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What are

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the unforeseen amin Surya Tian Alina manga de lo philomel the letter for my little fella had the

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word shadow

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in the law de moda Sherry Cara what a shadow. Mohamad an abdomen what a solo I'm about to fire him nos da Cunha de Tiki tabula rasa roll head to head you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa early he was saddled with shallow more emotional to her wakulla more desert in beta wakulla be that in dollar Latino cool da da da that

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rubbish. You're actually sorry, you're silly. I'm sorry. Why have you looked at me? Listen, oh holy

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah send the immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early Ascendant?

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Who is the ideal.

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The ideal example for us to follow in our lives.

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As of Quran mentions laqad can Allah configure sudipta he was spoton hacer una Eman kana, your doula when you're here with the Corolla kathira in Sarasota hazard the 33rd Chapter The Quran

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primarily discussing the coming of the Confederates, the armies coming together to attack the Muslim ummah.

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In India, you find many are yet talking about etiquettes in reference regarding, towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and likewise his wives and his family members as well.

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And you find this beautiful Ayah this verse which sums up the exemplary character and behavior of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that indeed for you to emulate and to copy. The Prophet Muhammad's Islam is the best example. Whoever believes in Allah in the last day and remembers the last parent Allah abundantly. Likewise, the beginning of salt in the column that we find the 68 chapters of Quran, why not Allah, Allah Hello kina Alvin. Indeed your character is sublime and manifest. That is the role model in our life that every single Muslim should focus upon, not on personalities, or individuals. The benchmark, the standard that we look at, is none other than the

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, all of the

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individuals that we look at their character and their behavior and their life. And they do hold and they struggling that they carried out upon this earth, for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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But obviously, we know it's going to be very difficult at times to make that imitation or to emulate the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So we have to maybe come down another level,

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may be may be difficult for many of us to get to that level. So we look at the next level, the next group of individuals that possibly, it is possible that there could be people from his Muslim oma, who could have certain similarities to those individuals. So the personalities are going to focus upon the regional Howler soul. So the Lhasa lambda men, obviously the women whenever topic concerns them around the messenger,

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that we need to create the icons or live in this world of icons and symbols

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that nearly every other individual knows whether directly or indirectly, you become somehow we familiarize ourselves with personalities around us, stars, football players, musicians, if we don't focus upon them, somehow the names become in front of all of us, and we will become familiar with them. And we may even possibly end up reading about certain elements of their life and some of our youth in some Muslims unfortunately, begin to take them as their codeword. Because they're shallow in the occur in the belief and the man, they begin to make emulation or imitation of those individuals find a hadith and sooner or later would mentorship come in for whom in whom whoever

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imitates a people eventually becomes like them doesn't necessarily mean external invitation, but that can lead as a potamia mentions that internally you begin to emulate and imitate them. Like with a Quran warns us as well. Well, untergang can Yahoo do well, and Massara had to bear Mendota home, the Jews and the Christians will never be happy with you until you don't follow their way of life. milda sumela means everything

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Begin to try to emulate and copy you need those individuals. First bill comer sobre una as minahasa have a patience, a resolution and a commitment, like the lofty prophets had that commitment. So that's a key element for Muslims to find perseverance, fine patience, upon the path of success is the way of falling into the NBA. And those individuals who had the ultimate patience, and the ultimate copying the Prophet Muhammad was none other than the companions. So that second level we begin to study and look at them, or unmentioned about them laqad arogya lower animal Meaning, if you buy your own Shakira Halima Murphy coleauxv him and did the last pounders pleased with those

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individuals who took the pledge better to read one underneath the tree. And look at a loss panda Allah purifies the companions. All of the companions are people of paradise. That's when you look at books of region El Mirage Allah books of Mustafa al hadith of Hadith, you don't have a discussion about the companion. You don't have the five criteria of a person, being trustworthy being either Bob it being just having their senses being truthful, that doesn't apply to any of the companions, because all the companions, then aerations are acceptable. So we find that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Murphy, OBEY Him, Allah, Allah knew what was inside their hearts. And that's what we make

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highlight this point, because we find a third and fifth Sahaba, a person who revives and says things about the companions, that is a symbol to see who is a Sunni, and who is a Shiri, as Mr. Malik mentioned, to recognize that Sony isn't a raffle, yet they mean helpful in the hurry S bar of getting up on your knuckles from Tisha hood, or moving your finger fast or being roughly a day or making that mean all of these or any Mr. Hubbard highly recommended things based upon the Hadith son, Luca Mara to Mooney, Sally. Praise, you've seen me praying, but to make that and to believe that is the symbol and the Sunnah. That is a mistake. Mr. Malik said you want to recognize where

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Allah sadhana. They are those people who praise and love and follow the companions, those who go against the web and the sadhana, those who defame and question and make a critique of the companions. So as far as we are concerned, all the companions no matter what took place amongst themselves later on, they are all unique, acceptable and just in individuals. Likewise, other areas, it's hard to puranam so many of us who had this many occasions are at the lower end humara do and

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they are happy the last parameter Allah, Allah founder is happy with them. What does that mean? That these must be selected individuals that they've earned the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And likewise, even we take a lower level, look at the lives of certain m al Mujahideen, people striving, struggling a member that had been his famous seer Allah mundo, Bella, 25 volumes 500 pages is approximately each volume. The whole encyclopedia is talking about the Sierra the lives of new Bella. People who reach lofty goals,

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lofty achievements, committed their lives, you know, imagine translating those 25 volumes 500 pages each today, into the English language, if we could actually have access to that, to read through our history of what the people in the memes that came before us, the majority do and the people strive and struggle, what they achieved in in their lives.

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So we want to basically look at this one personality, but just before that also need to highlight because today's world, we live in a world of personalities, that people begin to recognize certain personalities, or because a person talks about a certain topic, or is able to impress people with certain things. Just because a person may talk about these blessings, individuals may at times become emotional about the way that they depict certain things and to transform that information. That doesn't mean that is something acceptable. That's a key lesson that many youth that they need to learn. Because there's some people who speak about these companions speak about certain

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individuals. And people say look at them, they speak into

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the speaking the truth.

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But at the same time, they're teaching people what deviancy corruption is a form of lease, a form of deception, of trying to attract the people in talking about certain personalities that every single Muslim would be attracted to was highlighted in blue lead towards a pub get attracted to

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lose them and in that you can then brainwash instill a corrupt, corrupt occurred, a false belief, a false methodology, or a person begins to talk about hollyrock talks about Afghanistan talks about Soria talks about everything that we find around us the burning difficulties, because they've addressed the topic that becomes a mega yacht, that becomes a symbol that that person is really person who's resembling the truth. That's not the symbol of an Asana.

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The criteria is a new source. The criteria is texts and evidences. Even the Quran warns about the Prophet Mohammed ism in nicomedia, tune, we're in the home, may you,

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you are going to leave this world you're going to die. And likewise, they are all going to die. So our life is based upon personalities and individual. Life is based upon authenticity. That's manhood. Any Coleman had your self, the way the self is based upon evidences, wherever the lead is, that's what they follow inside their lives, if at times is when they are in love with the Imam that they love and they respect the netic be so many times the evidence is not with them, and the person does not become a partisanship and support and still bend over backwards and support that view. The view is only the view that runs coincides with color, local color or soul color Sahaba. That's the

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view that we follow throughout our lives. Likewise, we find that the message which remains which is dominant is one of Eman, one of a card. And you need one of Eman that counts. That's it. That's the message that needs to be delivered to the people for in M and OB myths to be recorded, though, if you believe as they have believed, you will be rightly guided, who is the Quran referring to you believe, as they believed, is referring to whom, to the companions, you find that same faith that they had that same conviction of same belief, then you will be rightly guided as they are. So you don't need debates that people come and debate an issue about what is the best way to follow the

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answer. it's crystal clear. It's quite simple. You find your faith in line with the faith of the companions, your character in line with the character of the companions, your car, your belief system, same as their belief system, your life, same similar to them. troca de todo will be rightly guided, you study the average Muslim, what you find the average Muslim belief is against their belief, the average Muslim character is against their character, the average Muslims conduct is against their conduct. And then we tried to say well, that may be the right way, or this is the right way. So we have to try to follow the right way in everything that we do in trying to become

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like those individuals. And also we find that those individuals spoke less and carried out much action. That's another lesson that we need to develop inside our lives. No need to speak too much. But take the example and carry on persevering and striving more and more towards a powerful lustful panorama. And in final in his introduction also need to mention where we enter the main theme of the topic is aspiration. That's why I mentioned this Have we ever found was very rare to find a child or person coming and saying, you know, I want to be like Abu Bakr Siddiq. I would be like, Omar, I want to be like, man, I want to be like Ali. I want to be like a beta Jarrah. I want to be the Harley

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mobileread Did you hear that often? Well, no, I don't think so. I don't hear it very often. That person says I want to be another individual. That's even a rumor reported about him when he said to his companions, his friends around him and no Aspire what you aspire for. once said, I want a whole room full of gold so I can spend it wherever last Panda and the ones that I want this or that. Then he said to me would you aspire to have? What do you want in your life that you would want to have? You could have that one wishes they say? He said I want to have a room full of men like Abu Zubaydah Jarrah.

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Men like that in a whole room will conquer the whole world.

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So look at the expiration date, his thought is totally different. He's not saying is haram whatever, the value of gold or whatever, and spending a lot of time to alibi. Look, he wanted men he wanted quality. And that's what we lacked. today. We say Islam is the right religion, the right way of life, etc. But as you find his famous Jenny Powell his famous statement that the non Muslims are men without a faith region Billa Dean, okay, there are men without a face, but look at their efforts, how they carry on in the path of gopher and disbelief and sending that message to the people or the

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People around them Nando de nuit Bella region

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we are a way of life without no real men

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that are parallel which is becoming more and more visible that Islam is accurate is perfect is complete but more more unfortunately find that the men to uphold it not that it needs anybody to uphold it are dropping away

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so we need to begin to revive that once again are becoming men who carrying the symbols of a loss panda Allah the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah to the people around us. So how can you believe that we find if we go briefly through His Spirit and his life you find an extract and he does for why it does benefits that will concern us as Muslims is first we find these days in your ignorance that hollyburn will lead had a deep life of JD of ignorance that we find many of them they mentioned that person doesn't see life of ignorance cannot really at times appreciate Islam doesn't mean that we should all go and for the life of God Leah is just a famous statement that's made the person

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who's seen extreme ignorance can really appreciate what Islam is that once that light comes to them they become a lot more focused and committed some of us born Muslims and Islam given to us on a plate. We don't really give that much emphasis or love Islam so much that we find even the Quran mentions you Latina lumenier 10 min command Dini for Sophia Tila who be comin Are you believe you turn away a pasta stay or apostate or turn away from the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Spangler bring about a new group of people who will love Allah, and Allah will love them. And then certain siefert or characteristics are mentioned unique about them. Now, because many of us Muslim, the

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average Muslim we take for granted being born Muslims. We think that we're something special, that our last panda is not going to destroy us or change us or take Islam away from us. But we can see that day in and day out, we begin to drift away and you find other people are moving closer and closer are entering into Islam. So Harlem new lead is one of those characters individually spent many of his years in COVID and disbelief, indeed, towel of his family. In general you find the son of the chief and will lead. So Harley mobileread Harley, the son of bullied when needed. nimbahera a certain Quranic idea to set down upon the staunch enemy. Amongst if you look at the scale of enemies

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that the Prophet Mohammed Ahmed had, he was on the highest scale amongst the top two three individuals. He's one that showed the most animosity and hatred towards the Prophet Mohammed ism and likewise what exists in the father spills over into into the sun. But because of the blinded one's love, and my father must be right, he had the same hatred to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. His father was the chief of Benny mahalo which is amongst the most noblest clans of Quraysh. So now you find his father is in a dominant position, his clan is dominant and powerful, and likewise, he's been brought up in that powerful environment. And a sidebar, many of the stories they write that

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hardly been bullied, never intended to be some form of a warrior that we may depict. He was more like a rich Prince, who was just enjoying his life. But then later on that he swayed me towards in that direction, we find that his Konya, his name was Abu Salah man was his name. And you find that baby boom, just to give us some background was a tribe that was responsible for matters of war, and to breed and to train horses. So that's the family background, what they were supposed to what they were doing at that time. So once again, that influence any holiday bullied in the type of personality that he he became or he was, we know that riding of a horse training of a horse, and

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even the dung of an animal that comes out if a person is using that horse for jihad, disobedience, that person will be rewarded. So a person can't be you know, sometimes these chapters these are Hadees we just skim over and we shut the chapters catappa Jihad know everything inside this terrorist material, etc. Okay, there's some good for what you read that whoever aids a horse trains or horse feeds a horse, that even the dung that drops from the horse is reward this argued for that, who takes care of a family who've been left behind etc These adjectives reward for that. So there's many many, many many Bennett benefits a person can extract of ways of avenues of carrying out any

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good deeds. So naturally being in his environment. He learned horsemanship skills of combat uses of weapons various weapons of spirit the launch the arrow the bow and the sword so even being in a non Muslim he learned all these different skills the most of our young Muslim youth unicorn even mini pack of wood punches they say okay, and we're talking about you know, lofty any big things that we talk about. You know, we should really go back to basics and understand what's the level of obesity, okay, and laziness, and lethargic behavior. You in Soho practicing Muslims. Pray fudger morning and sleep all the way till when to vote and then get up again. Come to the machine, go back to sleep

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until acid and then get up again and just sit there playing What is it

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Modern Warfare to whatever Black Ops And so yeah, you know, this is this is it I'm doing the business you know

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this the reality isn't it

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there's a big difference between the black ops and you know, the real thing okay?

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learned how to fight on horseback as well as on foot.

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So this was him in his days of unije, Hillier, six foot tall that we find had a full and thick beard.

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Whether it's the customer, the Arabs, that time, whatever it may be, that's a sign of ruler, okay? as a sign of manhood. Unlike today that we find that we want to shave our faces and want to unique claim to the beautiful, but according to the devil, the trap of the devil, that is the image and he is of a woman.

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Have you ever sat down and thought about that woman's hair don't grow from certain places? Because a lot kind of made a sadhana of the men. So even those men enjoy here they will recognize it to lay a wide bed big bed thick bed. You look at them and you feel Yeah, that's a man. A lion without his mane. isn't a lion is a *cat.

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You take that away the main away from a lion What is it just a little cat.

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The lion is a lazy animal anyway, the king of the jungle as they say, but you know that look, that ferocious look keeps what keeps the enemies at bay. But many of us unfortunately want to become the cats in society.

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He's visited various places in Germany and Syria and Syria, he met Christians, Arabs, the Persians, the coptics and the Romans as well. amongst his friends that we find was a pub that was his and his cousin. So the related that was a type of friend he had I'm very beneficial, known as Abu Jihad and crema. Remember all these personalities were all enemies towards the Prophet Mohammed ism. So these were all these comrades that they would go out riding and hunting, recite poetry, and have bouts of drinking. So this is what the actions what these individuals they used to do. So one extreme we have companions like Baccarat Siddiq, who made hammer haram upon themselves, even Jay Hillier, then we

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have on the other side people are Hollywood elite, it's not to disrespect them is to understand the healthier the background of how these people move from one environment to another environment when the truth was displayed and given to them. So he was surrounded by his friends and he's committed these are the things they like to do and they enjoyed inside their life. When revelation came hard even earlier is approximately about 24 years old that we find and as we mentioned, the main opposition was from his father and bullied into mahira. The main opposition that you find towards the Prophet Mohammed sometimes we find that certain Buddha said in a 74 chapter Koran you find

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certain Ayah to be mentioned it certainly woman Hala to wahida Allahumma mela mum Duda leave me and this you need this individual who have created alone And grant them resources in any in abundance. What Bernina Shahada many sons, children be given as witnesses to this individual or my head to la comida familia tomorrow and as he can let him know who can Leah yeah Tina, neither so or Heiko who are older. So basically giving him any a life made life smooth and comfortable for him after all that he desires that I should give more opposing a science Indeed, he will face a severe climb to the mountain sarode inside the knee in Johanna malema, the fasciae dimensioned these are yet the one

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who's rebelling and speaking against the Prophet Mohammed some Israeli who Hara and he the father of college and eventually this will be his punishment inside in either era. We also find that this individual was the only individual who physically harmed the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem partnered with many different individuals who fought against him and tried to attack him and never got through. But for some reason a loss panda allowed Harley bullied would be the only non Muslim who could have some impact in coming close to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam, showing now once again his military ability and understanding and rationale to make certain actions obviously this is all

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been allowed by Allah subhanaw taala and the reason why we mentioned this is sometimes Muslims lacking a strategic planning and their vision and what they want to do because not all non Muslims are disorganized or they're scared or they're people who run away does not have the Quran describes them to Quran mentioned for in nom nom una cama de la moon they will suffer like you suffer.

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So, you know you may go the full distance and guess what, they will go the full distance as well. You know some of us may have the image that they may run away. No they will carry on. As long as we carry on they will carry on. But then comes a fine line the distinction.

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For inom Yamanaka

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dalla moon batara June Amina lahi Mela euro June. That's the distinction. What you aspire for, is something different from what they aspire for. The Muslim aspires for what the reward from Allah Subhana Allah that is the key element behind the mind set of a Muslim is seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, so highly believed. He was one of those individuals who was determined. He wasn't just want to show it to speak about his animosities hatred. He wanted to physically take that hatred to a different level of physically trying to harm and then get close and to kill the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the Battle of butter, he was out of uni, Medina, so he wasn't able to

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participate. But in the Battle of boyhood, after you heard about the loss and what took place, he made a vow of promise to himself that I am going to participate and try my best to seek revenge for the courage in a battle that we find 3000 men 700 of them armored 3000 camels, 200 horses and 15 women to inspire them was the troops, any of the courage. As for the Muslim define 1000 men 100 of them armor two horses, and one which belonged to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Solomon 14 women to give water to the soldiers, etc, etc. So the Prophet Muhammad laid out the arena and took the mountain of word, which is not a mountain range of mountains to be behind him, as a form of protection is no way

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for the disbelievers to come around and to capture to attack the Prophet Mohammed Salim. Remember, the Prophet Muhammad was also the most probably the only most intelligent military leader at that time as well. And he also told his companions that determine only our Adobe comm never ever aspire to meet your enemy. But if you do, first Bhutto remains steadfast. And as you find minette cabaye from the 10 any major sins that you find or you find each tenable several movie caught so you stay away from the seven deadly destructive sins is what actually yo Mirza have to turn your back when the two armies meet. And this is to recuperate or to replan or to restructure yourself as not to run

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away out of being a coward or being scared, then that is classified as mineral cupbearer. From amongst the major sins. So the Prophet Mohammed Psalms, he placed his arm in the right direction in the right place. And then he told the archers that this is the only cavity The only avenue that they could possibly come from behind us. So he placed those 50 arches, you said that if you see us whether we win or we lose, you see as being shredded apart, do not move until I give you the commandment, stay there until I send for you. So once the war broke out, I'm sure most of you familiar with the story Muslim became victorious. The archers began to see the Muslims rushing for

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the booty for their honeymoon, taking the possessions. So some of them said, Look, we're missing out. We're missing out in the things of the dunya.

00:28:12--> 00:29:01

So the leader of the archers remind them we've been told to remain here, we should not leave but 40 of them they broke away, disobey the Prophet Mohammed and for the love of this world or to take the beauty. Those 10 remain behind the eye of the hook the eye of the egg and Halima lead, he saw that they are rushing towards the dunya now, so he decided to take his troops his cavalry, and to rush around and began to charge at the archers. And obviously, with being reduced from 50, to 10, the speed of the arrows, etc, was not good enough to prevent Harley mobileread from overcoming them, and then attacking the Prophet Mohammed from minhwa from behind, and likewise from the front, causing

00:29:01--> 00:29:45

this confusion that led the companions to marry them to drop their weapons I'm going to stop fighting till eventually that we find that he came a stone's throw away distance away from the Prophet Muhammad Salah Selim came so close that you find ended up breaking to any of the Beloved of the two lower tea for the Prophet Mohammed system. One the chains of the armor, the helmet that he's wearing going into his cheekbone, till eventually the preference of being struck with a sword as well. He said I felt the pain for a whole month. Even after wearing two shields of armor, chained armor, he could feel the blow after a month on his on his blesseds shoulder, till eventually even

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fell and slipped and fell into a ditch and it began to shout out we have killed the Prophet.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

That was all, Holly bullied. No man had ever done that to the Prophet Muhammad.

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

No one could ever do that. But a lot crammed on hikma to law ii berlinetta wisdom of a lost pound to allow that to take place to teach the Muslims a lesson. And likewise, this could be something that began to show how even will lead as well, that he journeyed these people especially that you are trying to unified against any etc. The second time that we find is the Battle of

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the Battle of the ditch. Whereby final Sahaba Rumi, he advised the Prophet Muhammad that we should build a great big ditch around Medina, which will prevent the courage from entering into into Medina. So when they arrived, the Quraysh and Holly Molina, he arrived there, Babu, Sophia, and he saw this, he said, You know, this is not the way of the Arabs, this style of fighting of building this ditch couldn't be one of the Arabs who advise the prophet to do this. But the Prophet Muhammad took that advice. And this is something which is very, very beneficial. There was no way to cross this ditch. But guess what, who is the only individual who tried once again, who found the the weak

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link, as they say, or the most in need, not the lengthy part of the ditch, and then try to jump over with his horse, and to cross it and come to the other side was none other than holiday.

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So imagine this is showing the highlight of how this individual dedicated, that no matter what obstacles were placed, and what the prophet Muhammad some done, this individual was bent on trying to come and kill the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. As for the conversion of harlot unit that we find because obviously we find that he began to ponder and began to reflect and began to think about his life. And what was taking place in around him especially they mentioned his own brother became in a Muslim as well. I likewise find a prophetic tradition here. ConfigMgr Hillier here hopefully some EDA to the best of you enjoy helia are the best in Islam, if you understand the deen

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of Allah subhanaw taala another lesson that we learn from this, talking about this animosity and hatred, you find a famous proverb don't love a man so much. Because one day he could become your your worst enemy, and never hate a man so much. Because one day you could become your closest friend. That's what Islam is. We shouldn't hate a person so much, because that person could become a close comrade and shoot another person so much because that person will become your arch enemy is exactly what the Quran mentions infallibility acid for either lady by Nicola Bay No. No Wali Yun Han mean, repel evil with goodness, less that person shows animosity and hatred towards you. becomes

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what a no we're Legion Hemi becomes a beloved, intimate, close friend. That's what we learn in Islam.

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The Prophet Mohammed had no hatred for Hollywood lead, he had no hatred for America. He had no hatred for any of the disbelievers that were around him. He hated the coffee created the action set for those individuals who transgress and harm these companions and kill them etc. So in the treat of who they be, they find a six year of hatred I find, trying to cause a blockade. Harlan valeted, approximately 300 men look at once again, he does not want the Prophet Mohammed to enter into Mecca, and to perform the Hajj or to perform the Ramadan. So he's seen that the people have come without just in simply Haram. We just did the weapons and even the weapons, they swords, they have kept them

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closed. To show that we haven't we haven't come for warfare, we come for peace. These are the first moments that made me really begin to think these are devoted individuals who've come here to us, and we can slay them all.

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We can slay them all. But they've come here for what purpose. So in his frustration, he began to think that there must be something special is individuals who take such a risk to come here in front of us today in this number without their weapons, seeking peace, knowing that we could possibly attack them into kill them as well. This began to play on his mind and began to think that maybe the dean that I'm following is the wrong Dean.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

The way of life and I'm following is a wrong life. everybody around me is moving towards this faith. Just because he had elements of silliness or foolishness inside his life, there was also still elements of what wisdom and understanding and recognizing the truth. And once he was exposed that truth you find that he swiftly Did you find he entered into Islam you travel out to meet two of his friends he went to visit him and asked him about mental health Metallica would both really become Muslims. So now this obviously worked on his mind and eventually he decided to accept him to become a Muslim at the age of 43.

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

So he mentioned that we should be mentioned that he mentioned the Prophet Mohammed is stuck for Lee Kula to be in southern and Sabina Forgive me, for every single, any prevention obstacle I placed in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Now he had a total different burning desire. His burning desire now was at every single moment I've spent every slash, every cut, every spilling of blood that I've done on the Muslims. Now on to turn that back. I want to show my devotion my allegiance to Allah Subhana Allah and then the Prophet Mohammed, I am a sincere believer and the efforts I want to now show the people and Muslims around me in my new unit faith. So the first opportunity that Harlan will lead in

00:35:47--> 00:36:29

he was given as America mortar America battle, whereby the Prophet Muhammad has sent many Muslims a envoy to the sun, the powerful tribe of Syria, and Jordan. And once passing any motor in this area that you find, carrying the message the envoy was intercepted and killed by a local Indian hirschorn chief. My name is Shira Beale. And we know that according to the previous rules, even rules today that you find you never ever kill the messenger. The one who builds brings the message is not to be killed him you're fighting with to two nations or two people or fighting whatever it may be the one who is the intermediary or delivering a message, even though that person happens to be your enemy or

00:36:29--> 00:37:13

representing your enemy. You never ever killed them. These these were rules of warfare they had amongst themselves. So when should I have been killed? The messenger who's bringing the message from the actual messenger, this enraged the Prophet Mohammed from and was a sign of total disrespect. So now he gathered in he this this army these troops this cavalry, and he told him to go out and in the fight against this individual. He said a leader should be saying they've been haritha father cotulla if he's killed his we slayed them place Jafar Ibn abee taalib to be the next commander in chief. If he is killed, then you should place up the lead murabaha to be the next commander in chief. Now here

00:37:13--> 00:37:39

we ponder we think why did the Prophet Mohammed mentioned these three names? Normally what he mentioned three individuals who just say so and so is the leader of Hugo because strangely, guess what took place when they went out these 3000 men went out to face in 15,000 men some says 100,000 even go to a degree of 150,000 Some even mentioned 200,000 so 53,000 individuals are fighting so many individuals.

00:37:40--> 00:38:23

And what happened is first you find zedi been haritha is made Shahid so automatic the Muslims are next in the village supposed to be jaffery been ob pilot. He's made Shaheed The next is to live near raha so this is a prophecy of the Prophet so that he is hinting that these individuals are going to fall as martyrs. Then after that you find there was chaos. Who should be the next individual who's going to pick up the flag or be the leader the commander in chief of the Muslims, Sabbath even a Quran and he picked up the flag and He then said we encourage Holly being bullied to be an E the next unit commander in chief he had no desire to be in charge but when he saw what was taking place

00:38:23--> 00:38:35

he stepped forward and that's where you find that they mentioned that where the title of safer lol must lose the unsheathed and she did sort of a loss of hentai whereby he broke nine swords

00:38:36--> 00:38:46

here you've looked at the word swords and swords of that time isn't what you think some small sword okay? It will take a good two three of us to hold that sword

00:38:47--> 00:39:27

that's the weight of the sword so to break a sword in the state of warfare some nine swords with the attribute to him is something you need to think about the strength you need these individuals may Mr. Near Mr. Abdullah he will hold our shirakami we believe in your best servant of Allah and a good comrade and a family member is highly Moberly safe woman so you filler. One of the swords of a lot panda Allah Subhan Allah Allah prefer women African Allah has unleashed sent upon the disbelievers and hypocrites. So that was the name safe will navigate his title became known by that name. unify the people around him to such a degree that some of the enemies they literally thought that from the

00:39:27--> 00:40:00

heavens a sword came down to the safer law they took it sort of a lumbini that from the heavens especial sword came down. I was given to Harley, nobody knows he will laugh about that. That's what they're thinking that literally a sword came down was given to him. He was only given his title because of his in his encouragement of his devotion, his unique commitment held under the law and the vehicle safe in Minnesota. So that's if I'm wonder Romans he mentioned that did a lot pantalla he sent down a sword to your prophet and then give it to you for our Taka Yahoo then he gave you that story.

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

That you should physically go and fight. And obviously, that was not any what took place. Also you need that we find that should be hinted here at the moment the same time president take our words out of context and say look, Islam is a religion that is spread by the sword Islam. being spread by the sword has various connotations. Yes at times Islam does tell you to live from the sword to defend your country, your nation, your people, your religion, your faith, etc. But also there's another element of sort of Islam that we've forgotten just to you need divert in ego to a tangent slightly just to help us put everything in context. We know that many non Muslims love to take

00:40:35--> 00:41:15

things out of context and try to tarnish Muslims and 40 some of the munaf cone some hypocrites amongst us also try to twist our words and try to create them into a different message. One macro macro lower low Hi, Rhonda, Corinne. So sharp is the edge of the sword simply conquered the hearts bodies, you can automatically the Sojourner Truth whose mere shine eliminates false hood, just like light uni wipes away darkness. That's the sort of Islam is well, the beauty of Islam, it continues to pierce the hearts it doesn't bring death. You know what it brings, it brings a new life. That's the sort of Islam it doesn't bring death. It brings life to nations and tribes into people. And as

00:41:15--> 00:41:53

you find Not a single Muslim soldier ever, in he stepped foot in Indonesia, the largest populated Muslim country in the world at the moment is the Indonesian islands. How did these people submit and become Muslim Was it the rage of the sword, as they tried to depict was a sword hanging over their heads and forced these people to become many Muslims. So this picture of the Muslim soldier advancing with sword in one hand, for another hand is quite false. It's an absurd myth and there is no compulsion you need in in religion, so to depict any Muslim, so the Prophet comes and being in this manner, is totally inaccurate. Anyhow, the other battles that we find that hard, you know, will

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

lead you to play a part in conquest of Makkah, was mainly the Khalid who faced a resistance or use a type of character wherever he went, there was always resistance, there was always a brawl, there was always a fight wherever he went, that's just a type of individual that he was. So everybody else enter peacefully into Makkah. But he found some resistance was entering in into Makkah, like he was the one who sent to destroy the idol and Rosa, who said to destroy the identity, destroy that idea that existed at area. And likewise, a woman whose name was and was able to do it in the way he killed her as well. The Battle of her name whereby you find 12,000 12,000 infidels. And that was the

00:42:31--> 00:42:56

only time that Khalid was taken any by surprise, even though Koran mentions it in algebra catacomb. On that day, well Yama, who named on a date her name that you will boastful about your numbers that you fought that today, we're not going to overcome. So numbers are important, but they don't mean much. Because today we are what more than 1 billion in number, but we are like the scum of the ocean.

00:42:57--> 00:43:31

numbers don't mean anything. one millimeter is ramita. Voila, King Rama, Rama, when you threw in that day, Euro sudama was a new that through, we through and that dust went into into the into the eyes. So this concept and people begin to believe that we need our mass numbers or whatever it may be. It's not true. If you have that same Eman, that same person is the same unit devotion, we for the IR inside surah Emraan. There's an X number amount of you who are believers and patient, then Allah Subhana was sent down the angels to bestow His help and to give you victory and to ag.

00:43:32--> 00:44:05

What has changed? How does it change from the Quran? We've changed. We've changed our devotion and Eman and our commitment. So you find that on that day, the Battle of Fernanda some element of pride happiness came into the heart so they were distracted. That's what Holy moly, said that that was the only time I was taken by surprise. And I made a promise to myself that never after this day, Will any of the infidels be able to take me by surprise? Never again.

00:44:06--> 00:44:08

The Samburu that think about that deeply.

00:44:09--> 00:44:15

You know, today, we can't care less about what happens to us. I'll move Mila you will Dahomey Elmo Mila.

00:44:17--> 00:44:52

attain. A believer is never stung from the same hole twice. That's equally believe is intelligent is smart. That's what a believer is that we're trying to highlight the whole extraction where the companions just don't fit. They were just individuals who just in a panic began to do certain things. There's a lot of thought and a lot of intelligence and blessings that were given to them and for us a foresight understanding in the way they're going to do certain things so holy moly, he did. He promised himself that I'm never going to get ambushed ever again. Inside my life. I made this one mistake. Never again. Will it ever happen to anyone is going to ever going to be able to take me by

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

surprise. Likewise, one bottle of pie if you took part in the Battle of the book, he took part in Danny under the guardianship of approximately

00:45:01--> 00:45:28

Against fighting gets apostates to lay how do we find fighting against him who Salem Al Khattab, who is present at the time of the Prophet Thompson but then carried on his false message or claiming to be the messenger that Hollywood lead was the one who was went out the Battle of your mama to go. You need to go and kill masala you need Al Khattab likewise, I'm sorry, the better your mama is a clash that took place in Iraq, the clash with the with the Persians. And they mentioned for what for one day the day he has

00:45:29--> 00:45:31

really come home and you have Boonen mode comma to

00:45:33--> 00:46:05

say that indeed they say that we're going to send that a people who love death, that you love life. That's what we're going to do for the Persians were known for their for their excessive love of the dunya and etc, that you find just like you love the luxuries of life and this dunya we're going to send out a people who love death like new love this word, you are going to face likely find a year of the battle against the Romans that we find whereby you find 100 of them fighting against what 40,000

00:46:06--> 00:46:47

imagine that 100 fighting against 40,000 you find a quiet room. In the leader the rooms he said jenica alumna and Nola mia hajikko Minh Villa de la jolla. What do we know you've only come out of your land? Because why? because you knew you are hungry, any for food and some form of possession. So you know to take that away from you. He's trying to turn them he said, let me give you 10 dinar give you some food in some clothing, you go back to your Arab land. Okay, he's taunting them. He's not saying that respect from Africa, and he's saying they look and next year come back and I'll give you the same statement again. So you know, obviously, this Genie enraged him.

00:46:48--> 00:47:09

This enraged feminine rage people are calling really that this person taunt us in this manner and say this about us. So he sent out a message and said the hunger has not bought you out. As you have mentioned, yes, we are hungry, while Akina Coleman national dinner, we are hungry, and we are people who love to drink blood.

00:47:10--> 00:47:16

And we have heard that the sweetest blood is the blood of the Romans. So you've come to drink your blood.

00:47:18--> 00:47:33

Don't try that though. For j nelida. leg. So we've come for that purpose. So now Heartbleed is built himself a great big reputation amongst the Muslims and non Muslims that wherever Hollywood goes, he is the generals to fight under.

00:47:34--> 00:47:51

So when people places are they battalions of the troops, mainly companions, you know, like children, when you choose number, you go in this group, you're going to that group, you always want to go to you know, who is the best player who's the best individual, isn't it? People want to move along and go where With whom? Carly mobileread.

00:47:52--> 00:47:57

So guess what Omar does? Omar removes him from his position.

00:47:58--> 00:48:03

He removes any position to teach the people it's not about Hollywood elite.

00:48:05--> 00:48:29

Victory is from Allah subhanaw taala. So if at any moment people begin to think that Hollywood elite is the influencer, he's the one that these victories are coming. I need to eliminate that no hard feeling, no bad feeling. And as you ponder some of these stories that I mentioned earlier of Sierra, they mentioned above beta JIRA, he'd been given in either message, to go and convey that to call him to believe that you've been told to step down from your position.

00:48:30--> 00:49:07

And hardly believe it made no difference to him, or to any of the companions, where you place him at the back the middle or the front. They were identical. They were exactly the same. And like many of us today, the person is taken away from the position, then why should I be the one who's just doing this menial job? Why should we just doing that? Why should I be doing that? And that's what's destroyed many of us. Many of our Muslim organizations are destroyed because what a lot of position, a lot of authority, a lot of governance, a lot of not being able to listen to another individual and to take the advice and say no to hear what they want to say. But the companions weren't like that.

00:49:08--> 00:49:22

Almost said, you have to go, that's it. I'll go no problem. I'm still going to carry on striving and struggling. I will be the Jura some destroying dimension, he was slightly hesitant to give that letter to Harley bullied. So he stuffed it in his pocket and they carried on fighting.

00:49:23--> 00:49:29

Then after the end of the battle, he gave it to him. Calibri bullied said to him, why didn't you tell me straight away that I'll be removed from my position?

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

Why don't you tell me that I have to step down. There is no harm done. There is going to be no bad feeling inside my heart. If I have to go I have to go. So what do you do remember Dune? Babu Amira matar he's striving me struggling? Is that the ultimate level? He's in a meet who's obeyed and he obeys. Jupiter deal with hula hula Judy moody is just like he's striving. He's struggling when he is a soldier who has to obey. So he's striving and struggling with his

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

leader is the same as when he becomes a soldier has to obey instructions from another individual. There is no deficiency. There is no lack of commitment and devotion holliman will lead whether he is the amid whether he's the leader, the commander of each just the bare foot soldier. That's how this unit describes him he's identical. Doesn't make no difference to his ego to his life, what position he's placed placed in, then you may think may be a time to rest. Does he find his famous and he always should be attributed to him? rajul Allah de la e&m? What are your truck? I had an Indian, a man who didn't sleep. And guess what? He doesn't let anybody else sleep around him? Does Holly be

00:50:42--> 00:50:43


00:50:44--> 00:50:53

We don't have people like that. No more do we? Everyone wants a roll. How wants rest? Do one is dynamic activity and go missing for six months? Isn't it?

00:50:54--> 00:51:01

Now in the film cover, no restful Muslim except for Where? In the grave?

00:51:02--> 00:51:14

No rest for them. So you mentioned also some Easter in the mentioned the story about the height of you believe that once was just out on a journey expedition, guess what he decided to do? He decided to go for Hajj. So he left his caravan.

00:51:15--> 00:51:22

There was no flights. Okay, let's get that right. He left the caravan. He went and performed Hajj and rode back and join them once again.

00:51:23--> 00:51:43

That was their talk. That was the stream. That's the devotion. That's the commitment. We find it today lack of commitment, or Hey, I'm doing too much already. You know, I'm doing this, I'm doing that. What is that geovid anyway, in comparison to what the companions were done for their lives and striving and struggling to get the message out to the wider, unique community.

00:51:45--> 00:52:26

He said the other words we attribute to him to give to be given a new bride or giving glad tidings a son, and not so beloved to me as a blazing cold night in an expedition against a machete keen. So people have done your mind, love, you know, getting married. In New marriage, having a child having a good family having a good home. These are good things. To say it's hard on me may bring happiness to a person behind him or lead he said what brings me happiness is being out there in a cold night in the expedition against the machine. That's where I find any contentment and find peace in my life. So you find also la culture hit Kedah, Murphy just had the mo there. And he said indeed, I've

00:52:26--> 00:53:01

faced so many things inside my life. And there's not a place inside my body. Except for this a turn in it is a striking of a spear, an arrow slash of a sword, which is commonly on my body. But here I am lying down any uni as a beast as a cabin is put to sleep aligned in a state of old age. But even then he says may that not be made the eyes of the cowards, not rest. They're just from lying down here dead that my my fear. Your fear of me will still exist inside your hearts.

00:53:02--> 00:53:44

That Yes, I'm going to die now but still you should have that element. And that's how some of these individuals were that they fade them. They were fed by the non Muslims knowing that these individuals that they were sincere was they were in a serious business that don't any mess about with the Muslims in that area at that time, they will come back and uni as they say set the record straight uni with such an individual's former wept upon his death. And he said I just argue that it certainly sir Angelina mytheo Khalid Omar wept and said that it's not possible that any woman will give birth to call it ever again.

00:53:45--> 00:53:58

I don't think there's going to be another holiday is ever going to come back again. A woman's are going to give birth to a personality or character or an individual that harden will lead and the hieromonk elf elf Minar comi either a cabin

00:54:00--> 00:54:42

in you are better than 1000 1000 men. So that's how this point is describing a showdown. Are you brave for anti ice jamming late in the garden for your to do algebra? algebra done for undergraduate mean sanely homemade? Yes See luminol g barely. So he's probably wrote these lines of poetry you are better than a million people when the faces of men are downcast brave. You are braver than the tiger. You need the father of a Chabad is famously tribal leader, generous you are more generous. You need an unstoppable, unstoppable stream or river flowing in between the mountains. So we find this how they he described the Harlem River leader he was this individual who was really strong,

00:54:42--> 00:55:00

brave, courageous and committed to the path of Allah subhanaw taala lamb was the halal Calvi Shuja from an S Jackman Khalid Alban Omen Ottawa Koreatown monforte bossy Ratan stop possible any individual come who will be as brave in the heart and the action of Hollywood will lead a person

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

And will be any Korean intelligent and smart any as we find and the vision and the wisdom hollaby will lead had throughout his life, whether it be an element of joy earlier, or when he became an even more so as a Muslim. So these are the individuals that we all need to go back and read inside our lives to inspire ourselves to read about the life of the companions around the Prophet Muhammad and what their achievements were, what they achieved, that if not in our own generation amongst our own selves, we can begin to inspire the children of people around us to become similar patterns of thought and ideology and a way of life of reviving the way of those individuals. According to the

00:55:39--> 00:55:59

right methodology, right path and wide sincerity to once again to live the word of Allah Subhana Allah to be Supreme, and he once again wakulla only heard there was stuff from the honey welcome, Molly Jamil muslimeen of istockphoto in November for Rahim, subhanak amo behind Lika shadow learn Island elantas stock photo go to Blue Lake Park.

00:56:06--> 00:56:09

We got a few time for questions. So if anyone has a question they can raise their hand.

00:56:15--> 00:56:16


00:56:24--> 00:56:25

I think maybe 60 will lower than

00:56:27--> 00:56:32

most of the combinado compared to that time they lived up to in approximately age but something can go back and check inshallah

00:56:44--> 00:56:48

we mentioned the eight fear of this karmic talent or something of God date somewhere written down here.

00:57:02--> 00:57:08

The first off suffer the eight fee of the stomach talent at approximately the age of 43.

00:57:09--> 00:57:10


00:57:20--> 00:57:56

Yeah, that's what some people they write that in homes at the moment, I think the whole the name of the mesh is clearly going to lead us in build a great big shrine over here to show this is the the grave high level it makes no difference in it was Muslim. If that's true, then obviously we we send our prayers and supplications in upon him wherever we happen to be. And if it's not true, then we still send our prayers and supplications upon the companion for follow up anything in life and he excetera is more important than to be over worried about where exactly the graves are, or the shrines to the grave become places of worship and false prayer, etc. Online guide

00:58:01--> 00:58:02


00:58:04--> 00:58:11

But obviously he is the one that made it possible for people you need to come close and to make the attack upon the Prophet Muhammad, Allah Allah.

00:58:19--> 00:58:24

Great people that came before us and everybody.

00:58:27--> 00:58:37

Everybody's trying to be like that. So on a practical basis for Muslims, what's the best way for us to try and emulate what they did so that we can even better?

00:58:50--> 00:59:30

It was mentioned that any obviously his person gets aroused with emotional feelings of emotion. But what do we practically all do? You need to take the elements of segments or certain parts of that in our life and begin to implement that even we just become most insane inside our worship and our burden, our commitment, and we feel that zeal and passion that drives us to do a bit more than the objective is met. Because if everybody does a little bit more, that increases the journey, because a fire is not made from great huge logs etc is made from small twiglets small twigs come together to make ignite a big fire. So each of us take the reaction, the feeling that we feel and we begin to

00:59:30--> 01:00:00

implement that, that maybe I'm not so punctual my prayers need to focus upon that maybe you're not so worried about my son, I focus upon that. Maybe I'm doing this aramony to stop that made me to do this holiday and hamdulillah objective is met, that each one of us assess ourselves on a daily basis. And we stopped something that we're doing and we increase upon something that hamdulillah that increase will help us go further. That decrease your love for beauty make us go back become a stumbling block and as we find a mentor companions, whenever they were together. They will always ask what are the

01:00:00--> 01:00:28

Since we've committed, whatever mistakes that we made, is this something that we're lacking which is preventing the victory? that the answer is there today, many of us Yes, there are other elements, whether you want to call it a lambri can or whatever you want to call a name, whatever it may be, may be true, okay? But you know, we are our own worst enemies as well. Because you find is also a segment inside the Quran and the Sunnah talks about that you will destroy yourselves via your own sense

01:00:30--> 01:01:12

the expansion of the world the dunya around us fatahna for so how you begin to compete and challenge one or two gain the world for you liko comm comma cat home, it will destroy you like it destroyed the nations that people that came before you. So some of us Muslim to the moment you Cremona, boo Tommy ad him are destroying their homes with what with their own hands. That's what's taking place as something that some of us failed to understand who we seem to be pushing a blame to other individuals. There is a large portion of blame that comes back to the Muslim as well that we need to begin to focus upon our life in upon ourselves and family members to try to live a good life and

01:01:12--> 01:01:23

fear of loss parameter Allah and to develop that and ensure the victory the help will come from Allah subhanaw taala that's a promise that we will believe in. You let me know in terms of Sudoku, you submit,

01:01:24--> 01:02:00

if you hope the deen of Allah, Allah, what does that mean? That means in your devotion, your commitment in spreading the Dean of a law firm data in monetary cause and physical cause and spiritual cause data loss pantalla will in return help you that obviously lost profit and it does not need our help. That should be clear. But that's just an action that a lot of that are laid down upon the earth you do this and you'll be given this money in return, which will be far more than a small action that we do any upon our life. So that's what we can all begin to do go back and assess our own selves and see what we can do to make us to become more better and devoted any Muslims

01:02:00--> 01:02:00


01:02:11--> 01:02:12


01:02:13--> 01:02:23

would you recommend this book I've written by Brigadier Khalid Mahmood or something his ex military individuals and good five 600 pages and begins to go and visit

01:02:25--> 01:02:32

Israel a accommodation of a brigadier Halima moodgym, Accra man, maybe I'm thinking about another Brigadier, good old friend of mine, but never mind.

01:02:35--> 01:02:37

Don't it's not General Pervez Musharraf?

01:02:40--> 01:02:57

Actually, I was walking home that night when the coop did take place inside Pakistan, as is coming down and all of a sudden lights went blank. Everyone stands in awe of what's going on here tonight. later found that you know, a good old friend and decided to take over and he's only there for a couple of days. But you end up staying what good seven, eight years with it. But that's what the old says in it.

01:02:58--> 01:03:00

He just said he's going to chop it and that was it.

01:03:02--> 01:03:41

But anyhow, the book the ex ante Brigadier that he wrote in, in some military good points are inside there. I don't know what his sources are, how good is in Arabic to extract the sources from Sierra, etc, in terms of did find is a difficult read his language and his layout at times, it wasn't a book in either, I think I may have had two 300 pages and put it down, which is quite good considering the 500 page book. But so I don't really think an average individual would, would really be you know, take it as a good read, that they're able to read through the book and you know, find inspiration. So maybe the style of writing needs to be amended. And likewise as for authenticity, many Romanov

01:03:41--> 01:04:16

sera dimensi when it comes to Syrah, they tend to be slightly lenient in certain durations in comparison to a hadith. So they might let certain things slip by because they're just historical data, or just explanation of what could have taken place. So person should always take seed and that sense with a pinch of salt, that it could be some exaggeration in some generations, according to him I've had it could be any not authentic or questionable. So a person just reads it as a flow as a story and shouldn't base that as a source of pure knowledge. So they do read something and find it in quite marveling at some people who said that, for example, he said, Bismillah and he drank

01:04:16--> 01:04:52

poison, and he never got poisoned, or he never died. Well, the truth about this, is that authentic, or was that a miracle or a blessing that was given to Khalid Ivanova lead. So at times person, they mentioned that, but at the same time, we should as I said, he had a great big pinch of salt because sometimes the bigger people try to narrate these fanciful stories, and make no any authenticity about them and at times mesmerize the masses, so we should try to remain in the middle. If you do talk about Syrah. try our best to check the sources to go back to make that effort and try to teach people that which is authentic, and not to continuously slip into just narrating fanciful stories

01:04:52--> 01:04:55

that have an emotional feeling in your ponder people are laughing

01:04:58--> 01:04:59

but I know that the person

01:05:00--> 01:05:28

wrote the book he spent a long effort in traveling to the actual places. So he just had that plus point he physically wanted to go there and look at the places that he drew maps and see how the place looks and how highly he probably done this date and that day so he's trying to make it more of a military and a whole hands on approach trying to give you that feeling. So if you're military personnel, then you can you know, relate to them propagates the average individual might not be able to understand sometimes the technical jargon that he uses or the words that he uses to express himself alarm

01:05:41--> 01:06:09

invade left in a mecca them after the hijra, or immediately come to me that's right, well not unlimited come to Medina to meet the prophet of Islam because they had left MCC at that time a person was residing inside Medina. So he came into Medina, he gave the Shahada became Muslim and then he took part in going back to Makkah in the opening any of Makkah and as I mentioned he was the only one that felt or face any obstacles when he came back to Makkah so we from here we can we can deduce that he had left McKenna's living in Medina Oman

01:06:11--> 01:06:12

go ahead brother.

01:06:15--> 01:06:55

Why was the Prophet Mohammed some hated because obviously a lot pounder Allah has made things in opposites. Just don't find good and bad God and even before he man find disbelief in you find things which are any sweet and some things are chilly, etc. So you find that most founders name the sun upon the earth, there's going to be sometimes good people and bad people. So some people find the opposite the truth becomes apparent. So if everybody believed, then there was no need to send the Prophet Muhammad himself. If everybody becomes Muslim, there was a point of creating this world. So we find opposites are places that you can become stronger in your faith. So when you read about the

01:06:55--> 01:07:22

life of the Prophet Muhammad, some from the Quran, from the Sunnah, what your parents tell you what your teachers telling you. And then someone comes along and says, oh, the prophet Mohammed done this, then that makes you think, you know, that's not true, though. He never done that in his life. He never said that in his life. He never encouraged that. So that increases your Eman that you love the Prophet Mohammed some more. And it shows you there are going to be people just like you might be at school. They might be I don't know some friends who like you some who don't like you.

01:07:23--> 01:07:26

Maybe Sunday, while you think they might not like you.

01:07:27--> 01:07:31

You might be a better football player than them isn't it? They might be jealous, isn't it?

01:07:32--> 01:08:06

Maybe isn't it might be jealous you have something don't have you might have I don't know Ben 10 watch or a Beyblade or, you know, you PSP or something you have, isn't it? So somebody might think you know, you've got something, I might feel jealous, so might start talking about you, you know, he's not a nice person. Don't visit him Don't sit next to him. And that that's what same thing. Grown Ups do exactly the same thing. The Prophet Muhammad had Islam. So they didn't lie, but he's telling people to come towards Islam, stop worshipping the idols, stop keeping the money for yourself, worship only one God. So some people didn't like that. So they were jealous and they were

01:08:06--> 01:08:28

angry. And that's why they started beginning to show hatred. So as your friends might just stop talking to you. They started physically trying to then harm the Prophet Mohammed Salah, which is obviously very sad. But obviously this was a test that the Prophet Muhammad had to go through in his life. So that shows you how much he went through, and how much suffering that we go through you need in our life, show on the vertical moving