Awakening From Heedlessness – Dhul Hijjah

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Allah subhanahu wa Tada alternates the day in the night. Allah subhanahu wa taala alternates the days and the months.

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Days go by weeks go by.

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Months go by

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and our state is

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that we are heedless of Allah subhanahu wa Tahara

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we are heedless

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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into the duty that Allah has placed upon us, living our lives in this dunya

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heedless neglectful

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of what Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded us with

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neglect for heedless of where we're heading to.

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Heedless of our appointed term, death is on our doorstep, and yet we're heedless of it.

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The euro is our home, and yet we're heedless of it.

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Because of this, Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses certain times of the year

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to bring us back.

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It is due to the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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That he has given us such opportunities, because he knows that our nature is to be heedless.

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And unless we are reminded, we would remain in that heedless state.

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Allah subhanho wa taala. Out of His mercy to us, He has given us another chance. And he continues to give us a chance after chance, opportunity after opportunity.

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The deprived or those

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who when such opportunities come,

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they're still not reminded. They still remain in their neglectful state, in their heat in their heedless state.

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And so it is a sign of a weak Eman.

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That when such times come, when such a virtuous days come.

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A person doesn't care.

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And his habits don't change. And he doesn't turn to Allah in devote the bad. He doesn't turn to Allah with good deeds. He doesn't turn to Allah in repentance. But he remains as he is. Until these days go by. And even once they're gone. He's not remorseful, he doesn't feel that he missed out on anything.

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My dear brothers and sisters, if you missed out on the chance to be forgiven by Allah subhanahu wata Hanna in the month of Ramadan

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if you missed out on the chance to be from among those who received from the from the Hellfire

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in the month of Ramadan

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as we know in every night in Ramadan, there are those who Allah saves freeze from the hellfire.

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If you missed out on that opportunity, then you have another chance. These days are a chance for us to turn back to Allah subhana who would data

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if no Josie Rahim Allah he says virtuous nights and days should not be ignored?

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Because if the businessman The merchant was to ignore profitable seasons,

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then When else will he make profit?

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In the dunya there are certain times there are certain seasons

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for making profits, holiday seasons,

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if the merchant and the businessman was to ignore such times, than When else would he make profit?