Combating the Whispers of the Devil

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The segment discusses the concept of evil and evil thoughts, with emphasis on the use of "has been there" in shaping behavior and creating negative emotions. The importance of fear and shaping body is emphasized, along with the need for fear in shaping body and uncertainty and fear in shaping body. The segment also touches on the shaping narratives and the importance of living in the environment of good and evil thoughts.

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In hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen when octubre to deal with the pain was Salatu was Salam. ala l mursaleen. Amar

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yaku terracotta Rolla Ji was performed in Hamid ministry Tony Rajim will offer the color canal in sirna when Allah mama towards words this will be enough so

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we're calling the Vu solomani who was sending them in nahata Joe was there an omet email was was that vi sudo ha, man thermal v otet a column Mata con la.

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Hon Allah respected elders and brothers.

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An evil thought that crosses the mind is known as what was

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now must speak in the Quran. And lady you must be Sufi sudo in NASS meaner chinetti oneness for what was the LA V shape on

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what are called the Hala canal in San Juan Alabama, two words which would be enough so. So an evil thought that crosses the mind is known as worse wasa.

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And the opposite of that a good thought that crosses the mind is known as in harm.

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what's what's that is from the nuts and the shape on

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and a good thought is from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So that means that every person has two forces,

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two companions that accompanies a person for Allah Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha. The good side and the evil side. According to the narration of

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the job of the devil that accompanies you, is to entice you towards harangue

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is to beautify haram for you and to take you towards wrong. That's the job of the devil that accompanies you.

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And the job of the angel that accompanies you is to take you towards higher towards goodness, towards righteousness towards virtue towards piety.

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So we all have the good side class and the evil side to us. The hadith of Muslim Sharif and Avi of a loss of aloha Islam says, Man many come in our code word killaby. Here Kareena who Minal Jin Baccarin, who means

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that we have a loss of the law, Holly Sullivan says that each one of you has an evil companion that accompanies you from the jinn and a good companion that accompanies you from the melodica. So the Sahaba asked an interesting question. They said, All Rasul Allah, Allah we have a lot does this also apply to you? Do you also have a companion that tells you to do good and a companion that commands you to do evil? He said when he came around an era for a sliver for the moon.

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So there will be a philosopher Yes, I also had a companion that tells me to do wrong and a companion that tells me to do good. However, Allah has given me the strength to overpower the evil companion to the extent he has become a Muslim. And he also fell in love so you're, my evil companion also tells me to do good. So Helen,

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however, you and i, you and i, we are all

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accompanied by the evil G and the good mother aka The joke is the good thought that comes to our mind is to follow it. read Quran give a charity Be kind to this person that's a good thought from a law known as enhance we must follow that thought and then evil thought that crosses our mind we must fight it

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you Don't linger over the thought you don't entertain the thought you fight the thought.

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Now, once you've understood the basic concept of what was said let's go further into the topic.

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Was was that plays out in different forms.

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For example, the hadith of Muslim Sharif yet the shape on the conveyor, cool, man holla pocket, man holla Qaeda. You're cool man holla pero.

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How was was that plays out in our life, was wasa as far as our Eman is concerned was spring. So the hybrid says shavon will come to you and He will ask you so tell me who created the heavens and you will say a law who created the oceans and

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You will say Allah who created the vast forest hook and you will say a block who created this who created this who created this Hector? You're cool man holla back until shaytan will push you through his whisperings and he will push you to the point where he will say to you who created a law.

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So this is worse wasa as far as your Eman is concerned. See how he attacks your Eman through the whispering. So they have been saved by either Bella who is a winner when again, when you reach the point where the shaytan is playing with your mind, and he's putting out evil thoughts about Allah, you say out to be like him in a shape on your machine and you desist.

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That's the remedy. You don't entertain the thought.

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And amazing how she thought attacks a person who doesn't go straight for the jugular. It doesn't say who creates a robot, he first creates a context for you. So if somebody created the heavens, probably somebody created this this this this and definitely there was somebody who created a lot louder with learning that

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that is no suicide as far as your Eman is concerned.

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Then you get worse wasa as far as your ibadah your worship is concerned

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in the tilma in the duration of till may be in a little boo boo ish a thorn in your car you know who wanna hon

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but the coup was was

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the Hadith mentioned that when a person is making boo boo there is a special devil especial she thought that is disputed to create what was that in your mind? And to create doubt in your mind? Did I wash? Didn't they wash to wash? Didn't they wash?

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And you know you get some people who take up to 15 minutes to make one Moodle because of towels. We sympathize with them. We are not judgmental we make to offer them but the Hadith says suck the pool was worse than MMA fight the devil fight there was water that comes to you at the time of booboo.

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So how do you do that?

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When you make the will do the Olimar right that you must watch your numbers as you are watching you must watch your limit because by watching you know that is your key is certainty that you've watched a particular part of the body once you've watched it and you know you've seen it after that any thought that lingers in your mind you don't entertain it you let go and you continue with it.

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That's what's meant by pu was vs man.

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There's another shade fun as a hobby comes to the idea of a loss of aloha lucidum and he says in the shaytaan aka the Hara benei will bring a solder to karate. You will be suhani Olivia from I start my salah and then the shaper comes into my mind and he creates doubt he creates was was that sometimes I'm doubting whether I'm in the first rakow system aka whether I've read my Surah Fatiha or not and then we have a loss of Allah Hollywood film says Dr shape on your call you know

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this is a special shaytaan His name is Kinsey this narration is in Muslim. So whenever you have a Bossa Nova listen I'm set by either a sister who dannic Fatah was Binda, what's going on is

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that we have a lot of a lot of these sentences to the Sahabi when you are performing salah and you get worse was up on the shape on and you're not sure as to what you are doing. Then

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seek protection in a law and blow onto your left shoulder like this.

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Now there's an interesting discussion that develops under this hadith and orlimar debate amongst themselves. That evil person does this particular action in Salah it is Salah still valid or invalid you can consult your Mufti or ask a man after Salah Inshallah

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mashallah. So, that is what wasa as far as arriba is concerned.

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They're interested in duration this as far as arriba is concerned a very important principle within this duration is mentioned in the more thought Mr. Money. And Mr. Malik has quoted the costume bin Mohammed bin at the bottom now costumed in Mohammed is the grandson of Abu Bakar be about Allah and mu and he is from the seven famous scholars of Medina. He was the well known fuqaha of Medina. So somebody came to him and he said in the movie sada Oh, Eman I often get doubts and vice versa in my Salah. How do I compel the devil? How do I fight this? So the Imam said to him

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If you

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continue with your Salah, don't worry about these doubts for in Article 134 was the cool madman to sanity for Satan will not leave you until you don't tell devil Yes, I read three rockets, what are you going to do?

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So you read in the forecast and the shaytan is put in a doubt, you read through the facts.

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mm costing is saying that tell the devil Yes, I read through that that's what you're going to do.

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So what the principal would deduce from here is that you must fight the devil psychologically.

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If you entertain the thought

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he will play around with your brains because he's been along. He's been around for a very long time. He knows all the tricks.

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He knows all the tricks. So you must fight the worst versa, you don't entertain the worst. This is a very important principle we learn from you as far as our father is concerned. You must have certainty after certainty if you know that this was was that you don't entertain it. That's the principle we follow and you go by. So I spoke to you about was the site as far as a man is concerned, was wasa as far as arriba is concerned. And then what was that as far as general day to day life is concerned with your wife with your partner? There's integration in Muslim in Russia in a belief The yawata Show Marlon ma from Maya fusaro yahoo.

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shaytaan has a throne on the ocean.

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And from here he disputes his cronies and he tells them go out and make mustard in the world. For a dinner meet woman Zilla, 10 Ababa home fitness.

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The closest from all these workers is that person who is able to create the most trouble

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so at the end of the day, she takes the report back and a feedback from all his cronies. Okay, I went today I did this. This man stole this man hits this man this did. He met this man did this. And this man did that from amongst the devils stands up and he says, matter to who had tougher rock to baina, who will be named marotti. Oh, my master, I continued to push and push and push until I made the husband give divorce to his wife.

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I was angry.

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Never meant it. And to make some plan for me. What can I can make plane for you, brother. You give divorce it's uttered. It's gone.

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So the Heidi's the narrator of the Hadith, the robbery of this hadith mentioned to me you demeaning. shaitan is reclining is listening to all the reports. But when this devil gives the report, he says what he stands up. And he actually embraces him out of happiness for what he has accomplished. Why? Because just not the matter of 200 of two people. It's not just a matter of husband and wife, his kids involved. There's families on both sides is so much of hostility that will grow from here. So much of animosity that will grow from here. So shaytan is happy.

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The question is how does this fit under the chapter was wasa? And the answer is that shavon will continue to influence you as any person who gave divorce. What was his frame of mind before giving the divorce before giving the divorce?

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I wasn't thinking clearly manana

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I just don't know what I was thinking.

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His judgment is clouded.

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Whatever decision is taken is taken is based on his emotions. It's impulsive decisions that he is taking. And shaytan is strong at work at that time. So you need to fight the devil. That is why when you are angry, what does the Hadith says? I will be learning in shape honor watching.

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You pull back, you retreat, you withdraw. And you say how do we learn ministry?

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If you are standing, you sit down

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and you change your posture you make will go Why? It's to tell us that understand that there is a negative influence coming and that is the devil. Don't fall prey to the devil.

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Don't fall prey to the terrible fight it

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their husband and wife is just a normal issue.

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Even in our day to day affairs with other people. Sometimes a small issue becomes a big thing.

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Why, because the devil gets involved.

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So what's worse as far as your Eman is concerned? What's what satisfies a bird a sponsor was was that as far as your normal dealings are concerned?

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What is the rule of principle? Because at the end of the day we all get thoughts the Hadith mentions in Nevada Joe was on oma tema was was a beautiful

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man and Tom will be overtaken by

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the prophets of Allah sallallahu Sallam says that Allah has forgiven my oma for the evil thoughts that crosses their mind, so long as it does not translate into action. And as long as they do not express the inner thoughts to other people. So to think

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even evil thought of a worst was comes to your mind, it's fine. Even good people get worse. Even your chef will get worse was there is nobody excluded from this.

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The narration is there, the Sahaba came to the prophet of a loss of Allah Holly Solomon, this is in the energy to fear an fusina Maya, tada Mahajan, telemovie phobia for law sometimes we are sitting in such thoughts cross our mind that we feel it we find it difficult to express it to anyone. That's the kind of thoughts we express. That's the kind of thoughts we we have a time though that we have a lot. And then we have our last story from a man that is a sign of a man.

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So even evil thought comes to your mind, it's fine.

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Allah will not hold you accountable.

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As long as you do not follow up on that thought and you translate it into action.

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And as long as you keep it within the recesses of yourself and as long as you do limit your thoughts to yourself, a lot will not hold you responsible. But the minute you express it to someone else, or the minute to act upon your thoughts, that's the type of law will hold you accountable. Mashallah. So the Hadith is not saying why you can evil thoughts. The Hadith doesn't reproach a person for that, because it's human nature for such thoughts to cross your mind. In fact, there's a hadith that the Sahaba came to me for line he said, learn akuna hamerton eladia mean an attack

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on a be open bar for me to become ash, for me to be reduced to coal, and then it will become ash, is it easier for me to be in that state then to express the thoughts that are going through my mind.

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There'll be a lot implied and handled in

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all praises are due to Allah that Allah has allowed for the West wasa and the whisperings of the devil to remain in your heart and not go beyond that.

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So in a nutshell,

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everybody will experience what was at some point, during the day or some other time, he will always experience this, it's a natural occurrence that everybody goes through.

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Number two, we must understand that the good thought that comes to our mind is from a law

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we must not delay on those thoughts. So the good thought comes to your mind, perform Salah immediately go and perform Salah it's an invitation from Allah. Number three, we must fight the evil thought that enters our mind. That is our challenge.

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Not to entertain it.

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So even thought comes to your mind a beautiful lady.

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You must stop there. You don't say no Look at the size. Figure. The shape of that now to go further and beyond that your action.

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Number four, we must understand that there's a difference between a thought crossing your mind and bring in a thought into your mind. One is active one is passive. If you actively bring an evil thought into your mind that's reprehensible. But if an evil thought crosses your mind, a low enough hold you accountable for that. The next point we must understand is that

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we must always make dua that Allah inspires us with good thoughts. That is why we read the law in making Matura a llama and him named Marashi the movie where I live in Turin,

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Allah we are undertaking a very important task or we are going to discuss a very important matter in the senior us from your side with good thoughts and protect us from that

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And he's whispering.

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So it's a specific draw that we've been taught

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that we must make dua allama, and him NEMA Rashida ohmori. So this is basically some broad guidelines as far as what wasa is concerned. And the next point to understand brothers and sisters in Islam is that

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one is to be in the environment of good and one needs to be in the environment of evil.

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Naturally, when you are in the wrong company, or wrong thoughts will come to your mind. You're not going to sit with a devil and talk about Santa Tina, and Victor, you're not going to think of it.

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So as a general point, we must try and keep our minds positive.

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And stay with good people, and keep to the company of good people. Because when we keep to the company of the good people, good thoughts will also come to us. And when we stay with the wicked people, naturally, the wicked thoughts will also cross our mind. That is where the Quran also says it's 20 Boca theorem in a bun in Nevada, one nice moment after Justice O'Connor

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the Quran in surah, Girard mentions

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that don't follow all the thoughts that go through your mind because, indeed, some of the thoughts that go through your mind is evil, and it's going to lead you towards evil.

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And lastly, there's two juniors that we are living in one is the dunya of your mind, and what is the nature of the reality around you? Don't be fooled. Don't be fooled by the thoughts and the whisperings of your mind. It's a dunya on its own. You must live in reality that means have good thoughts about people. If you see a good person, every if you see a person, your default status should be to entertain good thoughts about it men, or status men.

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You don't look nice.

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You look like a evil person. You haven't met the person you haven't spoken to him You haven't interacted with him? How can your starting point the evil gets shaytaan whispering into your mind. Your default status when you meet anyone is to be neutral? Yes, after you have had an experience of the person, you have seen the person's dealings. That's a different conclusion all together. But your default status should be one of positivity when you meet somebody feel good of the person.

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In fact, Mr. Abu hanifa mentioned that if there's 99 signs of this belief in a person and only one sign of belief, give the men the benefit of the doubt.

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A we think not Malala Let me tell you, let me tell you this man.

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Allah shakalaka we sometimes talk as if we open people's hearts. And we've done autopsy on the person and we can tell what is the diagnosis? There's not our job. So think positively May Allah subhanaw taala. Bless us all. Omar Alena Isabella.