Angels in your Presence #5

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Episode Notes

In Episode #5, our beloved Imam addresses the effect of a night of sleep with wudu’ on our following  day.

Did you know that not only humans work on shifts but there are in fact angels who work on a shift? Evening and morning? Their shifts begin and end at fajr and asr. The two angels of the ‘asr shift out with each other two at the time of fajr. Allah will ask them how did you leave my servant and they will answer. What is their answer? What methodology should you employ to get ahead of others? What is the effect of sleeping through the night into sunrise? Undoubtedly the five minutes of this talk will provide you with the answers to the above.

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The speaker discusses the impact of the timing of nights on people's spiritual experiences. They explain that while some people may recite a night shift after waking up, others may recite it during a daytime or even before lunch. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of pursuing perfection and moderating one's activities to achieve success.

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So you went to sleep in will, reciting it courtesy, reciting the if God the remembrances that are required for the nights, throughout that night you had an angel that was protecting you, and an angel that was seeking forgiveness for you as you were in that state of purification. And if you meet a lot in that state, you are good because you left this world in a state of remembrance in a state of purification. Now, how does this affect however, the next day when you wake up?

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Last time I mentioned in the Quran in the Quran and fecha de Cana mush Buddha, that you are and that's recited at the federal time is witnessed, it's widely witnessed, and the prophets lie some explains that when you wake up in the morning, you have angels that have shifts. And so we talked about the two angels that guards you the two angels that record, those angels shift out at federal time and at all sort of time. So you have the angels of the night and you have the angels of the day, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, they switch those shifts at the time of fudger and at the time of oscillation. And so Allah subhanaw taala gathers them at the time of fidget around that

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person as that person is reciting the portal and at fudger. And this is also connected to so lots of jamara the congregational prayer of slotted budget when everyone is coming together, you woke up like you've been knifes no sheath on Play, you've been energetic with a good spirit, you know, directed towards a lot longing towards him. And then you made your way to sell lots of budget and all of the angels of each person, they're your angels that work, the morning shift and your angels that work the evening shift are gathered around listening to the recitation of that book and at the time of purchase on what a glorious moment that was. And so Allah subhanaw taala asks those angels

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that he sent to you, and those angels that are coming back because they all report back to Allah after their shift. And Allah subhana wa tada says to them, how did you find my servants they say, talaaq Nahum mahonia saloon what a Tina humungous alone, we left them while they were in a state of prayer. And we came to them while they were in a state of prayer. They're constantly in a state of prayer because they're being found by the angels that are gathering at the time of the switching of shifts at fetchit in a state of reciting on and of course, the anti fragile is supposed to be the longest recitation of where we really start our days off connected to Allah subhana wa Tada. And

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this by the way, connects to the Hadith where the Prophet sly son was asked about a person who sleeps through the night and then wakes up after the sunrise, okay, so sleeps through the night, wakes up after the sunrise and the prophets lie. Some said that's a person by the shade lano feet within a, that the shavon urinated in their ears. So the difference between the angels, being at your bedside seeking forgiveness for you protecting you, and then you wake up in the daytime and the angels assemble for you, your angels that worked the morning shift, but it cuts in the harmonica to lay the angels that work, the evening shift all gathered around you as you recite the plan and

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reporting to Allah, that this person was in a state of prayer when we came to them and this person was in a state of prayer when we left them. This also has implications for our God for the remembrances that we make the prophets lie Selim he said suddenly Ducati will love guru who wish a little jet he will pass they'll cost Tableau who prophesize and I'm sad to be sincere and moderates in your good deeds. Suddenly Ducati will do your best. Aim for perfection, but know that you have to be moderate in that pursuit of perfection. While do what oho and use the for noon use the time in the morning after fedele until the sunrise and use the evening between Oslo and Madrid to get ahead.

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And Roger Brahim Allah said, the way the prophets lysozyme talked about the first type of deeds he gave us. The man has the methodology for how we do our deeds. We set the standard of perfection but we moderately, you know, pursue that perfection. And then he mentioned Allah dua Roja, which is the morning time between budget and sunrise, and the evening time between us and Muslim, the Prophet slicin gave us the best of times, offloaded art. If we make use of those times we can get ahead and that's when the angels are gathered around us as they're switching shifts and they find us in a state of victory in a state of remembrance, and the Prophet slicin I'm of course also said Budi

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Kelly Amati feeble cootie ha, that my nation is blessed in its mornings the way that you start off your morning with fidget with recitation and even you know getting getting a head start on your day in terms of your Hello worldly pursuits. You know, one of the companions took the advice of the prophets lie some and started to work earlier than everyone else, and he always found himself ahead of everyone else. So using that early morning, time to remember Allah as the angels that work your morning and night shift are together and then beginning your own work shift earlier than everyone else allows you to get ahead