Speak Less, Revolutionise The World

Zahir Mahmood


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But what we need is an amount of people who take on the responsibility.

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That's what we need.

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That's what we need if every single household if every single household took on the responsibility of their home first and walleye, I believe this, I believe this one Llahi. If we made the same amount of effort in our whole denying community, as much as we speak,

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about how different the Muslim ummah is all different the OMA is we would have a revolution.

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Pay come from us.

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It comes from us. You are the first teacher of your children.

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If your children never ever

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see you praying and the only time they see you coming to the masjid, the machine is on a Juma that what you expect from your children.

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You look at every single Nabhi every single number, every story of every single Nabhi every group of people said this is what we for we found our forefathers on so he, you look at every lobby, they said this is what we found our forefathers on. This is what we found our forefathers upon

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the people who destroy nations more than anybody are the parents.

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Every single story in the Quran about every single Nabhi they will say this is what we found our forefathers upon.

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We are on the way of our forefathers. Our father only went for Juma for the only way for each pillar, we never saw him pray. I never saw my father reading Quran at home. I never saw my mother reading Quran at home. I never saw them giving sadaqa but I'm telling you one thing, I saw them run down everybody

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run down the movies run on everybody else. And then you say, you know we have a religious community? Why do you have a religious community? Cuz all your jokes were about religion, or nobody was about religion about the molana than the shifts. So what you did is that you made the molana and the shares the paddies of your community.

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And when you made them the paddies of your community, and they didn't respect those who represented the deen of Allah smart Allah then what do you think they're gonna? Do you think they're gonna have any value for the dean?

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I hear again, I am not exonerating Molana and shares for the shortcoming. But the thing at the end of the day is what you invest is what you reap.