Shady Alsuleiman – 40 Hadith Nawawi Series Part 10

Shady Alsuleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of actions in achieving good and clean behavior and the need for sincerity in achieving them. They stress the importance of acceptance of the door of anyone and avoiding the "hars" when it comes to money, privacy, and acceptance of dogs in religion. They also touch on the need for privacy in the workplace and privacy in the workplace for earned income. Additionally, they mention a woman who wants to give money to her son's father, but warns that it may harm him.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Wahhabi vena cava Tena koe Idina Mohamad while he was off big mine,

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aloha Marina, looking at diva wire in a bottle of Atilla t Nava, alumna and founder and founder of Mr. Lam Tana was

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a Phrygian I'm in Zulu metal with me crimina binaural Pham one MLA neovim or Bishop Lisa dream, Wesley I'm a lotta Melissa Nia, my bad.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala Almighty and glory and peace be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or testify that there's no god except Allah. Allah testify that Muhammad is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah. My brothers and sisters in Islam, we continue with you have the photo hadith of Amendment No way of finishing a quarter of the book in which we are

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in the 10th Hadith

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of the book, and this hadith is about the hallen and the good way of earning the halaal

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so I'll read that in Arabic then shallow stone English on Abbey hooray daata radi Allahu taala and who call?

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Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allaha de bonne La Ilaha Illa Amara me Nina Bhima Amira Hill mursaleen Allah tala. Yeah Johan Lavina rossano kulu Minato de Bertie wa Malou salejaw Allah tala Yeah, you holla Dena Manu kulu mentor Eva tomatoes nachum

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some other car in avisar salaam, sama dakara La Jolla, UT la saphira Ashraf Alabbar mo de de la sama. Rob, Rob, Mamata amo haraam, la maestra Boko Haram yml best Whoo hoo ha ROM. What was the bill haraam for

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Bula raha Muslim on the authority of hora de la la No, he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah, the Almighty is good and only accepts good.

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Allah has commanded the faithful to do that which he commanded the messengers and the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala says, or messengers eat of the good things, and do right. And ally xojo also says, oh, who you believe eight of the good things, where if we have provided you

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then he mentioned the case of a man having journey.

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Having journeyed far.

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agenda is just filled and dusty. And he spreads out his hands to the sky saying, Oh Lord, oh Lord and making the world his food is unlawful. His drink unlawful, is clothing unlawful, and he is nourished unlawfully. So how can he be answered, narrated by Mr. Muslim, this hadith. As we mentioned earlier, the amendment now we only put a hadith that he seems so thought now of principle and a main aspect in Islam. And this is one of the main things which is the good and not the good one. The good is not only what we do from the outside also the good is what comes through us or what goes inside us. So this also plays a big round right aspect of Islam. Starting with the Hadith,

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is good and only accepts from the actions which are good one in all of us are the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from our deeds, Allah subhanaw taala had created the good days and the bad days. Allah is the one that created the good deeds and the bad deeds, but as respect to the lives of origin will always say that the good is from Allah and the bad is from us. But essentially originally, that the good the bad, the bad credit, Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azzawajal he created the good for us to follow and the bad for us to keep away and the

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Bad is there for us as I test for a lot to see if we keep away from the bed? Do we keep away from the bed? Or do we fall into that bed? Do we keep away from that bed? Or do we fall into that bed? And that's a common question that people ask, what is a lock right the bed what is a lock, right? The evil what is the Haram says allow us to keep away from it. The whole idea is Allah created that Allah says if you keep away from it or not, do obey Him by keeping away from it or not. Or else if there was no good and there was no bad and there's only good, there is no need for belief. There's no need for good actions, all your actions are good. And then there's no need for at the end of the

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day, to get the paradise. And in Hawaii, the taste of the Virgos and the beauty of being in the paradise and the taste of being in the paradise. When you strive and struggle for a to keep away from the bath to stay on a good then you end the paradise that has much more beautiful taste, then voila, he earned that because you were in a good one, you found yourself in a good when you work hard for something, then you have the value of that thing in your heart and you appreciate the thing that you did. But if the whole life is good and is not bad, that means eternal sacrifice to keep away from the bad. That means you love was easy on your end the purlins easy when you have that you

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sacrifice it to keep away from the bad and sticking by the good. And then you enter the paradox because of the sacrifice that you made in this world. Then you start tasting that beautiful taste of that sacrifice. In return a lot of xojo rewarded a great paradigm paradise

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does actions Allah azza wa jal, he is good, he is tired, and thorium is more. The closest meaning of translation of pipe is good, but it is more than good. Allah azza wa jal is good and only accepts what's good. So Allah subhanho wa Taala only accepts from the actions of mankind and only what the action is good and clean. When we do things for Allah subhana wa Taala. And we want to accept those things from us, then those things must be good. And there must be in the best proper manner. And the first thing that you start with sincerity.

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A lot of xojo does not accept an action. That's mixed.

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The intention mixed, that's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in minimal amount of money yet,

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though actions according to the intention, when you want our job to accept and good action from you, the action must be fully good. So our job is the best of good to accept that good for me.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is good, only accept what's good from the actions. And the first thing for the action to be good is the action must be sincerely for Allah Subhana Allah sake, the action must be done to please Allah subhanho to Allah and Allah, the action must be also done in accordance to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So first, you have the sincerity for making this action Good. Then, secondly, this action must be done in accordance to the way of Allah, not my way, not his way, not anyone's way except the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala or else Allah azza wa jal does not accept an action no matter how says See, the action is if it's not done in accordance to the way of allies

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are done. That's why you find a lot of the people and other religions that I've seen see in the action, the extremely insane the action lock with the Christians, with the Jews with a lot of the Buddhist with a lot of the other religions that are very, very sincere in the actions, but Allah does not accept the action. Why? Because the action is not good because the action is not done in accordance to a laws way.

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It's not binding accordance to our laws way. Believe me, there's a lot of sincere Christians who worship Allah and they worship the Lord sincerely from the heart, Mama doesn't accept their actions and even reward them the simplest reward. Why? Because the action is sincere. It's not done in accordance to the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the good here one is being sincere and doing the actions in accordance to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And being good also, one is a good action is perfecting the action in the best way, in the best proper way, perfecting the action in the best way in the first proper way. I sort of the ultimate Alanna, when she's did the night, when she used to

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donate money in the path of Allah, she used to she used to wipe the smell of perfume or Musk's perfume on the on the money. So I asked her, why do you module rub the perfume mask or the smell and make your dollar or make a donation smell very well? She said because the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said that the nation gets riches the hands of Allah azza wa jal before riches the hand of the poor, so I wanted modern nation to be

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In the best form reaching in the hands of a large origin, so this is the good, this is the good and Allah azzawajal Allah accepts and which is good in the law even law by law. In law iba, Allah azza wa jal is good and only accepts and which is good.

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We're in the La Nina Bhima, Amara Hill mursaleen Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal had ordered the believers before he ordered the believers he ordered the messengers who lead by example for the believers to follow. So Eliza was an audit the messengers before the audit the believers in which Allah xojo told them messengers or messengers kulu Minato

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Malou saleha are messengers, eight from which is good, and do which is good to do which is right. So Allah azza wa jal ordered the messengers in which Allah subhana wa Taala sent as a good example to minecon. And to lead as a good example to people, of course, what Allah says, Don't just send a messenger to call people to something, when this messenger himself doesn't even act upon a table except when a messenger comes and tells people people do good, because Allah has revealed to me to tell you to do good, and that messenger himself is doing the bed, it does not suit the attributes and does not suit the qualities of messengers. That's why the messenger is one of the main qualities

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is they spread what Allah had revealed to them, they do not conceal what lies are revealed to them, they spread what Allah Subhana Allah has revealed to them. And of course, just receiving that message, receiving that revelation, of course, they're going to be in the best of character, of course, they're gonna be in the best of conduct. Of course, they're going to be in the best of qualities you yourself. Imagine if Kubrick comes to you once in your lifetime, you'll be so straight for the rest of your life. Could you imagine when it comes to Unilever second day, could you imagine it comes to you maybe every day? Of course you're gonna be in the best of conduct of course, you're

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gonna be in the best of a man you're gonna be in the best of level. So Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered the messengers to lead by a good example, in which the eat which is good, and do which is right, then Allah azzawajal ordered the believers to follow the messengers and Allah azza wa jal ordered them in which Allah subhanaw taala says yah yah Lavina Amano kulu mintaka Tamara Sapna calm all those who believe eight or those who believe ate the good things in which we had sustained you eat from the elite from the good things in which words to say

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he has sustained us on a large site created a lot of good

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credit a lot of bed a lot older us to eat, which is good to take, which is good. And yeah, one as we mentioned that good is not only what you give, also the good is what you take is what you also take is what you also eat. That's why in Ibiza Salim continues that Hadith. And he gives the example of a man in the middle of the desert, going on a long journey. And his hair is all over the place. And it's full of dust. And he stuck with something obviously in the middle of the desert. He looks right left province behind him can't see no help. Can't see no one around. So who does he resort to he resorts to Allah azzawajal Sangha Rob, Rob, protect me up your up, give me your up your up sustain

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me. Whatever door he makes with it's a big thing or a small thing. And then the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam says, And the amazing thing about this man, his food is from the harem.

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His water is from the harem.

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His clothing is from the harem and he's been nourished and he grew up on the harem. How am I except from him? How are the laws origin except from him. That's why my brothers and sisters the scholars say one of one of the main conditions for the diet to be accepted is to eat from the halaal and to keep away from the Haram

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is to eat the halal and keep away from the Haram. One of the companions came to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he told him a prophet of Allah. Make me from those who Allah accepts the DA seven Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of meramec talkin Mustafa Dawa he said eight watts Halla drink watts, Allah, Allah who make it from those who accepts they don't. So a lot of those people who are in the harem, who are in rebaiting interest who had stolen you have committed to like to end the money. And a lot of people like to for example, to send the link to end their money or watch a lot of people to end their money. At the end of the day. What doesn't a lot except

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that the only answer is

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Their love does not accept the dogs among the eight from the harem, or drinks from the harem. Oh, he closes himself from the harem who he rents from the harem or he drives from the harem oh he gives from the harem or he buys from the harem. Allah Xhosa does not accept the dog

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lasota does not accept the DOM. One of the main conditions for Allah subhana wa Taala. To accept the door of someone is to have clean food. To have Hello food to have Hello earning tough Hello water. Tap Hello shelter tap Hello clothing. And that's why one of the companions our beloved Massoud warns about the harem and he says masala taharah Mobile halali illa Allah. Anytime the Haram mixes with halon haram beta.

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Anytime haram mixes with halaal just the Haram beats it. And I'll give you a simple example. Imagine you've got this big mosque filled up with water, a wonder of blood, a wonder of urine falls into it all day in order for me to drink the water.

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Who would want to drink from this word tank, the tank is that big because this must be maybe 1000s or millions or 1000s of liters. And then one blood of water or $1 of urine and you know that one bottle of blood the wonder of urine filled into this tank. And I'll tell you brother commentary from it is in a way. It's duty. And same thing when the Haram mixes with the halaal makes it duty makes us think and that's why it is important that when I earn my living or Elmo living from the halaal honor try and keep away from the harem. My Allah have mercy. On the wives of the companions radi Allahu taala known it's been righted that when the companion when one of the believers is to leave

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the house to go and earn his living, his wife will tell him his wife will tell him now we're all the ones these days say Ganga you're living no matter even if you sell drugs, but make sure make bring money. Make sure you bring money Bama one oh sedan in gatherings, where our father was so proud of his children selling the harem and saying hey, give me money. Give me money. Unfortunately, this is the state of people that rich to the wives of the companions. the wives of the Roger was people. When the husbands used to leave the house in the morning to get in the living. They used to say to them, they used to tell the husband but Allah did not bring early which is hello to this house for

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us to have patience on starvation in this world. easier than having patience in the Hellfire in a after.

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For us to have patience on starvation, not at one or two days. We'll rather accept that than being in the Hellfire been tortured and burned. These the quality of the righteous woman these are the quality of the believers, those who implement the orders of the lives of the others implement the call of Allah subhanaw taala in which Allah says yeah, you levina Eminem colome and Morocco those who believe eat and which we had sustained you from the good eat which has sustained from the good.

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So one of the main things of Allah subhanaw taala accepting the door of anyone, Mr. ATIA Hello, we have to accept the * and keep away from the Haram.

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And it's a must on a Muslim to keep away from the hallum a lot of people do get themselves involved in the Haram a lot of people do get themselves in the hot tub. Well, for example, people who bought things by the head arm or maybe before they repented, they were involved in the Haram. So what's the situation? What's the condition? Well, in Islam, anything that you've entered and how long you must get rid of, you must get rid of, as we mentioned, anytime that the Haram mixes with the * out, defeats it. He don't want to write this off and head on. Know that you want the children to be raised on heroin as the problem. And I mentioned this, and he had been nourished on the heroin grew

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up on the heroin. He don't want your kids to eat the heroin. The heroin is lucky eating a fire inside you. It's like eating melted fire the gun in your stomach. You don't want that to happen on your kids. The innocent is having innocent kids suffering from eating the heroin just because of your bad actions. Lower law he rather make him live on a toilet life with the Hello. They're living on a vast life with the hot arm.

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That's people before they repented they have had on whether they were dealing for example in the hot arm or they stole things in the hot arm or they have money from the Haram or they bought things from the Haram. You must get rid of it. These are Islamic law. You must get rid of it. No matter how big it is. You must get rid of it. He can't keep it and he can't use it for you. So why do you get rid of it? You give it to a poor person give it to Islamic organization sent overseas but you or your family

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Or your mother or your father or your brother or your sister can benefit from it. So the ruling of those who had earned the harem or having anything to do with her money, or haram, income haram good, you must get rid of it, you must get rid of it fully. And it must get rid of a fully if he can't get rid of fully at once, then you have to do it in stages, but you must at the end of the day, free soft clean yourself from the dirt from the Haram because they wanted the Haram is locked dirt. When the beast Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said for every sin you commit, a lot of xojo make a black get on your heart. One scene after the other one scene after the other will be black door black,

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black door. At the end of the day if it was a white paper and you keep putting black dots and 1000s of those black dots what happens that paper becomes a black paper until the heart becomes black and then the heart doesn't want to hear good anymore, doesn't want to say good anymore doesn't want to listen to good anymore doesn't want to look good anymore. It's black made out of black and Allah wants to see and follow the bed and he wants to see and follow the bad one it's the duty of a Muslim to keep away from the Haram no matter what the case is taken a portion of the harm in the soil is lucky and a portion in the Hellfire it's like you're just building your Hellfire in the hereafter

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and people will be punished by the harm and sometimes it what it will do under estimate the harm under estimate the harm and unfortunately one of the things that people had fallen into is the lying lying to earn haram lying to earn harem for example someone wants to sell something who lie to make this product or will lie to make this thing that he wants to sell something big when it's much smaller than what he made it and to earn a more money over it of course the genre genre but this reasonable profits, these reasonable profits anything that goes overboard is hard on anything that goes above above this head on also what are you seeing the experience a lot of people and

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unfortunately you see a lot of people for example a family that will get unregister at center link that I'm not working behind the behind the scenes that are working that's why you're earning your money by lying that asked you how much do you earn you earn 100 bucks when in indeed you're earning or behind the back show earning 600 bucks. And that's what I'm saying one of these is a careful country if you believe it's a government country shouldn't be he then go and he can't Okay, so there's a cover country do a lot for me. And at the same time stay in here Haram. Okay, and he with a contract to stay here with that contract. He can't implement this. And then this is a big topic

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that I shall address later on. But lying to earn our money. That's how long too long to earn money long to earn income. That's how long you're earning your income by the harem. A lot of people unfortunately command they get to the centerlink for example, for them to earn extra money they register that has been separated, register has been separated. And some register has been divorced. Well, number one thing is when you sign on that paper saying that my wife is divorced. Your wife is indeed became divorced in Islam, signing on that paper saying that my wife is divorced. She's divorced. That's how we're signing on a paper that your wife is divorced. She's divorced, what for

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example, if also you did you divorce your wife and you say yes, and you probably mucking around or maybe just take a one a Tommaso could walk away, your wife became divorced in Islam, there's no such thing called playing around with the booth. Secondly, either money that you're earning from that it's also Haram, because you like to earn that money. And that money that's coming to your pocket. It's coming into your pocket illegally. When we talk about illegally and islamically and we have something in Islam for the ownership of the money to be passed from a from a party to another party has got to be done islamically and if it's not done historically, then the ownership of that money

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has not moved to the party that wants to take it. So it is very important that we earn our living by the halon. One, one of the things in the B Salalah alayhi wa sallam he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not reject the DA does not reject the daughter of a traveller. Allah does not reject the door of a traveler. When a traveler is in the middle of the desert, especially back then when they used to really see the hardships when a traveler is in the middle of the desert. And there is no one for them except Allah Subhana Allah when Allah azza wa jal does not reject the door of a traveler, and same thing those are stuck in the middle of the ocean. And Allah azza wa jal mentions that in

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many times, and I've got under Kareem, to show you, the relationship of the heart and have the heart is attached to Allah azza wa jal when someone is in the middle of the ocean, and he's drowning, looks right and left. There's no one there for him. So who does it turn to? He turns to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He turns to ally xojo de la zona said for either rakibul fuki Darwin la Mola Sinhala phenomena jameelah burrito mystery con la

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When when they're in the middle of the ocean, and the boat turns on them, and there's no one for them except the large xojo that asked them resort to Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah who save them, and when they're back on land, they turn against the law.

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And one of the famous stories is a story of a great companion, who was also a traveler companion, who was also a traveler by the name of urban Malak. And one day while he was traveling between Makkah and Syria, he was stopped by hi robber, and that hi Robert, I said, I want your money and I want to kill you. So he said, But Allah why you want to kill me for just take my money and take all my good and leave him alone. He said, I insist on taking your money and killing you. So this companion realized that there's no one for him to resort to except Allah azza wa jal said give me the chance to play the force record for last for a cat in my life and a shot and then you do what

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you want to do with me later. So he prayed for a catalyzes origin and then race disaster Allah xojo Sangha Allah you're the laws of this universe. On law he grayness overpowers everything in this world, or Allah you either support or support me, the Allah you're the protector, protect me.

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Or Allah protect me from this thief or Allah or the support of the protector protect me from this leave all your other support on the protector protect me from this thief. So after he gave Salaam he saw the hi robber that was armed, willing to kill him dead on the ground. And he's standing next to him a big, gigantic warrior standing next to him armed with a weapon. He said, But Allah who you that Allah just saved me with now he says I'm an angel that came from the fourth Evan down to say view.

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And he said that when you made the first drop, we heard that the gates of the heavens shaking. And when he made the second door, the angels were calling sango Allah, someone's calling for hope. And the third time you made that a lot allow me to come down and help you somehow unlock the door of a traveler is not projected, and the door of the oppressed. The door of the Muslim is not rejected, and the door of the father or the mother of the children, the daughter of the mother or the father of the children. And this is a very important point and I say this to the parents, a lot of the time especially the mother when she gets angry, she starts to make a left like a Laila Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah destroy him Allah take this away.

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And all these angry You know, I mean,

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I heard one dog one mother to his son, I wish I gave a birth to a candidate and give birth to you. Unlike as I love about a shoe, and all this everything that comes out of the ton of the metal mother mouth of the mother in the bisazza wound. He warned about this. He said, Do not make dirt on your children. Maybe that moment when you're making down on them, your dog gets accepted. Maybe that moment, when you are making the door on your child, maybe that's a moment that I'm not accept your dog. So do not make that on your children. Okay? You saw something wrong from your child, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah change you don't you want him to change, make, make change, or change him Allah,

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Allah, Allah bring him to the

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and also this other more others than the problem homosassa Let me said that Allah does not reject the door of other people. And yet what he talking about the dog a lot of people say, What do you accept my dog in the beast Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said, Allah who accept the door of the applicator until he says, what the likes of my dog. So you as a Muslim when you raise your hands to Allah, and he asked Allah azza wa jal to give you whatever, or I want to protect you, or to prevent away from you, whatever, you should always have patience and when Allah azada accepts your da, maybe that's a test on you that a lot of xojo except your da, and you want to hit something, honey, listen

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to this on I guess this will motivate you. When the non believer when the RC when the disobedient, US Allah for something a lot, those two plain old jabril give him what he wants, or don't love to hear his voice

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or your brain, give him what he wants or don't want to hear his voice, another mark in supplication. But when the believer Allah, the angels don't want to give you what you want they there to serve you, Allah Who told them, don't give him what he wants. I love to listen to him.

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I love to listen to him. And I want him to ask me more. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and asked me and I'll give you asked me and I'll give you then give me more he wants, I want to listen to his application. I promised him that I'll give him what he wants and even more. And that's why

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he was telling me said, Allah Subhana Allah will either give you what you want, while you're asked him for now, or later. Or Allah xojo indeed give it to you in the hereafter. And no one if Allah didn't give it to you in this dunya it's the hair for you. It's the good and the benefit for you, especially those who

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Have a strong relationship with a large zoologist. Maybe I believe I'll raise his hands to Allah say Allah, give me money. You're like, give me one on one maybe will not give you the in return. Why? Because that was maybe we'll take it away from him. He would not give it to you. You know your child, your honey, you son, I have a son his trees on the above and give him $1 warning. Because I know this might harm him. That maybe I'm awkward, don't you sometimes say I found that it's very wealthy.

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And his son is about 10 years old and says that give me the car. Maybe the father is not afraid on my car, but he's afraid on his son, because he'll misuse that car. And then the damage will come on the sun not on the car. Maybe it doesn't care about the cars got 1000s of cars. Maybe sometimes you yourself don't want to give you some extra money because this man will spoil him and at the end of the day

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for what Allah subhanho wa Taala will hack him in. And Allah azza wa jal Adam, Allah subhanho wa Taala alized them as just Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes does not give his servants what his servants want, just for the sake of His servants not to be taken away from him, or just for the sake of His servants, not to fall into that fitna, a man came to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and thought the prepper problem Allah asked to give me I want Wolf, I want to use that one for the sake of Allah. So the Prophet Mohammed Salim said I'm afraid I'll ask Allah to give you them a low give you then you'll be walking away from the deen

00:31:26 --> 00:31:35

the Prophet want him. So he said, Oh prophet of Allah, I promise you that I want to take this money and I want to get wealthy so it could give the rights of the wolf.

00:31:36 --> 00:31:47

So whenever he saw Selim is the one that I love does not reject his job. He raises hands and asked Allah subhanaw taala to give that companion or that companion as well. So law has opened up from that companion

00:31:48 --> 00:32:25

opened up on him, and some say he was a hypocrite, allow them a lot opened up on him and he start to get Wolf and he start to get rich and rich and rich and rich and rich, until he was so occupied with his wolf. So I start to reduce his prayers from praying five times the photons from photons to three times from three times to twice from twice to once until he stopped praying. And then at the end of the year, Masha Allah who became one of the wealthiest people of course, blessed by the door of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. salallahu alayhi wa sallam sent one of the companions who used to collect the Zakat to collect this account of his worth. So when that companions came to

00:32:25 --> 00:33:03

him, he said, Okay, you've got that much amount because your GIF was a cut the amount he said, What? I'm not going to accept such a thing like that. This is exactly what a jizya is exactly the same way that he's treat the non believers is that x that you treat the non believers there isn't as a cat and my wife and I'm not paying anything. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in the Quran Academy verse speaking another example of this man in which allows them to sit on some ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for what Allah asked Allah azza wa jal for the blessings and the favor when Allah gives him the turn away from Allah. So he came running to give his a cat to the profile a salsa lab. So the

00:33:03 --> 00:33:04

Prophet rejected him.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:46

And the next year the Prophet rejected him and then also Toma Becker. Abubakar also rejected him and then on top of on top on top even rejected him and then at the Tomas man, maybe off man felt and since the he repented, except the desert get the one is sometimes a loss of a gel. You might ask Allah subhanaw taala for something Belarus origin deliberate Allah subhanaw taala does not accept it to Allah Xhosa does not give you what you want, because he knows the Hamza will come to you. That's why you want to always say all like give it to me in it. Like Give it to me and keep away from me and keep me away from it. If there is nothing in it.

00:33:47 --> 00:33:56

We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us apart from those who listen and act upon what the he learns of Hannah Golan fundic shadowline Island Allah

Part 10 of an amazing series by Shady Suleiman

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