Mirza Yawar Baig – Learning from the Stoics

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Solana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Even mousseline, Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Holly.

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He was sent to send them to Steven, from Nevada.

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Just as there were people in the ancient Hellenic and which is Greek and Roman civilizations, there was a group of people called the stoics. And their philosophy was called stoicism.

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Now if you read about stoicism, you will find a lot of similarities with Islam.

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quite amazing actually, the number of similarities of course, the key and most important point is missing in that is the hate. But if you look at basic values, and beliefs, about Islam, and about this life, and how to behave a huge number of similarities, there's a very famous names among the Stoics, which some of you may recognize, Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor is was one of them. And quite surprisingly, because knowing what Rome was, and what Roman emperors were to find one of them to be a stoic. And if you read what Marcus Aurelius said, on many occasions about many things,

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sometimes you wonder whether,

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you know,

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I won't say he was a pure profit or something here, I don't I don't think he was in any way we don't know he was. But and without, oh, he couldn't have been but the point is, there's so so many, many, many similarities between what he said and what we learned from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam. Similarly, there was some other names. Epictetus was another very famous, stoic and Cicero was one

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and so on. So I want to share with you some

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five very important things which,

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with historic said,

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which I want you to when I when you listen to this, I want you to think of it from the context also of social media today, and what social media seeks to do, and decide for yourself.

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Whether you are

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when you are in social media, with your investors, social media, depending on what you're doing social media

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is what most of us do. Want you to ask yourself, whether you are

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you using social media, or whether social media is using you.

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So let me begin, it's

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the first thing they say is safeguard your innermost anxieties, and fears.

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voicing intimate struggles can undermine resilience.

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The importance of privacy of being private

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doesn't mean that if you have a problem, don't tell anybody about it. No.

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Tell the people who can actually help you.

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But don't tell the world about it. Don't post that problem on Facebook.

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Don't post that problem on Instagram, or something.

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The second thing, which

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the stoics say is keep health conditions.

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Preserve dignity by avoiding overexposure. Don't talk about your ailments. Don't talk about this hurts and that hurts and so on and so on. Again, say to the people who can make a difference, my army say to doctors, but don't say to people who are

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in a home that just

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food for gossip. Number three,

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maintain secrecy, about financial status.

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And listen to this. Listen to this. self worth stems from within, not from material

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means from material assets. You are not your car.

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You're not the car you drive. You're not the house you live in

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as the people who build palatial mansions in their youth

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and then have to struggle, even to give it a coat of paint once in 10 years

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later on in life,

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you're not the shirt you wear, you're not the brand you wear.

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When you go behind brands, you are actually a sucker because you are advertising the brand of the manufacturer free of cost.

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Tommy Hilfiger doesn't pay you to wear his shirt.

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And so also for Armani, or whoever.

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Number four.

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exercise discretion in romantic partnerships in intimate relations. Privacy is good for bonds that are rooted in trust.

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Never talk about your spouse to somebody else.

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I remember once we were with a friend,

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and the reasonably married daughter was visiting,

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I think it was probably the first visit after she got married. And she was about to say something about her husband and family.

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But instantly, her mother stopped him.

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And she said to her, this is your father's house. And the doors are always open.

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The doors are never shut for you in this house.

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But that is your home. Now. That is the home of your husband.

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She said never bring anything from the here. And never take anything from here there.

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Maintain that privacy.

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Believe me that is the most fantastic most beautiful piece of advice that I ever heard a mother gave her daughter. And the same thing applies to the sons

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keep romantic relationships private between the two of you.

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And the fifth one, protect your candid self reflections. inner growth needs safe space. without judgment.

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By all means reflection, we must reflect without reflection. We cannot grow.

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We must reflect we must think deeply about things.

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And we must not be afraid. As a matter of fact, there's a strong

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need for us to accept our mistakes and accept our weaknesses.

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But that does not mean that we need to express that before people

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accept it for yourself. Change yourself don't announce it to the world

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don't tell the people oh this is how I used to be and whatnot what and whatnot. In Islam there is actually a prohibition on talking about sin so if you did something wrong in your life and Allah subhanaw taala protected you keep it safe keep it quiet yourself. Don't say I used to do this I used to the know some people say well you know I say this because people will get motivated they say I used to be like that see? Look at me now. No, no, no. Never put yourself up as an example to follow please understand is the only one who was an example was following was also a nice wrestler.

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And that is because Allah subhanaw taala put him there and like told us look at cannula Kavita Suleiman, who has an app that does not apply to me, anyone who's putting himself up and saying follow me,

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see my company be like me, Swan, Allah, this person is playing with fire. Because Allah did not say that.

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Let people decide, you live such a life that let people decide I want to spend time in the company of this person because of what I can learn from them. No problem with that. But you don't put yourself up there and say, come and spend time with me. You will learn this and you will learn that no

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cell propagation. self promotion is the worst thing that you can do

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as a writer, to help us

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to learn and to live by that learning and to make that learning a source of higher and baraka and blessing for us.

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Do read about the stoics.

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And I said they were a very interesting bunch of people and there are people who they also follow stoicism and this is something which has come down to us from you know

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2000 years ago. So there is value in this. And as I said,

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what they say and what they used to preach and how they used to live is very very very, very close to Islam.

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Some a lot on the balcony while he was a member

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