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This is episode 27 in the Angels series of Ramadhan 2020.

Dear listeners, how would you like to have all your sins forgiven?

There are occasions in your salah where if certain moments/recitations coincide with that of the angels then all of your previous sins are forgiven.  What are these moments? They are the moment when you say ‘Ameen’ that coincides with the ‘Ameen’ of the Imam and the ‘Ameen’ of the angels that join in that salah and when you recite ‘Rabbana lakal hamd’.

There is also an interesting tale of a time when 30 angels rushed to catch the recitation of a sahabah during a salah. What was this recitation? Hold on till the end of this episode to expand your knowledge on this topic.

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I remember coming across this NASA study, our universe is not silent. And it captured all of the sounds in outer space because there's this idea that there is no sound in space because it's foreign to us. And I thought about this Hadith of the prophets lie. Some were the prophets lie, Selim said that the heavens are creaking. And there's a reason why they have a right to Creek. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because there is not a span of four fingers, except that there is an angel that is standing, bowing, prostrating and glorifying the last panel hautala in every single space in the heavens, and Subhana Allah when you listen to the sounds, even to us to what our ears

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can capture, it's almost like you could hear chants and shaking but of course, what the angels are actually praising Allah subhanaw taala with and the way that they're glorifying a loss per ounce on the creaking of the expanding heavens as more angels are, of course, even being created to fill that expansion. That is something that only a loss of what's out of here is to its full extent.

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You think about what it would be like to pray with all of those angels. And we talked about, you know, having angels the size of mountains, praying with you, even if you're praying in your room 70,000 angels accompanying you and all of these mega prophets lysozyme said something really profound about our salaah with those maniacal, he sets a lot harder. He was so dumb that when the Imam says mean than say a mean as well, for if your mean coincides with his amin, his mean coincides with the mean of all of the angels. So the mulai just say I mean, the angels say I mean, when the Imam says amin, so say amin also and the prophets lie, some said if you say that at that time, he

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said that all of your previous sins would be forgiven. So all of you are saying I mean, it's not just the Imam. It's the Muslims, even those that are praying behind the Imam and all of the angels that are joining as well. He also sets the law Harney who was selling that when the Imam says semi Allah halimun Hamid Allah has heard the one who has praised him and we say are abana when it can hunt and to you Oh Lord belongs all praise the Prophet slice of them said that when you say that the angels say it as well. And if you're gonna well it can have coincides with them and it could coincides with the angels then all of your previous sins are forgiven so it's not just this

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congregation it is this entire congregation of Allah subhana wa tada is worshippers coming together in unison to say I mean to say it'll Been a while it can have there's a beautiful incident where the profit slice in them was leadings a little habit in salon and as he says semi Allahu demon hammy that Allah has heard the one who has praised him he heard a man behind him say, well, Ben, well I can hemd Hamden Kathy Ilan, play human mobile, I can see you, Robin, I will look at him to you, oh, Lord belongs all praise, a praise that is pure Hamden. Catherine plentiful, a YouTube pure Movado can Fie and bless it, a hand a praise that is plentiful, pure and blessed. And the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he finished the prayer, he said who amongst you said Robin, our local Hammond Hamden Cathedral and the human will bark and fee and a companion said it was me on messenger of Allah. He said I saw 30 angels rushing trying to catch your hand trying to catch your praise so that they could have the honor of recording that happened with a loss of hundreds are recording that praise with a loss of Hannah Montana. So when you are praying and you say well bene what can happen when you say I mean of course there's the film of whether it's silent or loud but you say I mean as the mom says I mean and you say it'll Been a while it could have happened and

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caffeine on either Movado confy as you're praising your Lord know that you have angels that are praising with you and angels that are recording your praise and taking it up to the most prescribed