How to Interpret the Religious Scriptures Correctly

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Good evening doctor. My name is Chung Nene. I am a student from IU KL. So I have two questions, actually. But I'll ask the second one if the organizer permits later. So my first question is,

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okay, just now in your talk earlier, you were talking about brother unity. So it sounds like a potential solution for religious harmony between the many major faiths in this world. So the big, the biggest problem I think about is like Christian at the very different sects, different religious, I mean, David, different sections, different interpretations by preachers and humans. So based on this human factor that tends to misinterpret religion, deviating from the mean, text or being content of religion, what is your solution or your response to this problem, or to this biggest obstacle to brotherhood unity, with us a good question that we find in some religions and

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give the example of Christianity that people interpret the Scripture differently, therefore, you have different sects, etc. And that's what brings diversity. So what's the solution? Whether the solution is that you go back to the scripture,

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and if the interpretation differs, and by the different repetitions of the contradiction, then you choose that interpretation within the contradiction.

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For example, you just heard

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the earlier brother, when he asked that, why can't a man from alligator marry, and everyone agrees that you can marry from woman from alligator. So I gave my reasoning, that if I believe that you can marry any la kita, marry Sheila, so there will be contradiction in the Quran. Because one verse of the Quran says you cannot marry America, and people who worship Jesus Christ will be upon him to ensure that the Quran says so I come up with an answer, in which there is no contradiction. So any logical person who has both the answers will agree with my answer more or any unfinished then no contradiction. Same in the earlier persecuted, I believe Jesus, the Son of God, if you believe

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Jesus, peace be upon him, Your Son of God, Adam was son of God, Ephraim is son of God is the only son of God, do you give the same data that Jesus said no.

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So people say something, but they don't mean it. So when they the different interpretation, I say then why do you give so much respect to Jesus and not to the other prophets? What they aren't saying actually begotten Son. And when they say begotten, I said that word has been removed from the Bible. So when you study, when you do analogous study, analogical study you come to the truth, as Jesus Christ will be a person in the Bible, see, give that to them to check for you Gospel of John.

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So when you're doing research, you easily come to know which is the correct one.

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But if you follow blindly the church or a particular scholar blindly, without checking right or wrong, then you come into a problem.

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So that the reason when you read a commentary of any scripture, what you have to see how logical it is,

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and how well it is connected. And you have to take the Scripture as a whole, not only one verse out of context, if you take one verse out of context, and interpret it,

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you have to take the Scripture as a whole. So when you take the whole and that commentary, which fulfills the requirement is the correct one. So this has to be done with study brother, and then you realize that which is the correct translation and interpretation of the Scripture. Hope that answers the question.