Angels in your Presence #3

Omar Suleiman


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Episode Notes

In Episode #3, Imam Omar Suleiman talks about those times when we are fasting and yet we are surrounded by those who aren’t. It’s natural to feel an instance of annoyance or even envy that they are eating while you aren’t.

You may not know it but those instances are some of the most blessed moments in your life and you owe it to the angels. Truly.

Why? Well find that five minutes which is all the time this talk takes to discover why.


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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting, particularly during a busy day like the weekend. They explain that the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam said that individuals who are fasting and are eating around them will benefit from the reward of being in their presence. The speaker also mentions that individuals who are fasting and are eating around them will benefit from the reward of being in their presence.

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Almost every Muslim that lives as a minority has experienced the moment where you're fasting, and people are eating around you. So whether that was in your school cafeteria, went to public school as I did my whole life, and at lunchtime everybody was eating, except for me, or whether that's at work your colleagues are eating, and sometimes you even have to attend an important meeting or you've got to go to some sort of function. Everybody's eating, but you those moments are some of the most blessed moments in your life, and you probably had no idea.

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So we're talking about the angel sending Salawat the angels preying on a person, there are a few different times that happens for the fasting person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked about a suit when you wake up in the morning, and you have your meal before budget. So hood, and the prophets lie Selim said that Look, don't abandon sakoda, don't abandon that moment, even if you're just going to drink a sip of water because the angels prey upon the one who eats hood or takes that seafood, whether it's through water, or dates, or whatever it may be. So you've got the angels preying upon you. In the morning, before you even started, you're fast, just as you were nourishing

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yourself for the fast. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a person who is fasting around people that are eating, the angels will prey upon that person, until those people have had their fill. So Pamela, again, a person that is fasting and other people are eating around that person, the angels will prey upon that person and seek forgiveness for that person, until those people have had their fill. Now somehow this is referring to By the way, not people that are not Muslims around you that are not eating, that are eating or drinking because they don't observe the car. This is actually in the situation, especially in one of the narrations with Mata, she was

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observing it all the love on her a voluntary fast. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was not and the Prophet slicin gave her that reward. So this could be you know, that a person is just not required to fast for that day and you happen to be in their presence and the added reward of you observing, you're fast in the presence of that person who's not fasting, even if it's not sinful for them, not too fast. Imagine then the reward when you're around someone who is not fasting because they don't consider it to be obligatory. So you add the element of, of being a stranger being a person who is singled out for the observance of the fast because they're singled out for their

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observance of this this beautiful Deen of Islam. And so the reward could only be greater in that sense. So when you're in those moments, when people are taking their sweet time getting through their hamburgers getting through their their french fries, or whatever it is that they're eating, revel in the prayer of them Annika revel in the prayer of the angels as they are seeking forgiveness for you throughout that entire period. And then of course at night the beautiful they're out the supplication the Prophet slicin taught us that when someone serves food to serve if thought to you and you actually break your fast and you respond then you say F dot r n duck masala aim on what I

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call atomic common abroad was Salam aleikum wa melodica. May the fasting ones break their fast with you? May the pious, economical abroad May the pious eat their food with you or take part in your food will select it communica and may the angels send their prayers upon you. So the angels pray upon you throughout the day. As you are observing your fast they prey upon you. When you take your pre morning meal, your food, they prey upon you. When other people around you are eating as you're fasting, and then they prey upon those who serve you food at the time of thought and you acknowledge that through your application and through your job.