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Al-An’am V 42-44

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Bismillah would hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was early, he was so happy he was seldom

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Welcome to an ayah and a story.

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This is our regular series in Ramadan in case you're joining us for the first time. And for everybody who's saying as salaam alaikum, I say walaikum salam, O Allah, what are cattle? So in case you're joining us for the first time, what we do in sha Allah every single day of Ramadan is that one day we will tell a story based on a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the other we will focus on an area so tonight in sha Allah or today, we're doing an AMA, and yesterday we had a lecture and I apologize if you have are following us on Facebook and we could not or you could not connect to us. We did experience some technical difficulties, although I think the lecture is

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posted. But I do apologize if you try to join us and you couldn't. inshallah we'll try to work harder on fixing this in sha Allah in the future. But for today, it's an idea and tomorrow in sha Allah is going to be a story. So what is the ayah for today? Well, it's a two or three is coming from Surah Al and am I a 42? onwards, so 4243 and a 44?

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It is where Allah azza wa jal says, and by the way, before I even tell you what the ayah is, I wanted to recite the I want to tell you, what are we going to get from it? What is going to answer? It's going to tell us the reason why Allah azza wa jal tests in general, as they're going to tell us what we're supposed to do, when we are tested. And does that change anything or not? And it tells you also answers the question of if we are blessed materially, is this always a sign of Alice fever? Or it could mean something else? So those areas in solid ellingham a lot as dogen says, what are the center in almondmilk? public for have no idea what the right Isla alojamento Dora own Allah says,

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indeed, we have sent two nations before you speaking to Mohammed Salatu was salam, so previous nations, but also this rule applies to laughter, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam until today until the day of judgment. So we have sent donations before you. And implicit in the ayah, though it's not expressed, it says that they've rejected the message, forget them, but it doesn't mention it because it's understood. Then unless this I have no humble about it certainly will write you that along with a lot of our own, he says, then we sent upon them. But sir, But sir, our afflictions with wealth, with money, loss of money, whatever that wealth may be, and the raw is loss of health. So we tested

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them with their wealth, and tested them with their health.

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Why? Now that's the answer. lomita own so perhaps, so that they will humbly pray to Allah and go back to him. So it means that Allah send them messages. They rejected the message. So Allah sent upon them a test and that test in their bodies and in what they own was there so that they would humbly come back to Allah as origin. That's why Allah tested them. Then Allah continues and says, follow Allah. If Joe Humbert sooner thought although they should have when this test of ours came to them, they should have humbly prayed to Allah came back to him. Why did they not do this? Allah answers Well, I can cause at Hulu home but their hearts hardened, was the unit of homoserine

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autonoma can wait a minute and the shaytaan beautified to them the evil things that they were doing.

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Now what happened afterwards, so a lot tested them. They didn't listen. Hearts hardened, the shaytaan made their evil ways beautiful to them what happens? Allah says Hector eternalblue Maddock, Ravi fatahna, Allah him of Weber khalifate so that when it reached the stage when they neglected all these reminders of Allah Subhana Allah we open to them the doors of every good thing that is every blessing, not religious lessons, no material blessings. They became wealthy and healthy and had kids and material blessings one after the other, had the either 30 hobbema or do so when it reached the stage when they rejoiced in everything that they had have known but we suddenly overtake took them.

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So we suddenly destroyed them for either humbly, soon and they became hopeless, they lost all hope.

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That is what a lot of is talking about. And it's really

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instructive to take that and apply it to the situation that we're in at this moment. Because we then we have to ask ourselves, why do these things happen? a plague or a disaster or an earthquake and whatever? Is it just random and chaotic? Is it God forbid God forbid.

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Allah wants to simply humiliate and punish, or is there a message behind it?

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Yeah, there is a message behind it. It's not simply vengeful, but you will have some people think we have just a vengeful God who just simply wants to destroy for no reason. No, no, Allah is that it is the allomi totora own. And this whether it happens to a nation to a city or to an individual, something that happens to me internally,

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that is I become sick, I become weak or I lose something, what is a low one from that is not the lie that Allah is vengeful, Allah has little what he wants is lomita Ron, that you would go back to him that you pray to him that you would Humble yourself to Him. And when you do this, that affliction goes away sooner or later, whether it takes a short time or a little bit longer, it goes away. So that's what Allah wants. And there's that's the purpose behind any test on this earth that we receive is Allah wants to take our sins away, remind us if we are unreal minded, and bring us back to him. subhanho wa Taala if we are far away,

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but what happens is with some people is what know the hearts are so hard May Allah sort of see this from that, that they don't see that reminder as a reminder, and they continue to persist in the evil that they are doing. And the shaytaan because they listened to him and they want to listen to him, makes their evil ways so beautiful to them, so they never leave them. So they ignore ullas messages, ignore all these tests in their bodies, in their wealth and their health and their families. They ignore all of them. And they continue to persist in the evil that they're doing continue to disobey Allah as origin. So what happens Allah says, When Allah sees no good in them anymore, and it had

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given them chance after chance, and they wasted all of that the only thing that awaits them May Allah save us from that because there's just simply no hope afterwards. The only thing that awaits them is destruction. And what happens when Allah wants to destroy them had Fela Montezuma, the kurabe for the Han Allah him Allah gives them these riches, Allah give me some healthy and wealthy and they become millionaires and you know, there are trade expands and they have more children and and and and these things that are supposed to be in Emma's when you take them and thank Allah for them. For these people, they become sort of a curse because they take them and they disobey Allah

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with them. So when you take an image, this will be a law with it, that's no longer an AMA, you've changed, you change the into a curse, the opposite of an AMA, it's always an AMA you take it, thank Allah for it and do what Allah likes with it, that's an AMA take something good and you change it into something evil, you've turned it into a curse. So he says when Allah opens all these doors for them, it's not because he loved them. So not every rich country is rich, because Allah loves it. Not every rich person is rich, because Allah loves them. It could be if they are disobedient to Allah, that that is a bad sign for them for that person in that country. When they take that money, and

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this will be alone with it. That is a very bad sign for them. So they're awaiting a loss, destruction and ally gives them that so that they would increase in evil and Allah will destroy them. Known Buster alone will take them all of a sudden,

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and they are hopeless, they are desperate. Why are they desperate and hopeless because they will have experienced the maximum of joy, maximum of happiness, a lot takes it takes it away from them all of a sudden, and that is a greater punishment. And in that also is a lesson for everybody who's watching. As when you see someone very strong, very powerful, very rich at this and this obedient to Allah. macaroon. If you remember the story of our own in Surah Alka sauce. If you see somebody like that, and they are disobedient to Allah don't wish to have what they're having. don't wish to be like them because Allah is sending them to their destruction. And you will witness that destruction.

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If you learn to live long enough, and you watch them, you will witness that destruction because they're taking Allah's numbers, and subverting and destroying them. A lot is sending them to their destruction, and it's going to happen, it is going to happen. This is what a lot as Odin is saying. So in the face of the plague that we're in at this moment, or any affliction small or big, and the bigger, the more that we need of repentance, but in the face of any affliction. The way to push it back is turning back to Allah xojo. On the physical side, social distancing, looking for a vaccine, trying, you know, washing your hands, all of these things that we're supposed to do on the physical

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side. But what are we doing on the spiritual side? Because this is really the reason there's a message behind Corona. It didn't just happen because it happened. A lot is talking to us.

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So what is the message behind it? The allomi Tara own come back to me. So when we repent, when we pray to Allah when we submit to Him, when we leave our sins when we devote ourselves to Him, that thing goes away by the permission of Allah azza wa jal. In addition to that we have benefited from that experience by taking away our sins, and earning good deeds by being patient and close to him. subpanel with Allah, we don't want to be like them whose hearts are hardened, whether Allah sends a message or not, we don't listen. Whether there's an affliction or not, we don't listen, we only are focused on what we like in this dunya that's everything we like, and that's everything that we do.

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So ask a lot of blood I mean, are hamara hai mean? That he makes us people have soft hearts who listened to him and listen, decipher his messages and listen to his messages subhanho wa Taala to make us of those who take these messages, and humbly go back to him and pray and repent. And so that Allah could lift away these afflictions whatever affliction might be, whether it is personal, or communal or global. Whereas a lot of people Allah mean, to accept our fasting to give us the sincerity and strength to fast as he likes, and to pray at night as he likes, and to make do as he likes. We asked him subhanho wa Taala, to give us the strength to worship him well, and to remember

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him often to give us light hearts that are alive, not dead, that are soft, not hard, to allow us to cleanse them to continuously get closer to him. subhanho wa Taala whereas Kim subhanho wa Taala to make use of the people of gender none of the people of Hellfire May Allah accept all of your male accept all of your a bad I mean Allah solve all of your problems. May Allah make you people of our guide and people to Jenna, may Allah xojo bless you and your children and your families in sha Allah, we will meet you tomorrow evening, at the same time 630 with a story from the Hadith. Until then, there's a common law here for listening to panic alarm over him dig a shadow under either a

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funeral go a tuba, la hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh