Are the Brothers of Yousuf (as) Sinners or Prophets

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses Subhan Curtis's use of "verile act" in the story of the brothers of use, highlighting their potential for forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness in the future. The group discusses past actions and potential forgiveness, including a woman named Br Citibank ahead of a woman named Moqud. The segment also touches on the complicated meaning behind the use of Islam, including whether people wanted to know who was forgiven and if they were forgiven. The speakers also mention the history of the legal system in the Middle East, including the rise of Muslims and the use of prophets to cover up spies and grant their mercy.
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asked Surah Yusuf, right. And Surah Yusuf is a favorite for many people for good reason, including some of the Sahaba of the Prophet slice of them who were noted for reciting it so frequently that you could memorize it, just praying behind them. And so off the budget,

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this surah has so much to offer. And subhanAllah. What I wanted to focus on tonight, was actually The Curious Case of the brothers of use of it his setup. They are an interesting group of people, the brothers of use of it has some, we know Jacobi has Salam, a prophet of Allah, who was tested in a very severe way with his son being taken away. We know the status of use of it has set up, a prophet who was tested, taken from place to place, situation to situation eventually brought to glory in this life and the next, and ALLAH SubhanA wa jaata granted him victory. But what's different about the story from all of the other prophets, is the fact that it was yeah providing his

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sons own sons that caused him this pain. And that through use of it is Saddam into the well, which caused all of this to unfold. What makes us different with use of it has Saddam is that it was literally his own brothers with everyone else. We're talking about their people, their people, their people harming them, but here you're talking about within the family itself. Now, the question becomes the brother's of use of it, his setup, you know, they show up in the story, as those that caused the pain to use of it, his setup, and then the discussions between them and Jacobian is Saddam seeking out a better life. And then what happens with Binyamin he is set up and then

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eventually seeking you know, or being put in a situation where they now realize that use of it his salah is a king over them and seeking His grace, even though they tried to kill him and they abandoned him when he was young. So here's the question. First question. Were the brothers of use of it has Saddam forgiven for their sins? Yes or no?

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They were forgiven. spamela look at the list of crimes here. They tried to kill their brother, a prophet.

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They lied about trying to kill their brother, a prophet are abandoning him and throwing him into the well. They broke up their family, they caused pain, TEAC already has some. I mean Subhanallah The list goes on. I mean, you don't get more severe of a list of sins than this. I mean, this is an extremely severe list of sins And subhanAllah still, when they go to use of any histogram, when you supply the histogram speaks to them and addresses them. The last thing he tells them you know when they figure out his use of he reminds them he said is this remember what you did to use if he what antonija hidden when you were ignorant? It's probably not a show cannula. Amo Latina says something

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beautiful here. He says when you somebody has said I'm told them when you were amongst the ignorant, that was a Teavana that was a means of making an excuse for them like when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was being beaten and hurt and almost killed and the prophets of Allah it was said himself Allah Muhammad he called me for in Nam la ya la Mon, Oh ALLAH forgive my people, they just don't know any better. So use of it his Salaam is making an excuse for them and saying, that's when you were ignorant. That's when you were amongst the ignorant force, removing from them the worst of intentions and the worst of assumptions about them. And then that's when they realize wait a minute

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are you use if and immediately when they realize its use of they've had years to think about the crime that they have committed. And by the way, they all process the differently remember, one of them. One of them said, you know, let's not kill him, but let's just throw him into the well, one of them. So they're not all exactly the same. And they've had all these years to process it. They've seen their father cry himself blind. They've seen the pain that they've caused, they've seen the alienation they now feel from their father, because of what they did to use of it and so on. So let me see use of it. So this is yours. Right? About two decades. If you think about it, I'm not seeing

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their brother and seeing him in the state. They all are processing this very, very, very differently. But what did they do when they see you somebody's Saddam in this situation? They say surely Allah subhanaw taala has preferred you over us. And they asked us if it Islam for forgiveness, and use of it his Salam must have a lot built up inside of him for all of these years, right? You supply to us Saddam says you have to give Allah Allah.

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May Allah forgive you. Well, hello, I'm humble. Raha mean. And Allah is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. It's Pamela. Not only did you somebody who said I'm forgiven them, he said, By the way, you know who's more

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more merciful than me, Allah subhanaw taala will hold up hammer rock, I mean, He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. The same language, by the way comes up just a few hours later, I believe it's the very next page where they go to Jacoba. And he has set up and they say to their father, seek forgiveness for us. They don't just ask their father for forgiveness for the pain that they caused him. Jacobian is some knew all along what they had done, right? But they're asking him to ask Allah to forgive us. As Han allah how beautiful the answer we got to prove it. He said, I'm Sophia Estelle federal law come Robbie. In number four Rahim. I will seek forgiveness for you from

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Allah. Does anyone know what it means when he says I will seek forgiveness for you? What's he talking about?

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He's saying I'm going to wait to wait until the last part of the nights. So I'm going to remember you and the time of solitude or the time the last part of the night the time was set up, which is the best time to seek forgiveness from Allah the closest that a person is to Allah so surely I will seek Allah's forgiveness for you. And by the way, your Lord is Most forgiving, Most Merciful. So both us have any answer that any Kobani has set up, when they respond to this group of 10 that caused all of this pain to unfold. They remind them of ALLAH SubhanA wa ties mercy and forgiveness. And as the manifests they don't say, How could it be that Allah subhanho wa Taala will quote to us

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the words of Iacob and use of forgiving them. And Allah is more merciful than them. And Allah did not forgive them. Of course, they were forgiven. Allah showed the mercy. They brought their families to Egypt and they resided under use of it his Sudan and the dream of use of it his Salam came true. Think about that for a moment how merciful and forgiving Allah is that even they were given another tense,

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then it gets a little complicated.

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Where they profits

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Yeah, Jamara

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How did that sound?

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Were they were they profits or not profits?

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No one wants to answer the question.

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I remember Subhan Allah when I was first doing sort of bucho and every time I'd come across two women Lindsey de Nina Brahim, who is married or is happily are cool, but what is that? That which was revealed upon us upon Ibrahima Knysna, is married? Or is, is how party in Islam Jacoba Islam and s belt, which if you just read a translation, the basic understanding is the 12 tribes of Bani Israel in being the 12 Sons of Yaqoob. It has set up so wait a minute, there prophets. Is that really the case? So some of the Allama say, Yes, actually, they later on became prophets, Allah forgave them and showed mercy on them, and they became prophets of God. And some of the scholars

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even went to the length of saying that when they committed this crime against use of Islam, they were kids, that's a little far fetched because of the age range and things of that sort that they would have all been children. But the point is, is that some of the elements say that they actually later on were forgiven. And Mercy was shown to them and they went from being these people that could have killed a profit, and ended up becoming prophets themselves. Now, before I go further, in that opinion, I just want you to remember that when the prophets of Allah Aarnio, some entered back into Mecca, and he remembered the words of use of it his salaam to his brothers. And he said, There is no

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blame on you today. May Allah forgive you and Allah is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy some of those people there. And subhanAllah you know, if you just do the math, it's actually two decades of persecuting the prophets lie Selim and Yusuf Ali Hassan was standing in front of his brothers about the same amount of time 21 years later in front of his brothers, right. And the Prophet sighs I'm stands in front of these people who waged war on him who persecuted him who killed his family succeeded and killing his family. And the prophets. Isom says, May Allah forgive you all. And Allah is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Now, by the way, some of those people that

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the prophets license showed that forgiveness two and mercy two went on to become some of the greatest Muslims in history went on to become shahada martyrs, they really changed their lives. Like yes, of course, it's understandable that some people just have that it didn't kill us. And they'll go with a chick so I was talking about this there were hypocrites in Medina, surely there were hypocrites in Mecca after the Potomac after the opening of Mecca that just tried to hide themselves at that point. But there were people like economics in Abuja, someone who is a prime target for what the crimes he committed against this man who went on to become a Shaheed a martyr, who had a story

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of not just martyrdom, but a story of just complete ethos of selflessness, and preferring other people to Himself. So some people really, really made a change in

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their lives, then you come back to use of Artesia? Did his brothers actually gained prophethood later on. So some of the scholars say they are a spouse, they are the 12. That became prophets altogether. Some of them might say that their children, their children were blessed with prophethood, not them. Okay, so their children became prophets, not them. And some of the scholars that asked about, it refers to Kaaba, and it's tribes. So it's, it's in the broad sense that there were prophets that were sent amongst the 12 Sons of Yaqoob. It has Sarah, and like you see in the story of Musa and he has set up way this desk almost, he called me for cooking a little bit of

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psychological and federal admin has Natasha Raja aina. But the argument could do an awesome mission, Robert home in the story of Musa alayhis salam, and he strikes the stone and the 12 streams come out and every group knew their screen. So sort of, you know, a distinction here, in terms of the 12 tribes of Bani Israel, even, just like you would have called that and tribes amongst venomous, naive, so it wasn't the direct children of Iacob on Instagram, but within the descendants of all of those children were Anbiya. were prophets. In any case, and by the way, this this appears to be underline was best, the stronger opinion. Okay, in this sense, Allah knows best there are great

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scholars that hold various opinions in this regard, but just because of the idea that prophets cannot commit major sins even before prophethood according to the more correct understanding, and Allah knows best that Allah would have protected them from major sins even before Naboo even before prophet hood was given to them, and surely they committed major sins. But the last thought I want to give you by the way, in this regard,

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one of the things that Allah subhanaw taala reminds the people of Makkah about through sudo, who through many of these vacuum sources, if you succeeded in killing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that would be your misfortune. Imagine if they succeeded in killing the Prophet sly sunnah they would have all been doomed. But instead, Allah saved the Prophet, slice and learn from them. And then Allah saved them through the prophets of Allah, Allah who was Saddam and they became believers and righteous people, and their lives changed. The brothers of us have already set up they had they succeeded in killing Yusuf alayhi salam, their book would have been sealed. I mean, you

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would have killed your brother but Subhan Allah, Allah has mercy to them was that use of it his setup did not fall victim to their initial plot, because that gave them a chance to do Toba. So all the while and I'll leave you on this note Subhan Allah all the while Allah was elevating use of adding his Salaam and giving a chance for expiation for the brothers of use of Friday his Salam. Allah was elevating Dr. Kobani his Salam, raising his ranks, and at the same time inviting the children of Jaco Barney has set up to repentance. What a forgiving and merciful Lord that we have who takes all of us into account in the way that these plans unfold. May Allah subhanaw taala make

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us worthy of His forgiveness? May Allah subhanaw taala open our hearts to be forgiving towards others. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us His mercy and may Allah subhanaw taala put in our hearts the mercy of Yusuf Ali Hassan to his brothers as well that we may attain his ultimate mercy Allah him I mean, he's document all Federal Center