The Sahabah’s Sense of Duty

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I don't want to stand over here you want to stop fiddling around with me later let me show the unforeseen I will say yeah Dr. Medina man de la la la la la mano de la la la minute little fella had de la Chateau La ilaha illAllah cuando la sharika lah wa shadow Anna Mohammed an avatar who whenever you who are a pseudo Latina I'm an otaku la haka, Ducati de la la mattina Hello and Tomasi moon yo yo NASA de fora como la de la coming up Seema de tiempo para caminhadas oh jaha over salmon humare geralyn Kathy Romani.

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What de la la de Tessa Luna be here. Ham in nama. Can Ollie Cooperativa? Yeah, you have Latina Ana De La Hoya kulu Colin de de de la cama cama de la Koo become one minute a la hora, Sula, hufa defassa fellows and alima

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all praise and glory be to a lovely thank him we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds for whoever Allah guides, no one can lead us astray. And whomever Allah leaves a stray none can ever guide them and will testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense but Allah and Allah alone without any partners at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of His revelation to this world, and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah. After welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and after reminding myself and you with the support of Allah to remain conscious and dutiful to him, as best as one can.

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Allah as Jen

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said, in sort of an hoogenraad, to the later

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comers to Islam in the life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to some of them, Yama, Noona, alake and Islam, Betty La Jolla, Manali, caminhada, Cumberland Eman that they mentioned it as if it's a favor they did for you or Mohammed that they became Muslim.

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rather tell them that it is a law who has conferred a great favor upon you by having guided you to faith having guided you to email.

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And so some of these people that were sporadically visiting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They said the testimony of faith subscribe to Islam but kept their distance. This I came to them to remind them that the reality of faith makes one realize that you are the recipient of the opportunity you are the recipient of the blessing.

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And no matter what you ever do, to serve the cause to serve Islam, it is actually Islam that has done so much more for you. And the earliest companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the greatest of them, they understood this spirit full well, that they were not going to ever be able to do Islam any favors, but rather the more they serve or were able to serve and thus they were looking for opportunities to serve this cause that was their ladder by which they climbed in the eyes of Allah in the eyes of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And this is seen throughout I mean, you look at a woman like almost Sulaiman of the Allahu anhu when the prophet SAW Selim came to Medina people brought him gifts feeling honored that he has come she brought him in as her son of the low Tyler on who to serve Him, because that was the most valuable asset she had and she was felt honored by that, rightfully so.

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We find that they didn't need that but throughout the low dollar and when he was just given the opportunity to serve us book to serve the poor and which the messengers all sudden them with the expansion of the Muslim territories feared would get tampered with. He said, I took the request from the province SOS lm and I went off and I learned those other languages. He learned Hebrew and Syriac to protect from what may be right coming of tampering of manipulation of the books. He said, I learned it well enough to speak it like a natural like someone that was new it their entire life. Within two weeks, he learned these languages. You think of someone like NYU bill anxiety and the

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love of Tyler and who was so honored already because the prophet SAW sent him when he came to Medina he stayed in his house, no one's house but his until his own house was built on his Salatu was Salam because he was from his maternal uncle's

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Eveleigh, you could have stayed the rest of his life home in Medina, he would have been a celebrity he would have had everything after the prophet SAW Selim died, people who would probably pay to come see his house at the Messenger of Allah stated, but he couldn't do that he had to serve. He understood this was part and parcel of feeling the honor

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Of being Muslim. The sense of duty I must serve this cause ever Are you aware of the Allahu Akbar today is very, in the outskirts of present day, Istanbul, presidente de Constantinople. The reason for that is that he never heard of any campaign going out, you know, to liberate the world that from the tyrannical regimes the oppression, except that he enlisted voluntarily.

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One time he didn't, and he regretted it for the rest of his life. It is recorded in his biography, you would say, What difference does it make who was the commander because he was objecting, the commander was too young and he was not fit. Then he felt bad saying The point is to serve, it doesn't matter who I'm serving under, I could be a nobody. That's not the issue. So he regretted the one exception. And he went on many campaigns after it until he was injured there in that area.

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Constantinople present day, it's called Istanbul. And he told me, me, I told him, you're the Senior Companion of the Prophet sallallahu. I said, What do you want? Like, tell us what to do? Give us an interesting before you die, we'll take care of it. He said, No, what I want is for you to put my body on a horse and go as deep into the lands with me as possible.

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Until you can't carry me any more than bury me there. I want to be as close as possible to the next opportunity to serve. This was an almost a hybrid of the low tide on whom you cannot count the examples. Like even I share about the Allahu Ana, she was not satisfied to serve as a teacher. She would teach people the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. She lived with the province for 40 years, she would refuse to teach students until she asks them sometimes did you practice what I did? Yes. What I told you yesterday, what I shared with you of this sacred knowledge yesterday, if they say no, she then I'm not giving you more go back. Why do you want to pile on and collect the

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evidences of Allah against you. She refused to allow the religion on her watch on her clock be reduced to Table Talk be reduced to sermons and preaching. She wanted to make sure the reality of Islam she served it. This is not just words.

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You know, that didn't mess with another Senior Companion and another incident. He was once a regular, you know, soldier in a military campaign, he found one of his fellow colleagues crying, he said why he was humiliated because he was beaten by the commander for not following orders. He said, because the commander told us Nobody move your animals. And I didn't hear that. He said that and he humiliated me in front of everybody. So look at that took him to the commander and said, Did you know that he didn't hear you? Did you ask if he heard you or not? Before you inflicted punishment on him, now allow him to take redemption, retribution. And so the commander let the foot soldier do

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back to him.

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What was done to this regular soldier. And then after that, about the love of Thailand who he walked away from that incident, saying, mu 10. Now an Islamic disease, I will die the day that I die whenever I die. While Islam is still mighty. This stuff about justice and social justice, all these values are not just conversational, we will never let that happen. So they will all serve look for a place to serve. People that may have come after felt like it was enough what Islam has done for me, they don't consider as much the duty to do for Islam to serve for this noble cause. Which of course, it's that means the overarching good in every aspect of our life, our service to God our service to

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people which is a part of serving God, so kind of hold on a part of our devotion. They understood that perfectly. And they raised to compete for a loss of pleasure and to please his messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam through that they knew this. This was the dearest thing.

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And that incident comes to mind where the woman who used to serve the masjid died, she used to clean the masjid.

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And he said, Why didn't you tell me she died he found out later the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they said it was in the middle of the night and we didn't want to trouble you. So he made them direct him to her grave site where he repeated the funeral procession and made supplication for her. Because this is what it came down to those that serve the cause. These are those that have proven that they value this cause value this blessing and this gift. May Allah grant all of us opportunities to serve and make it sincerely for his sake. I love them. I mean

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al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammed Abu Abu hora sudo.

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I personally cannot tell you where the missed opportunities are to serve in your

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lives, you have to look for them and they are many. There are people in our families who need to bolster their faith. There are people among us who we need to help them start praying, we need to help them improve their manners, we need to do it ourselves. not sitting still is a part and parcel of being Muslim, you have a duty to serve the promotion of this perfect system, we have this perfect way of life and Islam within yourself and within your surroundings. On the community level, there is so much that can be done. You know, we were trying yesterday to put together a list of people willing to shuffle for the elderly some of the snow but the idea is you need not wait till the

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masjid puts together a system to do that. You need to ask What Can I Do you have a neighbor on your right you have a neighbor on your left, maybe some of them are less capable than you look for the opportunity seek it.

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You know, to be very, very honest, you know, speaking of finances, and there will be no fundraiser after the book.

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But there are sisters in this Masjid, who insisted to forego their pay. To help teach Quran in the program, they have served our laws house in more ways than the five or $6,000 that they may have saved us every single month to pay for teachers. They have brought families to the place who started attending Juma here who started hearing words and child love benefit, who started incrementally changing their lives. The fruits of this show up later, but it is huge. There is a brother in this message Maybe no one here knows him. He only communicates with me he asked me is that pile of mats, the blue mats you all see for those that don't have prayer mats with them? Is that finished yet?

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Should I pick up more? Should I pick up more? It's a small foot. It's a small act of service. But in the grander scheme of things only Allah knows if we would have had to shut this message down if there was an outbreak in the masjid of the virus. And so these are beautiful examples that we need to replicate. You know, when I was speaking about the expenses of domestic that I will not fundraise for after the hook by insist, you know, it is not hard. I thought all week Should I or should I not mention it and I hope my intention is that I'm not calling you to something that I'm not doing. But most of us are not giving a monthly support to the message financially when we are the ones that use

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these services. You know, we've had what three or four snowfalls one of them had a bill of over $10,000 to clear the lot. That box brings in about eight or $900 a week. The the lunch being sold outside May Allah bless the volunteers brings in $400 a week. The deficit is picked up each year in Ramadan. So when will we ever be able to cover an expense like that big expense.

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May Allah forgive us for sharing if the reasons at heart were wrong? Allah knows that I'm inviting every single one of you they're all over the place. pick these up and make sure you contribute $1 or two or five or 10 a day it's not hard.

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And I want to let you know that I have not given less than $250 a month to this message for the past few years. It has been more and has not dipped below. By Allah's grace May Allah continue to give us all opportunities to serve and not call people to things we're not doing but many of us are not picking it up yet. You can enjoy our lives diligent please be a part of this so we can continue growing continue offering you opportunities to serve. More and more will open up may allies that help us to resemble in any way we can find the ranks of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions, May Allah give us opportunities so we may give towards his cause. May Allah help us

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serve those who are serving. And finally that last point, we have public servants visiting us You may have seen them in the lobby, who are applying for District Judge positions or county judge positions as the magistrates. It would cost us a signature if you are eligible, you sign their petition so they can even and they are in sha Allah and people are speaking to them in the lobby. They are inshallah allies of our communities. These are not difficult, but we have to be a little bit less apathetic, a little bit less laid back a little bit less unaware of the reality of our Deen as a worker so decolonial avanset I am pursuing Islam and how you will Islam deteriorate while I'm

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alive? You see, because Islam is growing in many respects right now it really is. And it is also deteriorating in many respects. So it's a matter of choosing which of the two projects you're contributing towards. May Allah make you all keys for good locks on evil, allow us opportunities to earn his pleasure and serve his cause and be honored to carry the mantle of faith and guidance in our hearts. I love him I mean, may Allah guide us and guide with us and make us a reason for many to be guided. May Allah forgive us for what only he knows about us grant the sincerity and speech and inactions long enough to learn our Hamnet luminosity maths, and when you know me Not a lot mabinogi

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me I'm lucky urbanna Allah magnetic Erica cybernetic

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Well Salah has been early he was growing