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When I received an email from a woman saying that her husband wanted her to get an abortion due to financial problems, I was deeply disturbed. Sometimes, it’s a robber who is willing to take a human life for money. And sometimes, it’s parents.

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So Mike,

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how's it going, man? What's up nowadays? not enjoying the weather.

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I was enjoying the weather until I got a question.

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People we've messed up, dude,

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this lady emails me and says she's expecting Mashallah. And her husband tells her that we can't afford a baby. So we should abort.

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Like, how he could say that I don't understand, like, we don't have risk is not the time and he's even dropping some religious justification in there. Subhana Allah, and he says things like, you know, in the first few months, the angel hasn't blown in the soul to the baby, it's not really a human. So it's all good. I think if of all of this is

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I'm not in a position to get fatwas, right. And I'm never going to do that. But first of all, to cite that we cannot afford this child. And then of course, all the other religious justifications are later, the real reason is the guy wants, doesn't want to spend money. Right? So for money, he's willing to take a human life. That's what he's willing to do, which is the most absurd offensive thing. And it's particularly mentioned in the Quran, something the missionary Kuhn used to do what are called min m lab, and har*a. amla, don't kill your children, because you're poor because of bankruptcy. And don't kill your children, because in the future, you're afraid of becoming bankrupt.

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Now, nosocomial er home, we're the ones we provide you and we provide them.

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And what's missing is, but now the thing is in that ayah,

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if you violate it, if you violate that item, then you violated the entire,

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you know, that means that a law will stop providing you.

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You blocked Allah's way of providing to this child, and you ended up killing this child because you thought they're not you're not going to be able to provide for them. And the last thing, what did you think you provide for them?

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I do, like, I'd love to get credit for it himself. And if you deny that, then you're denying your own road to this, I get this person so seriously scared about money, they should be really scared of even even suggest this idea. And for the you know, the sister, I haven't responded to her yet. But what I would probably tell her is that she needs to hold her ground. And she needs to, you know, this is her baby. And this is a gift that Allah has given her and no husband has a right to say that. Husbands do not have the right to say that. That is just absolutely wrong. I don't know where they get the idea that they have the right. You know, this is a Subhanallah it's a life that Allah

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owns. Not us. We don't have a say, and we really don't, you know, so milazzo don't make the situation of these kinds of women easy, man this. Sometimes wives are messed up. And sometimes husbands are like, epic master. So what about situations where, you know, some some people, it's not married, maybe someone

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was abused? And then they ended up conceiving? I mean, how do you

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that's a completely different situation. But even then the concept, the idea of abortion is something else. It should be said about those kinds of cases that our child should not be considered curse, because that's what society does, right? allowed us and I and this and that. And

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the that's not that's not an Islamic concept, to consider that this child is legitimate, and therefore they, they are treated less than others on Western society. That's not a problem, marriage out of wedlock, and children out of wedlock. But in eastern society, traditional religious cultures, Muslims included, it's a major, major problem, right? Now Xena itself is really bad, or rape or whatever may have happened. That's a crime. And that's dealt with separately. But this child is not supposed to pay the price of somebody else's crime. They're not supposed to as traumatic admit that maybe for the mother. You know, it's this child does not serve and I'm not talking about abortion,

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because I don't know that's a separate issue. But what I am talking about is just that child should not be stigmatized. And the overarching principle that protects that child from being stigmatized is one statement from a loved one. One saying says it all what are called karma Bunny, Adam. We honored all children of Adam.

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That child is also a child of Adam, which means they're dignified by Allah.

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Which means at a certain point in the pregnancy, a rule came and was blown into that child also. And was also from Allah. You know, unless entered.

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Angels also descend on these these mothers, right? Yeah. So that's not something we can take away from. You know, there's the complicated side of this problem, which is

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You know, the the the abortion itself? Yeah. Right. Which I personally don't see how you can justify but there may be arguments. I don't know. I don't know them and that's something for people deal with but the the moral side of this and the way you know what's what's in the best interest of this baby? That's a separate problem altogether. So ultimately the husband doesn't have the right to tell the wife and that's her body and that's it her choice. Yeah, yeah.

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Yeah, we'll help the Muslims when I mean

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See you next time. Ciao.