Dealing with Difficulty #07 Reciting Quraan

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The key to achieving success in life is practice, understanding the language and practicing the process of reciting the Quran. It is crucial to not be lazy and practice the process in a right way to avoid regret and achieve success. The success of the book "Soon of barrel" by Zela X and Al Hadith Nikita is also emphasized. It is important to practice and not hesitate to ask for help in learning new things.

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Heba Allah Allah He or sabe hedge mine. In this episode of dealing with difficulty, we want to look at the recitation of the Quran many people find it so hard, because not everyone is on the same level. You and I know that some are born Muslim, while others reverted to Islam later on, or some might not have taken their religion or the Quran seriously, until later on in their lives. The fortunate few who perhaps had their parents teach them or get someone to teach them at a young age, the exact pronunciation of the letters of the Arabic alphabet, and how to connect them and how to connect the words, the intonation, the

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tunes, what is right and wrong in terms of the recitation of the Quran, those who learned it from a very young age at times find it much easier to recite the Quran. Nonetheless, each one of us should continue to improve on the recitation, because no matter who you are, you will always find that there is room for improvement when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, even the top recitals of the world as they read and recite sometimes there may be a place or two where they could improve and there is nonetheless we want to encourage those who are finding it very difficult to connect with the recital of the Quran because they are slow. And they don't know they're just learning the

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letters. It's so hard to put these letters together to check what's going on. All of this, Allah knows about Allah knows that you are not a professional and he wants to encourage you how Allah helps you to deal with the difficulty regarding reciting the Quran is he tells you that those who are reciters and they flow and they know the recitation and MA here Bill Quran, the one who's an expert in the reciting of the Quran, they have a very high rank. That's what Allah says, mas suffer until Guillemin Bharara, they are with the honor to those who are honored by Allah subhanho wa taala. Then he says the one who recites the Quran, and has what is known as a data adapter is a

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person who stutters a little bit or one who is finding it very difficult, they keep repeating these words, and they cannot connect it so quickly and easily. And they are finding it very hard taking so long. You know, one person might have finished the recitation of the whole portion or juice of the Quran in 10 minutes. And here we are in 10 minutes on the first two verses that we've picked up. Allah says such a person has doubled the reward. Did you know that Subhanallah amazing. They have doubled the reward a reward for the recital, and another one for trying only though it was difficult. So to try and do something and you do it mashallah you get a reward for both, but when

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you know, it's difficult and you're trying, you get a double reward. And if that is in the month of Ramadan, the rewards are multiplied, tenfold, hundredfold, 700, fold and beyond, depending on your intention, and also depending on the struggle, Allah takes into consideration of the struggle, so your reward at times is more than the one who's a beautiful reciter. Because he just floats straight through it is he will achieve a full reward. When you read you achieve a full reward but Allah knows because it was hard shaytan can come to you and make you try to give up. Allah says We give you a bonus reward double. And like I said in the month of Ramadan, good deeds are multiplied. So what

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should you do? Number one, make sure that you listen very carefully to those who are top reciters. And make sure that you try to imitate, make sure you learn set aside the time to learn in the proper way how to pronounce the Arabic letters, how to connect them, where to pull, where not to pull, where to jump on a letter, where to slice the letter. You need to know these and slowly but surely as you learn and you put into practice and you listen and you repeat, you will become an expert by the will of Allah. It is a process but it is so rewarding. And when I say repeat, repetition is something that Allah has ordained Surah Al Fatiha, we're also good at it. Many of us do need to

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improve the pronunciation the connection of the letters, the Tajweed as we call it, the way the letters are pronounced and connected and recited.

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Many of us don't

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Need to improve that but we enjoy reading it because we understand it. And we also repeat it so often. Allah calls it, my Thani saba. Amina al Madani wala ka te NACA Subang Meenal Muthoni. And we've given you seven from the repeated verses, according to the majority of the scholars have received that is Surah Fatiha. But Allah calls the entire Quran also Madani Allah Hoon has Zela X and Al Hadith Nikita, Moto shall be him a fanny, Allah says he has revealed the best of speeches, a book that has similar verses, you know, there are similar verses repeated for different reasons, highlighting a different point. So Allah says similar verses repeated often Subhanallah, Allah wants

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you to repeat the recitation and Allah has also repeated certain things. So this is something amazing that Allah calls it that which is repeated often he wants you to repeat it right? On top of that, when you repeat it, you become an expert. I remember when I was young, my father taught me how to pronounce the letters, how to connect them, which ones to slice which ones to jump on which ones to add a nasal sound in which ones never to put a nasal sound in how much to pull, which letters to pull, and so on. And I found it quite difficult. Initially, I was a young boy wanting to play going out and so on. My father kept pushing me. And he made sure I repeated the page, reciting looking in

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2123 25 times in the 20s, no fixed number, but he would decide on on any day, you need to read this 21 times before you can leave, and he would make sure I read it. Sometimes I cried because I found it a little bit difficult, but I have no regrets. Today when I recite the Quran, I pray for my father, who was so so instrumental in getting me to where I am. So sometimes if your parents push you to learning the Quran, it's not a bad thing. You might not like it right now, but you will never regretted as you grow older, some parents regret that they didn't teach their children or they themselves didn't take an interest in the earlier years. It's not too late, you can still learn by

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the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. So that repetition helps, and listening. Not being offended when you're corrected really helps you it will really help you. And it's tough. Don't be shy or ashamed to repeat a verse when you're corrected again and again. I remember sitting at the feet of one of the top recyclers of our time Shefali and her they feed her fever Hola. And in Surah, Al Fatiha he stopped me so many times and corrected this and that it was amazing. This was many years ago today, I don't regret at all. And I learned later on, and I continued with it. And now I'm reaching out to those who are struggling with recitation, that difficulty how to deal with it. Have

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hope in the Mercy of Allah. Don't be lazy, be dedicated, set aside the time on a daily basis. Set aside the time on a daily basis to connect with the Quran to improve your recitation to actually learn something new. Maybe join a class, be it online or in person in order to check your recital or improve it. And don't be lazy, because laziness will destroy us. I want to add another quick point. And that is your duty towards the Quran is not only the recitation, there are some who have memorized it, try to memorize the memorization of the Quran is very easy. Allah says we're Latoya Sultan Al Quran le V Khalifa hand me a decade more than once in the Quran. Allah says we have made

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this Quran easy to memorize is anyone from amongst you going to memorize it? Like he's encouraging you. And it also means we've made it easy to understand is anyone from amongst you going to attempt to understand this Quran try to understand the verses you read. It is a duty that you have towards the Quran. Over and above perfecting your recital. You must make sure you try to understand it. You must make sure you put it into practice. You must make sure you try to teach it to others so that the circle is completed. May Allah Almighty grant us the highest ranks of those struggling. I hope these few words can help you deal with the difficulty of reciting the Quran. enjoy listening to

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others a lot and inshallah your doors will be opened up Gulabo Leha wa sallahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad