Most Worship God with Associating Partners with Him

Zakir Naik


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Even though it's clearly mentioned in the scriptures of all the major world religions, that God is one, he has got no idols. He has got no images yet there are people,

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as Allah says in the Quran in surah Yusuf chapter number 12, verse 206, most of them worship God, not without associating partners with him, the worship God, yes. But when they worship the associate partners with God in worship,

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it's clearly mentioned all the scriptures that Almighty God is one he has got no images, he has got no idol. Yet, the Quran says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the 18 sun moon, moon, moon formula June, the Deaf, the dumb, the blind, they will never turn to the straight path. The same message given the Bible and the Gospel of Matthew chapter 13, verse number 13, seeing the sea not during the year, not, neither will they understand. The same message is given in breakaway book number 10 hem number 71. mantra number four, seeing the words they see not hearing the words they are not all these major scriptures. It's clearly mentioned in the scriptures. God is one he has got

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no images, you have got no ideas yet. People will do it worship, they will worship God besos in partner with him some bookboon on formula June the death that dumb the blind they will never understand.

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They will never turn to the State Park.