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This is a roughly twenty minute talk by the knowledgeable Sheikh. Here he reminds the dire need for muslims to focus on the halal all the time and to abhor the Haram as did the companions of the Prophet s.a.w.

Know that every king has limits and Allah's limit are those things He has made haram. Because the energy that you derive is Haram and a single morsel of haram has an impact on your whole body and future. If you are prepared to transgress Allah's limit then you will not hesitate to go beyond.  

We are living in trying times where everything has become commercial. Bear in mind that Syaitan comes to you bit by bit and makes you reduce the value of haram so that in your eyes so that you start justifying something that is clearly haram because you used to justify that which was doubtful.

If you are not bothered with halal and haram then you will not be bothered with transgressing the limits of Allah. Thus stay away from the doubtful so you do not go beyond Allah's limits. Become halal lovers for the sake of loving Allah.

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Mufti Menk

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Dr Mufti Ismail Menk is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University.

Mufti Menk's work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of "The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World" since 2010.

He has millions of followers across his social media platforms. Mufti Menk's personable style and down to earth approach has made him one of the most sought after scholars in our time. He has endeared himself to people with his much loved lecture series, a Mufti Menk hallmark.

He travels the world spreading a simple but profound message: "Do good, help others while preparing for the Hereafter".

He is active in the international arena and is a strong proponent of peace and justice, speaking up against all forms of terrorism.

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