Omar Suleiman – Art Of Forgiveness

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding hated people and giving money to charity. They stress the need for forgiveness and negative behavior, including clinging to pressure and expressing anger. They also discuss the use of "will" in relation to negative behavior and emphasize the importance of forgiveness in society. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and acknowledge the need for forgiveness in life.
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smilla Mahima Trembley learn me when are blinded, you know what I mean when I have been almost on the asylum America and I'm Nicola silicom hamedan so long running saga while earning he was asking me to send them to send them to Pharaoh. So I have a pretty difficult task of I'm supposed to tell you how to be a forgiving person in 25 minutes. So instead what I'll do is go ahead and I'll briefly talk about a few layouts. And from that we can draw some of the benefits because you know, to have a lot of data he said something very powerful.

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He said if I was asked to speak for five hours on a subject and I could do so with ease but when I'm asked to convey a message in five minutes that it's a lot harder why because Pamela these are really huge concepts and that was the gift of the prophets of Allah it was some of that with a few words the prophets little lice and I'm always drove the point home so he did not have to lecture for a long time to get the point across the way that we do because of our weakness. But then and obviously, this is what is so powerful about nm Kadima, you know, in the end, you would find that one I a loss penalty Island would just mention a few words on the Tafseer of the explanation of the

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ayah could go on and on and on and on for hours. So we'll just talk about two is Allah subhanho to Allah says in Surah Adi, I'm Ron and I am number 132 or 133 was Saturday.

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And rush to the forgiveness of your Lord what Jen nuttin our boo ha, cow, I'll do her I will give her some outlet to will allow for a

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rush to the forgiveness of your Lord and to a paradise that encompasses that is so vast that encompasses the entire heavens in the earth. Or a Dutchman with tucking it has been promised for those who are conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now Lost Planet Allah already gave, you know, the the characteristic of and looked up pain, assign the attribute of and looked up. And usually what we see happening in the last panel in China will mention either a praiseworthy characteristic or a praiseworthy trait and that and then the last kind of toggle we'll say and Edina and He will give the description so I Latina those who write so called after Halloween on Alina home de Sala to close your own right, success successful are the believers. Who are the believers the last panel that will start mentioning their characteristics what a bad man and the Serpents of a white man. And Medina I'm sure not a lot of the homeowner will either have

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apologia serrana and the servants of the Most Merciful those who who walk lightly on this earth and whenever they're, they're given you know, whenever they are attacked by those who are ignorant whenever people are constantly chastising them, they only respond with sent out with peace, right alladhina every time you see a lightning or something is special, but here we have a loss of power to Allah giving an attribute or a praiseworthy characteristic of what you know hooked up in and giving a small description and then a last animates out of giving another characteristic of these people saying they are the worsening why because the last contest says Allah Nina Yun before and

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after sell blah, blah blah, will kill the mean unlike what I have seen on him nuts will love you.

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So who are the terpene Allah Subhana tada says those who give charity, not just when times are good, not just in times of ease, but they even give charity in times of hardship. Right? When Calvary Mina laid those who swallow their anger when I feel not enough and those who are forgiving towards people than a loss of hundreds it gives another trait assigns another trait to these people, one law who your head will embrace any and Allah loves those who excel. So in the end these three descriptions that our last panel Jana has given to us, we know that if a person applies these three things, they can become locked up from the winter thing and they can become from the West Indies they can become

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from those from those who are conscious of a loss of hundreds. And they can be from those who itself. Now what is so special about these three people, or what is so special about a person who is able to do these three things. Essentially accent means what someone answer me What does it mean?

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Someone can ask. It's okay, I understand British.

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What does that sound mean?

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So accent is to worship a loss of Hamlet's ad as if you can see him.

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And whenever you realize that you cannot see him, then you're completely aware of the fact that he sees you. So you act in a different way. Right. So essentially, it is such

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The quality that a person always goes to, you know, goes beyond what is expected of him to achieve the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. He goes beyond what is expected of him from people to achieve the pleasure of a loss of having what's app. So for example, whenever a person is wealthy, whenever a person has money, everybody expects him to get, right. You know, whenever we do fundraisers, and things of that sort, everybody looks for the doctors, everybody looks for those who have money, everybody looks for the for the big business owners. And you know, sometimes even when you have celebrities and athletes and things of that sort, they always establish a charity foundation. Right?

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So when they're making millions and millions and millions of dollars or pounds, they give, you know, just a small portion. Why? Because that's expected of them. People expect that from you whenever you have a lot of money. But whenever you're poor, who expects you to give, right? The only thing that would you know, no one goes into a fundraiser and starts looking for a gender starts looking for the guy who's cleaning up the tables after the fundraiser to say hey, you know, you need to give money. You know, you need to give money to charity, you should think about you're here after everyone says no, he's poor, leave him alone. But that person out of his love for a loss of handholds, Allah

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would bring himself to give, even whenever he's in poverty and hardship. Why, because he's not concerned with the standards of people around him. He's concerned with how Allah Subhana, Allah holds him. So he's concerned with his rank in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So he knows that even if I forgot only $5 or five pounds, and I give one away, for the sake of a lot, then that would be enough, or that would be something that allows parents I would look favorably upon. So although no one is expecting that from him, he does it anyway. And that's why the prophet SAW the likes of them said that the reward the virtue of one did have given for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala has

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surpassed 100,000. So the companion said, How could the reward of one be greater than 100,000? Because the prophet SAW the license. And he said that the one who gave one one did, huh, was someone who was poor, he didn't have any, you know, he had barely anything. So imagine someone with $2 or two, you know, or two that comes in, he gives one away. Right? So that shows that that takes a lot of strength, whereas the one who gave 100,000 had a million, right, a million didn't really hurt him that much. It didn't hurt his pocket, he gave his spare change away. It's a big, it's a big, you know, contribution. And the reward for it will be great. And I'm sure that all of us would be

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satisfied if we were in a fundraiser and someone raised his hand for 100,000. But in the sight of a lot, the one who gave one achieve more reward. Why? Because the one who gave 100,000 was expected to give something but the one who gave one had nothing to gain from it except for elevation in the sight of who in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. Now the next two are relevant to our topic.

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Well, Cal, we mean that light, and those who swallow their anger, you know, so Pamela, it's one thing to not take out your anger upon people, it's one thing to not have a temper, right. But this isn't one a loss of habits are on the same. And it's one thing you know, to be kind when everyone else around you is kind and courteous. And unfortunately, that's how we usually take it, you know, it's, you know, no one expects you to go out of this door and start yelling at somebody because you're having a bad day. Right? If somebody holds the door for you, if someone gives you a smile in the face, then you're expected to smile back. And but but here's the thing when someone attacks you,

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or when someone insults you, if someone got up and was to say something about your mother right here, I think everyone in the room would expect you to retaliate. Everyone would expect you to express your anger. Why? Because Pamela that's, those are our standards, right? But I'll tell the mean, I love a mean someone who literally swallows his anger completely. You know, whenever not, you know, it's one thing to to not say anything, but you have this look on your face.

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Or you're rolling your eyes, right? I don't know what you you know, if you're clenching your fists. I don't know if people do that anymore. I think you do that when you're like 80 years old, you've got nothing else. You know, but you know, it's one thing to not say anything, but to express anger in your actions. But Allah subhanaw taala saying you know someone who has a son, he swallows his anger completely. You look at the Prophet sallallahu ascendo You know, when he was walking without a shovel the alone time.

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There was there was a group of people in Medina they used to insult the prophets lysozyme but indirectly, you know, they would say to the prophets like some sound like sound like you know, when we say something really quick to each other. So Michael, Assam on equal means made the curse of a labia upon you. Right. So

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in May the peace of Allah be upon you. So this group of people in Medina when they would say Assam article, they were actually saying to the province license, may Allah curse you

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The profit slicer that understood that and I saw the allow and understood that so province I set them as walking. And these people always say, so I can.

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And the prophets I send them goes, while he goes, he smiles and he says simply and upon you, right, so if you send us, the Navy upon you, and if you, you know, and it was accidental that you quickly sets it up, and it sounded like something that may be upon you. And if you said curse may be upon you. Right? I saw the alarm going off, she couldn't tolerate this. So whatever this group of people said to the Prophet sallallahu, it was set up a semi nickel, right? I should not be allowed time, she answered, was what was some what not too long ago.

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And may that may the curse of May that made the curse of a loss of hello to Allah be upon you and the damnation of Allah and His anger on the prophets. lysozyme says, whoa, why are you doing that? She said, Yes. They're not saying so down to you. They're cursing you. And the prophets lie. Selim said, Didn't you hear what I responded? I simply said, Why are they called upon you? And the prophets I saw them said some very beautiful words to eyes all the time. He said in the llama, you have been referred to me that Allah subhanaw taala loves gentleness and all of your affairs. He always loves gentleness. And so if someone is insulting you and attacking you, Allah Subhana, Allah

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loves the to express gentleness and as the brother was reading,

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and he didn't complete, but in the end of the ayah, it's fabulous. He asked for either Lavina Kela Vina who can number one even hemming, always repel evil with good and you would find that your greatest enemy, your most stern enemy will turn into your one eat your protective friend, your I mean, someone who always accompanies you your shadow. Why? Because you demonstrated good manners right? Now, we don't have to do that. society does not expect us to let those things go. But if you're if you have the quality of accent, and you're searching for the pleasure of a loss of parents, and your interest is being elevated in the sight of a loss parents out there, who cares

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about society standards, I'm going to do it anyway. Right? And license was the one who tolerated the most insults. Once he was sitting with electricity for the allotted time. What do we know about Beckett, he was a very gentle man. And I'll go back here would not stand up for himself. But if he saw the profits a little while it was on him being insulted, then that drove him insane. You know, some have a lot. So he's sitting with the profit slice. And then some people are coming in verbally assaulting the profit slicer.

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And the profit slicer is sitting there looking at them smiling. He's not saying anything. Until I will walk him all the time, who stands up and he starts to talk back to them. As soon as abubaker stands up the power supply sudden leaves.

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Now go back here became You know, he was worried. So he went to the prophet SAW the lights on the

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piano solo, what did you leave? Did I say something wrong? He said no, the Prophet sallallaahu it was so upset. But whenever we were being attacked, when they were speaking that way, the angels were there responding to them. And whenever you respond to the angels left, so I decided to leave to

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Panama, who whose pleasure? Are you seeking? You know, who do you look for? And which standards do you seek to fulfill? So some kind of law, this is the second one well cow the meat, they swallow their anger completely. They swallow their anger. Then the third one, which is, which is the the main point of the topic, when an athlete or an illness on top of just swallowing their anger, you know, sometimes when someone is insulting you, or someone does something wrong to you, you're not in a position to defend yourself. So you smile in their face and inside yourself. You're grinning and you're thinking to yourself, Well, I get

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way too, a position of power. And

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then you go home and you start plotting and planning and things of that sort. You start wishing you know, one day, I'll get my revenge on that person. Right. But here to pardon people, those who pardon people, not those who pardoned people who didn't do anything to them in the first place, or not those who pardon people that are in a position of power, or that are above you. So it really doesn't matter if you pardon them. It's like some kind of law whenever you're sitting around and you know, there's there's a person in office or in government, you say I forgive that person. Yeah, it's easy if you forgive him now. But what if what if the roles changed? What if you were in a different

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situation, he was in a different situation and that person is not under your control? And you have the ability to exactly revenge upon that person to take your retaliation. So society would expect you to do that. Right. society expects you to you know, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Right? That's what society expects of you. Justice. But Allah Subhana Allah says in the law yet little been added

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When esa Allah subhanho, wa Taala commands you and enjoins you with Adam with justice and compassion. And Emanuel Rahim of Allah said when your Fukuda exam is more important than I think compassion is more important than justice. So sometimes people say, what is Islam belief? Do we believe an eye for an eye? Or do we do we believe turn the other cheek, it's in between. What is not believes is that if a person is wrong, he has the right to take back his retaliation, his revenge. But if he chooses for his individual good at seeking the pleasure of a loss penalty, to turn the other cheek, he'll be rewarded for that. Right? So sometimes I asked him, you know, as Muslims, do

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we believe in the death penalty.

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Raise your hand if you think we believe in the death penalty.

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Do we not believe in the death penalty?

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Raise your hand if you don't know.

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You understand my American?

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The correct answer is we don't believe in the death penalty, we believe in the sauce that in an Islamic State under Islamic rule, if someone murders the other person, it's not the state versus you. It's not the state versus the murder, and the state goes out and carries out the death penalty. It goes back to the family those who are most affected by that loss. And they are given the option. Either that person can be killed.

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Right, or you can forgive and you're encouraged to forgive. Right, you're encouraged to let that person go. Now, of course, if this is a mass murderer, then then the hacking has to step in and take, you know, take matters into his own hands. But you're encouraged to forgive. Right? So you can take back your events you can demand your right but if you forego your right seeking and ease in the here after that, it will be better for you. Some kind of luck will feed on us, they still bring themselves to where they can pardon people. And you know, I'll give you an example of why this is so important. Because a lot of it was sell themselves men young hammer, your hub, whoever does not show

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mercy will not have mercy shown to him. Right? Imagine if a loss of Hannah hoods Allah was to hold us accountable for everything that we did. Imagine if a loss of parents out on the Day of Judgment, held us accountable for every single one of our actions and punished us for all of our sins.

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We would all be in trouble, right? And essentially, on the day of judgment, like of course, to be Rahim, Allah said, you either meet the justice of Allah, or you meet the mercy of Allah Subhana metalla. You don't want to meet the justice of Allah subhanho to have, right because as the profits a little longer it was Southern men, so either your piano whoever is questioned on the Day of Judgment funkadelic and another narration or whoever is asked on the day of judgment will perish, and I shall be allowed to add on her she said but doesn't everyone get asked? Right. As a last kind of dialysis but I'm not an OT Akita will be a mean for so for you handsome. He's certainly not the

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one who receives his book and his right hand, he'll be given an easy accountability. So does everyone ask, right? I mean, isn't everyone asked on the day of judgment? And also last lesson? Is No.

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That is an out that's your deeds being presented to Allah subhanaw taala but if Allah subhanaw taala calls you to account for your deeds, then you're in trouble. But Allah Subhana Allah for the believer for the one who was sincere for the one who made effort What does Allah subhanaw taala do? Allah subhanaw taala brings your deeds forth and then the last Pattaya shows you how he has forgiven them. Right? And then you get your book in the right hand, right? Then you have to go have your book wait right, then you have to have your deeds Wait, right? The angels subhana wa, they're not actually going to wait in Amazon, you know, with with the with the exact balance your good deeds and

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your bad deeds. If you received your book in the right hand, go ahead. We know Allah Subhana Allah has forgiven you. Right, you either meet the mercy or the justice of a lot and you really want to meet the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and one of the greatest ways to meet the mercy and forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah on the Day of Judgment is to be a forgiving person in this dunya towards those that harm you, right? People don't expect that from you. But you should have that expectation of yourself because you're seeking our side. And I'll give you an example, from the life of electricity for the allowance on

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the Prophet sallallahu it was the worst thing that could happen to him. So a lot of it was something that happened to his family is when I showed the loved one who was slandered and accused accused of committing adultery. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not harmonica. He did not yell at her. He didn't test Iser, but he was hard. He was hurt by this. This talk was going on all over the place and he was very hurt by this

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Right, those who spread this rumor though, you know, those who are who are spreading the slander, and we know how juicy talk can get, right, I saw the alone time it was left behind, you know, an expedition when they were coming back. And so she was brought back by Stefan will be a lot of time on. And whenever they were entering into a Medina, I saw the alarm. I had never talked to someone. She was on her camera and someone was pulling the camera. And I'd love to salute the chief of the hypocrites. Here's what he does, here's how he said shuts down. He says what law he studied.

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He did, he was not free from her, he did not escape her. And she did not escape him. That's all the stuff then started.

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Just like we have now you know, like in our Muslim community, CNN and Fox News and Sky News and everyone else. I don't know which one is more reliable. I know fox news is the one that's ridiculous. I don't know if you guys get Fox. But the talking started. And this hurt the profits lifetime. And this hurt. I sold the level and obviously for honors being taken away from her, you know, and who was the father of it. So back to the study for the 11. And whenever the revelation is sort of the new order came down absorbing it. So the A lot of times the accusation of Obamacare was there, and the profit slice of it was there. And it was the attempt to insert the North. And guess

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what, one of the people who slandered I shall have the low I'm the daughter of Rebecca viola, who

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was one of the people his name was Mr. That Rebecca used to give money to every day. He was a poor man, I can use to give money to every day. You can imagine if you're in the situation, this guy just ruined my daughter's life. And I was giving money to him every day. He was and he's a poor man. You know, I was watching out for him every day. So some had a lot. What would you do? If you're in that situation, you would go to that person who say, give me back all the money I've given you for the last year or two. And that's, that's understandable. All of us would understand that if a person did that. But

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on the other hand, you didn't even say that all the time. You said I'm not going to give them any more. As simple as that. So Pamela was Mr. Okay, I'm just not gonna give him any more. That's not even taking back your events. Right? That Allah subhanaw taala revealed and I fell Yeah, for when you're psycho, Allah

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Subhana Allah if the prophets lysozyme was making this for Adam, you really think he would bring this is because his wife was the one that was slandered. This was one of the worst periods of six months of his life. So a lot. A lot revealed at the responses of Rebecca all the time, let them forgive and pardon. Wouldn't you love that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah forgives you and pardons you. The man whose daughter was was was flattered, he's not going to hurt this person. But he's going to stop giving him turning a loss telling him keep giving him charity. Because you know what, as human beings, we messed up and a loss of habitat is still gives us it's not just that Allah

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Subhana Allah forgives us, he still gives us right? So we have to understand this concept. Why do I forget? I want the forgiveness of the last five minutes.

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Okay, why do I want a las panatela to forgive me on the day of judgment? Right. And this is a concept that is well established in our Deen men, Sakura, muslimah cetera loliondo tiara, whoever covers his brother, his sister, Allah Subhana, Allah will cover him on the Day of Judgment. Right? You forgive someone else Allah will forgive you on the Day of Judgment you show mercy with the love will show mercy to you on the Day of Judgment. And we all know the famous story of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the companions. And he said, you're about to see a person who's from the people of paradox. And so this guy is unknown. He's not likable, Beckett he's not all the Allahu Ivanhoe he's not you know, so hey, but Rumi. He's not a robot. He's not someone you know, who's known to the companions. So I'm loving the robot. What does he do? He says, This guy is going to paradise. I want to accompany him and figure out what he does. So I believe Norma is someone who plays piano extensively, who, who reads for an extensively he goes nice, he asked this person to accompany him and he spends three days with, when he spends three days

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with him. He wants to see you know, during the days he fast, you know, he's eating his lunch that night. He just he doesn't wake up 4pm and then he's not waking up to offer prayers throughout the night. I'm loving all that is waking up to do pm at night and he's not waking up to do pm at night. And he's not noticing any any particular regimen of reading or on or any particular particular regimen of making to speak. He's a very he's the average Joe. Right. And I'm loving Robert is this is driving, you know, why you? You know, somehow out of all of the companions, what makes you that person? What makes you so you know, so so forgiving? Right? And what guarantees you paradise he

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says, Well, I mean, the only thing I can think of every night before I go to sleep, I pardon everyone first and foremost from the heart. I forgive everyone from the heart. Then I make your eye for those people. How to look sad, will love

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your hip would resonate. This is how Allah ended. Allah loves those who do good. The people that harmed me I make doc for them, not in front of their faces like today, whenever we say May Allah forgive you, it's an insult. Right? It's to say that I'm right, you're wrong. So two people are having an argument ally. soundpack May Allah forgive you, alive, McAfee, May Allah forgive you, right? You're saying that to say you're wrong, and I'm right. Right. That's an insult. Right? But whenever you're actually alone, if you say that for I'm home, you know, as the last printout tells the messenger slicer, that was stuff for the novel, and you seek forgiveness for them imagine, right

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this person harmed me today. So when I'm sitting tonight alone, in my bed making God tool I'm gonna say, Oh, look, forgive this person, he probably had an excuse. He was probably having a bad day. That's enough to guarantee you paradise. And then the, you know, and then secondly, I'll just mention two more points and shout lots out. Whenever you forgive, make sure that you're also forgetting. Right? As soon as isonem says how last time does with us attack womanism commandment number that the one who repents from a sin is like the one who never sinned in the first place. With a loss of hundreds Allah, Allah subhanaw taala does not hold any grudges with you. Right? And it's

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not like if you go back to the sin, Allah is going to all of a sudden rehash the other times that you said, and put them all together to increase punishment or things of that sort. When you repent, call us Allah is the food of fraud is the cover something a lot, covers it up, buries the hat, it's gone. And then Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Rahim, then Allah expresses mercy, right? Notice how Allah uses the, the combination of his names before him, he carries it up, buries the hatchet, he shows you mercy and compassion as if nothing ever happened in the first place. But of course, a lot doesn't forget, in the true sense of the word. But whenever we're talking about forgiven forgets,

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it's extremely important that we truly mean that right now give you an example. Let's say that, you know, you know, it's this, it's this typical example that you see in Hollywood, right? The corruption that we Americans send to you guys, right? The typical example that you see in a movie, where let's say that a person, you know, a man messed up or something like that. And he was, and he said something to another woman that that his wife didn't like, right? And then he says, I'm sorry, I'm seeking forgiveness. I can't believe I did that. You know, please forgive me. And even if he's sincere, usually he's not sincere in Hollywood, but even if he's sincere, right? And then what

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really happens in reality, when they go back to the marketplace, and what do you guys have here instead of Walmart?

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What is it?

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Okay, whatever it is Texaco, whatever.

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The point is, is that you go to the grocery store, and you're at the register, and if it's a woman there, right, and he just smiles at the woman, and she's gonna turn around and hit him with his purse with her purse, right? You know, how dare you you Why are you looking at her like that? Why are you talking Meaning what? It's still in her memory. Right here. I have two brothers have you know, have have a fight and argument and someone really changes himself. And he says, I'm sorry, please forgive me. And then you say, don't worry about it, man. It's over. And then the minute that he even shows, you know, a hint of returning back to that behavior. I knew you never changed. I knew

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you were the same person. Right? But Yusuf Ali has set up a lot of parents Allah mentions to us use of Elisa that, whose brothers actually sought out to edit his life. Right? He was living the life he was, you know, the favorite child and a family of prophethood. And his brothers threw him into a well, and he goes into slavery. And he goes into, you know, into prison. He goes through all of these rough stages of his life for 21 years that he sees his brothers and he's in a position of power. Yusuf Ali Salaam is now the king. He's you know, and his brothers are coming and asking for grain they're asking for food because they're suffering from drought. And his brothers don't

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recognize who he is. and use of honey Ceylon right then and there would be completely justified to say, Okay, you guys tried to kill me and now I'm the king. I'm gonna kill you all. Or at least I'm gonna make you live a miserable life. Or at least I'm not gonna give you any food. Right? I'm not gonna give you anything. You know that you came and asked for it. But you supply to his salon, whatever his brothers figure out who he is. And you can imagine they're saying, oh, we're so sorry. Right? how sincere without apology be I mean, think about it, or how sincere would the one who's in power proceeded? Right? He'd say you're just saying that now because you're in trouble. The first

00:29:24 --> 00:29:32

words used to find a synopsis to them has led to three body comedy Oh, look, don't worry about it. There's no blame upon you today.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

gives them a great life. And then when you somebody that meets his father Yahoo by Islam, again, the one that cried himself, wind over him, right and use Instagram as a census throne. And he praises and thanks Allah subhanaw taala for his position, and he starts to remember and hamdulillah a lot of panels out have saved me from this trial and this trial, he starts to remember all of his hard moments in life. He doesn't even mention the time that he spent in the world.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

He doesn't even mention why because he told his brothers Forget about it. That's a three minute video. He didn't even mention it when he was thanking Allah subhanaw taala publicly for saving him from the hardships of his life. But this was the root of it all was that your brother's through he went to a well, that's a three body committee all those were the same words that the prophets A lot of it was sent upset. When the prophet SAW the love audio said I'm entered Mecca. And people want to accuse our religion of being barbaric, and they want to say that the Prophet slicin it was a man of violence in a manner by any standard of war and ethics of war. The people of Mecca could have all

00:30:33 --> 00:31:11

been killed by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They killed his family members, they ran him out, they placed him under boycott, you know, his wife died under that boycott, his uncle died under that boycott. They took they mutilated his uncle hams all the alumni who chewed his liver and spit it out humiliated the Muslims for all these years, 20 years over 20 years, and the Prophet sly send them when he's coming back now and he's empowered. Right? He could have at least went after the people that committed those acts of violence and the people that ruin you know that ruin that that aspect of his life so long, right? He was solid, and some of the Sahaba had it built up. So one of

00:31:11 --> 00:31:47

the companions said as a yo yo man hammer today is the day of revenge and the province licensers know Today's the day of today is the day of mercy. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam walked into Mecca, when he when he came into Mecca, he could have been the arrogant conqueror, right with his chest puffed out here is you know, here I am. Now this is the one that you through, this is the one that you abandoned. This is the one who you've been humiliating, you're all in trouble. And everyone expected by the way that revenge would be taken out on them. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam had his head so close to his animal to his writing beast that his face was almost touching,

00:31:47 --> 00:31:54

it's back out of humility. And the Prophet slicin was telling them, you can come out your safe. That's a three minute video.

00:31:55 --> 00:32:03

Look, it's forgotten. Your forgiveness, and it's forgotten. Why is that so important? And this is the last point I promise you this is the last point and

00:32:05 --> 00:32:39

why is that so important for us? It's not just subprime a lot of that we forgive so that we can be forgiven on the Day of Judgment. You know, I was reading in the Pittsburgh medical journal, I remember this the benefits of forgiveness in a person's life in terms of his dunya in terms of his worldly life, right. So, medically speaking, you have lower blood pressure, medically speaking, you have a better heart rate. Medically speaking, you have a longer lifespan, medically speaking. Statistically, they actually prove that a person who has a forgiving mentality or someone who lets things go a lot, is more likely to be involved in volunteerism and charity and things of that sort.

00:32:39 --> 00:33:16

So you're able to do good, right, because you're not bitter, is able to still have good relationships with other people because the bitterness is not carrying over to other relationships. So there's benefit in this world, but for your spirituality, your heart has to be mononuclear Mahima, Lhasa is a space, you fill your heart with as much love and hate as you want to. But the more hate you put in it, or the more love of anything else other than your Lord, the less capacity there will be to love your Lord. Right. And that's why there's a very, very powerful statement to hold the grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You're only hurting

00:33:16 --> 00:33:50

yourself when you hold grudges, you're only hurting yourself when you don't forgive other people. Because by letting that you know stay around in your heart by holding those grudges by holding that hate. You're not allowing yourself to focus on what your own spiritual progression, your own love for Allah subhanaw taala your own pursuit of mercy. So do not let the hate for someone else the real you because at the end of the day, you're actually allowing that person to have victory and don't think well I don't want to forgive someone and then it comes back you know, it comes back to haunt me later on in life. And as one of the son upset he said that I would rather regret forgiving

00:33:50 --> 00:34:24

someone than regret not forgiving someone. Right? Regret letting a grudge hold on and then that person dies while we had a grudge and then the hurt continues because I should have forgiven him I should have made things better. That's my wife. That's my my father. That's my mother. That's my son. That's my brother. That was my best friend. Right? The Hurt there and the hurt on your spirituality. This all affects your heart. So let it go for your own good and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a forgiving people in sha Allah. We asked the last contest to make us the people of mercy and we asked the last candidate to make us a people worthy of His mercy and forgiveness and

00:34:24 --> 00:34:27

compassion along with me. Does that come along later?

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