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In this episode, Omar Suleiman explains the Islamic take on creation of women in the light of ayah from Quran and hadith of Prophet SAW very comprehensively.


AI: Summary © The discussion of Eve's birth and creation is highlighted, including her claim that men and women were created the same way and that Eve was created from a flower tree. The discussion also touches on the profit slice in the Hadith book, which suggests that women are not the same as men, and the importance of avoiding false assumptions and empathy towards women. The speaker emphasizes the need for empathy towards women in avoiding evil behavior.
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So one of the most controversial aspects of the creation of House of Eve is what was she created from and there are some very condescending things that are said about events and are used by extension to degrade women and to belittle women and to portray women as being inherently deficient. This all comes from obviously the story from the Bible, which is from Genesis that Eve specifically how it was specifically created from the money has salaams rib. Okay, so the idea of Eve being created from the rib of Adam and Adam is the is a biblical story. It's from Genesis and by extension it finds its way in our tradition as well. Now the profit slice I'm never said that Eve was

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specifically created from the rib of Adam it is Salaam. So what are we What's our take on this entire thing? Number one last pantai says la parte de la Canal in Santa Fe x Anita quipped that we have created men with you know, in the best creation and fashion him in the best creation. So what that means is, both men and women were created without deficiency, okay? Lost pets are also says what are called cattle, Amina Benny Adam, we have honored all of the children of Adam and his Salah. So that's that's to be established that wherever this discussion goes, that men and women were created in the same fashion in the sense that they are both created with the same level of

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completeness. All right, which is why I lost pantai says in Halak nakum in the Quran once a while Jana come Sure, Reuben wakaba elita out of that we've created you first and foremost from male and female, and then major nations and tribes. So a lot addresses you know, massagin ism or sexism as well as racism. In fact, he addresses sexism before racism. And at the end of it all, in economic command, Allahu Akbar, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the one who has the most taqwa. All right, the one who has the most piety which is unseen, it's in the heart. So no matter what your gender is, or what your race is, you have the same ability to reach a loss of hundreds and

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to have a sense of completeness. Now, what is the creation of Hela? Alas, pantai says, Yeah, you announce in Hala kanakam in the Quran on sobre las pantalla also says that He created you min nevsun wahida. And the first I have certain Isa, the fourth chapter law says He created you from one soul, man knifes and wahida. While caulerpa minha zoologia. Okay, and he created from it, its spouse. All right. And so here's the question minha here in the first verse of swithun, Isa Hala Caminha he created from its its spouse, what is it? What is minha and this is where the first difference of opinion appears amongst the scholars. The majority of the scholars say that how was created from the

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mighty hustler that she was extracted and created from the mining hustler, which is again her name, because she was created from something that was height something that was living, some of the scholars say minha, okay, refers to the same type of dirt that Islam was created from. Okay, so what Allah used to create other money Salam from he also used the same thing to create how up from so it's it's a it's a open difference of opinion and discussion, and there is really nothing conclusive in that regard. What we do have is a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari where the profits license says the woman was created from the rib. He doesn't specify how he doesn't specify Eve. He simply says the

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woman was created from the rib. Now the discussion is, was the profit slice and I'm employing an analogy, or was the profit slice and I'm speaking literally, all right. Could it possibly be an analogy? Well, last pantai says political insanity Menagerie, that man was created from haste. Right? So it's not literal. But it's an analogy. And what would suggest that this is an analogy is that in one of the narrations in Bahati as well, it's also completely authentic the Prophet slicin um, says Alma to calculate that the woman is like, the rib in a pump to her cassata heard that if you try to straighten it, you will break it. All right, what is the context of this hadith that the

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Prophet slicin was mentioning? So you guys have to listen very, very carefully to me in sha Allah, Allah so that you don't start to derive your conclusions. Please don't stop the video now and go into an outrage. This Hadith is actually very beautiful, because number one, it's from the hope of the prophets lie Selim in arafa. So it's, you know, just a few months before a couple of months before the prophets lysozyme passed away. The profits license, farewell hedge and the profits license and was very much in tune with his society and also last by some emphasized family issues. All right. So the prophets lie Selim says in this

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Final hope of his on the day of October he says, Are you Hannah's is still so benissa Oh people treat your wives well treat your wives. Well, for in Marotta, Holly Cartman Dylan, For verily the woman was created from a rib, what in the errata sheet and fit literary Allah. And he said, and the most bent parts of the rib is the top of it. Now realize here He did not say slice alum that the woman is the most buttoned part of the river that she's created from the most crooked part of the rib. He simply said, the most crooked part of the rib, the most bent part of the rib is the top of it. He said, slice, if you try to straighten it, you will break it. And if you leave it, then then

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it will it will remain in its place. So he said fasthosts have been nice and clear. So I kindly deal kindly with your wives. Now, if you listen to that, you say, Well, what does that exactly mean? Right? Not a single shot. Not a single explanation of this hadith is that the woman is inherently deficient, as opposed to the men that she's bent that she's crooked. And, you know, it goes to the, you know, to the general idea of assigning evil to Eve which we'll talk about inshallah tada next time, where we talk about even this particular idea of assigning evil exclusively to her, and to women in general, right, that that women are inherently deficient or crooked and evil. This this is

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not a concept in Islam. So that's definitely not the shot of the Hadith. It's not the explanation of the Hadith. It's not the context of the Hadith, and what the prophet slicin was saying, what was the Prophet slice I'm saying, either he was being literal, salaam, sallAllahu, wasallam, and saying that the woman was created from the rib. Okay, not the most crooked part, but that she was created from the rib. And he simply went on to explain what the what the most crooked or what the most dense part of the rib was, or the profit slice. And that was, was using an analogy, and most of the scholars said he was using an analogy. And what is that analogy? What was the profits licensing, he was

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saying, stop trying to change and mold your wives into what you want them to be? Because there is an impatience. And the mama No, we don't aim Allah in the explanation of the Hadith. He says the Prophet slicin was addressing the impatience that men had with their wives, and trying to, you know, make them exactly as they wanted them to be. Right? You are supposed to act like this, you're supposed to do this, you're supposed to do that, right, addressing all of their habits, addressing everything, we're not talking about how long and addressing things that are forbidden, and growing together and pleasing Allah Subhana, WA, tada and distancing ourselves from all that, that is

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considered disobedience to Allah. But the idea of trying to mold your wife into exactly what you want her to be. Right? So the profit slice, and I'm just saying, Look, you're not going to get the perfect woman. Alright, just like you're not the perfect man. All right, you're not going to and he was using the example of the rib. Because just like, if you took a rib, and you tried to just straighten it out like that, you're gonna end up breaking someone and killing yourself, okay? And the profit slice that says in that Hadith and Muslim, he said, so leave it bent, and that is better for you. Otherwise, if you break it, it is divorced. So the profit slice I was saying, breaking it

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as divorce. So the profit slice, I was saying, Look, everyone is going to have certain traits that you don't like, and you don't agree with. But this is part of who she is. And just like you have your issue, she has her issues. Right. Some of the scholars, they said that the woman's nature is more complex than the man's nature. And that's not to, you know, to buy into this concept that, that women are crazy human beings and insane and emotional wrecks, and men are the ones that are logical and know what they're doing. No, but that a lot of times men have a difficult time understanding women, all right, they don't you know, the nature of the man and the woman is different. And men

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have a difficult time understanding that, and the prophets lysozyme is saying not to interfere with that, and not to pretend like you understand everything, because there are certainly going to be gaps here, you're not going to be able to understand the third one, which I find very beautiful. The third explanation that I was able to find from there, and that was that the woman has been created in a way to protect the vital organs, right, the way that the rib protects certain things, and to try to change that might endanger those organs. And one of the beautiful things that one of the Imams said he said that, you know, a lot of times the things that we dislike in our spouses are

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actually the things that are protecting the marriage and protecting the household. They're actually good things for the household. Good things for the marriage, good things for the relationship, which is why Allah subhanaw taala says Assa and Tucker O'Shea, you might dislike something well, it's out of love you hate and Kathy, and a lot puts much blessing in the very quality that you dislike. So there are certain qualities that you might not like about your spouse, but they're what's holding things down. That's what's keeping everything in its place. And those things actually have a lot of height in them. They have a lot of good in them. And so the message of this Hadeeth is

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Not to say that women are crooked ribs are inherently crooked. That's not the understanding of the Hadith, the prophet sly son was using an example like he liked, he liked to make analogies for the law and he was selling as he used to do with many different things. And he was saying, Don't try to change your wife and mold her into what you want her to be. Understand, be compassionate, you know, grow together, we all have our deficiencies, and we shouldn't expect our spouses to be perfect. Instead, you know, we should we should mutually try to deal with those deficiencies, grow together, and be understanding when there are when there are things that we are not capable of understanding,

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so long as those things are not displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala don't until any form of harm so it could be literal. Or it could be an analogy. Either way. There is no suggestion whatsoever, which we'll talk about next time in sha Allah, of evil coming from women or deficiency, specifically being assigned to women in a way that they would be more deficient than men in any way rather, we all have our deficiencies and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to complete us through one another what's colossal but happy what's also the sub so we can grow together, and good and impatience and all that is pleasing. allama me. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited

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