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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to the first Stuart's where we are covering the lives of some of the companions who don't have much written about them. But who offered a tremendous contribution towards the deen that we were blessed to inherit. Now we're getting to the last few episodes and shot lots of season one and then season two but in the Nutana we will pick up with the long biographies inshallah Tada, starting with the unsought of the prophets all along, it was seldom those that received the Prophet slice of them in Medina. So as we're kind of now leaning towards that direction of the hijra, and what precedes the Hitler, as we

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have been doing when speaking about the Companions from Abyssinia, we want to cover inshallah Tada just a few more people and some of them honestly could have been full episodes, some of them could have been episode 5152 In the beginning of when we transition to the shorts, but may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them all. They are phenomenal individuals and people we have much to benefit from. When you think about a front seat of history, and of some of the most consequential events in Islam. I can't think of many people that had a better view than I would have been for hate all huddled the Allahu Tada on who who we are speaking about today. Now I'm going to know for hate on

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all the Allahu Tada and he was someone who was born into slavery, and who was an Abyssinian descent. So his whole life was one of being enslaved. And he was particularly enslaved to a man by the name of Tufail ibn Abdullah SD now to fail was the step son of apobec Casa de colo the a lot of time. So the way that this happens is that I will becquerel the low tide on who married a woman by the name of OMA Romain, or the Allahu on her and she is the mother of Isha will the Allahu Tada Anna. Now when will Becca get married on romance, she was a widow at that point, and to fail was the son of Oman from her previous husband. So to feed is the steps on apobec at all the low tide and as well as

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of course, the half brother of Atisha all the Allow time and that they share the same mother. So when I will record all the allotted time on hooks up system, we know that I will back it will the allow to and who freeze many of those who were enslaved, particularly those who were being tortured for being Muslim, it was already a habit of Ababa. So the UK will be allowed to free people from captivity. But now particularly the righteous Muslim slaves that were being tortured by their captors. And in the case of amateur Nofal hater, all the Allahu Tada and I'm rooting for hater was someone who embraced Islam very early on. As a slave, he accepted Islam So he's one of

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the first of the first as we said, those are the earliest of the Muslims. And when he embraced Islam, and for hater, or the Allahu Tada, and who was tortured in the worst of ways, and what is written about him is literally that there is not a torture tactic, except that they experimented on avenue for hater, or the Allahu taala. And with one of those torture tactics, and so they tried the hot coal, burning hot coal and letting it drip down his back, which is a form of torture, that is famously attributed to how barbital the Allahu anhu, who we know of blowback, or the law Tada and who freed, he was tried with sleep deprivation, dehydration was not allowed food for several days

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was dragged through the streets was was chained and beaten by random people. So the torture tactics were plentiful against him. And it's not actually, you know, spelled out who was the one who tortured him. So whether it was to fade, who would not become Muslim until much later on, or if it was just some people from the tribe. And of course, people of this status, were fair game for the elites of Mecca, to try them in multiple ways and in multiple contexts. So the point is, is that he's being tortured in multiple ways, and I will bakudo the lowdown on who sees him, and he purchases his freedom. And when he frees him, as was common in that society, I'm a little the Allahu

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taala, and who still is someone who is loyal Tobal, but could also equal the Allahu anhu, even though he is not technically enslaved by him, right. He's not a slave of a bucket all the time. But his loyalty is forever to go back to the study for the allotted time. And he wants to maintain closeness to Him and who would not want to maintain closeness to him especially now as a Muslim, beyond just his character, his excellent character, knowing who he is and knowing his status with the prophets of Allah Hardy who was setting them and his proceeding everyone in Islam, he wants to be close to him. And so he becomes a shepherd of apobec at all the allotted time. So he's freed by

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double record all the allotted time on hold, because he believed that he was being tortured, and then he becomes a shepherd of our buck. Vehicle the low tide on gaining a

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closeness to him which is of course, a form of risk a form of sustenance from Allah subhanho to add. Now when do we see his most pivotal role? It's in the history of the Prophet sly summonable workers so the equal of the Allahu Taala and we know that when the prophets lie some and go back to the Allahu Anhu went to Hearthstone when they went to the cave, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us that situation, and how it was just the prophesy, someone will back it will be a low tide and in that cave for three days and three nights, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comforting a little bucket of satirical the low tide and who sang to him la toxin, do not be afraid in Allah

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Hamana Allah subhanaw taala is with us, what do you say have to for whom Allah subhanho wa Taala is the third so in that cave, it was just the prophets lie summon it will be close to the equality law Tada and we are familiar with the role that a smart Beckett may Allah be pleased with her and Abdullah and Rebecca to me Allah be pleased with him played in a smart will the allow to and who was responsible for bringing you know the goods to the Prophet slicin them their food and their drink to the Prophet sly summonable but kill the Lavon and Abdullah was scouting Mecca and trying to conveyed the news of what was happening to the prophets I some Ansible bakudo The longtime when it comes to

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Abiteboul hater. Well, the longtime I know he is never distant from the Prophet sai summonable Beckett, all the Allahu Anhu throughout this journey, in fact, it was honorable the Allahu Taala and who who would bring sheep to them on a daily basis. And what he would do with those sheep is that of course he was a separate to those sheep. What he would do with those sheep is that he would use them to cover the tracks of the Prophet slice them and I will record all the alongside I know as well as taking them to the messenger Aryan slaughter summonable backups that they could benefit from those sheep. So he is bringing the sheep to that cave on a daily basis at a particular time where he would

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not be noticed. And he is covering their tracks as well as providing for them. And then it was after the three day period had come to an end that it was amateur or the Allahu Taala and who who comes to the Prophet sliceable bakudo The Allahu Anhu with two camels for them to ride and of course he himself would be riding and then the three of them partake in the journey of the hedgehog. So Subhanallah you know, imagine being the one person who is with the Prophet slice element Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, on that journey of the hijra, that is this man who will be their guide, and who will travel alongside with them, and eventually enter into Medina with the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam. And with doubleback, it'll be alongside and so he is writing with the messenger and with Abel Becker. And as we know, the famous incident where Soraka will the Allahu Taala and who goes to find the Prophet slice alum because there's a bounty on his head. And as Soraka is trying to attack the Prophet slice Allah, he notices that he is being stopped by divine forces, right so his, his riding animal is sinking into the ground that's throwing him off, he's not able to get to the profit slice and so harm him. And eventually sort of nomadic gets to the profit slice alum. And instead of trying to kill the profit slice out of them so that he can attain the bounty of this world from the

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people of Mecca, he's ready to embrace the profit slice of them so that he can attain the bounty from Allah subhana wa Tada and the hereafter, so Soraka comes to him, and Soraka wants to instead be counseled amongst the believers. And Soraka asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a note of his amnesty of his forgiveness. And who was the one who actually wrote that note it was Ahmed and riffle hater. So again, just think about the view of history here um, it'll be a long time and who writes at the instruction of the Prophet sallallahu it who was send them a note guaranteeing the forgiveness the amnesty the protection of the wrath of nomadic or the low tide and who and the

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profit slice and famously tells Soraka how will it be Osaka when you're holding the two gold bracelets of kissa in Persia, so the profit slice and I'm of course prophesizes a great moment of victory and glory for Soraka even in the midst of that journey, and it was an amateur from fajita, who wrote that note of amnesty for him at the direction of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam once they enter into Medina, I'm rooting for Haider attains another blessing of being from the veterans of better so he fought in bed that alongside I would like to wrestle decolonial outside on home. And then on the day of offered he was amongst those who stood firm and did not flee from the

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battlefield of overhead so he fought on the day as well. So he is someone who was persecuted for his Islam in Mecca severely. He is someone who made the Hijra and in a very special way was with the Prophet slice alone and Abu Bakr a study called the low tide I knew which was very dangerous, but at the same time, how rewarding that is. He is amongst those who fought in the Battle of bed that contains the status of being from the veterans of bed that he is amongst those that fought bravely

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On the date of hertz, and those whom Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with, so how does he pass away after

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about three or four months after, was requested to send missionaries to Nacht to teach them the deen. So some people came to the Prophet slice alum. And they asked the Prophet slice alum for him to send some of the scholars of the Sahaba some of the the literate ones, the the readers of the reciters amongst the Sahaba so that they could come and they could teach their people the Quran. So honor or the Allahu Anhu being someone who was literate and being someone who understood the Quran, and was, you know, considered amongst the best of the companions in this regard was of those that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sends after effort. Now, this is, of

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course, referring to a bit of Merona, where the profit slice um, sends this group of people. And as they get there, the profit slice of them is betrayed, and those who he sons are killed. So I want you to imagine, you know, what makes this so tragic. Before we get to the specific circumstances of average death is that these were considered amongst the best of who the prophets lie some had left with him. This is after the prophets lie, some had lost some of his best and hurt, right Hamza, and Musab and others that we've spoken about the love and rejection, may Allah be pleased with them all. And the amount of casualties from this incident of piano from this incident of betrayal was almost

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the same amount of casualties as boyhood. So imagine how devastating that is right? You're already facing a situation where you have the, you know, the losses from afar that you've incurred, and every household in Medina was struck. And of course, the Muslims as a whole lost some of their best and now, only four months later, and an incident where you would think there's another frontier of Islam that is opening, instead, you have betrayal, and you have the murder of another group of some of the most righteous Muslims, and companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So, it was one of those who was killed in this incident. And he was only 40 years old when this happened. Now

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Subhanallah in his death, there's something very specific that happens. The man who killed him was a man by the name of Jabatan Selma, or the Allahu Tada. And when I say that, for a reason, Jabba musalman he took his sword, and he thrust his sword through the body of Anna, so much so that the sword went directly through his body and he saw the sword come out from his back. So he stuck the sword, right through AMA. And while he is killing Ahmed, Ahmed looks up and he smiles and he says, first to Allah, first to Allah, I have succeeded by Allah, I have succeeded by Allah, you imagine, you know, for these people that don't understand, you know what this religion truly is and the

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dedication that these people have, and he's witnessing to bottlemen suddenly is witnessing before his eyes, the man who he is killing, and he's looking up to the skies, and he's saying, first to Allah, I have succeeded by Allah, while his sword is literally through his body. So Jabara is looking at him while this is happening. And his last words are I have succeeded by Allah. And when he pulls his sword out, there's some narrations, and there's no authentic Senate to this note, no particular authentic chain, but that, you know, his body was also not found that he looked up and he saw that his body was lifted to the heavens, and it was said that the angels took his body. And so

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his body was not even found to, you know, to properly carry out the rituals afterwards. So Jabbar, you know, sees this man that he just killed and recognizes this divine miracle, this, you know, this miracle that is happening with animal the low tide on home. And he goes to the Muslims, after having killed Aboriginal for halal. And he says, What did he mean when he said, first of all, I have succeeded by a lice that I saw in him in his eyes and then what transpired when he killed him, things that you know, are not natural. What did he mean by that? And it was that incident that caused him to become Muslim so Subhan Allah, the Hadith of the Prophet Seisen where Allah laughs a

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two men, you know, one who killed the other and they both meet in Jannah right I mean, this is one of those instances that the the scholars will mention, as a supplement to that hadith a very real life manifestation just like we think of washy having thrown the spear through the body of Hamza will the Allahu Tada and, and washy a lot of yellow, I know having become Muslim. Here you have another incident where Jabatan from Selma stabs you know, avenue for Halo, the Allahu Anhu and he sees this before his eyes. And so the scholars say how beautiful that

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In the death of amateur martial hate, if no for hate on, you have shahada and Darla, his last act in this earth was to look up to the heavens and to receive the blessing of being a heat after having survived his budget. And before that being from the Mahajan who were tortured. And his last act is the last is an act of data, where the man who killed him was so inspired by his murder by his martyrdom, that he goes on to become a Muslim himself because of the conviction, the pain truly the certainty that he witnessed in the eyes and in the voice of Imran before Heydo while the Allahu Anhu and of course, who would not after being this close to the Prophet, slice alum, and to acidy call

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the Allahu Taala and who the truthful and Rebecca will be allowed to and who, and so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with admin for Haider or the Allahu Tana And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to gather us with him and with our beloved prophets like Selim, and with his companion on his Arrabal bacula Sadiq or the Allahu Anhu and his family and companions and those that follow Allah Amin Desikan la hadeland See you all next time in shot la Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.