this as somebody not to any in any political matters, just the fact you can't really deny even if azima What is his athlete and he's the chef at school. So many of the great Mussolini has a treatise of our pizza. So I study theology of affirming the attributes of not liking Calum. It is very popular in early shaffir ism. And in early medic ism, unlike Hannah fism, they were pro mortality at the time. And of course, Hanif ism was aromaticity. And of course, Han Buddhism has

00:53:48--> 00:54:35

been upon the School of demand Mockingbird for most of its intellectual history. The point being that asabe Huni presents a good Litmus case of savonius jaffery. He is the Imam of the masjid is the hub of the masjid alcune duties and power. His APA is a 30. What did a condyle do to a savani. If a savani is deemed to be a deviant, then like a journey like a machete, he should be dragged to jail. If he's not deemed to be a deviant, then clearly things are going on. What we know about what happened to Assad boonie was that a savonia was stripped of his post he was not allowed to give the hookah and he was not allowed to lead slaughter. However, he was he was allowed to preach to his

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

students, and he was not put in jail. What this demonstrates is that the sad school was tolerated by the commies. It wasn't respected. They didn't want him to be a preacher. They wanted one of their own. But they didn't imprison him. And they didn't even stop him from preaching from his students. They just talked about preaching to the to the Grand madrasa

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

And therefore, the karate school tolerated the humbly slash a 30 school as being a legitimate school, they didn't consider it to be a little bit up. And they consider the Asscher IRA to be Alameda. And this was one of the first times in Islamic history that this clear cut distinction was made between the shots in between the Hamburg lights for the authorities, this distinction would grow in the next 100 years and become formal and finalize the stamp would come that these are two separate schools in another incident that we'll talk about in another library chat. And so to conclude this, this talk to conclude this library chat, what we discussed was firstly, the very

00:55:43--> 00:56:24

interesting group known as the Quran is the rise and fall of this group and how sometimes theological groups are linked to kingdoms and dynasties had it not been for this dynasty, the Quran is would have been completely unknown. And also with the departure of these dynasties, the entire karami theology has completely evaporated and if you study your intellectual history and if you listen to my library has by now you should know always politics and religion go hand in hand always you know what physical or what ideology a kingdom or a political entity sponsors it will have an impact for a period of time it doesn't mean anything about what's right and wrong, it is what it is.

00:56:24--> 00:57:04

So the commies were the dominant strand of an entire region for a long period of time and they they killed even food rock and they persecuted even for her dinner Rosie and they caused him to be expelled but then Subhana Allah Allah, they rose and they fell and hulless nothing remains of them and they chose us as well. Physical persecution does not work the irony of ironies the marked as it tried it and they failed that karami is traded they kicked out this ADC these are still around, they kicked out the Smiley's this rate is still around, they kicked out the shadows and shadows became the dominant strand of the oma. And the final point that we'll mention and this will be the kernel

00:57:04--> 00:57:49

inshallah of a future library chat. So when I give that library chat, I'm going to tell you guys to come and listen to this one. Before I give that one. The final point is that what a quandary did of his bigotry of his imprisonment, of his humiliation of parading a Sharia scholars in the streets and cursing them on the member. What's an Condotti did backfired severely, because what happened was when a quandary was dismissed and executed, the empty slot of Visio was given to the exact opposite camp because of what a country had done. And when the opposite camp got the opportunity to kind of make up for what kundry had done to kind of use as a stepping stone to redo to to gain back some

00:57:49--> 00:58:37

traction that they had lost. that opportunity wasn't just a small opportunity. That person who was to take over our country's position was the most genius Prime Minister, the oma has ever seen a name that is common in all Muslim households in Islam, but in more than one prime minister, every, you know, even little bit knowledgeable Muslim knows Ms. almondmilk, this genius, this intellectual giant, this, this master of policy, and Islamic will came in and for 35 years ran the Empire. And He instituted a series of reforms across the entire gamut of being political, but were interested in one area in education, He instituted a series of reforms that were to have the most cataclysmic

00:58:37--> 00:59:22

impact in Islamic history, as almond milk was a student of one of the imprisoned teachers. And he was with utmost respect, not being demeaning here through and through a shadow he was it was his leader. So this small group of shadow Knights who are cursed, as almond milk now has the opportunity to push back and redo and what he did, which we'll discuss in a future library chat, what he did shifted the power dynamics and launched the greatest intellectual revolution of Islamic history. And it caused the Ashanti school to go from being persecuted in literally few years to within a century, becoming the dominant school. And because what he did was at a very crucial time in Islamic history,

00:59:22--> 01:00:00

this had an impact for the next 1000 years, we're still seeing the impacts of Nizamuddin work in this regard, those impacts inshallah will be discussed in a future lecture. Final disclaimer, brothers and sisters, you all know my my background, and if you're following my lectures by now, you know, it's not my interest at all to be sectarian. Yes, I did come over particular school. But honestly, whether you're sad or a shoddy or you know, Matthew, really, you're all fine and good. My purpose for these lectures is not to, to to castigate or to cast doubt, you're all good inshallah, in this regard, I'm interested to under

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

And why certain things happen. And for a number of years, I was very interested to figure out why did the shady school dominate Islamic history even to this day? Why? What is the reason for this? Obviously from within their camp, they think this was a divine help and you know, secret, you know, not the secret but like the, as they say, The Invisible Hand of God, it's an expression Arabic, the Chinese doctor from the hand of God, it's an expression, the Invisible Hand of God. You know, john Smith's expression here. So they say this is a manifestation of divine aid. If you believe that that's fine. I don't believe that I think that we can find causal explanations. And the causal

01:00:35--> 01:01:16

explanation is what is almond milk did and why he did it was because of what a query had done. So the after effect, the reaction to Kunduz fanaticism was does almond milks institution have a number of policies and those policies spread throughout the region, the seljuk Empire became far more powerful than the less nervous and because the subjects with the seljuks and because the Xamarin book did what he did, it spread a very small fiddle to become the largest but that's gonna be the topic of another library chat open shallow data. This was of some interest to the geeks and nerds amongst you. And with that Zack qumulo head perfect when our hamdulillah Zakouma law fair, and leave

01:01:16--> 01:01:42

me your comments about how you think we should move forward. I want to as I said, we'll move away from social media and just gently go into hiding quote, unquote, not the hype or hiding another type of hiding but tell me what you guys think. Should I open my own private portal and only have those that are interested or is there any other ideas inshallah, in any case, it is getting late to my time and I will speak to you whenever that next time comes, was set on Polycom. rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Yeah.