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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses Iran's failure to comply with Iran's sanctions and the punishment of Iran's failure to pass the cupboard. The event includes people being punished for their actions, including a woman who refused to answer questions and a man who burned people. The criminal behavior is related to the loss of children, the use of tools, and the behavior of the king. The speakers also discuss the importance of protecting oneself and finding one's own way, while also emphasizing the use of light to create peaceful environments. The segment ends with a recitation of a book called "water is the best sada 98%."
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Hola Hola. sheetala rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene. So he didn't I'm hammered in early he was so happy he remained my beloved brothers and sisters I said our mighty komak With Allahu Barakatuh.

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Night number 14 Subhan Allah and basically almost two weeks left for Ramadan. Subhan Allah we as this month gone and as we always say, just ask yourself if this was the last Ramadan that I'm ever gonna get the last opportunity. And we are the the discussion about what happens in the cupboard and what will happen in Kiama. Jana and Jana, are we ready inshallah we done enough to secure a place in Ghana and to get ourselves free from sin, Allah, except from us, Amin and honey. Tonight, we will conclude with the buttstock. And a very difficult topic, we'll come we'll discuss the other of the cupboard. So we said that these the fitna of the cupboard, which is the questioning of the cupboard.

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And for those who fail at the questioning of the cover, then of course, the cover becomes very, very difficult. And even for the believer who passes it, but he has certain sins, then he will account for those sins in the cover. And as we said, for the disbeliever the cover is the first stage of punishment than amusement says the grave is the first stage of piano, and whoever passes through the cupboard, the bars are safely whatever comes after that meaning piano and all the we'll talk about piano in detail, Inshallah, that will be easy for him. But if he does not pass through the cupboard, or the barrels of safely, whatever comes off, it will be even more difficult. And he says the salam

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that we solemn has not really seen the depths of Jannah. But he says, of the things that I have seen, that is the most terrifying that I've ever seen in my life, were the events in the cupboard, the punishment in the Barossa. So one can only imagine the the events of Jana Mala protect us.

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So let us talk about some of the other half of the cover. The first question is some might say, Why is there a punishment in the cupboard? piano is judgment, the court case, and then you are found guilty or not guilty, and then the punishment needs to come? Well, just before we even get the intuitively we know people are punished in the dunya people were destroyed in the dunya if Iran was punished in the dunya. So Allah subhanho wa taala. In his justice and His Majesty, he applies a punishment when he wills for the disbeliever the punishment is the beginning of most of your punishment. For the believer, the hardship of the dunya, we don't say it's a punishment, it might be

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an account of a sin. But it is, as Allah says, We give them the small punishment to avert the big punishment. So Allah maybe he might make some make our lives difficult on the dunya deprive us of some blessing, so that we are freed of certain sin. And some believers in the cover, the punishment will be an explanation for them on the FTM. As you know, sometimes someone is arrested, and they said, you will get time served, your punishment is reduced for the time you've already spent. But in the Quran is explicit evidence of the punishment of the cover. This is very clear. Allah says about Iran and he's people and now do you use your URL do you have to do one washy and that they are

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exposed to the fire in the morning and the evening the morning and the evening the fire is increased. Why oh my Taku Musa but and I'm the on the day of pm or when the event occurs. With the Hulu URL. If you're on a shuttle either on the day of karma, they will then into the most severe punishment. So this fire that they are experiencing in the morning and in the afternoon, in the evening, is not the adverb of Jahannam this is in the cupboard. So there's a very clear explicit idea that the people being punished in the cupboard. And we know that the salah mean to the Hadith, that when Moon Cara Nikita comes and the person is unable to answer his questions, they will strike

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him or her with a hammer that is so severe that the scream that will emanate from this, it would be that if you heard it, you would go insane and you would not pay your debt anymore. If you heard the screaming of the people that is being hit by monka and Nikki, when in a very, very long, disturbing Hadith. There'll be Salam narrates that in that he will usually his habit and I misunderstood after fajr you know perform fajita Salah and they would stay for each rock. Side note you will know that he would have sang for Iraq right? That he would for staying to make Fajr Salah in the masjid. For the ladies at home, it's fine. And you stay in the masjid. You stay on your masala from Fudger until

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the sun rises until the Chautauqua hour and 15 minutes. And then you get up each time and like to raka salatu wa salatu Shahrukh, what's the reward? The reward is hudge you get a hodge complete that's outside of Ramadan imagined in Ramadan. So we should make an effort that perhaps one of these days this long weekend coming up we take one day and we say one morning go to the mall

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Should we stay there until sunrise and get a Hajj Subhanallah in Ramadan. Anyway, the NABI salam after fajr, and they would sit, we should rock and they will talk. So no problem to talk during the time, and he will also Sahaba Do any of you have a dream. And so how would mention our dreams, and he would interpret it for him. But then this morning that he says, I had a very, very disturbing event last night, a terrifying event. And he said, I was sleeping, when two people woke me up. This is my dream wasn't real. It didn't happen to his body, it happened to his room, and they woke me up and they took me on a journey. And then I came apart, we came

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upon two people, one was lying down, and the other was bashing, crushing the head of the person lying down. And every time he would crush his head, the rock would roll. And the one who's doing the bashing would go and fetch the rock. By the time he returned, the person who was being punished, his head was returned to normal. And then he was crushed again. And this continued and then what is going on here is like the stub and they said, Come continue, when they came upon a man who was putting a hook in the mouth of another person and taking the side of his face completely tearing it off. And then the hook came to the right side, the left side and did the same. And to the right,

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every time they would alternate, the face would be returned to its place. And this would continue. That'd be sulla muggins is what is happening here is the sub. And the two means it continue when he came to a put any heard screams inside. And when he looked inside, he found naked men and women and fire would shoot up from underneath and burn them. And they would scream. And once again, they would continue. And then he found a lake of blood and a man drowning in that lake. And as he would come to the shore, another person on the bank would throw stones at him and he will be forced to swallow the stones, and he will continue to stay in the lake of blood. I mean, it was hit continue. And the

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Hadith also mentioned that the salam came upon a beautiful tall man in a garden surrounded by 1000s and 1000s of children. And what is the sense it can't continue. And then he saw the most beautiful palace imaginable, the most beautiful, beautiful palace imaginable. And he said whose places this and they said continue. And then the resources you have shown me many things this evening. What explain these things to me. And so the two minutes of this is Gibreel and Mika ill and will tell you what you saw. As for the man whose head was being crushed the Subhan Allah protect this was a person who had memorized the half of the Quran knew some of the Quran and he did not act on the Quran did

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not recite the Quran. And in fact it says he stayed up late at night and he missed Fajr on Allah, how many of us watch Netflix and then we just, you know, sleep through Fajr Allah, small son, we might think but this is what's happening. As for the man whose face is being torn, this is someone who spread lies mischief cause animosity, cause sin messages, whatever it is causing people to fight one another and the ugliness of his deeds, the ugliness that is caused, Allah span disfigured his face like that. Those who are naked in the fire Allah protect us. These were people who committed Zina, and the man who was drowning in blood and being forced to eat these rocks in these burning

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coals. The person who took river and then the man that was surrounded this tool, old grandfather surrounded by all the children, this isn't a biggie Brahim. And Abby brought him on as salaam as we know that any child that dies before them will collapse. And they will be in we'll talk about in Kiana in January, there'll be adults, but before that they will remain children. And so Nabil Brahim runs like a kindergarten for all the children that have passed away before they are McAuliffe And subhanAllah. He, he begged his whole life for a child and in the end have given him and so as his reward he stays he spends he so he's Barza he's only in Jannah. But his Bunsen is he runs a

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kindergarten Subhan Allah vibrato and so Salaam and then as for the palace, where there'll be some so the most amazing Palace and the salt and the angel see but he also this is the most exclusive property of Jana, like you know, when you you know when you go on to new property 24 And you filter so by 500 million, and when you look at those houses and say the kitchen is not so nice.

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Those properties like that is the highest property of Jana and Gibreel said, only one person will get there. That is that is the highest place in Ghana. And it's exclusive one person and they say who and so that means I hope it will be for me. And that is why you make dua after the Adan Mohamed El will see that a while for the law. That place is called vasila. Will for the law and it be for Mohammed Nabi Salam, he says I can't get there on my own. I need my ummah to make dua for me as well. And in exchange, we'll talk about this you get the Shiva the FTM we're going to be Salam. So that is the highest property of Jana. And so Subhanallah these events are not the punishments of

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Jahannam that we saw, these are the punishments of the cover. Jahannam is metalloprotein Even worse, amongst the other punishments that are missing anyone who stole something, then that thing would be put on you on that person in the form of like, has mentioned a man who stole a new key for Jihad Subhanallah someone

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died, and he stole some garment in the jihad. And as a punishment, he will be made to wear that thing in the cupboard. And if he's burning, it will be burning on him. And then a recent says he came to a very famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Takapuna, a very, very authentic hadith that we saw was walking with the sahaba. And then he stopped at two graves, and he said that these people are being punished or Muslims being punished in their graves over something which we take as trivial. As for the one when he would urinate, you would not make an effort to make sure he doesn't splash on his clothes without him as panela look at the state of our toilets, right? The toilet of

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the masjid humans panela they would leave it in the state. And so because of that, in fact, the Hadith says the people who are punished the most in the grave and maybe the Muslims is because or not good toilet etiquette. Good toilet, it's gonna be Salam was, we know his habit was to sit and urinate. And a non Muslim saw him sitting and urinating and made fun this is this is how the lady said, This is no, this is how we should sit. So you don't splash the urine on you. Because this is a punishable offense in the day in the cupboard. And the other one, he used to gossip and spread gossip around, and he's been punished in in his cupboard. And so then I recently made dua for them,

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and it was made easy for them. Another Subhanallah one that perhaps we are all must be mindful of that every salon performed janazah so some people see perform Janessa Salah Ana is a hobby, and then he said to the to the family members of the spirit man, your brother is being detained. He's being it's sort of held. He is not getting to where he wants to be why? Because he has outstanding debts. He didn't pay back the money that he owes somebody. And so the brother quickly paid the money and said he's been relieved. Allah has made it easy for him. Some people gonna be some would not even perform Janessa Salah until the debts are being paid and so Allah perhaps out of mercy for them,

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then obviously until we pay this man's debt, we're not going to bury him because what waits in the cupboard is going to be severe. So let's get the date sorted before we bury him Subhanallah and so these are of the punishments of the cupboard that we all should be mindful of. But to end off once again and I mentioned something about the rewards of the cupboard as we said for those and it was mentioned in the in the

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the last I have a thorough we have mentioned that when the person dies,

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do not Allah says Don't feel sad for them, that they are being taken care of by Allah and they are happy we they are in their bodies off and they are actually like not feeling bad but they are looking forward to the feminine come on the side, we want you to come in Mr. Vishuddhi. Be happy at what Allah has given them in the Barossa and SubhanAllah. The butter sucking shoulder can be the first stage of the award, the beginning the apple appetizer until we get to janitorial dose, as we know the NABI Salam I said this hadith yesterday, that when the person passes the questioning of the grave, and he's so ecstatic that he passed the exam, I know when you pass the exam you got you can

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imagine when you get your degree, your PhD how you want to tell your family, so he passed the questioning of mukha and Nikita, and he gets the good news. His name is in the register of Jana. And he says I want to go tell him I just let me tell my family I'm okay I made it. And they said no go sleep, the sleeping of a bridegroom that you will wake up to your beloved meaning on the day of Tiana your beloved is Allah subhanho wa Taala What a beautiful, beautiful mansion. And that's one Allah as we see that it is narrated and it is authentic, that in Sahih Muslim, that the people will visit the loved ones that have passed away. So if anybody has a loved one, if a parent or

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grandparent and inshallah they're all in Django, they're all in the bazaar in mercy. You will get to see them you will get to interact with him. And Abby Sue says, make sure you do the khalfan Well that took her money make sure you do the cafe and well because they're going to visit the family members in the cafe and they're going away this when they go visit their family members and so make a good job when you go sell them and you cover them so what a beautiful thing that you get to see those long lost loved ones in the in the barista May Allah grant all of us our Qubool to be gardens of the gardens of Jana may be the beginning stages of contentment may be Subhanallah, a place of

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relaxation and enjoyment. I mean, a few questions to the sale the souls travel around us there is this misconception no, the souls do not travel definitely those who are being punished or detained. Were not in fact, even the souls in the BUZZA don't know about the souls are being punished. So in that hadith I mentioned when a man dies, and his family members jump on him and hug him and says You made it welcome you survived, then, you know after he meets all the relatives, which participate in so see these boot so when so not with, he's not still alive, said no but that's also died long ago. So then that's why he's not with us. Yeah, meaning he died but he's not with us souls being

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rewarded. He's in the other place. So even those that are being punished or not. They do not interact with the other dead souls, let alone the living souls. Can the dead here essence man this is one of the

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theological differences of the Sahaba had the Sahaba disagreed whether the souls can hear or not hear, eyeshadow, the Allah and how very prominent Eric very unequivocally said impossible. You can go to the cover. No one will hear you they are in a different world and we're in a different world. The two worlds interview you know you cannot communicate with them and they cannot hear other Sahaba

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I've mentioned that yes, when you go to the cupboard and you greet them, they actually are aware of your greeting, they are aware of your DUA, but you can't stand here and say, Daddy, the storm was one and you know, he wouldn't those kinds of things would not It's not possible. And it's important to mention that because some people why we say this unwisely becomes a problem, because some people will sit and make dua, oh to one guru. Oh, shut up, because the Gilani and I will call Gina is very well the war in Iraq and say that my dua reaches you know, this is not part of novice, no companion or scholar ever said this. And even if they can hear you, it doesn't mean that automatically.

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Africology Lani Rahim Allah who only spoke Arabic now understands Africans, English and all of that, how did he get all the knowledge and so these things should not be taken to extremes. Although it is very, very commonly narrated by Greek scholars, that some souls are allowed to interact with you in your dream. And dreams are totally different discussion. But a dream which comes from Allah, or a dream that is from that you meet a soul, your soul meets a soul, it won't be like, if it's like something that you're not sure you forget it in the morning, then that's your imagination. But if it's a dream that when you wake up, it's like a memory. You know, the details it's you know, crystal

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clear, like a memory. Then in sha Allah, this is you either getting Willhelm from Allah subhanaw taala is very rare, or it is actually a soul that engaged and it's possible even a disbelieving so is sent to convey a message and that is Subhanallah something special from Allah subhanaw taala we end up with how do we protect ourselves as we said, the easiest and the best way is Surah Mulk. It is the defender against the other half of the cover, this is a job and there's a surah that it will stand with you on the Day of in your cover and it will stand blocking the other that is coming against the person and then we Salam there's a number of dollars and so if you get the PDF inshallah

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you can memorize some of them every single solder every single Salah that was in the water becoming Abijah Hanuman Oh Allah protect me from the cupboard, protect me from the punishment of the cupboard, or the Jahannam, and the punishment of the Janome and from date and from laziness and everything would make dua but if the salah not every day, every Salah five times a day, you'd make dua to Allah protect me from the adverb of the cupboard last this panel of Saudi Saudi last last point. Remember, for those in the cupboard, some are having a relaxing time, but they can be upgraded our relatives Alhamdulillah we can build on we can enhance the light, we can enhance the

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Rama, we can make it better for them through our doors and the charity we do on their behalf. lady she says my mother passed away or vans see it's a hobby, my fault my mother passed away can I give sadaqa on her behalf so that I mean just you can she will get it in the cupboard. So he said what sadaqa Do you suggest that we Salam so he said water giving water is the best sadaqa and then me Salam as we said they will receive our blessings I will do as our sadaqa upon them so we continue to make dua for them. And for those who are having difficulty in the cupboard, what I will do is be a peaceful they may or be a relief for them Allah grant all the deceased the covers be a garden of the

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goddess of Jannah and Allah fill it with light may Allah make it wider May Allah make it spacious and may Allah grant us a blessing into the into the Barossa Amin inshallah with this we conclude the life of the Bodhisattva and then inshallah we'll begin tomorrow with the events of piano the Day of Judgment the Day of Judgment insha Allah last night's question

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Which of the following is incorrect?

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Please know Janaza Salah performed for a stillborn older than four months why? The estrogen Aza so when you are four months or more the soul into the body and so that is a person it's a human being that person will be in Jannah and so Subhanallah that we even perform a janazah before that no janazah because it's not a soul. Laila Solomon's

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yes okay Leila mashallah you get the price and

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Zakaria, Adams can yeah, there's not Yeah, I can. Yeah, yeah. No, you jumped the one you jumped up. I thought you were. Yeah. Another Mica. You let him Snow

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was Samuel Adams. So hello.

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You know, running after people. Yeah.

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Harming, harming.

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Okay, he was Jana. Okay, Inshallah, we'll give it to

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the hunter and the question was evening, how many verses in Surah Mulk. There'll be certainly there's a surah with X amount of iron that we recited, it will protect you from the adverb of the cover. How many is the surah book, sha Allah, may Allah protect me Salah Sedna Muhammad was Saddam was sending him Nairobi datamine Santa Monica